10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of September 2019

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Looking for something to play on iOS or Android this month? We've got you covered with some solid games and some promising ones with a few issues.
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    One-Punch Man: Road to Hero
    iOS, Android
    iOS, Android
    iOS, Android
    Second Galaxy
    iOS, Android

    99 Dead Pirates
    Penguin Isle
    iOS, Android
    Ulala: Idle Adventure
    iOS, Android
    Ceres M
    iOS, Android
    Call of Duty Mobile
    iOS, Android
    Mario Kart Tour
    iOS, Android

    This is the Police 2
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  • Prince Kerjims Mobile Gaming

    Check out my Gaming Channel guys, big fan of yours.馃馃馃

  • Shahinoor Khanom
    Shahinoor Khanom 2 days ago

    Cod Mobile In The Thumb Nail!

  • Dominic Gibbons
    Dominic Gibbons 3 days ago


  • cristal lagina
    cristal lagina 3 days ago

    pretty list, but i prefer lil geek idle rpg like Idlers and Dungeons

  • Niggalodeon
    Niggalodeon 6 days ago

    This list is doodoo my guy 馃挬馃挬馃挬

  • Robbie
    Robbie 7 days ago


  • TheCreeper X
    TheCreeper X 8 days ago

    Wtf 99% of theese videos is just trash mmorpg games

  • pro gaming
    pro gaming 9 days ago

    Call of duty should be no1

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu 9 days ago

    Can鈥檛 believe that bleach brave soul did not made it on the list

  • J Splizzat
    J Splizzat 12 days ago

    I thought this was 100 percent authentic opinions till we got to the penguin game 馃 now I'm sure its 50% paid promo an 50% authentic

  • Lawriz Kirigaya
    Lawriz Kirigaya 15 days ago

    Well i got all of my CoD skins for free, no need microtransactions

  • Flakey's Toilet Show
    Flakey's Toilet Show 15 days ago

    Detention is now $4.99 on iOS

  • Morty
    Morty 15 days ago

    I can't stop playing the new "Ghost World" and Mario Kart Tour on the Play Store

  • Morty
    Morty 15 days ago

    I can't stop playing the new "Ghost World" and Mario Kart Tour on the Play Store

  • Ahmad Muhdi
    Ahmad Muhdi 15 days ago

    Can we get the list for October, please....

  • Zeb J Reid
    Zeb J Reid 16 days ago

    Apparently pubg isn't a thing

  • Omit X
    Omit X 16 days ago

    Sir I must say your taste in games...SUCKS!!!

  • Moneymakin Zymir
    Moneymakin Zymir 16 days ago


    YEET GAMING OMEGA 16 days ago

    Second galaxy is locked in my country :(

  • Mat _d4
    Mat _d4 16 days ago

    I'm PS4 gamer and I feel sorry for you guys.

  • Michael Yu
    Michael Yu 17 days ago +1

    Top 10 iOS and Android games that paid me the most money to feature them. All these top 10 game videos are trash

    • Marek V
      Marek V 14 days ago

      Ok. What Are the good ones?

  • White Shadow 123
    White Shadow 123 18 days ago

    All game is suck true gamer do not play that but the number 2 game I like it

  • 讬讜谞讛 住专讜住讬

    hi to you my friend! thx for the games video , you speak very clearly and I hope you'll do more ! Thank you

  • Tino Bedekovic
    Tino Bedekovic 18 days ago

    dude the only good game here is call of Duty mobile.. :I

  • Andregovski
    Andregovski 18 days ago

    CoD Mobile does have a lot of micro-transactions, but they dont really affect the game majorly, the "guns" you pay for just give you a minimum buff if that even, just doesnt really affect much.

  • Vincenzo Sferrzzza
    Vincenzo Sferrzzza 19 days ago

    You should you just iOS and pokemon

  • Lil Peej
    Lil Peej 19 days ago

    Hey...... It said BEST games........

  • snowwie lilipodd
    snowwie lilipodd 20 days ago +1

    Eh... why badmouth a good game when you can choose not to pay? Is there logic here?

    • julius morales
      julius morales 18 days ago

      Because people came here for mobile games review and microtransaction is one of the factors that affect their experience. I think it's nice for them to warn us unlike other channel that sugar coats because they're sponsored.

  • Jugo Hamni
    Jugo Hamni 21 day ago

    Try monolisk it's an amazing dungeon crawler rpg/dungeon creator

  • Eno_ lx
    Eno_ lx 21 day ago

    What about Frag Pro Shooter

  • Ali U.
    Ali U. 21 day ago

    @gameranx May I suggest "jump & goal" for one of the best mobile games of november 2019. Looks simple, gameplay is hard and addictive. Maybe Some little translation errors.

