How to pick up a cat like a pro - Vet advice on cat handling.


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  • Familjen Josefsson-Flöjt

    Lol i set My arms like a sher and My cat sleep in My arms not all Times but muth

  • Flip Donu
    Flip Donu 4 days ago

    I only know how to hold small dogs and puppies but how I hold them is like this.
    Pick them up from the center of their body, cup their legs together so they feel like they can stand on something (most important because people never do this and it irks me), the lower body needs to be supported so cup the legs and feet otherwise it could be painful to have their body stretch from the gravity. You can use an arm to perch their lower body as well if you don't want to hold their lower body with your hand. Put their body against your body to give wall support. One hand holds their upper body, the other hand holds the lower body and legs. Don't swing around too quickly it will make them dizzy. Got to let them feel secure and safe so they won't go nuts in your arms. Lot of people mistaken their behavior as in they don't like the person but it's because that person is not holding them in a way it makes them feel safe.

  • Ranjeetha Shenoy
    Ranjeetha Shenoy 4 days ago

    *squish that cat* awwwww 😊

  • Peachy Prim
    Peachy Prim 4 days ago

    S Q U I S H T H A T C A T

  • Jägarmusen SwedenBlock

    My grand parents cat liked to climb up on shoulders but not when there was a hoddie inwolved.

  • Waldemar Gorn
    Waldemar Gorn 5 days ago

    Looks exactly like my cat

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 5 days ago


  • Nicky Tjiupek
    Nicky Tjiupek 5 days ago

    Thanks for d tip. I also have few questions. I wonder why cats(a few as i know) do not like being bathe and instead of taking baths, they clean themselves by licking. And how do we clean the fleas out of cat fur? Thanks doctor! :)

  • Ryan and Rachel L
    Ryan and Rachel L 6 days ago

    we love you!!!

  • BrandonSparks
    BrandonSparks 6 days ago

    Came from ghost videos to dash cam cop videos & then here 😂
    You tube was like you need some adorable videos in your life now 😌

  • Abhishek B
    Abhishek B 6 days ago

    Lovely video. Thank you Doctor!!

  • Hamaam Cabdalla Axmed

    she is look like pusic cat

  • Split3xx
    Split3xx 6 days ago

    I just carry my cat like a baby :o

  • ninformant
    ninformant 6 days ago

    squish the cat!

  • 🆂 🅸 🅽
    🆂 🅸 🅽 6 days ago +1

    *Squish that cat*

  • Lessons with Lily
    Lessons with Lily 6 days ago

    I you cat
    I are cat
    I beautiful cat
    I in cat
    I every cat
    I way cat

    Now read every word in between I and cat (up to down)

  • Vineetha Mohan
    Vineetha Mohan 6 days ago

    My cat is a 'leave-me-alone' cat.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 6 days ago

    I don't think you've met my cat then if you thinking squishing him will keep him in place

  • Ajhilly22
    Ajhilly22 6 days ago

    Aww my cat was a shoulder cat. Sadly she went to sleep way to early (1 year old) from fluids around her lungs and being in pain constantly

  • Tzeff NL
    Tzeff NL 6 days ago

    Hey! Squish that CAT!!!

  • Alana Schofield
    Alana Schofield 6 days ago


  • MissAdamLambert888
    MissAdamLambert888 7 days ago

    You're a very sweet man

  • AspectClip
    AspectClip 7 days ago

    How the heck is that cat so calm and patient?

  • h h
    h h 7 days ago

    Im so happy this is the first thing i see as soon as i woke up

  • Simon Pitt
    Simon Pitt 7 days ago

    that cat must be like'what the hell does this guy want from me' ha so chilled

  • Heroína Mother
    Heroína Mother 7 days ago

    omg i use to pick up my cat in the uncomfortable way :( now i feel so bad , she died now tho so i can’t do it the proper way :/

  • Cockatoosmom
    Cockatoosmom 7 days ago

    Wow! I never had a shoulder cat guess because my parrots love my shoulders.

