Jordan Peele - Best Original Screenplay - "Get Out" - Oscars 2018 - Full Backstage Speech

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Jordan Peele - Best Original Screenplay - "Get Out" - Oscars 2018 - Full Backstage Speech
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  • Pitching Wedge
    Pitching Wedge 8 days ago

    McDonagh should've won imo.

  • Tara
    Tara Year ago

    lets all say it together Skeleton Key

  • Liam Baumann
    Liam Baumann Year ago

    You can tell he doesn't know what to do with his hands during this.

  • UnDEADBishop138
    UnDEADBishop138 Year ago +1

    "Every time a brick wall gets put up that is putting me in a position where I have a stronger choice than I started with."

    A great, timeless thought I love being brought up. Limitations forces creativity in any medium. Creativity is what makes a good piece of art great. Accept your limits as challenges and overcome them, not succumb to them.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    I feel/felt like I couldn't be a gay filmmaker because there's no one out there like me making films of worth. This gives me hope.

  • Serial Killer
    Serial Killer Year ago


  • afro curly girl
    afro curly girl Year ago +3

    Danai G. Is doing it all, DAMN! She's in Black Panther, she's in/was in the Walking Dead, she wrote a Broadway play and now she's a journalist. WTF! Ol girl is super talented.

  • Lau Kyle
    Lau Kyle Year ago

    Thought it was a skit

  • DaBaYzFyNesT
    DaBaYzFyNesT Year ago +2

    Did he just say they made this movie in 23 DAYS?? wtf am i doing with myself.

  • Brandon Caridi
    Brandon Caridi Year ago +2

    Such a humble and grateful human being! Also made one hell of a good movie!

  • Rahul Menon
    Rahul Menon Year ago

    Your Oscar win to me is what Whoopi's win was for you.
    So thank you for MadTV, Thank you for Key & Peele, Thank you for Get Out, but most importantly thank you for being a creative motivational push.
    Love & Respect,
    (From India)

  • Mike King
    Mike King Year ago +1

    He peeled da banana in dis

  • tim fred
    tim fred Year ago

    Loved this film, it's so clever , a Must watch !

  • Nelson Yeung
    Nelson Yeung Year ago


  • Steve Castle
    Steve Castle Year ago

    WHEN. IS. THE. NEXT. MOVIE. PEELE? I'll be at the theater opening night.

  • El Saco Palta
    El Saco Palta Year ago

    I think TBOEM was better but congratulations to Jordan Peele

  • amber lopez
    amber lopez Year ago +4

    Looks like just another hate-filled N-word movie spouting one sided racist propaganda. I think I'll skip it.

    • amber lopez
      amber lopez Year ago +1

      +LasyFatAss - What's a word that starts with the letter N , and ends in the letter R that you don't want to call a black person?


    • LadyJD13
      LadyJD13 Year ago

      amber lopez another butt hurt racist.

  • Misha Is Back
    Misha Is Back Year ago +1

    Should've won best picture too #OscarsSoRacist2018

  • Andreas M
    Andreas M Year ago

    Bravo peele ..well deserved an early 2017 film was not forgotten nor should it be..10/10 & a great film

  • M. H.
    M. H. Year ago

    What I love about Get Out is not only the dialogue itself, but even little mannerisms, perhaps the mood of the film, everything is written in the script. Everything was coming out of his head. And the fact that he directed it and it was his vision, it really shows what a skilled filmmaker he is that he could bring his own writing to life. It was very original, even in direction.

    BOSS NASS Year ago

    I would have voted for Get Out a third time

  • daweller
    daweller Year ago +4

    He needs to direct a Liam Neesons movie.

  • king last
    king last Year ago +6

    I'm really happy Jordan peele won.. Love him but why is BBC saying he is the first black winner.... He is biracial. Why are black so insecure they need to often include mix people as them.. He obviously gonna accept all the praise but we are not the same

    • Reme Ruler
      Reme Ruler Year ago

      king last please stfu

    • king last
      king last Year ago

      Alex Daniel I'm half black and its black America not black people... Every other black person in the world don't relate to black Americans

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel Year ago

      king last king last I agree, which is what explains the white working class. But it seems your constant undermining of black people through back handed comments like the one you just made, already proves the prejudice you have towards them anyway. So nothing I can say will sway your opinion on them, making this conversation pointless.

    • king last
      king last Year ago

      Alex Daniel its simply about power. People with the power wants to keep that power if you accept that then you will understand... The most vulnerable people are always exploited not because of the race but because of their vulnerabilities & weakness and the idea is kept alive by people who believe in white Supremecy..

    • Alex Daniel
      Alex Daniel Year ago

      And going back to mix. What does that mean? Because the majority of black people and white people are mixed, but that doesn't factor at all when it comes to real life. Police harassment, red lining and ghettoisation, racism in the work place, prolonged sentencing in the justice system.

