• Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • After Liverpool's stunning win over Manchester City at Anfield yesterday - are Pep Guardiola's team out of the Premier League title race?
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Comments • 1 933

  • int197
    int197 4 days ago

    Is that a typical City fan? What an asshole.

  • Arby
    Arby 7 days ago

    The City team that got the hundred was an insanely good team yes, but they didn't win the treble and that'll always put United above them for me imo

  • saul douglas
    saul douglas 8 days ago

    Typical cocky arrogant city fan. I would love nothing more than to see Leicester and or Chelsea finish above them in the table just for the look on this twats face

  • Samir Wagle
    Samir Wagle 9 days ago

    Buvey is emotional fucker
    He will cry me a river

  • john wright
    john wright 9 days ago

    City fan from Bristol 😂😂

  • Curt Wrong
    Curt Wrong 10 days ago

    What a fkn fanny that city fan is, way to biased and absolutely clueless

  • Will Allen
    Will Allen 10 days ago

    rory is just an annoying rat

  • Keith Outside the box
    Keith Outside the box 10 days ago

    Who is that donkey of a Man City fan? He is one salty, self-entitled football fan

  • Robin Karlstrand
    Robin Karlstrand 11 days ago

    City fans are truly delusional

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 11 days ago

    Please get esteemed kompany on I’m a city fan this guy is a clown

  • Ben Peters-Brown
    Ben Peters-Brown 12 days ago

    This city don is chatting more in one episode than rory has in all appearances

  • FPL Kage
    FPL Kage 12 days ago

    VAR is the reason man city don't know how to defend, fair enough.

  • Charlie Diamond
    Charlie Diamond 12 days ago

    This City fan is insufferable

  • Moe
    Moe 12 days ago

    Blackburn of 95 would also City team of today around also Blackburn's prem win miles better than any

  • RedDEVIL20
    RedDEVIL20 12 days ago

    This city fan is so deluded 😂😂😂😂😂 lay off the crack pal

  • Amir Samad
    Amir Samad 13 days ago +2

    "you lost 4-0 to man U " Um it was an AWAY game
    Man city lost to norwich who are last at the moment and they lost at HOME to wolves lmao

  • Michael 2715
    Michael 2715 13 days ago

    Man City fans man

  • Michael Pasquali-Harding

    That City fan's hilarious, must be on the wind up.
    Biggest achievement in PL history if they win it from here? LMFAO..... oh come on.

  • Eric Bernal
    Eric Bernal 14 days ago

    It's questionable how liverpool are top!!!!! Are you mad why is it so??
    Lost 1 game is 52 games Champions of Europe best front 3 in Europe best CB best GK.. Crazy talk man just crazy

  • scott bluefox 78 Batts Batts

    you boys keep chatting and disregarding Leicester and we will quietly and ever so coolly keep picking up points , The table wont lie ladies

  • Winston Bradley
    Winston Bradley 14 days ago +1

    Chelsea are not title challengers gosh. They were the only unbeaten team in Europe last season then January came along and oh well..we all know what happened

  • john kersh
    john kersh 14 days ago

    Tell the city fan to get back to his day job, being a mezut Ozil lookalike

  • K J
    K J 14 days ago

    The opinion of Manchester City both as a club and as a city doesn't matter

  • Carl G1997
    Carl G1997 14 days ago

    Imagineeeeee saying a City team which has had close to a billion pound pumped into it winning the league is a bigger achievement than Leicester winning it.. lord have mercy and you’d know he’s a city fan as well with that non existent Manchester accent

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago

    Chelsea vs man city will probably decide how the title race will go

  • Stephen McC
    Stephen McC 15 days ago

    If Liverpool get 102 points this season will that bloke say Liverpool are the best team in history with 199 points in 2 seasons? He's a head wrecker. Im passionate and slightly biased towards my team but he takes the piss 🤯🤦‍♂️🤬🤫

  • Tyler Foster
    Tyler Foster 15 days ago

    Not being funny but Liverpool could get 101 points,unbeaten,and win the title and that alone is better than City's 2 in a row,Arsenal's invicibles,Blackburn's title and United's 2 in a row combined.

  • Ralphie Thicc
    Ralphie Thicc 15 days ago +1

    That's why Manchester is red

  • Doody
    Doody 16 days ago

    Man city are not going to win the league. But I'm a Leicester fan and my dad is a Liverpool fan so let's see what happens there 😏

  • Ronald Jackson
    Ronald Jackson 16 days ago +1

    Never knew Jack Whitehall was a City Fan.

  • Abigail c:
    Abigail c: 16 days ago +2

    This City fan makes me want Liverpool to win the league lmao

  • Xmaest
    Xmaest 16 days ago

    yes, pretty much

  • John Cornell
    John Cornell 16 days ago

    Why is that City fan using the term 'bottle' ten million times? Liverpool didn't bottle it last season. You don't get to 97 points....winning the last 9 games on the trot.....and then win the Champions League, by being bottlers.

