Intel's GPUs look PRETTY GOOD!


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  • Caleb Allen
    Caleb Allen 4 months ago +4533

    It doesn't matter if Intel can't beat the 3090, if they can match the 3070 or even 3060 on their first attempt at dGPUs then that's pretty impressive, and if it's in stock then they're on to a winner

    • Joseph Poulsen
      Joseph Poulsen 3 months ago

      @Subjekt even if the top intel gpu tops the 2080ti (I kinda doubt it, good chance, though) I would probably skip a gen before upgrading as you do have the last gens flagship… unless you are completely loaded, in which case, why didn’t you already upgrade to the 3090/80. I would wait.

    • Ultimate Powa
      Ultimate Powa 3 months ago

      @Jonathan Soko They already had to

    • SP93
      SP93 3 months ago

      As long as it has stable rt gaming then im sold

    • Chill Hour
      Chill Hour 3 months ago

      Problem is scalpers spend less money on buying more storage space then selling graphics cards

    • EndGamer
      EndGamer 3 months ago

      Or even a 3050 or 3050 ti. It would be impressive for its price. I hope…

  • Max Wowzer
    Max Wowzer 4 months ago +503

    It’s so cool to see how much Anthony has grown in terms of screen presence over the years. I remember seeing him on LTT for the first time and how uncomfortable he seemed being on camera with Linus, but now he is hosting some of the most entertaining videos on LTT and TL.

    • S K
      S K 3 months ago

      @KiemPlant um look at this comment thread doofus

    • KiemPlant
      KiemPlant 3 months ago

      @S K who

    • Gaurav Shah
      Gaurav Shah 3 months ago +1

      He was good always. He has become better.

    • incognito
      incognito 3 months ago


    • Citizen Blue
      Citizen Blue 4 months ago +2

      He's my favorite host

  • Ryan di Domenico
    Ryan di Domenico 4 months ago +54

    Anthony leveled up for this video. Sense of humour shone brightly in this one, and I loved it. Entertained AND informed. Great job!

  • KuruGDI
    KuruGDI 4 months ago +8

    Watching a TechLinked episode with Anthony is a joy 😁

  • TheAverage Blitzer
    TheAverage Blitzer 4 months ago +6

    I’m really exited for some all intel builds and hopefully they’ll have some in stock if we’re lucky

    MERCENARYTAO1 4 months ago +2257

    Imagine a gaming system with a ryzen cpu and intel gpu. The madness.

    • Problematic Bitch
      Problematic Bitch 3 months ago

      intel cpus perform better in gaming so imagine a intel cpu+ intel gpu

    • Byteboi
      Byteboi 3 months ago +1

      Imagine using a Nvidia GeForce 9 14900Ti with a intel Core 4090 paired with a Amd 1 tb SSD and a gigabyte ddr5 6400 ram on a be quit! B550 M motherboard.

    • S
      S 3 months ago +1

      I have intel cpu and amd gpu lol

    • TH3MZ
      TH3MZ 4 months ago +2

      @Veeti Junkkala well, imagine having nvidia doing the cpu, and amd the motherboard. now that would have been something ^^ amd started of as a cpu only manufacturer, and they had gaming oriented cpus even early on. Intel though has never tried to do dedicated gpus seriously which is new

    • Veeti Junkkala
      Veeti Junkkala 4 months ago

      @TH3MZ Just imagine it: A computer, with parts from all of the big three, and none of the parts are what the big three have individually specialized at.
      edit: bad english lol

  • Gantzie
    Gantzie 4 months ago +12

    These Intel products are certainly exciting to see. However, as with my reservations with AMD gpus, how will driver support sort itself out?

  • Cyber rb25
    Cyber rb25 4 months ago +61

    Note: If what Tom's Hardware is saying is true, and if it becomes a trend, we do need to do our own version of holding and cut down the demand for GPUs for a while so the cryptobros do have to undersell their own hardware.

  • 4D4MS C0RN3R
    4D4MS C0RN3R 4 months ago +15

    Have a feeling given a little time to mature drivers for the intel gpu's and for devs to learn the ins and out that they will slot between Nvidia and AMD on price. Intel are known to price aggressively for as much as possible. I can also see them locking features to intel CPU's also meaning to get the most you need intel cpu and gpu combo. Soon as that happens and also matures i think they will overtake nvidia also and want top money for gpu's.