  • Jackie Tearie
    Jackie Tearie 21 day ago

    Gotta give gamranx credit for finding a bit of gold out of the pile of complete shit that mobile gaming is.
    Cod mobile isn't horrible gameplay wise, but yeah microtransactions are a pain.

  • PAT-382
    PAT-382 22 days ago

    Just now realized it鈥檚 Game Ranx, not Gamer Anx.

  • Noah Tin Oo
    Noah Tin Oo 23 days ago

    You said all the game are free馃槶

  • Major Kaboom
    Major Kaboom 23 days ago

    COD mobile has micro transactions for sure. It doesn't effect the gameplay . if you play enough you'll get all kinds of great free equipment. And if your skill is high enough it won't matter.
    You flagging this game is equal to a noob with no skills calling everyone a cheater. Lame but expected.

  • Inou'rcing Disk
    Inou'rcing Disk 23 days ago

    please can you guys make a playlist of best new mobile games per month??/

  • Bloomix[GD]
    Bloomix[GD] 24 days ago

    y isnt mc in #1

  • gaming cat's
    gaming cat's 24 days ago

    Says codm has excessive monetization but the only way to actually see an ad on the game is when you are getting a daily crate, lol.

  • RomanGG YT
    RomanGG YT 25 days ago +1

    Mario kart tour number #1 in being a big disappointment

  • Keldon Kelley
    Keldon Kelley 25 days ago +1

    Here's my story of gaming
    A long time ago there was a game called Experiment Z, it was fun and I was sin the best clan, game got overthrown by hackers soon, so I went to Bullet Force, maxed out in levels there, the the game died. Then I headed to Critical ops, Which was in desperate need of an update so I left that, went to pubgm, dropped 200 dubs in a year, game died went to Standoff, game died, went back to C ops got good, game died, Modern ops seemed good, well it had too much aim assist, so now I'm at Codm which is probably my favorite game yet

    • Lz tLoc-
      Lz tLoc- 17 days ago

      You stink of 'casual'.

  • Kvng Szn
    Kvng Szn 25 days ago

    don鈥檛 you hate when you download a game and get hit with

    Allow to make and manage phone calls

  • 銆 B e n j i 銆
    銆 B e n j i 銆 26 days ago +2

    I ended up getting rid of cod mobile, cause if you dont have facebook, it just regularly resets your data

  • Disaster Gaming
    Disaster Gaming 26 days ago +1

    I think detention is the best game on the video

  • Canyon
    Canyon 26 days ago +1

    This is the worst video so far do some less weeb games plz

  • MODDED apk
    MODDED apk 27 days ago

    Cod should be number 1.

  • A1D5
    A1D5 27 days ago

    The saint seiya game is so fun

  • Slither-face Anims
    Slither-face Anims 27 days ago +6

    0:00 thought some thing was onmy phone

  • MU Official
    MU Official 29 days ago +1

    Is it only me or the games are really becoming shit day by day?

  • Dark _FN
    Dark _FN 29 days ago

    Pls good games
    This games is badest games what i ever see

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 29 days ago

    More like: top 10 anime games

  • Muls Nitsef
    Muls Nitsef 29 days ago

    mobile legends

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 29 days ago +1

    Imagine Call of Duty Being made by EA and its in MOBILE! Bet you cannot even reload ur mag without 0.99$

  • paige reece
    paige reece Month ago +1

    Before i came here .. I knew call. Of dudy mobile was on here

    Anyone else?

  • Mason Walker
    Mason Walker Month ago

    No pubg...pubg is gold

  • NotZay
    NotZay Month ago

    There鈥檚 a lot more maps in COD mobile, and why are you complaining about IAP on mobile games? You literally complained that the game has a $20 outfit. If it鈥檚 cosmetic, I don鈥檛 think people really care.

  • Akira Hisyam Gamingz
    Akira Hisyam Gamingz Month ago +1

    Hundred souls and honkai impact.
    Really enjoy that action game,I actually rarely play mobile phone game other than Fate go but hundred souls and honkai impact really make me addict. A game that suit to waste time at work place.

  • H茅lio Rodrigues
    H茅lio Rodrigues Month ago +2

    Call of duty its pretty good mobile game and its amazing!!!! I cant believe i am saying that. Its the best FPS for android by far! The game plays like the old Modern Warfare 2! In my personal opinion the last good cod game.

  • Soldier4Life
    Soldier4Life Month ago

    Fuck card games boring 馃憥馃徎 only good game on the whole video is Call of Duty Mobile 馃弮馃徏鈥嶁檪锔忦煉ヰ煉ヰ煉ヰ煍

    VINE LORD Month ago

    Bro the penguin game was the best

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago

    This dude's cadence, not his voice just his cadence, is SO similar to Mark from the old Classic Game Room channel. Idk if anyone even remember them as it's been gone for years now. But yeah, dude's speech pattern is almost exactly the same.