  • Blade Mastr
    Blade Mastr Year ago +23

    "Am I about to be auctioned off right now?"

    • Salxero
      Salxero Year ago +1

      Blade Mastr can a brother get on lot A?

  • Adrian Daniel Botnariu

    This movie wasn't very good and actually stole a joke from a Louis CK special. I don't understand this win. But hey. Nothing matters.

    • Adrian Daniel Botnariu
      Adrian Daniel Botnariu Year ago

      TheGhost I can't remember the exact joke. It was in the scene where the protagonist meets the parents and the father goes on and on about something or another. He basically did a full Louie bit.

    • TheGhost
      TheGhost Year ago

      What joke did he steal?

  • Lorenzo A
    Lorenzo A Year ago +1

    Why did he win, the movie sucked ass? Are they just giving black people awards?

  • The Cat
    The Cat Year ago +1

    I wonder if he knows this was just an affirmative action win and he didn't earn it. That's got to be the most dehumanizing feeling to be the liberals token pet choice.

  • sAAd
    sAAd Year ago

    He deserved this %100%100

  • Zander Snow
    Zander Snow Year ago +16

    I said .........bitchhhhhhh.

  • troy bojos
    troy bojos Year ago +2

    I mean stop it with race jokes already

  • whip master
    whip master Year ago +1

    Jordan must be one of those fake Jews like Carylyn Elaine Johnson. Jews just don't give those awards away to anybody.

    hYBRYDcOBRA Year ago +63

    This guy went from MADtv to getting an Oscar. Unreal.

    • Rory Douthard
      Rory Douthard Year ago +1

      Perris K. Fortson THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! Yes, I meant to write in all CAPS!!!! Go forth and do the same with your dreams! Don’t let anybody get in your way, not even YOU! Let’s follow Auntie Maxine Waters’ example and reclaim our time!

    • Perris K. Fortson
      Perris K. Fortson Year ago +3

      Rory Douthard maaaannn listen: I'm currently think about dropping everything right now and just moving to NYC to pursue my acting career..I know that everyone says that acting, writing (or literally anything that has to do with the arts) isn't a guaranteed career, but FUCK THEM. at the end of the day, we have a limited time on this Earth, so why not jump head first into our dreams?! I'm sorry about you mom btw, I've unfortunately been there as well. I know I don't know you or her, but I'm sure that she would want you to go and pursue your love of writing! It's also nice to see people like Jordan Peele win accolades like this (especially for me being a fellow black artist). All of this to say: if writing is truly your love, you GO and PURSUE it!!! And even if (Lord forbid) it doesn't work out, at least you can say you TRIED!

    • Rory Douthard
      Rory Douthard Year ago +3

      hYBRYDcOBRA which lets me know we can do ANYTHING we want! I LEGIT want to quit my day job RIGHT NOW and pursue writing, which I have put off since my mother died THIRTEEN years ago. I think I might’ve been happier than Keegan-Michael Key was last night!

    • Brad Redford
      Brad Redford Year ago +2

      Raudel Sandoval If only we could get other Madtv members into the movies because they were all so talented. Get them some Oscars as well.

    • Raudel Sandoval
      Raudel Sandoval Year ago +5

      hYBRYDcOBRA it shows that we set our own limits

  • Yammel Heylel
    Yammel Heylel Year ago +1

    Why do I want to play Zelda?

  • Daniel Victor
    Daniel Victor Year ago +29

    Should have won best picture too

    • Leslie Sauceman
      Leslie Sauceman Year ago

      Tara it was nothing like Skeleton Key! Have you seen it?

    • Tara
      Tara Year ago

      it was a remake of skeleton key

    • Leslie Sauceman
      Leslie Sauceman Year ago

      MrSnow1961 it's not anti-white. Yes the villains in this movie are rich white people but it's overall theme is about how even open minded white people can say and do things that are racist. Peele discusses it further in an interview.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Year ago

      Certainly best anti white picture.

    • Leslie Sauceman
      Leslie Sauceman Year ago +1

      Agreed that was the best movie of the year hands down!

  • Gremilin kuchuv
    Gremilin kuchuv Year ago

    Meeeaagan. Waw

  • Daniel Toma
    Daniel Toma Year ago +37

    So well deserved. He wrote a remarkable script.

  • Matthew Gg
    Matthew Gg Year ago

    It'll be cool if Keegans with him. I gotta check Get Out I never knew Jordan can write a particular kind of suspense or horror

  • Jack is not in the box

    wtf with the shit crowd?

  • Aly
    Aly Year ago +20

    The Key and Peele show was always subversively funny and clever, not surprised Peele concocted such a script!! Yay!!

    • Rory Douthard
      Rory Douthard Year ago +1

      Aly Zhang that Negro Town skit gave me eternal LIFE!!!!

