Bruising Encounter With Peter Jones Over Technology Rights | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Charles and Jerry, Co-founders of their product ‘Corner’. Corner is a wearable device that syncs to an app, similar to many products currently on the market. However, Corner is made specifically for boxing and will give you data on how fast you pack a punch. The entrepreneurs seek £50k in a return of a 5% equity stake but no investment comes easy in the Den...

    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • Dragons' Den
    Dragons' Den  23 days ago +6

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  • bn9891
    bn9891 19 hours ago

    Jenny is very rude. For that reason, she's out!!

  • snipper1ie
    snipper1ie 20 hours ago

    The main money in this presentation is the jeans that the guy in the white shirt is wearing. Engineering for the arse

  • cyanide02
    cyanide02 Day ago +1

    Jenny is so rude for someone who clearly has no interest in ever investing in anything. Glad they got rid of her. Waste of space

  • Sunny Lekh
    Sunny Lekh Day ago

    Jenny=ugly in every way

  • Husna Imaan
    Husna Imaan Day ago

    How many not registered ideas these greedy ppl stolen 🤔

  • Tomorrow We Live
    Tomorrow We Live Day ago +1

    The boxing lad's tall innee? Wonder if everything's...proprotional

  • Dot Exe
    Dot Exe 2 days ago

    Tej seems really smart for some reason

  • Sadik Meah
    Sadik Meah 2 days ago +2

    I like the way Jenny always invests and financially supports most of the entrepreneurs that come to the den. She is one of the best dragons ever to appear on dragons den.
    And now I must return to the mental asylum. See you soon guys

  • Matrix Wake
    Matrix Wake 2 days ago

    And as per usual they don't let the contestants write down their number, then ask questions from as many different angles as they can until they can't answer, then tell them they don't know their business. Gits!!!

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott 2 days ago

    TOOOOOKA U madcunt

    • Nathan Scott
      Nathan Scott 2 days ago

      Lolol my phone's autosuggest has learnt that 'madcunt' follows toooka

  • sam sung
    sam sung 4 days ago

    Jenny is out? Surprise

  • Glen Alden
    Glen Alden 5 days ago

    Jenny gave them a grilling

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver 6 days ago

    Five heavyweights against two lightweights. The result? A TKO!!

  • George Opone
    George Opone 8 days ago

    Whatever happened to our civilised, free-thinking tradition? The comments on Jenny is now verging on abuse. Let's be kinder.

  • The British Patriot
    The British Patriot 8 days ago +1

    Jenny is insufferable!

  • Craig Connell
    Craig Connell 10 days ago

    Good product far too niche...smaller market segments and limited market...not a mass market product

  • Padloxyt
    Padloxyt 11 days ago

    I always scroll down to look at all the people calling Jenny poor. Funny stuff.

  • stephen main
    stephen main 11 days ago

    Jenny is so rude.

  • lychee black tea with aloe

    jenny: I'm out
    ...of pocket if there's going to be a loss of 5k even though I'm a millionaire

  • Mihir Gawand
    Mihir Gawand 12 days ago

    The commentator is obsessed with boxing puns

  • Steve Cross
    Steve Cross 13 days ago

    Participant: if you invest £1 we can erradicate global hunger.
    Jenny: I’m out.


    I'm quite shocked by this because here is a product that "Could" really take off because it dials straight in to the male ego with the competition of numbers and believe me guys love this stuff and with combat sports at their peak in the UK market due to having national athletes and therefore public interest in most popular weight divisions.
    I do think the price point is neither one thing nor another, either you go in heavy and price skim by self rating it at the top of the market let's say £199.99 and you see how that plays out for 6 months and then once it's got a bit more media coverage and people have shown them to friends THEN you unleash it a few months before Christmas at half price or even lower with that margin and watch them go!
    The price skim works so well because it puts a label of quality in the consumers mind and the early market interest and sales will come from tech fans and serious boxers as well as wealthy people who are fans of the sport! Once that market and product identity has been realised THATS when the mainstream will have a punt for a 'believed' bargain before Christmas!
    I'm shocked Peter didn't do this for just £50k????🤔
    I mean they still have £200k in the bank and the product is at manufacturing stage so it's a no brainer punt for me!

  • S-B
    S-B 14 days ago +1

    6:06 Jenny masking her happinesses that Peter has gave her a reason to be out.

  • Bles
    Bles 14 days ago

    Jenny = out.

  • Alex Cannon
    Alex Cannon 15 days ago

    Jenny bla bla bla Jenny bla bla bla Jenny Bla bla out bla bla v funny give yourself a big pat of the back Jenny jokers 🃏 you cards...bla...out ...bla...Jenny...bla...out

  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life 15 days ago

    Jenny invested in some cannabis products on another episode. No really"!!!! Honestly!!! No joking!!! I can't believe it.

