[976] A Lock So Bad That It’s Good: Minotaur Stainless Padlock

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019

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  • ROB
    ROB 16 days ago +1

    All the thieves must be ur fan and ur subscribers... 😳😬😷😎

  • Naamã dos Santos Silva

    This lock could be useful for short-term use.

  • Ava Blackwell
    Ava Blackwell 19 days ago

    So a really complex lock that’s shittily casted would be secure?

  • Cole Siebert
    Cole Siebert 19 days ago

    If you don’t recommend this one, are there any that you do recommend?

  • Insert name HERE
    Insert name HERE 20 days ago

    Hmm... What if someone made a lock that snaps the pick in half when you try to pick it?

  • Oliver Perks
    Oliver Perks 20 days ago

    Ok algorithm. Guess I’m watching this.

  • Tanner Nierenhausen
    Tanner Nierenhausen 20 days ago

    What kind of lockpicks would you recommend?

  • Johan Sadewa
    Johan Sadewa 21 day ago

    What's the name of the core. I been trying to find it out but i can't refer to it since the lock seems usual but the key is different type.

  • Captain Chlamidia
    Captain Chlamidia 21 day ago +1

    How many Septims do you charge? I'm a beginner and I'm trying to pick this really annoying apprentice lock, but I havent been able to get it.

  • Cynic with a Cword
    Cynic with a Cword 21 day ago +1

    Remember! If its hard to open *with* the key, imagine how hard it will be to open *without* the key!

  • jeremy roberts
    jeremy roberts 21 day ago

    Could feel like there's sand because when metal is cast if you use a nonpermenant case they are made out of sand... or just bad casting

  • Kevin Radtke
    Kevin Radtke 23 days ago

    That's nothing. I have trouble unlocking my garage with it's key!

  • Simon Ellison
    Simon Ellison 23 days ago

    Is the pick out of Beta yet and available?

  • flamingbeast999
    flamingbeast999 23 days ago

    Can you show us a side by side of you picking a disk retainer lock with your special pick (the one you made with Bosnian and Bill) and using a non custom made tool? I'm curious on the difference

  • Skidz1818
    Skidz1818 23 days ago

    Can u pick the lock to my heart?

  • Drayakir
    Drayakir 24 days ago +1

    So, would it hypothetically be possible to have this looseness/sand-like feeling as a feature and not a bug?

  • New York Junky
    New York Junky 25 days ago

    You are really BAD

  • Johann Schumacher
    Johann Schumacher 25 days ago

    Thanks dir using metric system.

  • stupid utube
    stupid utube 25 days ago

    What's that tool called? Where can I find one?

  • iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1
    iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1 25 days ago

    Do you have a video showing how this type of lock works?

  • The alt-flight
    The alt-flight 25 days ago

    I have a dollar store lock that's kinda like this. The machining is SO bad that it's surprisingly hard to pick.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago

    Haven't seen a lock take this long in a long time

  • Deranged Lunatic
    Deranged Lunatic 29 days ago

    What padlock would you recommend for a storage unit lock?

  • Spherify
    Spherify 29 days ago +1

    Why not recommend it? It took quite a while for you to pick it open with your special tool

  • Nate S
    Nate S Month ago

    what about Lebanese Tom?

  • ThanenJ
    ThanenJ Month ago

    Do you even own any keys?

  • Ryoku Y
    Ryoku Y Month ago

    When it takes him over a min to pick a lock, you know its a good lock.

  • playgroundchooser
    playgroundchooser Month ago

    This video seemed like an eternity... it took over 30 seconds for him to pick. 🥱

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe Month ago

    take it apart

  • Hans Isbrücker
    Hans Isbrücker Month ago +1

    They really should make a Skyrim mod with LPL as master lockpicking trainer 🤣

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt Month ago

    LPL could have been a fantastic dentist

  • LMV
    LMV Month ago +1

    wait a minute...

