Making a Sekiro Wrist Mounted Fold Out Shield

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Full Stainless Steel Fold out arm mounted shield BOOM.
    See me face a FLAMETROWER with the shield here.
    This Video was made in association Activision and From software.
    Check out the Loaded Axe Here
    This Loaded Umbrella is inspired from the Game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
    which is out on 22nd of march, next week I Test out the shield so subscribe.
    Check out the game here
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  8 months ago +375

    See me face a FLAMETROWER with this shield here

    • Adan Leite
      Adan Leite 11 days ago


    • Евгений Онанченко
      Евгений Онанченко 18 days ago

      ну ты крутой!
      из России смотрят на тебя - продолжай!

    • Amit Koley
      Amit Koley 18 days ago

      You're awesome

    • Duncan De Bruijn
      Duncan De Bruijn 25 days ago

      Hey colin, a sugestion. Can you supercharge your turbojet engine? Can ye find out ol boy😂

    • James Newman
      James Newman 25 days ago

      Send me the shield in the USA and will take it to the range and video how it does under fire from AR15/AR10

  • павел горяинов

    Cool fulmetall umbrella or hat

  • InfamousKAT
    InfamousKAT Day ago

    Diam you're awesome bro

  • Austin Walker
    Austin Walker 2 days ago

    Subcribe to my channel. Good content coming!! Great videos by the way! Keep up the good work

  • Allan Weatherill
    Allan Weatherill 2 days ago

    Build mark 4 iron man suit fully functional

  • Scherazade , Teller of Tales

    GRP might work. Strong as steel but much lighter

  • canal comedya
    canal comedya 3 days ago +1

    Quem é brasileiro e tá vendo o vídeo deixa o like

  • 8 ball Animations
    8 ball Animations 4 days ago +1

    I’m sure you could’ve of just gone on Amazon

  • R0UG3
    R0UG3 5 days ago

    Make another out of carbon fiber.

  • amiel ganaden
    amiel ganaden 6 days ago


  • Slayer MCPE
    Slayer MCPE 6 days ago

    He is the next KING OF RANDOM

  • Radiowave1
    Radiowave1 6 days ago

    Just a suggestion, but concerning the massive size of the shield in the game. It looks like each individual “blade” in the fan is actually made up of two pieces. Maybe some sort of sliding and locking mechanism would allow for the original fan coming out, and with the centrifugal force of the spinning motion, the secondary fans would be released. Now obviously this would make it twice as heavy, which is probably why you didn’t do it in your design, just something I noticed. Keep up the good work! I love seeing video games brought to life!

    SAMMY THESLAM 6 days ago

    The spring axe with the spring shield would make instant weaponry from nowhere

  • Robert Palumbo
    Robert Palumbo 6 days ago

    All right people let us get Colin up to 1 billion views

  • terrexia
    terrexia 6 days ago

    bruh why you rob Percy Jackson?

  • TheInvisibleBird
    TheInvisibleBird 7 days ago

    I expected a Percy Jackson comment to be honest

  • 1 Aeysr69 x
    1 Aeysr69 x 7 days ago

    If I use this in the game I will never win forever

  • bump292
    bump292 8 days ago +1

    3:51 is he bleeding ?🩸

  • ThrustFrom Behind
    ThrustFrom Behind 9 days ago

    Those years of engineering school are paying off.

  • joshua nuelan
    joshua nuelan 10 days ago

    Sir can you do hydraulic body

  • Nertopia Dork
    Nertopia Dork 10 days ago

    Do you think he uses instructions to build a shelf?

    • Gavin Wheeldon
      Gavin Wheeldon 6 days ago

      Considering he designed and built a bunker, a shed and a whole bunch of other stuff, i imagine he just makes it himself, even the brackets.. and probably finds a way to implement a jet engine.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 11 days ago


  • Jaybob The country boy

    Dude your content is one of a kind iv been looking for a channel like this for ever and I finally found you bet ima subscribe your goofy and serious

  • Madhwesh Desai
    Madhwesh Desai 11 days ago

    Plot twist: he is descendant of the sculpture sekijo......

  • Jan Barrett Nielsen
    Jan Barrett Nielsen 11 days ago

    Hi Colin.

    The ingenously novel and brilliant contraptions - and at the same time mechanically superb physically engineered gadgets that you manifest through your fascinatingly crazy antics - are almost otherworldly. Some might say just creative and interesting - but that's maybe just people who has never created anything new apart from an interestingly different pasta sauce - and couldn't be bothered with trying to understand the analytic and mechanically complicated stuff that you are wrestling with.

    But Colin. If you wish to live to see your children grow up, I think that you should loose the tie - (not loosen, but get rid of it completely) - so you don't get accidentally caught in one of your many rotating tools or machines.

    I hope that it's a "clip-on-tie" that you're wearing (or whatever it's called), so the tie will just be ripped off without seriously harming you if it's caught in the lathe when you're prototyping yet another astoundingly new eye opening and utterly bonkers thingy.