  • Jonny O
    Jonny O 16 days ago

    My god that city fan is a gobshite.

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg 16 days ago

    Typical city fan , nob head

  • Goose
    Goose 16 days ago

    Says no one wants to play Chelsea, Man United beat them twice in a row home and away 😂

  • Dandy1 Dandy1
    Dandy1 Dandy1 16 days ago

    Calm down lads

  • Bheki Mkhize
    Bheki Mkhize 16 days ago

    Will sure remember this when Man City will the League

  • TheSm1thers
    TheSm1thers 16 days ago

    Can we give props to Sheffield United? They've only just come up from the Championship with a squad that cost almost nothing, least goals conceded out of every team in the prem, plus they've been quite unlucky at times and should arguably be in top 4 by now. Their immediate success is absolute madness, and it shows the men behind the scenes such as manager Chris Wilder are incredibly talented. They don't play "anti-football" either. They play a perfect balance of pressing, attacking play and defence depending on the situation. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they finished 4th.

  • Osteoman 74
    Osteoman 74 16 days ago

    This City fan is as thick as a plank and in complete denial, reminds me of Wenger.... 🤯🤯

  • Dylan Palmer
    Dylan Palmer 17 days ago

    Liverpool have club world cup in December, two games in less than 24 hours! If we can keep this lead until January I'll believe it's ours but next month is the big one for City

  • Steve Harley
    Steve Harley 17 days ago

    Biggest achievement because of injuries 😂😂 Man City got like 100m+ worth of players on reserves

  • Michael A
    Michael A 17 days ago

    There are no precedents...

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes 17 days ago

    City fans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marc Thomas
    Marc Thomas 17 days ago +1

    People always forget liverpool's keeper was out Injured for most of the start of this season... let's see city Chelsea and Leicester lose there keeper for ten games

  • Nile Lynch
    Nile Lynch 17 days ago +1

    That city fan is off his rocker. Needs to get back in the bin.

  • IE
    IE 18 days ago

    I believe City will win the Premier League for the third time under Pep and I think they will win the UCL this season. Pep will leave on a high note. It's too early to say Liverpool will win the title. Last season, Chelsea and Liverpool were going on dream runs, not losing games.Then halfway through the season, things changed, and Chelsea and Liverpool started dropping points, especially Chelsea. So it's still wide open. Of course, City can't be complacent. There aren't any more chances. No more Norwiches, Wolves etc. No more careless draws and no more complaining about VAR. Got to win by a big goal margin or expect a draw because of a bad referee decision. That's the way the cookie crumbles. If you play it close you are gambling and a VAR call not going your way could mean you lose the title.

    • IE
      IE 16 days ago

      @John Cornell And City have only been rich since 2008. Who are you going to blame for Liverpool not winning the title between 1992-2007, mate?
      Liverpool fans have bad character - always blaming others for their failures.
      And very hypocritical too.

    • IE
      IE 16 days ago

      @John Cornell What you wish for is not the same as what's going to happen. You lot have wanted to win the PL title for 30 years and look what's happened.
      Leicester could win the PL title twice before Liverpool wins it (if they ever do).
      Silly Liverpool fans - been cocky for 30 years and they still don't have a title.
      They never learn.

    • IE
      IE 16 days ago

      @John Cornell And don't twist my words, Liverpool fan.
      *"Porto both in 2018 and last season that you surely can't be serious there?"*
      I didn't say that Liverpool would have lost to Porto, I said that Salah being given a red card might have affected their games thereafter.
      Salah was one of their best players in the UCL.

    • John Cornell
      John Cornell 16 days ago

      Of course it goes both ways. How about the Liverpool disallowed goal vs Arsenal away last season? Or the penalty they should have been given vs Leicester at Anfield last season??
      However in the games between the two last season, City CLEARLY had the better decisions. They even got given a penalty at Anfield and as I already mentioned Kompany should have walked at the Etihad. I can even go back to the 2013/14 season at the Etihad when a perfectly good Liverpool goal was ruled out. Had Liverpool not lost that game 1-2 they would have won the title.
      Porto? Liverpool were so much a class apart from Porto both in 2018 and last season that you surely can't be serious there?
      Pep has not been able to each reach a CL final without Messi. He failed at Bayern and he failed at City. Great European nights at the Etihad are not in the club's DNA.
      They didn't get knocked out to Spurs due to bad officiating. Same against Liverpool the season before and Monaco before that and so on. They just weren't good enough to progress.
      It's not as if they have been reaching finals and been unlucky (a la Liverpool in the 2018 final vs Madrid). They can barely even reach a semi final. One semi final since the Arab takeover? Pep was brought in to win the CL. That was the next step after 2 Prem titles were already won. He has failed to even reach a final.
      My grandmother could win the CL with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol etc. It was no great achievement that Pep won it with Barcelona. So did Luis Enrique.
      Could Pep with the CL with Origi, Wijnaldum, Milner? I doubt it.
      I can't see City being BETTER than last year from now to the end of the PREM season...which is what they will have to be if they are going to win it.
      By the way Liverpool have been Champions of England 18 times so of course it's in their DNA. It's the same competition. Just a name change. City have never won either the old European Cup or the newer Champions League. I can't see them ever winning it.