    • 4D4MS C0RN3R
      4D4MS C0RN3R 4 months ago +1

      @Zenheizer. hope so, this is intel though... who knows what they are planning after building up a reputation in the GPU sector.

    • Zenheizer.
      Zenheizer. 4 months ago +3

      I agree with you exept the part of limitations for AMD CPUs. Looking at XeSS that will go open source, I would expect them to go all in on market share right now. Remember they are newcomers in HP-GPUs and still have to prove themselves. I can see similar things like that CPU+GPU-something that AMD allows with its own chips, but I wouldn't expect any major drawbacks for non-Intel systems.

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago +2

      I don't think they've lockwd anything to only work with Intel CPUs but they will perform ideally with Intel CPUs since that's what they are built from the ground up to use

  • Funlu
    Funlu 4 months ago +4

    Why does no one talk about drivers? All of intel’s success in gpus really will depend on their ability to create decent graphics drivers… even amd struggles with this

  • Silvy
    Silvy 4 months ago +861

    This actually sounds genius on Intels part. They dont need to worry about competing with Nvidia, they just got to release something decent in a market like this and everyone will be lining up to buy one.

    • KiemPlant
      KiemPlant 3 months ago

      @xorkatoss Don't you realize that the only thing you need to have to mine is something that computes. GPU's do that really fast, the only thing they put on the LHR models is a restriction that makes it slow to mine ethereum (like only a little bit slower) but other coins aren't limited at all. And miners will always find a workaround. Like the only way to make it so GPU's arent good at mining is by making them slow for everyone, which is something nobody wants.

    • Braiam
      Braiam 3 months ago

      @Chad King87 How much is that MSRP? 200? If it's more than 200 then even the "at least is a GPU" argument goes out the window.

    • Chad King87
      Chad King87 3 months ago

      @Braiam 6500 xt are still going for msrp they are bad cards lol worse than 1060 performance

    • jakejoyride
      jakejoyride 3 months ago

      @Wolfpackflt670 You wayt we will buy hehe

    • The Jetsons
      The Jetsons 3 months ago +1

      10/10 A +

  • thandir_the_elf G
    thandir_the_elf G 4 months ago +14

    Honestly if they can make a low-mid spec gpu at a decent price year over year they'll be golden.

  • Nathan Haizelle
    Nathan Haizelle 4 months ago +7

    Please doing videos about these more “advanced” topics with Anthony!! He is such a great explainer and relatable!

  • Bogeyatyour6
    Bogeyatyour6 22 days ago

    Great writing, great jokes, great host, overall a fantastic production, good job guys!

  • AusWolf1
    AusWolf1 4 months ago +2

    Intel's GPU has all its specs built up from the powers of 2. Nice!

  • Matt Gibbia
    Matt Gibbia 4 months ago +3

    Really rooting for Intel I'll take anything I can get at this point. Been trying to upgrade for almost 2 years now

  • Nix dskilly
    Nix dskilly 4 months ago +2

    Man, I really can't wait to see Intel release their GPUs... not only does it seem like decent performance but actually purchasable cards at MSRP😩! Well, at least I hope that's the case... let's see how the pricing compares to AMD and Nvidia, I feel like if they really want to have an impact on the current market their pricing should be competitive AF with very comparable performance...

  • MyNameIsBucket
    MyNameIsBucket 4 months ago +7

    It's a smart move as long as the Intel cards are reasonably priced - which they definitely WON'T BE unless Intel can wave a magic wand and make silicon appear out of nowhere.

    • CurvingFyre
      CurvingFyre 3 months ago +1

      they can, the silicon shortage is manufactured scarcity, same as with diamonds, and just about every 'precious' metal and gem on the planet. All intel has to do is order more. And, unlike AMD and nvidia, they actually have the incentive to do so, cause they can take over the undersaturated market overnight if they do.

    • Max C
      Max C 3 months ago

      @imaghostya sadly most of it has poop mixed with it

    • imaghostya
      imaghostya 4 months ago

      Tons of sand to melt in cali

  • yokai
    yokai 4 months ago +3

    Hopefully the new intel GPU will have good Linux support

  • Omar Enrique Otero Duarte
    Omar Enrique Otero Duarte 4 months ago +306

    If your first graphics card is kinda like a 3070 Ti i think we can expect some rly good products from intel in the future. Good for us

    • Cubert Miso
      Cubert Miso 4 months ago

      True and healthy for the markets. Intel can't launch a new product line without some good bang for the buck cards. They _will_ scarify some margins for good optics. All will. And 1 btc will be over 1 decent house way before 2030. They own it's creator.

