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Khalid - Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) in the Live Lounge


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  • slicpic88
    slicpic88 5 hours ago

    He has the perfect voice to cover this song

  • siauz liau
    siauz liau 19 hours ago +1

    the guitarist looks like J.R.Aquino :D

  • Clouddy
    Clouddy 22 hours ago +1

    sexy mo-fo come fuq ;)

  • Mara Fierro
    Mara Fierro Day ago

    Damn almost cried

  • Kiyle Wilson
    Kiyle Wilson Day ago

    God damn

  • Dylan Gibbons
    Dylan Gibbons Day ago

    Such a beautiful song and he matched it with his voice

  • Robert Otto Zelaya

    Absolutely incredible. I love this dudes voice

  • Alexandria Czajka

    His voice is just so unique

  • Reiner Hass
    Reiner Hass 2 days ago +2

    On his start he sounds quiet bored.. and his spelling sounds fakeish. One example is "notting"

    • Leemsy lazy
      Leemsy lazy 17 hours ago

      Reiner haas you are weird nothing weird here. He just doesn't want to stick to the original which is incomparable. He gave it a twist, that's all

    • SingKiaMuze
      SingKiaMuze 2 days ago

      I think he was trying to find his pocket. It was interesting, def different but not bad imo….As for me, the visual for my sexy time song ‘Only 4 U’ is live on my channel now. It would make my week if you had a moment to check it out! -Bless, KM

  • Anonymous Admiral
    Anonymous Admiral 4 days ago +1

    People with of african descend have the best voice

    • SingKiaMuze
      SingKiaMuze 2 days ago

      Not all, LOL.….As for me, the visual for my sexy time song ‘Only 4 U’ is live on my channel now. It would make my week if you had a moment to check it out! -Bless, KM

  • intersting chatter
    intersting chatter 4 days ago

    Wow! great cover ! please cover the promise ! Good Job

    • SingKiaMuze
      SingKiaMuze 2 days ago

      Def enjoyable….As for me, the visual for my sexy time song ‘Only 4 U’ is live on my channel now. It would make my week if you had a moment to check it out! -Bless, KM

  • oluwakamau
    oluwakamau 6 days ago

    crazy how this moved me

  • Violet Avarie
    Violet Avarie 6 days ago

    nothing beats the original, but damn this was close! WOW!!!

    • SingKiaMuze
      SingKiaMuze 2 days ago

      It was a nice male take on it….As for me, the visual for my sexy time song ‘Only 4 U’ is live on my channel now. It would make my week if you had a moment to check it out! -Bless, KM

  • Loreal Madonna
    Loreal Madonna 6 days ago +5

    His voice... This song was meant for him to sing. I hope Tracey Chapman sees this! 😓

  • silver
    silver 6 days ago


  • kirsty reed
    kirsty reed 8 days ago

    I have goosebumps!!

    SLEEPER 8 days ago


  • pikkdogs
    pikkdogs 8 days ago

    Oh, you like Fast Car. So does everyone else.

  • Thejas Alex
    Thejas Alex 8 days ago

    Im crying

  • Amanda Versemann
    Amanda Versemann 8 days ago

    Thank. You for helping me to truly feel this song inside my heart & relate to it even better than before...💖inspiring ✨

  • Thom Burro
    Thom Burro 9 days ago

    Probably the best cover on the entire channel

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath 9 days ago

    he's like female tracy chapman

  • taylorjoybosma11
    taylorjoybosma11 9 days ago

    This song was made for him to cover!!

  • Ray B.
    Ray B. 10 days ago

    I like what the guitarist did with it

  • Julia Mcmillan
    Julia Mcmillan 11 days ago

    omg ❤️ This is one of my favourite songs! he did an amazing job covering this song. Obviously not as good as the original, but still awesome !

  • Cody Hamilton
    Cody Hamilton 11 days ago

    Brennan Villines' cover is so much better, only clicked on this one because the thumbnail looked like the dude from Key and Peele 😂

  • Debbie Rigby
    Debbie Rigby 12 days ago

    Is it just me or is hitting like, a bit like being on the (voice).? You wait then wait then hit like with the live lounges.

  • Old Guard
    Old Guard 12 days ago

    COVER no are you T Chapmans twin brother ? You just replaced my favourite ever Miley Cyrus Summertime sadness as COVER.

