WTF!! 'IS IT A WILD LINE???' Napolean Slot Drama!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Crazy hit on Napolean slot. But what amount will the win go for?
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Comments • 120

  • Amazing Glazing
    Amazing Glazing 10 days ago

    bugs me the amount you play slots and still seem to know fuck all..

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan 11 days ago

    You hit number 6 that’s a line to me man .....skank.

  • zoe foster
    zoe foster 11 days ago

    Same reaction your missus gives when you first took off your undies ( after tellin her you was hung )

  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd 13 days ago

    I got 2k on a wildline on 40p so it would have been 25k if it connected

  • Jon Ford
    Jon Ford 14 days ago

    it's only 1.4k. . holy moly get a grip son

  • Litchy Litch
    Litchy Litch 14 days ago

    Do you miss being able to buy the features Josh?

    • Litchy Litch
      Litchy Litch 14 days ago

      Well I assume not as they have been banned in the UK, but for off stream stuff I think you would get away with it? I was playing a few the other day on that PlayOJ site or whatever it is called using this ‘trick’ and they haven’t been in touch yet to give me a telling off 😄

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  14 days ago

      Litchy Litch can’t imagine it’s legit though...

    • Litchy Litch
      Litchy Litch 14 days ago

      There is a way round getting them in the UK still, did you know??

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  14 days ago

      sometimes yes...

  • Roman Gora
    Roman Gora 15 days ago

    Its 25p x the number it says there so its 25p for a line x 100,000 which is £25k

  • John Mccallion
    John Mccallion 15 days ago

    I got a wild line on this payed 5210x. £2350

  • tasos biliouris
    tasos biliouris 15 days ago

    If the wild in Reel 3 was one up or one down....damn!

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 17 days ago

    Number 6

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 17 days ago

    I thought that comment was to me then. Lol get a grip GED

  • Pasta Pasta
    Pasta Pasta 18 days ago

    5x 100,000 = 500,000£

    • Pasta Pasta
      Pasta Pasta 18 days ago +1

      But u never know it could be 25k

    • Pasta Pasta
      Pasta Pasta 18 days ago +1

      Win line number 4 and 14 would of gave u the wild line

  • gertjan van der meij
    gertjan van der meij 18 days ago +1

    *Line bet is £ 0,25". So it would have been £ 25.000 !*

  • RFK Gaming
    RFK Gaming 19 days ago


  • Daniel Hateley
    Daniel Hateley 20 days ago

    Joke thats not a wild lind tho ha

  • Luka
    Luka 20 days ago

    It's 100k...not 500k.. are you that stupid???? !!!

  • Ewan Cragg
    Ewan Cragg 21 day ago

    Doesn’t make sense number 6 is the same set up?

  • Dwight Miltenburg
    Dwight Miltenburg 21 day ago

    The answer is simple.
    Its multiplied by your LINE bet. 25cents x 100.000 is 25.000.
    Still.. wouldve been sick

  • Tom Heinrich
    Tom Heinrich 21 day ago

    You won what you won stop going on about it

  • Stephen Charlton
    Stephen Charlton 21 day ago

    Great edit on video mate sorry but I was howling but soooo sickkkkk unlucky bud

  • John Kiele
    John Kiele 21 day ago +1

    In the video at the pay out page it says clearly (in white letters) : "Wins are multiplied by the current line bet £ 0,25". So it would have been a £ 25.000 win if it would have been a win line.

  • kez b
    kez b 21 day ago +3

    Think u should put a calculator on your Christmas list 😂😂😂 nice win though xx

  • Token Tokerson
    Token Tokerson 22 days ago

    per bet line, you had 1 potential wild line, not 10 .. so 25,000 for wild line at 5 euro bet...

  • james stark
    james stark 22 days ago

    Should be a wild line

  • adem.a
    adem.a 22 days ago

    Its not 500k 😂 you would of won 100k, 5x means if u get five of the same thing

    • Rhys E
      Rhys E 21 day ago

      No it would be based on the line stake not the total stake! 100000÷25p per line = £25000

  • pig year
    pig year 22 days ago +2

    You had four of a kind wilds but still seems a poor pay

    • adam findy
      adam findy 22 days ago

      Ya if you look at line 13 he’s one off of all 5 . Therefore he was 4 wilds of a wildline . So by his math that should still be 6000 dollars . It pays 1200 dollars , plus the other wins . Not 1200 x

  • magichat
    magichat 22 days ago

    Nice win.... Just teased a bigger like like buffalo/epic ape

  • rachel king
    rachel king 22 days ago +1

    No wildline and yet just as exciting :D if not alot more painful !! Nice win anyway.. 500K really?? in the base game aww Josh :P

  • GURNEY 2
    GURNEY 2 22 days ago +1

    It was ONLY 25 grand Josh. You'd have only spent it.

  • GURNEY 2
    GURNEY 2 22 days ago

    25p a line, not £5.