    • Charles Horseman
      Charles Horseman 4 months ago +8

      @EVOLICIOUS Does someone need a hug?

    • Moist Ointment
      Moist Ointment 4 months ago +29

      @EVOLICIOUS "impossible to find"
      "When idiots buy"
      Lmao wut

    • ZinoAmare
      ZinoAmare 4 months ago +53

      @EVOLICIOUS just give them a chance, your way of talking sounds like its facts unless you see the future which I highly doubt you are just talking bs. I don't care about intel don't even own intel atm lol

  • Salted Fish
    Salted Fish 4 months ago +4

    Intel’s GPU could be the best GPU for Linux desktop. Their open source driver on Linux has been way more stable than the one on Windows, and Intel has GPU virtualization technology for free.

    • Vagabond Arcade
      Vagabond Arcade 3 months ago

      As a Linux user, I've been hoping for this. They've had a great open source driver for their integrated graphics, hopefully that will continue with their dedicated GPUs. AMD has a nice driver but their support for hardware rendering and encoding is just dogshit. I hope intel can deliver on that as well.

  • Lisa Louise Keen
    Lisa Louise Keen 4 months ago +5

    Anthony killing it this episode, and Riley on form as ever. Laughed at the internet speed rant. Oh 750 would be lush, over her in the uk rocking a whole 13Mbps, as I live only a little out of the nearest town.

  • KuroHebi
    KuroHebi 4 months ago +2

    Looks like Blue will finally have an impact on the PGU side of the industry. I was getting pretty tired of their low-performing iGPUs.

    UMAIR 4 months ago +3

    Imagine mobile phone GPU be like a sim card that you can swap out in the future and put a new one

  • Gamepadder
    Gamepadder 4 months ago +572

    Keep in mind that with AT&T Fiber, theyre doing XGS-PON to push out those speeds and so the splitters theyre using are 10Gb down and 10Gb up shared across up to 32 houses. If someone on that circuit is constantly saturating that 2 or 5 Gb connection, The other 31 houses may have issues.
    This is already the case in areas using the GPON where people saturating giabit connections with things like torrents create bottlenecks on the shared fiber.

    • teh evilengineer
      teh evilengineer 4 months ago

      @Army165 so are just ignoring Att pathetic coverage areas for fiber?

    • TH3C001
      TH3C001 4 months ago

      I live n a rural area and can only dream of fiber internet, but I can say I don’t care as much for upload/download speeds nearly as much as I care about latency. If I had fiber I never want my ping to leave the single digits. I don’t care if I have 15 Mbps up 5 Mbps down for the rest of my entire life so long as I have a ping that never goes up past 5 ms lol.

    • fcma172
      fcma172 4 months ago

      You have no idea how fiber works. The splitters are passive and have no bearing on speed outside of how they split the signal and recombine it which is all done passively in a Passive Optical Network. The uplink speed is set by the laser transmitter at the customer, not the splitter. The downstream speed is set by the Optical Line Terminal at the Central Office. Your claim is ridiculous.

    • Andy T
      Andy T 4 months ago

      @William Eldridge so so so wrong.
      I have a gateway that monitors my throughput all the time - I have never come close to using the listed bandwidth . Further I had to change the maximum bandwidth to 10%-5% of what 2 different isps provide me (it’s always user provided- it can’t “read” a max since you won’t hit it) to even make the graph line “show up” which means at best I can get is around 3% of the badge speed- which is still a couple Megabytes per second- say 24 Mbit + overhead (for a listed 1000 and 100 Mbit connection used simultaneously). Also in reality they go about the same speed, but the 100 MBit also comes with a data cap (ATT)

    • Andy T
      Andy T 4 months ago

      @Army165 ah yes - added ATT to my cable as a failover and I was splitting the data 50/50 initially ( which was both cheaper and faster than paying for a gigabit cable connection- I have 400 and 30 now on paper)
      And I learned about the data cap.
      And also fully convinced myself that badge speeds are meaningless

  • Chris Lane
    Chris Lane 3 months ago

    Omg. This one made me lol several times. Probably the most entertaining way to get tech news. Glad I stumbled on this channel. Keep it up guys.

  • LuSk
    LuSk 4 months ago +3

    Anthony is soooo good presenting things. We need, want and deserve more stuff where he’s the host!

  • Lukas Schmidt
    Lukas Schmidt 3 months ago

    I love Anthony's humour and this perfect duo comedy with Linus!!!! Comedic perfection!