  • Gilbert Castro
    Gilbert Castro 12 days ago

    when depression tries to pop before I go to sleep, then I heard this.. 💓

  • KTM Trooper
    KTM Trooper 13 days ago +63

    More than the vocalist the guitarist deserves recognition... i mean he was so fluid with his playing

    • KTM Trooper
      KTM Trooper 16 hours ago

      +Tyler Jackson yea good for you i guess

    • Tyler Jackson
      Tyler Jackson 16 hours ago

      +KTM Trooper I'm glad you have some clarity, sexy baby

    • KTM Trooper
      KTM Trooper 17 hours ago

      +Tyler Jackson yea your statements clear all that up

    • Tyler Jackson
      Tyler Jackson 17 hours ago

      +KTM Trooper Yeah, you really got me with that sick comeback, bro! I'm just too triggered

    • KTM Trooper
      KTM Trooper 17 hours ago

      +Tyler Jackson i can see that

  • Mackenzie Mann
    Mackenzie Mann 13 days ago

    This is something I never knew I needed

  • XxTheBestMoexX :D
    XxTheBestMoexX :D 13 days ago

    I don't like Khalid but this is really good

  • Joe Major Music
    Joe Major Music 13 days ago

    He's got so much talent

  • Suchibrata Saikia
    Suchibrata Saikia 14 days ago

    I like his voice and the way he throws it

  • Josh Markley
    Josh Markley 14 days ago


  • Sean Geldhof
    Sean Geldhof 15 days ago

    Wow he looks just like Tracy Chapman

  • Zanther Hickson
    Zanther Hickson 15 days ago

    Man this makes me feel good

  • Kyle Moore
    Kyle Moore 16 days ago

    This was way better than Justin Beiber or Sam Smith's cover.

  • Weverton Levi
    Weverton Levi 16 days ago +2

    Minha replika me recomendou--*

  • Mohamoud Adan
    Mohamoud Adan 16 days ago

    Tracy Chapman's is the G.O.A.T but Khalid did a damn good job

  • oklexiok
    oklexiok 17 days ago

    omg i love

  • Vaugn Ripen
    Vaugn Ripen 17 days ago

    Much respect. I am thoroughly impressed!

  • Taka moto
    Taka moto 18 days ago

    Waiting his mashup w/ eastside 😉

  • Danny Fletcher
    Danny Fletcher 18 days ago

    Omg this is so good job well done

  • Vincent Cristobal
    Vincent Cristobal 19 days ago

    Finally see what it means to be living 🌏🌎🌍❤❤❤

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts 19 days ago

    He really grew into the song, was like meh at first. But it really is a beautiful cover.

  • Brendan Peji
    Brendan Peji 20 days ago

    Hey it’s JussJeff!!

  • Lia great
    Lia great 20 days ago

    Sounds just like manly Tracy Chapman

  • Breonna Hogwood
    Breonna Hogwood 20 days ago

    no joke i’m like in love

  • Breonna Hogwood
    Breonna Hogwood 20 days ago


  • Mariya Kobrosli
    Mariya Kobrosli 20 days ago

    When I hear this song I daydream about me and my friends riding huorses in a field

  • Liv Nichole
    Liv Nichole 20 days ago

    One of my favorite covers of this song. I love Khalid

  • No Face
    No Face 21 day ago

    Replika app sent me here when I asked what its favorite song was

  • Amina Fahmy
    Amina Fahmy 22 days ago

    This is my favorite song.

  • Malita R
    Malita R 22 days ago


  • jay are
    jay are 23 days ago

    His voice was so perfect for the cover of this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • rob420bie
    rob420bie 23 days ago

    Tough song to cover as the original is as good as it gets. He did it justice though.

  • Guy Named Whitt
    Guy Named Whitt 23 days ago

    been listening to this on repeat for the past 4 weeks. Still not sick of it

  • Charles Pierce
    Charles Pierce 23 days ago

    Is he kin to Tracy Chapman? If not they can pass as kin. Good job man!