  • dorin9
    dorin9 22 days ago

    ahh sick , what i know wild line is 10.000x ! so fucking close :(

  • James Allen
    James Allen 22 days ago

    Absolute legend

  • Christine Roadnight
    Christine Roadnight 22 days ago

    Omg that's wounding!! :( nice win though

  • Jim Pearson
    Jim Pearson 22 days ago

    Unlucky but still a good win, hopefully you get 500.000 next

  • Stuart Pearson
    Stuart Pearson 22 days ago +1

    For that video you deserve to get 25k .... subscribers that is. Half a Million lmao

  • EvansPlayroom
    EvansPlayroom 22 days ago +1

    Josh, this was hard to watch but third time's a charm, you will hit something big next time

  • Lee Patrick
    Lee Patrick 22 days ago

    That's tilting af😂😭

  • Rikki Morley
    Rikki Morley 22 days ago

    Those numbers on the pay table are not times stake, you don’t get 20 times stake for hitting 3 tens do you? You get one times stake, so do the maths accordingly, makes a wildline on £5 a 25k win... not half a mil

    • Janice Willis
      Janice Willis 22 days ago

      tilting anyways, 25k or 500, i would be mad

  • Max G
    Max G 22 days ago

    Aw da poooor babbbbbyyyyy

  • Tas0_elite s
    Tas0_elite s 22 days ago

    Heartbreaking, feel sorry for you mate your due a huge win

  • andy cantrell
    andy cantrell 22 days ago

    Ive just been sick for ya

  • Tony Noakes
    Tony Noakes 22 days ago

    Mate my ass just fell out for ya🙈

  • carlo eds19
    carlo eds19 22 days ago +1

    Flash back was brilliant lol is was a nice win anyway but still 😭

  • James Foley
    James Foley 22 days ago +1

    The maths going on here is dreadful lol

  • John Cairns
    John Cairns 22 days ago +1

    500k 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH

    i feel sick i thought it was a wildline i think a wildline is 10000x i thought it was 6000 10000 x £5 =50000 get back to school you helmet hahahahah

  • kelvin finney
    kelvin finney 22 days ago

    But you had number 6

    • lipstarcasino
      lipstarcasino 22 days ago

      he had 3 wild in the middle, number 6 has wilds at the bottom. close

  • kelvin finney
    kelvin finney 22 days ago

    BOOOOOM get in there

    ATOMIC NORTH 22 days ago

    Just one WILD NOT GOOD PLACE:((((((AHHHHH £500K

  • Shaun Orr
    Shaun Orr 22 days ago +1

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. Great win but so close to half a million pound ermmm I mean 25k hahaha

    • Shaun Orr
      Shaun Orr 22 days ago

      Fruity Slots these are the best videos!! So here’s to many many more fruity fuck ups 🥂🥂

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago

      Shaun Orr I may give up!!

  • casinoslots
    casinoslots 22 days ago +1 day i swear josh will hit big

  • Shabbir D
    Shabbir D 22 days ago +1

    Unlucky Josh. Took afew replays for me to finally "get it" so I would have been like you thinking 500k hit. Hope you hit big soon.

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago +1

      Shabbir D good to know it wasn’t just me....

  • Glen Mountain
    Glen Mountain 22 days ago

    Not this again do you not know how it works YET

  • Monicagambler77
    Monicagambler77 22 days ago +1

    No way i would be so mad, but good win anyways and nice flashback on that jackpot thing

  • Soft 16 Stick!!!
    Soft 16 Stick!!! 22 days ago +2

    Great editing .... Unlucky Josh 💝💝

  • kkrispy2009 P
    kkrispy2009 P 22 days ago +1

    Ong well done

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago

      kkrispy2009 Wasn’t quite what I was hoping for lol

  • marie macardle
    marie macardle 22 days ago +2

    U crack me up x

  • 1mperat0r
    1mperat0r 22 days ago +1

    It says clear as day on the paytable "multiplied by line bet of 0.25" not the full bet lmfao.
    In all seriousness its a line on most 20 line slots but iv always hated certain providers have certain ones they dont include. Blueprint have some stupid ones imo.

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago +1

      @1mperat0r thanks mate

    • 1mperat0r
      1mperat0r 22 days ago

      @Fruity Slots we all have them moments pal. Keep up the good work love the channel. Genuinely gutterered for you.
      Worst thing is even a 10 line slot like mystic mirror deluxe includes that line...sickening.

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago +1

      clear as day.... just wasnt clear for me haha. yeh stupid line!!

  • Sadio Money
    Sadio Money 22 days ago

    I wasn't even trolling when I kept saying it was £500k too. No idea what was going on.

    • Nuck Chorris
      Nuck Chorris 18 days ago


    • Shaun Orr
      Shaun Orr 22 days ago +1

      Sadio 🤪🤪😂🙈

    • Fruity Slots
      Fruity Slots  22 days ago +2

      Sadio Money blame you for making me say £500k like a muppet!

  • Buttduck
    Buttduck 22 days ago

    These moments of comedy you cannot write, they just happen !