  • iSupermanCKi
    iSupermanCKi 4 months ago +4

    AMD & Nvidia should hold GPU stock for a few months and then release stock to physical stores. If it's on a store shelf I don't have to worry about bots.

    • Maleficent
      Maleficent 4 months ago

      Problem is that nowadays stores act like scalpers.

  • You are breathing
    You are breathing 4 months ago +275

    I hope Intel would be competitive in the GPU space. It would suck if a newcomer had worst performance than what's out there.

    • jep ulis
      jep ulis 4 months ago

      @vazdef AMD already went full intel. 5600X +50% over 12400F for no reason.

    • Edward Ellis
      Edward Ellis 4 months ago

      @Moist Ointment agree Intel has already stated they don't need to make a profit on this series of cards I personally think they will undercut the heck out of the market. With them being able to produce cards without having to rely on TSMC I hope they drop a metric crapton into the market. People will buy what is available look at the shiny turd AMD launched last week (6500XT) I watched them sell out in a matter of minutes on NewEgg. These days a card doesn't have to be good it just needs to be available. If Intel can bring something along the lines of a 3070 I'll be all over it like white on rice on a paper plate in snowstorm with Frosty the Snowman.

    • JotaDeeMeO
      JotaDeeMeO 4 months ago

      "What's out there" is subjective... cuz better cards may be out there for sure... but I still can't find any for a decent price lol.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 4 months ago

      can't be worse than the 6500 XT.

    • Benjamin McIntosh
      Benjamin McIntosh 4 months ago +1

      @Jesus Barrera it's mainly about perception, not just making money as they enter the market since they'll want to build a good branding. So they'll almost certainly be priced lower than expected

  • Johnny fever
    Johnny fever 4 months ago

    Nice! Fun to watch and listen to Anthony. He is informative and entertaining. That off-camera banter---👏👏👏

  • LexeComplexe
    LexeComplexe 4 months ago +6

    The 3070 was what we bought before the scalpocalypse ...before it was stolen out our cart and given directly to scalpers..
    If Intel can match the 3070 and actually provide enough stock then thats excellent

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 3 months ago

      @thu trang hoang same sitch for thousands of others. Completed purchase and then it disappears right after.

    • thu trang hoang
      thu trang hoang 3 months ago +1

      I feel so sorry for you.

  • Hentjim
    Hentjim 4 months ago

    Well for one I love how much vram the intel gpus got (As when using 3D software that is really helpfull)

  • Katan 13
    Katan 13 4 months ago +2

    I'm definitely interested by the Intel GPUs but I do also wonder what the price will be as Intel aren't known for being that great bang for buck

    • itz 28
      itz 28 4 months ago

      @Katan 13 I'm hoping so too but I'm not expecting it to be budget friendly lol, expect disappointment so you never really get disappointed

    • Katan 13
      Katan 13 4 months ago

      @itz 28 We'll have to wait and see I guess. I'm hoping you're right! 😁

    • itz 28
      itz 28 4 months ago

      💀💀 what do you mean legit intel CPUs are the go to for budget builds

  • StingrayC267
    StingrayC267 4 months ago +1333

    I wonder what Apple will be naming their home console?

    • Firemaker125
      Firemaker125 3 months ago

      Apple Bandai Pippin II.

    • SlaveLaboringKid
      SlaveLaboringKid 3 months ago


    • blacksheep shepherd
      blacksheep shepherd 3 months ago

      So an Apple gaming console would expect to have lightning cable for its game controllers, and there'll be 1 IO slot which consumers would need to separately purchase for dongles and extension ports, and hey maybe upgrade to 1TB storage or premium subscription to Apple cloud for your favourite game titles? Last but not least, a beautiful console stand that's priced at $999.. Woohoo...!!🤣😂😆

    • ctyoung02
      ctyoung02 3 months ago

      Based on how they shifted from iDevice to Apple Device with the watch, probably just the Apple Console

    • Krishnendu Bose
      Krishnendu Bose 3 months ago

      iAirGame ULtra Pro Max XL

  • Kc Scott
    Kc Scott 4 months ago

    Anthony selling that seasonic 🤣 love it. He should give the tech news more often!

  • Xechran
    Xechran 4 months ago

    Don't expect Intel gpu to perform as well as its specs might suggest. They are doubtless going to have teething issues in their drivers.