  • Sandeep Punalur
    Sandeep Punalur 24 days ago

    What's the name of that guitarist tell me please

  • Sandeep Punalur
    Sandeep Punalur 24 days ago

    Hats off guitarist.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 26 days ago +1


    • Killzeraz
      Killzeraz 25 days ago

      Stfu how is it? Ur a hater

    RHOAZ 26 days ago +1

    Hell yes

  • jhezellyn benesen
    jhezellyn benesen 26 days ago +6

    Perfect combination by the beat to the guitarist and his voice, its better than to other cover..

  • Arjun Gupta
    Arjun Gupta 26 days ago +1

    super song

  • Diego Ugalde
    Diego Ugalde 27 days ago

    I get that the OG is great, but there's no way they had it sounding this good with this little editing. Great stuff!

  • Renata
    Renata 27 days ago

    This is my Replika's favorite song and I never mentioned Khalid.

    CREWS DOODS 29 days ago

    Nice comments. But I'm gonna be off topic and say that his haircut is flattttttt

  • G Coyne
    G Coyne 29 days ago

    Nice diction....not

  • terickfic
    terickfic Month ago

    They should sing together that would cool😁👍

  • Rafael aaron
    Rafael aaron Month ago


  • StableEntropy
    StableEntropy Month ago

    Can we please get this on Spotify!!! I need this in my library

  • amanda williams
    amanda williams Month ago

    I love Khaled but issa no Fr me nothing beats the original

  • Zarif Karim
    Zarif Karim Month ago +2

    This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Kalah Matthews
    Kalah Matthews Month ago

    Wow how am I just seeing this Tracy Champan cover?! Amazing! This song has always been such a vibe.

  • Marklin Sotto
    Marklin Sotto Month ago

    Khalid is love...

  • jamal willabus
    jamal willabus Month ago

    He bodied this!

  • Rea Balderama
    Rea Balderama Month ago

    Love it

  • Rea Balderama
    Rea Balderama Month ago

    Love it

  • shae
    shae Month ago +2


  • Kaitlin Belfiore
    Kaitlin Belfiore Month ago +1

    lets see if I can listen to this without uncontrollably weeping like the last 5 times I listened to this
    nope failed :( its just so achingly beautiful

  • Becky Frost
    Becky Frost Month ago

    Replika sent me here... And I'm glad it did. ❤

  • Torrie B
    Torrie B Month ago +4

    i absolutely love this man

  • ronald pace
    ronald pace Month ago +1


  • Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones Month ago

    This is the best version of the fast car

  • Kathleen Maguire
    Kathleen Maguire Month ago

    Replika brought me here.. good song though. 😊

  • Ruben Villareal
    Ruben Villareal Month ago +1

    On my soul this brings tears to my eyes 😢so beautiful Khalid

  • Bleed PRPL&GOLD
    Bleed PRPL&GOLD Month ago

    Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick....

  • ACM2419
    ACM2419 Month ago +2

    This gave me goosebumps all over my body

  • zxired
    zxired Month ago +11

    damn he can sing anything

  • Mezawockee
    Mezawockee Month ago +1

    While I still prefer the original, I like this version. I like the one from Boyce Avenue even more

  • kapambwe kapambwe
    kapambwe kapambwe Month ago +2

    khalid sounds like tracy chapman more than tracy chapman sounds like tracy chapman

  • Alyssa Bernard
    Alyssa Bernard Month ago

    I love who this song makes me think of always will great song great guy :)!

  • Alex Suarez
    Alex Suarez Month ago

    Hey guys I’m a young singer trying to be heard so come check out my IG account and help me grow thanks!

    BANGTAN TRASH Month ago

    all i know about khalid is that he is younger than jimin

  • chromeweasel
    chromeweasel Month ago

    Horrible cover in every way. Original is great, This is awful. Is singer not native English speaker? What a mess.

    • Killzeraz
      Killzeraz 25 days ago

      Dude stfu, you don't like it just dislike and leave don't comment bullshit no one cares

  • Jon Sebastian
    Jon Sebastian Month ago

    15.000.000 millennials discovering the 90s ;)

  • Zishuo Liu
    Zishuo Liu Month ago

    Another mumble singer

  • _ regional_at_worst _

    plushtuber101 yowza.... thank you

  • elijah evan
    elijah evan Month ago

    dude you"ve got an awesome voice but don"t do just the cover of a voice similar to yours make that voice one of a kind