    I took a week long mandatory safety course a couple of years ago about work environment due to my employment, and as the instructor said, loose garments and hair can be the cause of machines ripping off body parts - be it fingers, hair, penises or ears - in your case you might only loose your head.

    Friendly love and discerning care from Jan in Denmark.

  • Siva and Alexa Hello cb and pause

    *hard umbrella*

  • Ian Skrivarnik
    Ian Skrivarnik 11 days ago

    3:17 is... is the bolt still glowing hot when he touched it ?

  • interiorcrocogator
    interiorcrocogator 12 days ago

    MiniLadd would love this

  • Kieran Fleming
    Kieran Fleming 12 days ago

    I can't wait for a war to come so we can hire this guy for weapons

  • Tongaz _
    Tongaz _ 12 days ago

    But colin in the game the shield is curved like a conical hat

  • Melezes
    Melezes 12 days ago

    Can someone tell me just how many warranties has he voided in only this video?

    GAMER IMBRA 12 days ago

    They will have time to shoot you until your shield open

  • Brandon Niven
    Brandon Niven 12 days ago

    Make power armor from fall out 4

  • kristoffer lien
    kristoffer lien 12 days ago +2

    Colin: Fold out shield!!
    Me: Is that an umbrella?

  • Sub to Oiled chains yt
    Sub to Oiled chains yt 13 days ago +1

    I want you to be my design technology teacher

  • Webbit2019
    Webbit2019 13 days ago

    Insanity and Genius go hand in hand...

  • Darin Kubin
    Darin Kubin 13 days ago

    Not to fluff ya brother... but I like ur type of genius. I know ya don't wanna drop the coin for it... but build one out of carbon fiber and kevlar... and all that rot.... and u could get the weight u want. And you might be able to sell it to the military

  • Иван Николаевич

    Ну ты и лютый перец, растудыть твою.

  • jonathan yang
    jonathan yang 13 days ago

    Yes Colin yes
    While his arm was fucking purple 😂

  • Nèstor Muller
    Nèstor Muller 13 days ago

    shield of kratos gow!!!!!! plis

  • 孙赫
    孙赫 13 days ago


  • ecelin
    ecelin 13 days ago

    Fortnite umbrella

  • Ryan Porter
    Ryan Porter 13 days ago

    My god cool idea but screw raid shadow legends

  • Dean Capellari
    Dean Capellari 13 days ago

    engineers do some crazy shit.

  • Urthur The Muneh
    Urthur The Muneh 13 days ago

    Are you half dwarven cuz you can make many beautiful weapon

  • BoMwarriorVlog
    BoMwarriorVlog 13 days ago

    Sponsorship paid off. 👍 Never heard of the game "Sekiro" before this, but the game footage combined with this science definitely makes me interested. 😁 Great job w/ the shield, watched the after video ( and loved the final product.

  • Fabled Frederick
    Fabled Frederick 14 days ago +10

    Living up to the stereotype of British men in their sheds

    • Grimescene City
      Grimescene City 2 days ago

      @Mr Gunslinger and that's why we want Brexit 😁

    • Mr Gunslinger
      Mr Gunslinger 11 days ago

      As long as it's a cool project sure. Just don't make cars for the masses. Leave that to the Germans. Anyway all British manufacturers are Germans now.

  • Alex Vida
    Alex Vida 14 days ago

    Fantastic no pun intended

  • SacredAnimations HD
    SacredAnimations HD 14 days ago

    When he was showing off his stud idea his finger was cut up

  • Ĝod òf Ĥenťai
    Ĝod òf Ĥenťai 14 days ago

    Lol colins arm XD

  • Targon Labasco
    Targon Labasco 14 days ago

    Not all geniuses go to MIT

  • Brendan Huggett
    Brendan Huggett 14 days ago

    So it’s like a fortnite umbrella

  • Robert Silva
    Robert Silva 14 days ago +2

    I’m surprised he still has all 10 fingers

  • lentruthbtold riv
    lentruthbtold riv 14 days ago

    He'll be the man! During shit hits the fan!

  • Reaper Souls
    Reaper Souls 15 days ago

    Can you make an expanding staff like Robin's.

  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa 15 days ago

    that would be great for self defense against shooters and fucking stabbers , but a lighter version maybe made out of carbon fibers and mechanically deploying . unarmed police officers could use it to apprehend shooter on the run

  • Kennedy LaOrange
    Kennedy LaOrange 15 days ago +3

    the amount of british coming from this video makes it even better than it already is

  • Shorjok
    Shorjok 15 days ago

    I'm not saying I could do better...but why isn't it spring-loaded instead of motor driven? Seems like a bit of a misjudgement, it would be more feasible in the game world AND it could be deployed much quicker if the spring was powerful enough. The only trouble would be resetting it but that could be done with some sort of crank.

  • Animation Station
    Animation Station 15 days ago

    Mix this with your arm mounted chomp claw and take over the world!

  • Uthael Killeanea
    Uthael Killeanea 15 days ago

    There are bulletproof materials/composites/alloys lighter than steel. Update :P