  • Jake D
    Jake D 4 months ago

    This guy is awesome let him do more techlinked stuff

  • Олег Гаврилюк

    That was a good bunch of news! Keep it up guys, The host is killing it, gj!

  • FlyingNacho27
    FlyingNacho27 4 months ago +2

    Best video in a while ngl. GG! The Intel GPUs are interesting and the crypto ban in Russia might result in them reselling gpus! The 3050 also seems to have half-decent specs, might buy one in desperation. The Pixel watch looks good too, thinking of replacing my Fitbit.

  • James Byrd
    James Byrd 4 months ago

    Wow! Anthony is brilliant on TechLinked! I need to see more!

  • Tyler Schulte
    Tyler Schulte 4 months ago

    If they can match the 3070ti and be available for a reasonable price I’ll be buying one. Heck even a 3060 equivalent would end up in my PC, being that I don’t currently have a gpu… or the rest of the PC… but when I can actually complete a Ddr5 gaming pc build with normally priced parts I will be building one 😂

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 months ago

    Finally I can raise my mid finger to both A&N, get a graphic card from other place.
    For more than 2 years, GPU manufacturers and resellers kept all graphic cards in warehouse, release the card one by one with doubled or tripled price, pass the blame on crypto crap and quarantine poop, such a dirty greedy move.
    Glad to see more competition.

  • Green Block
    Green Block 4 months ago +76

    Intel 12th gen Alder Lake performance per dollar was amazing. Hope Intel continues this trend with Arc GPUs to bring the price back to sanity.

  • Смех Смехович

    new intel gpu should be great, performance of 3070/ti 16gb of vram and also xess. I would easily take this one over a 3070 or amd equivalent 6700xt.

  • Cin Lung Chen
    Cin Lung Chen 4 months ago

    When you see a tech news with Anthony's exciting face on the thumbnail, this means the news is indeed good.

  • SasskeeperXanth
    SasskeeperXanth 4 months ago +1

    I really love Anthony's character arc at LTT. He's so much more confident on camera and sharing his humor with us more, and it's awesome. :D

  • Pyroge
    Pyroge 4 months ago

    I like that it is as powerful as a 3070 but maybe it won't be so good or not good at all for RayTracing, if that's the case I'd be disappointed but at least it'd be a powerful card for everything else.

  • ImKimJongU GandanKnuckles
    ImKimJongU GandanKnuckles 4 months ago +110

    Cant wait to see this new Intel GPU. And hoping the Xe graphics still in their attention for the next years to come

    • ExRay
      ExRay 4 months ago

      @LexeComplexe Yeah it is already amazing in its own right, but in some situations it still has many downs and it performs incredibly well in others, so once they've done a great job with their dGPUs and start focusing on the integrated department, budget gamers like me can look forward to it, seeing the price performance results of new gen Intel CPUs

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago

      @ExRay an i7 or i9 12th gen CPU has enough power in their Iris Xe graphics to rival a 3050 Ti , perhaps a 3060 in ideal circumstances. Though what workloads you're putting it under will affect how much 'horsepower' you can get out of it

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago

      The real glory will be seen when Iris Xe integrated graphics work in tandem with Intel's Alchemist dGPUs

    • ExRay
      ExRay 4 months ago +2

      maybe with the experience of making dedicated GPUs, they're gonna be able to advance the Xe iGPUs like crazy

  • Alexandre Confiant-Latour
    Alexandre Confiant-Latour 4 months ago +2

    I'm using their last card, the Intel i740. Will i need to update my rig to use one of these ?
    I hope Windows 98 will be supported too, and not only Windows ME.
    Can't wait to have a decent Quake III framerate.

  • Starfals
    Starfals 4 months ago +1

    The more stock and new GPU makers we got in the market, the better! Maybe (just maybe) Nvidia will start thinking about real competition and who knows? Maybe... even price stuff competitively.

  • Sven
    Sven 4 months ago

    Getting the news from Anthony feels very 'home turf', like my homeys and I are just shooting the breeze on our discord. Doin a good job, A!

  • misterringer
    misterringer 4 months ago

    wait, so the intel laptop parts are benching along the lines of a desktop 3070ti?
    I feel like I misunderstood that, because that would actually be insane.

  • JP Stone
    JP Stone 4 months ago +163

    Anthony is a great host always enjoy his content on LTT but he has good humor. Reminds me of John Candy

    • Bart Kliebert
      Bart Kliebert 4 months ago +1

      I don’t know about all that, but I’ve always said whatever Linus is paying Anthony, it is not enough.