  • witty d
    witty d 15 days ago

    Entrepreneur says in lift "I feel like i should give up"
    😂 that's defo not someone worth investing in or worth working in partnership with

  • Tigerburningbright
    Tigerburningbright 15 days ago +13

    Jenny: guys I like the product I’m.....
    Guys: we are out

  • Fairly Vague
    Fairly Vague 15 days ago +5

    When the Dragon’s say things like ‘You’re not sure how you’re bringing this to market’, isn’t that part of the point of wanting a Dragon to invest and not someone who could just invest cash with zero business experience?

  • Joseph Demello
    Joseph Demello 17 days ago

    Jenny's more realistic with her time and money. Which is why I'm out.

  • Joseph Demello
    Joseph Demello 17 days ago

    Dragons Den compared to Shark Tank :there more brutal. If it was my money and time I'd be more like them then sugar coated Shark Tank.

  • Ayanda Mbatha
    Ayanda Mbatha 17 days ago

    When does Tukor Sulomon invest?

  • Phil Haslam
    Phil Haslam 17 days ago

    Boxing 🥊 passé

  • Star Light
    Star Light 17 days ago

    Jenny needs to learn some basic manners. When you ask someone a question, you let them answer it without interrupting them...

    • Dane Brass
      Dane Brass 14 days ago +1

      I was with you in the first half, but then you started another sentence - and for that reason, I'm out

    • ipcress ipcress
      ipcress ipcress 16 days ago

      Money talks bullshit walks;)

  • Proeda11
    Proeda11 17 days ago

    Jenny fk off you useless old rat

  • Bearded Chauffeur
    Bearded Chauffeur 18 days ago

    Hi, Im jenny and I knock myself out of this investment

  • Scott Wild
    Scott Wild 18 days ago


  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 19 days ago +3

    That Charlie has junk in the trunk 😂

  • Jay Girdwood
    Jay Girdwood 20 days ago

    The guy on the left looked like he really wanted to speak

  • Aashish Bharat
    Aashish Bharat 20 days ago +91

    Jenny: I'm in

    ...the process of telling you that I'm out

    • Bles
      Bles 14 days ago +3


  • ben
    ben 20 days ago

    why is the man on the rights arse so big


    Jenny seriously attacking people , and you have no funds to buy in anyway ... seeya Jenny close the door

  • Elwyn Chow
    Elwyn Chow 21 day ago

    Those sensors seem huge. Is it just an accelerometer in there? If Garmin made a boxing sensor, it would be much smaller.

  • NoName
    NoName 21 day ago

    I’m out so I’m Jenny.

  • Bone Collector
    Bone Collector 22 days ago

    His ass is huge.

  • Chris Wainwright
    Chris Wainwright 22 days ago

    Jenny is OUT and that's why she's OUT

  • Jim 83
    Jim 83 22 days ago

    Guys body language was awful straight away 🤣

  • Lisa Doyle
    Lisa Doyle 23 days ago

    Jenny has resting B*tch face.

  • Richard S
    Richard S 23 days ago

    Jenny is worse than Barbara. Didn't think that was possible!!

  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 23 days ago +2

    Why do people like watching these money grabbing Ba***rds?

  • SmackedBy Hussii
    SmackedBy Hussii 23 days ago

    Do u realise some people come to the den for fame and some would actually buy it

  • Ursus Maritimus
    Ursus Maritimus 23 days ago

    Jenny is a rude cow.

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson 23 days ago

    Why don't these entrepreneurs negotiate with the boxing authority to use the device to adjudicate actual boxing matches instead of relying on the human method of deciding how many hits take place in deciding who wins the round. Completely reliable accurate information in real time should take the opinion out of the equation in a sport the would welcome this as conclusive evidence of who won a round. In other words ,AI Judge no opinion just raw data and no argument on who is winning the match.

  • Dr-ax /\
    Dr-ax /\ 24 days ago +3

    10:15 Debora counting the seconds in which Jenny has to say “I’m out”

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 24 days ago +21

    Person knocking on door: Is anyone home?
    Jenny (from inside the house): I'm out!

  • countteddy
    countteddy 24 days ago +1

    unfold your arms!!!!....confrontation puts people off

  • Joe 00
    Joe 00 24 days ago

    I wander how jenny thinks about her being a meme

  • michael burke
    michael burke 24 days ago

    Shite business I am out

  • Jonny Begood
    Jonny Begood 24 days ago

    Whats the point of Jenny being here?