  • IE
    IE 18 days ago

    Too early to say. If City wins the rest of the games, can win with 104 points. Don't think Liverpool can break the 100 points barrier. But of course, tall task for City to win the rest of the games. It's up to Pep. It's doable but he can't make a single mistake. He should concentrate on the league and UCL and forget about the cups. He must use Foden in games however. He must improve the defense too. If he has second choice keeper and defender, he has to reinforce the defense. Liverpool will start drawing a game here and there more often.

  • Scott Holder
    Scott Holder 18 days ago

    It’s not a 4 horse race....and it’s not a 1 horse race - at the moment : here’s why :
    1) LFC has the hardest run of fixtures - by number - left before Jan 3rd.
    2) MC have the toughest run - quality wise - in that they have to play Chelsea next, as well as the Manchester City Derby, Arsenal, LCFC, Wolves (dangerous), as well as LCup & UCL games.
    3) Chelsea have City, Arsenal, WHam, & Spurs.
    4) LCFC have the easiest run...1 game a week....but they play City & Pool b2b...
    Só, looking at best case scenarios from 4 to 1 :
    4) LCFC Win Out, cutting LFC’s lead to at least 5, and putting City further back.
    3) Chelsea win out, and their worst case scenario is that they stay 8 points behind LFC
    2) City win out, and their worst case scenario is that they stay 9 points behind LFC
    1) LFC win out, and their worst case scenario is that they are at least 11 points ahead
    Só, by this analysis, what can we expect?
    By process of elimination:
    4) CFC, by inexperience of squad and manger, could still win out but I expect them to drop at least 1 game, and even if they don’t...their January : LCFC, Arsenal, MU, Spurs murder....but i think they more or less stay within 7-12 points. One caveat is that they have one of the top 3 midfields, when healthy, and if Kante comes back with a full head of steam then they have a good chance.
    3) City have the most experience and talent...but their injuries are in the wrong places - back line and goalie - and teams see them as vulnerable. They also CANNOT lose any more games the rest of the year, especially against LCFC and Chelsea. I think that if they lose either of those 2 games then their EPL campaign is done.
    2) LCFC have EPL winning experience - Schmeical & Vardy - one of the top 3-4 managers, and some of the best dynamic young talent in the League. Moreover they KNOW they are good, and aren’t in awe of anyone...they are 1 of 2 teams that can survive a setback or two, but you still wouldn’t count them out. They are right up there with LFC in regards to relentlessness...if they can do this run, then it’s back on.
    BUT :

    1) LFC may have the longest run of games with almost no gaps but if you look at their fixture list, a couple of things pop out. CP away is the first game up, and if there was ever any game I would want a 2 week break before it would be this one - winnable, but I would take a draw. The next 3 are at home, and while the Derby is always a drudge, Anfield is a fortress until proven otherwise. Quick note on Napoli : if we win that one (a big if, bc we NEVER DO EASY! *smdh*) then the RB Salz game is moot, and the 1st team gets 2 games (AV LCup the other) off. After that, we HAVE to beat Leicester (Ugh, another tough away game), bc we have Wolves and Sheffield next. Tough run, but up to this point they’ve proven that they’re the best team - only playing great in spots I might add - and until someone definitively knocks them off, then you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Cam G
    Cam G 18 days ago

    Its crazy the knowledge this city fan has after only 10 years of city fandom. Twat.

  • Rob Ross
    Rob Ross 18 days ago

    Bigger than Leicester winning the premier league 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • YNWA
    YNWA 18 days ago

    The City fan is deluded !

  • SMC Ful
    SMC Ful 18 days ago

    What a manc twat this non-manc is.

  • Navid Anjum
    Navid Anjum 18 days ago

    I thought city fans are humble after all the bullies regarding being a glory hunter. Looks like they are still delusional. Not counting Chelsea and Leicester as title contender despite bring below them.

  • Ahmed Shousha
    Ahmed Shousha 18 days ago

    I used to be pissed off by buvey back in 2017 but I just realized to take his words lightly and just laugh. Pretty funny.

  • Paul Hudson
    Paul Hudson 18 days ago

    No, we could easily throw the league away like we did last season. Long way to go.

  • Slipy
    Slipy 18 days ago

    Why that City fan always talk about 198ptS

  • John Cornell
    John Cornell 18 days ago

    The Prem last season came down to Kompany NOT getting sent off when he should have for that disgraceful tackle on Salah at the Etihad last season so boo hoo.

  • neonpreon
    neonpreon 18 days ago +1

    not a Chelsea hater but when they play in England the timesthey face the top 6 teams they loose. we cant say lampards proved himself.

  • callyharley
    callyharley 18 days ago +3

    City's Arab owners bought this middle class City fan when shopping in London. What a knob.