    • BitZapple
      BitZapple 4 months ago +1

      ok so
      no hate but i do prefer the other hosts

    • Nona Urbizniz
      Nona Urbizniz 4 months ago +1

      @John Johnson The stained tshirt seals it.

    • John Johnson
      John Johnson 4 months ago +6

      And he has the perfect narrator voice

  • aran large
    aran large 4 months ago

    Pretty sure that a recent handheld video shown exactly the problem with intel graphics, drivers.
    No doubt it will be more than good enough and a great entry, but just think how far behind they are with game support, it's not going to be a direct replacement for your Nvidia or Radeon or whatever, as these are newcomers, chances are stuff simply just won't launch, both old and new, but the competition is great.

  • kora806
    kora806 4 months ago

    with the crypto crash, intel releasing their gpus and 3050 being actually the shortage could finally improve, though not by that much

  • NoSexAppealNeil
    NoSexAppealNeil 4 months ago

    At one point amd best GPU was the Rx 580 for a lower Cost than the 1060 3gb and those sold like crazy so if Intel even gets a cheap good GPU out there people will buy it

  • Lanurus
    Lanurus 4 months ago

    A 3rd gpu manufacturer would be nice. It might prevent the bloating of msrp prices for after the shortage clears up. Nvidia and AMD don't have much reason to keep prices down like before after seeing how much people are willing to pay. With more competition it might settle a bit lower though

  • Andy P
    Andy P 4 months ago +99

    Hoping for good Linux support for Intel's new GPU's.

    • Dod
      Dod 3 months ago

      @g g yup. AMD's APUs got good support in 16 kernel, even cpu performance increased (10% in my compiling benchmark)

    • g g
      g g 3 months ago +2

      It's already here. It's intel we're talking about, they have the best drivers on every platform.. their GPUs have always been the most accurate. As much as they're greedy money hungry a-holes at least they seriously support their device on every platform, extremely well.
      At least AMD pushed tons into the kernel the past few years, nvidia been garbage like always.

    • tin2001
      tin2001 3 months ago

      If their performance isn't terrible and the prices around what GPUs should be, then I'm going to break me normal "no Intel" stance and get one.
      Ummm, that's assuming they actually work in AMD systems, of course.

    • PhoenixRising
      PhoenixRising 4 months ago +15

      @UpolPi Intel's been making open source drivers longer the AMD so yeah it should be a pretty solid experience.

    • UpolPi
      UpolPi 4 months ago +40

      They recently merged commits related to Ark GPUs into the mainline kernal, so they already put more thought into Linux support than Nvidia.

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 4 months ago

    Anthony has gotten so much better in front of the camera, this is one of his best videos

  • basspig
    basspig 3 months ago

    One can hope that this will put downward pressure on GPU prices.

  • Michael McIntire
    Michael McIntire 4 months ago

    This is my favorite combo of people for this series.

  • Falxie_
    Falxie_ 4 months ago

    Gonna say it again, but if NVIDIA gets into x64 CPUs we'll have 3 way competition in CPUs and GPUs

  • Michael Latham
    Michael Latham 4 months ago +130

    Anthony, AND RILEY! THE DYNAMIC DUO! How can the other hosts even compete?

    • Leon
      Leon 4 months ago +1

      @YOEL _44 Reason wasn't publicly discussed, just announced via twitter. She didn't appear to be on good terms, but I can't really say what's what.

    • JOVANKA---------👇💋
      JOVANKA---------👇💋 4 months ago

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      Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

    • YOEL _44
      YOEL _44 4 months ago

      @Gadzooks! Realy?
      What happened?

    • Gadzooks!
      Gadzooks! 4 months ago +1

      @Joe you know Madison left, right?

  • Breyten Breytenbach
    Breyten Breytenbach 4 months ago

    Great work Anthony! Love the humor. 👏🏻

  • Hacking in a Nutshell
    Hacking in a Nutshell 3 months ago +1

    "GPUs for Poors" sounds just like the right thing for me... Good job Intel!