  • TheNasaDude
    TheNasaDude Month ago

    Do mixed disk and pin cores exist? Could they be manufactured? Would they present any advantage?

  • StinkyMcStinkington

    "No, Master Lock, your mistake was trying to slightly better than terrible. You shouldn't have tried at all."

  • Stilicko CB
    Stilicko CB Month ago

    one mil dood

  • Thomas W.
    Thomas W. Month ago

    And producer tries imitate keybow design of abloy Novel but Novel is much more better

  • Silver Chariot
    Silver Chariot Month ago +1

    I would die for The Pick That Bosnian Bill And I Made

  • FDG
    FDG Month ago +1

    LPL : this lock is horrible it took me ages to pick
    Everyone: maybe i should buy it then

  • Golden Duck
    Golden Duck Month ago

    There sure have been a lot of disc detainer locks lately

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    So bad that it's good? Oh so like the movie Commando? Gotcha.

  • Brennen Cox
    Brennen Cox Month ago

    This comment no doubt shows my ignorance
    but looking at your picking device, there seems to be a specific spacing between gates, or whatever
    So, can/should lock manufactures just vary the space between gates?

  • Sonny P
    Sonny P Month ago

    Is there any lock you cannot pick?

  • Doctor Dumbass
    Doctor Dumbass Month ago

    I swear to god I saw this video before

  • Neil oppa
    Neil oppa Month ago

    Is there a video on that pick? Can someone link me?

  • Nolan Stromberg
    Nolan Stromberg Month ago

    Can you recommend a good lock set for doors on my enclosed job trailer?

  • Randy Novick
    Randy Novick Month ago

    I must have watched a hundred of your padlock picking videos (or more), and yet when I need a padlock, I buy one that has a shackle of the right size and for which the weight is appropriate. I can't help but think that the consistent message you want to send is that security-by-padlock is a falsehood. It's good to be aware of limitations, I guess, but it's all so deeply disappointing, too. Thanks?

  • David Wahl
    David Wahl Month ago

    LPL, what if you change your control to attach the locks to something as if it were being picked off of an actual object. Less hand comfort, etc. . .?

  • Mackey Charli
    Mackey Charli Month ago

    I’m pretty sure this guy can find a g spot

  • Niko Gagnon
    Niko Gagnon Month ago

    Bosin&bill locks made for you and me and the criminal down the street.

  • D D
    D D Month ago

    10 could be a captive disc, aren't all the discs captive inside a padlock 🤔

  • XtreeM FaiL
    XtreeM FaiL Month ago

    Roughness will fade away after use.
    I should have watch the vid first.

  • mdlund0
    mdlund0 Month ago

    "This is not a lock that I would recommend." I'm pretty new to this channel, but it seems like this is a common theme. Do you have a list of locks that you DO recommend (and that are accessible to the public)?

  • erg0centric
    erg0centric Month ago

    Pick time longer than expected: 130 seconds.

  • Nothing Knew
    Nothing Knew Month ago

    Can you gut it? :c

  • AyabaraGaming
    AyabaraGaming Month ago

    What is that tool?

  • Wulf-Jäger91
    Wulf-Jäger91 Month ago

    Makes me wonder what kind of surface finish callouts and tolerances were on those discs, did they make them with a hacksaw?

  • jfan4reva
    jfan4reva Month ago

    Of course when LPL finally finds a lock he can't pick and everyone buys it, the bad guys will just pull out a cordless angle grinder and cut the hasp or the chain - lol!

  • MPBushman
    MPBushman Month ago

    If I were Minotaur, I'd break out the ellipses and throw this blub on the packaging: "From TheXvid's LockPickingLawyer: Minotaur stainless padlock...I can only describe as...good."

  • Tyler Shea
    Tyler Shea Month ago

    What lock would you suggest!! Asking for a friend

  • citizenmckee04
    citizenmckee04 Month ago

    Can you like recommend a lock sometime, we all know what not to buy...