  • Suzi S
    Suzi S Year ago +2


  • Bertha Lovejoy
    Bertha Lovejoy Year ago +5

    a well-deserved win...i've been a fan since key and peele &always saw such great hollywood potential in them..the acting range, direction, and cinematography in all their skits was always outstanding..i feel so proud for him??

  • Mig1997
    Mig1997 Year ago +48


  • Mark Hazleton
    Mark Hazleton Year ago +31

    I don't think Jordan Peele realized that was Danai Gurira asking the question at 0:20 HAHA that's 'Okoye' from Black Panther.

    • mymy
      mymy Year ago +4

      Haha that was confusing, but it's not her.

    • Josh Taylor
      Josh Taylor Year ago +13

      Mark Hazleton I don't think that's her. The voice is completely different. Just a similar name.

  • 20000 Subscriber Man with little videos

    He should have a won a Oscar for all his comedy Key and Peele scripts love them all.

    • ralito
      ralito Year ago +6

      You mean an emmy

    • patricblack1
      patricblack1 Year ago +1

      they suck to me. but him on madtv and his movies are funny. key and peele not so great.

  • Mark Hazleton
    Mark Hazleton Year ago +62

    There were a lot of good Movies this year. To the point I wanted all of them to Win. I just kept hoping Get Out would win something for JORDAN PEELE!!! I honestly thought Get Out winning Best Picture would be WAY TOO COOL to happen. Or Best Director especially because he had some Stanley Kubrick / Alfred Hitchcock style which I highly dug... plus the Acting... plus the Music... but most importantly, the SCREENPLAY!!! Best Original Screenplay OFFICIAL!!!
    As much as I am interested in who gets "Best Director" or "Best Picture"... it's BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY that usually shows how special a film was because of it's characters. This will only push Jordan Peele further. "From the Writer and Director of GET OUT comes..."

    • Zaiah
      Zaiah Year ago

      Mark Hazleton ikr. Thats so true

    • yogoshun
      yogoshun Year ago

      The guy who won best director is awesome too. To be honest, I would have been happy if either of the two had won.

    • Andreas M
      Andreas M Year ago

      Likewise lol! It fully deserved it ! Split was one I feel was missing get out same month early! 2017 yet how can you not give this film an Oscar & they did do bravo 👏🏼👏🏼

    • mymy
      mymy Year ago +5

      I kept chanting Get Out, Get Out, Get Out all night. I wanted it to win best picture and director so badly! Still, best OG screenplay for a first time writer/director is not so bad. I'm looking forward to Jordan's next film! He's going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years, and there is NO doubt in my mind he will be up on that stage again!

  • BigZ7337
    BigZ7337 Year ago +55

    That was such an amazing speech, I'm so glad he won, and his screenplay really did deserve it, Get Out was probably the most creative and original film of the year.

    • Tara
      Tara Year ago

      it was a remake of skeleton key, the irony

    • mymy
      mymy Year ago +3

      ABsolutely. It will be taught in film classes for years and years. It should've won best picture , too.

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar Year ago +48

    He deserved this 100%

  • sands smooth
    sands smooth Year ago +7

    Respect ✊

  • antoshk
    antoshk Year ago +4

    Imagine if the guy in get out was white and all the crazy ppl were black :O bet it wouldn’t have gotten an Oscar then

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Year ago

      1915, lol

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Year ago

      There would be riots.

    • mymy
      mymy Year ago

      +Collin 02456
      Do you realize the story is a social commentary on the history of racism in our country? I recommend you enter "Jordan Peele, Get Out , Q&A" into youtube, and listen to him answer questions about his writing/directing process and why he made the movie. Do some research before you flippantly say the script would've worked just as well the other way around, just because you are white and felt some way at a black get together. The film isn't about feeling uncomfortable in a situation where you're not the majority. It's about systemic oppression and racism. I sat for hours and listened to what Jordan wanted to say with the movie , and I learned a lot.

    • Andreas M
      Andreas M Year ago

      The guys point was it would not have got the recognition as the material in a white society would not allow doesn't mean I agree & Whether relevant or not his mum is a white woman (think about it? Not relevant! At all it was a good film full stop.. and I 100% understand he's perceived and chooses to be black as my mates do, it's pride and I completely agree! Inversely the same coukd be said about a lion and a tiger a dog and a cat up & down blah blah good film though 👏🏼👏🏼 thouroghly deserved and that's a 🎬

    • Andreas M
      Andreas M Year ago

      Collin 02456 but we're devils remeber lol! Apparently history dictates we all come from Africa so ? Hitler was black & Churchill & Ghandi and the Dali lama etc .... who gives a ! .. good film! Controversial film of course but don't get lost in a race thing it was about his eyes remember

  • Awonddy
    Awonddy Year ago +41

    Well deserved 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Chandasouk
    Chandasouk Year ago +112

    What a debut