  • Léo Dupont
    Léo Dupont 4 months ago

    I was kinda shockde by those prices for 2 and 5 GB, in france I have 2GB down (to share between devices, up to 1GB per device) for 50€ per month

  • morgan cox
    morgan cox 4 months ago

    Unlike Nvidia Intel's Linux drivers will be opensource and supported 'out the box' (in recent distros)

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 4 months ago +100

    Riley & Anthony, best team up ever. So much tech news!!
    I agree with Anthony, the word "Metaverse" bites. Internet prices.. jeezus. Even for demand on faster speed. 🤦
    Cryptocurrency, its all gibberish to me. But ugh.. it is a headache

    • Melissa Blick
      Melissa Blick 4 months ago +2

      Second Life was so much fun! Hoping it will make a comeback.
      We'd be designing and selling fashionable outfits for real money once again.

  • Mike Creed
    Mike Creed 4 months ago

    Very interested to see what Intel GFX driver/software set will be like.

  • Jackie Zeng
    Jackie Zeng 4 months ago +1

    I had no idea the rtx 3050 was new, i have a laptop that arrived in september last year and it has an rtx 3050. Benchmarked it alongside my old laptop with a 1660ti and the old 1660to demolished it in 3dmark. Not too sure if the desktop 3050 will perform better

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago

      The 3050s are pathetic tbh. How does my 1650 super trade blows with an equivalent xx50 GPU from TWO GENERATIONS ahead? Just sad, and they'll still be outrageously priced. The 3060 is still a clusterfuck. Honestly I feel like 3070 is bare minimum to even be considered worth the insane markup

  • Shafi149
    Shafi149 4 months ago

    This episode was written for Riley to host. It really shows

  • Ayrshark
    Ayrshark 4 months ago

    The thing about Intel's upcoming gpus is that they needed to be out 6 months ago. At the rate they're going it's gonna be too late to even matter to most people.

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago

      Too late? Most people still can't even get their hands on a 30 series.

  • Walter DuBeau
    Walter DuBeau 3 months ago +1

    The thing I'm happy about is Intel bringing back chip foundries back to the United States

  • Junu Jeong
    Junu Jeong 4 months ago

    hopefully intel comes out with really low prices to slap some sense into nvidia and get scalpers to rethink their lives.

    R3CTICLE 3 months ago

    The reason this channel is flourishing is due to Anthony and Riley duo 😍

  • Jared Gregory
    Jared Gregory 4 months ago

    Wait so those specs that potentially are matching a 3070 ti are Intel's LAPTOP GPUs? Is that versus 3070 ti mobile? Am I understanding this correctly?
    If that's their mobile performance then surely desktop will be even better?
    I was expecting their top end desktop to compete ballpark with 3070.

  • Las V
    Las V 4 months ago

    I bet Intel make sure they have a high hash rate to boost sales- it would get them an insane foothold in the GPU market

  • Vlican
    Vlican 4 months ago

    The more competition the better. We need more players and foundries in this new world to combat the chip shortage.

  • Nick Pilney
    Nick Pilney 4 months ago

    Love Anthony as TechLinked host. Can we get more of him, plus more Sarah??

  • Everything 2020
    Everything 2020 3 months ago +1

    Competition Against Nvidia & AMD = Better Prices for Consumers. Good work Intel

  • Chris Officer
    Chris Officer 3 months ago

    Dude this format worked great for you. And I loved the Seasonic ad! Haha Nice work guys!

  • psycronizer
    psycronizer 4 months ago

    shit ! a 12 year warrantee, that's confidence inspiring ! I can remember seeing Seasonic 250 watt P.S.U's that I wouldn't touch with a long stick, or something equally non conductive. Any way, I hope Intel really sink their teeth into Nvidia and AMD's fat juicy asses...

  • HuffGLaDTem
    HuffGLaDTem 4 months ago

    you know i probably think the 3060 was my best bet but if you can actually get a 3050 i’ll be plenty ok with that. also i’ll even go intel! just whatever we can actually get. hopefully

  • Ben
    Ben 4 months ago

    if the gpus arent as good as rumored people are going to be pretty disappointed. they dont have to match NVIDIAs top offerings but they gotta hit at least their mid range GPUs if they want to compete.

  • Danny D
    Danny D 4 months ago

    I just want a graphics card in a low profile form factor with similar performance to a GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 470, for $150 AUD or less.

    NIGHTMAYERS 4 months ago

    Nvidia need to create own CPU trio complete.

  • CurvingFyre
    CurvingFyre 3 months ago

    crazy to imagine that we're gonna be able to make full blue-team systems.