  • Cockatoosmom
    Cockatoosmom 7 days ago

    What a nice video from a vet. You are very gentle you don’t see much of that at vets in US. I can see you love your job and I have never seen a video like this. Fantastic! Thank you

  • 神秘德里克
    神秘德里克 7 days ago

    That's one of those mysterious videos many non-cat owners watch… and lots of times

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King 8 days ago

    Squish that cat. I love it lol just love it

  • Chiyo
    Chiyo 8 days ago

    I've been a cat owner for about 5 years and it just came natural for me. I care about my cats so I pick them up like a baby, except not on their backs, and fully supported with their comfort in mind. Usually I will either cradle them in both arms or hold them against my chest and shoulder with one arm underneath and one around their back. If I must pick them up with one arm I will run my arm underneath and pick them up supporting their entire body on my arm. I will never ever pick a cat up by the scruff, not even a kitten.

  • Thaís Furtado
    Thaís Furtado 8 days ago

    Such lovely cats!

  • Autimations
    Autimations 8 days ago +3

    S Q U I S H E T H A T C A T

  • The Pirate Cat
    The Pirate Cat 8 days ago +1

    0:31 Im pretty sure that was me when I was littler

  • Pinkie Kylie
    Pinkie Kylie 8 days ago

    What... How can someone Pick up cat differently? What the...

  • Lo Ye
    Lo Ye 8 days ago

    I got a jimin ad and I couldn't skip. Even my kitty is called mochi lol

  • Allan Love Jr
    Allan Love Jr 8 days ago


  • 9292635750 9292635750

    I really like that dude! thumbs up bro, thanks

  • Hanifi Pekince
    Hanifi Pekince 8 days ago

    0:31 i dunno but it looks like hes having fun

  • Cam'ron Lamont
    Cam'ron Lamont 8 days ago

    Squish that cat

  • Rita Rubary
    Rita Rubary 8 days ago

    Mr. Pirate lmao!

  • Pati ile Empati
    Pati ile Empati 8 days ago

    Squish dat kat

  • Ojthemighty
    Ojthemighty 9 days ago


  • Ojthemighty
    Ojthemighty 9 days ago

    That cat was just loving it

  • K driz
    K driz 9 days ago

    Thx u man God bless you

  • Latter
    Latter 9 days ago

    Why am i watching this im allergic to cats

  • Pradeep Gopalan
    Pradeep Gopalan 9 days ago

    Lovely video thank you, I had a kitten, died, I miss him 😒, you speak really well, that black cat is so expressive

  • Minimies GT
    Minimies GT 9 days ago


    LOUIS GABRIELS 9 days ago

    Wow That's a great video , awesome to see you. 👍💞🙌💞👍

  • Hein Louw
    Hein Louw 9 days ago

    Can you hold a cat in your arms like a baby?

  • Giant black slug
    Giant black slug 9 days ago

    *s q u i s h t h a t c a t*

  • Jewels1573
    Jewels1573 10 days ago

    This was fabulous! Thanks!

  • Stefanie Baggott
    Stefanie Baggott 10 days ago

    My neighbour had a "Shoulder Cat". Whenever I came to visit, she would come up to me and paw my legs. I would pick her up and she would climb up there and sit happily purring away. I miss her😢

  • Amy Roberts
    Amy Roberts 10 days ago

    You heard it from a pro, squish that cat!

  • The Jai
    The Jai 10 days ago


  • redPANDA Quote
    redPANDA Quote 10 days ago

    Squish that cat!

  • Ida Catherina
    Ida Catherina 10 days ago

    That cat is just like wtf is going on

  • Crazy Cats
    Crazy Cats 10 days ago

    Good info ! 👍🏻

  • Introvert_ scribe
    Introvert_ scribe 10 days ago +1

    Who took their cats while watcing the vid and did most of those?

  • Psychosis o-O
    Psychosis o-O 10 days ago

    4.1k self qualified vets think they know better

  • Level M
    Level M 11 days ago

    "All you need to know is: *SQUISH THAT CAT"*

  • Of The Vacant
    Of The Vacant 11 days ago

    SQuiSh dA CaT

  • Judy Bowen
    Judy Bowen 11 days ago

    Wish I had seen this fifteen years ago! My beloved pet is 15 and I think I've never held her correctly! But she still loves me. :-)

    TEHFUZZEHONEZ 11 days ago +3

    It's really endearing how much this guy likes cats

  • Saga Poetic
    Saga Poetic 11 days ago

    I had to laugh at that name -- Mr. Pirate. Cute name for a cat. Thank you for this video - it was very helpful.

  • Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Cat squishing.

  • myboibill
    myboibill 11 days ago

    Really informative I watched it with my two cats. Play lived in Vancouver I’d come and see you. You’re as cute as the cat is

  • Two Cool Cats
    Two Cool Cats 12 days ago

    Handle us with care.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 12 days ago

    Squish that cat.

  • Sandra Wade
    Sandra Wade 12 days ago


  • Jemma Gordon
    Jemma Gordon 12 days ago

    When I'm patting my cat sometimes she will scratch me Sven when she is purring.

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 12 days ago

    Just remember, have fun with your cat, but when you're done don't forget to squish that cat.

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 12 days ago

    Just remember, have fun with your cat but don't forget to squish him when you're done.

  • wilderulz
    wilderulz 12 days ago

    both these cats are amazing and beautiful and i wish them all the best

  • Ardi Orbeck
    Ardi Orbeck 13 days ago

    Squishy pets..

  • Ice
    Ice 13 days ago

    My cat is a Scottish fold but when I pick her up she just wants to run off even if i hold her up safely. Please give me tips

  • Alliiie Pie
    Alliiie Pie 13 days ago


  • SheliakDragon
    SheliakDragon 13 days ago

    I am SO jealous of Mr Pirate. I have 3 rescues and none of them like being picked up or squished or cuddled. They will come to you on their terms and you will pet them and be honored by their presence. Still, I love them and am a good cat servant.

  • S G
    S G 13 days ago

    Absolute unit 😭😂

    OOF OOF 14 days ago

    The cat was a paid actor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Litsa Pizza
    Litsa Pizza 14 days ago

    You're so nice

  • CruxLuthica06
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  • Dwi Purwo
    Dwi Purwo 14 days ago

    ..i ow wou.. :-)

  • Gabi Goptarov
    Gabi Goptarov 15 days ago


  • Grebull
    Grebull 15 days ago

    Wow...that is one friendly cat!

  • Krisztian 08
    Krisztian 08 15 days ago


  • Krisztian 08
    Krisztian 08 15 days ago

    Disclaimer:No felines were hurt during the making of this video.

  • ElloEllie
    ElloEllie 16 days ago

    I pick up my kitten just like you and she started to pur and when I put her down she started to rub around my legs than I opened my bedroom door and she went to the bathroom to get water from the toilet lolol

  • arnav meshram
    arnav meshram 17 days ago

    "Oh My GOD I'M ON CAMERA!!!" 3:05

    TRSCARLET 17 days ago

    Squish that kitty cat

  • Gammeli
    Gammeli 17 days ago

    i don't even have a cat what am i doing

  • Critical
    Critical 17 days ago

    s q u i s h

  • Lord Jiren
    Lord Jiren 17 days ago +5

    The cat was a paid actor!

  • Elis ThaBesth
    Elis ThaBesth 17 days ago

    Picc up

  • Ali yea
    Ali yea 17 days ago

    I hold my cat like a baby and he doesn't scratch me cuz he's used to it ever since he was little

  • JustinMira
    JustinMira 18 days ago +2

    What type of cat is Mr. pirate.(like the species

    • Helpful Vancouver Vet
      Helpful Vancouver Vet  17 days ago +3

      A common Tabby cat, but he has Mackrel markings which aren't the most common tabby markings. You could also say he is an awesome cat, or a very happy cat :-)

  • CoasterVerox
    CoasterVerox 18 days ago

    ok thank

  • M I L K
    M I L K 18 days ago

    I pick up my cat, and carry it like a baby. I also hold him by my shoulder.

  • rapskallion
    rapskallion 18 days ago

    Great video! I wish all people knew these techniques. It would really help reduce the number of people that don't like cats. I had a big boy that was a tabby and a shoulder cat. When they approach 15 pounds or more the shoulder hold is so much more convenient.

  • kota
    kota 19 days ago

    This is perfect for my cat Mittens who happens to be a very skittish little girl, she tends to try and run away whenever she’s carried or put on someone’s lap! But with this brilliant information I will *squish that cat*