  • Aaron Fisher
    Aaron Fisher 4 months ago +3

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter if they can make a product just as good as Nvidia or AMD cards. It comes down to how good their software and drivers are. At least for me. If your software makes me not like your card then I don’t want to use your card

  • Stone Previous
    Stone Previous 4 months ago +103

    I'm looking forward to the Intel GPUs but there is a good chance that Intel will follow trends and set the MSRP $100 over the traditional bracket.
    But even if they don't, once they sell out of their initial supply, they'll be scalped like the rest.
    It's pretty obvious that they need to under-cut the competition to gain market share (and thus viability). Whether that be supply or price.
    Anyone remember when MBs came with integrated graphics? Maybe we should get that "trend" fired up again.

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 3 months ago

      @Ithirahad you realize I'm referring to an LTT program right..?

    • Ithirahad
      Ithirahad 4 months ago +1

      @LexeComplexe Verified Actual Gamer? How about just a limit of two or three per household or address... Not everyone who needs a GPU is a gamer. Maybe "Verified Individual End User" at worst.

    • iamnotglenn
      iamnotglenn 4 months ago +1

      @Madman 21 that +100USD is where the MSRP has been sitting since they found out they could charge whatever and the bots and scalpers would still pick them up. Good luck finding them for that price. Even the retailers marked them up so every new GPU is around +50% of the inflated MSRP. 6900XT we’re originally slated for 1000USD but out in the wild it’s 1500 minimum

    • LexeComplexe
      LexeComplexe 4 months ago +1

      @Davis Bradford if they just did a Verified Actual Gamer program for ALL their GPUs, it would be incredibly difficult for scalpers to sieze the majority of stock like with amd and nvidia. I really hope to see something like that but I'll keeo my fingers crossed

      HAWXLEADER 4 months ago

      @Madman 21 only +100%? this is good

  • Chastity Belt
    Chastity Belt 3 months ago

    It doesn't really matter how good Intel GPUs would be - entire stock will sold out immediately. Just like any other GPU nowadays

  • Chat Murphy
    Chat Murphy 4 months ago

    I’m pretty happy with my 3070 at 1440p who really needs more. I get some want want more but games don’t need more.

  • Maike Declerck
    Maike Declerck 4 months ago

    Is this the most funny duo or what?? These guys are hilarious. I mean, how more fun can you make technews 😅

    NBW DOUGHBOY 4 months ago

    This is the best time for Intel to release a Discreet GPU. Anything they produce will Sell out instantly. They can't lose.

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos 4 months ago +9

    It would be insane if intel could resonably match a 3070... people forget this is a 4K ultra settings 60fps capable gaming card.

    • Leon
      Leon 4 months ago +1

      Only with DLSS, otherwise modern AAA games that aren't very well optimised and are 30fps on console will struggle to have 4K60 with ultra settings.

  • Anmol Agrawal
    Anmol Agrawal 4 months ago

    5:15 "...when the price is dropping"
    I first thought he meant it for GPUs and got a very short lived burst of happiness

  • Antonio Amaral
    Antonio Amaral 3 months ago

    That 128EU Intel's card will stay close to an 1650, man, if Intel handles the offer/demmand, in no more than 1 or 2 years, Intel will take the AMD's place in the GPU marketshare...

  • Neopulse00
    Neopulse00 4 months ago

    Loved this video including the comedic bits 😄

  • treps
    treps 4 months ago

    I'm sure the supporting software will be great on day 1, right?

  • smakfu
    smakfu 4 months ago +69

    Things I don't want: a Google anything attached to my body; the metaverse; an Apple console; Zuck buying up all the GPU's for his facebook supercomputer. It's not Anthony's fault, but this TechNews made me sad.

    • Leon
      Leon 4 months ago +7

      Don't forget Elon's sketchy projects: brain computers, self-driving cars, vacuum trains. Honestly, he's shadier than a backstreet dealer sometimes.
      Don't get me wrong, Meta-Facebook and Google are equally shady. Microsoft too, to a lesser degree. Amazon is also a bit creepy with the alexa stuff, but they haven't really gotten as deep into this stuff as the other tech giants. They're still more like your traditional sweatshop than a high-tech stalker company.

    • Eidetic Ex
      Eidetic Ex 4 months ago +10

      Yeah, my heart sunk hearing FB is powering their Metacrap with GPUs..... the one I'm using was produced in 2014, I really don't expect it to last for too much longer. Frankly I'm surprised it still runs games as acceptable framerates without going full potato mode. Really hope Intel picks up the low and mid range markets that Nvidia and AMD seem to ignore even exists, not like the two giants could get us any choices onto store shelves anyway.