NATE DIAZ IS BACK! True Geordie Reacts to UFC 241

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Nate Diaz returned to UFC 241 with a big win over Anthony Pettis. Stipe Miocic won his heavyweight title back from Daniel Cormier. #UFC
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  • jakiiboi8
    jakiiboi8 7 days ago

    This channel is so fucking dead. You hardly ever post anything!! I am done with this bullshit.

  • KaideThe 8
    KaideThe 8 13 days ago +2

    who here after masvidal vs nate was announced for ufc 244

  • Captain Zatara
    Captain Zatara 21 day ago

    you need a new bull?

  • Lundrim PlayGames
    Lundrim PlayGames 25 days ago


  • grimori
    grimori 26 days ago

    I too am down for the trilogy!

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson 27 days ago

    Your the reason I started watching ufc and I think it’s great now

  • Burden 120
    Burden 120 27 days ago

    Now McChicken twitter champ, Granpa divison champ is begging like a bitch.. imagine Nate Diaz begging someone -anyone(like mcChicken said) to fight? Thats why is Nate OG he is true. He didnt fight for 3 years, 3 YEARS ! Coz he didnt want to fight anyone, he wannt to fight the best coz he deserve it. No Dana, noone will play with him, he can just got slaped!
    I wish Conor McGregor become a better man, i hope he will rise again. Coz he was true inspiration.

  • matt pe
    matt pe 27 days ago +2

    I'd leave a curler on your forehead true geordie

  • Stuart Paton
    Stuart Paton 27 days ago

    Picking the dangle berries out of his beard 😂

  • Gravy Trane
    Gravy Trane 28 days ago

    It was definitely a lucky punch. Stipe whipped his ass. Never mind the repeated eye pokes, groin kicks and shots to the back of the head. Stipe put on a masterclass and took that belt.

  • Hoover
    Hoover 28 days ago +2

    true geordie pretends to be an expert but just says basic crap, he doesn't add anything at all and has a severely limited knowledge of fighting

    • AJ WBA
      AJ WBA 28 days ago +5

      True doesn’t say basic crap he gets crap on his chest

  • Steve Tidz
    Steve Tidz 28 days ago

    All you lot giving TG shit fucking sort ya heads out so what he likes getting shit on each to their own. Ppl acting like he’s been found of to be a nonce dickheads

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa 28 days ago

    Believe It or Not Jon Jones has a gas tank and it seems like he likes to stay Slimmer so that way he could keep up his cardio pace going up to heavyweight just means much more lifting much more eating more pounds equals less of a gas tank...for some fighters.

  • Kyle Irwin
    Kyle Irwin 29 days ago

    Miocic is a slow starter in many of his fights ngl

  • marsvortek
    marsvortek 29 days ago

    Hmm... i think those body blows reminded him of how he lost to Jones the last time, in that he didn't want to get caught with a head shot, while getting baited with body blows. If anything that should be the only excuse to keep fighting... train away that nervous tendency.

  • MrAhmes2001
    MrAhmes2001 29 days ago +1

    Nick is the fighters fighter.... 3 years out and it was not a problem
    ... but if this was against Tony ... nick would get mauled

  • CJ Shoemake
    CJ Shoemake 29 days ago

    Bro. Nate looked like shit, good on him for winning, but he looked slow asf, Jorge destroys him.

  • imkillinunext
    imkillinunext 29 days ago

    How is poierer a new fighter this guy doesn't know shit

  • Itsroyal
    Itsroyal 29 days ago +2

    Brian lad, who gives a fuck what ur into every one does there own weird shit in private, don’t want you missing for weeks lad cause yer videos are class, fuck what any one thinks

  • Vladamir Putin
    Vladamir Putin 29 days ago +2

    Ur a nonce

  • kooby of a night time
    kooby of a night time 29 days ago

    Unpopular opinion poirier will win khabib beat michael johnson and he knocked out poirier but poirier wants this morew than anyone i think he will win

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 29 days ago

      It is strange isn’t it, if you really listen to stipe he has great pronunciation but the deepness and treble of his voice is louder than his words coming out

  • Mark Whitmore
    Mark Whitmore 29 days ago

    The Jujitsu was some of the best ever seen in UFC.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 29 days ago +1

      He sounds like a bag of shit 😂 brilliant

  • Adam Hodge
    Adam Hodge 29 days ago

    Nate Beat connor McGregor in both fights mate but Conner brought the numbers ufc made sure of this nate is the man !!! I love him

  • Mario Sanchez
    Mario Sanchez 29 days ago

    I likely have only the knowledge of a casual MMA fan as to the goings on in the sport, and with that being said, am I wrong in thinking that in the situation and background story to the Pettis vs Diaz fight, one thing Anthony Pettis certainly isn't, is the kind of fighter who one would want to see across the cage from them, let alone actually be looking forward to seeing across the cage from them after a 3 year absence from taking punches in the face. Pettis, whether he fights his best in the area of 170 lbs or not, whether he's some amount past his athletic prime (issues we'd expect Nate to have too,) regardless of these things, Anthony Pettis isn't any sort of light touch, yeah? Nate fighting him in this first fight coming back isn't normal, it's not the way things usually go for the fighter hoping to ease back into competition, right? I'll openly admit to being a casual MMA fan, so maybe I'm just swooning over the win because everyone else seems to be, and if I am wrong, please let me know how/why, because it's one of the best ways to learn. In boxing, which I've followed much more closely, this isn't the kind of fight, nor the kind of fighter, I'd expect most guys in situations similar to Nate's to take. Big, big, ups to Diaz for his dominant performance, and thanks for coming back to the fight world. I think the majority of it missed him! Big, big ups to Anthony Pettis! Not even for one single second of the fight did I see anything in which he should be ashamed of (not that he is and not that anyone else is saying he should be,) he absolutely fought his ass off and, although it looked to be pretty dominant to my eyes, and although there was a 10 second period there where he looked to be in serious jeopardy of losing by a stoppage, despite those things, it still never felt like he was completely outta the fight. Thanks to both!

  • RSR423
    RSR423 29 days ago

    Nate, the guy that beat McTapper twice, but was stabbed in the back with a fixed decision the 2nd time. Real knows real, and Diaz definitely beat Conor both times. Anyone who thinks UFC wouldn't do that, is tripping. Everyone barking on about Masvidal, and how Diaz should fight him. Masvidal only beat one main guy, Askren, Nate's on a whole different level. Sure Jorge can talk shit, but his fight game is crap, I remember him crying when Daley beat him. Diaz vs Masvidal, big fight for Jorge, tiny fight for Nate, very bad night for Jorge, easy night for Nate. Everyone knows it should be Diaz vs Khabib, and Nate beats Khabib every night of the week. Doubt it will happen though, not while hes champion, Dana would never hang a belt on a Diaz.

  • Antony Knisely
    Antony Knisely 29 days ago

    All this bias DC wankery is pure shit. Even in victory Stipe can't get any damn respect. It was obvious that he was either rusty from the 13 month layoff or maybe he was gun shy because of the mental effect the first fight with DC had on him. ...but I thought there was a clear and consistent improvement, from Stipe, as the fight progressed. Plus, what significant damage was DC able to inflict after securing the takedown? Sure, ground control should be considered, but at one point I thought Herb was going to stand them back up because of the lack of activity. I think the end result from this fight was much more decisive than the arguable chance ending of their first encounter.

  • Alex Elder
    Alex Elder 29 days ago

    Has to be Stipe vs Jones at heavyweight.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 29 days ago +2


  • Emanuel Esparza
    Emanuel Esparza 29 days ago


  • Fayaad noneedmalastname

    we need a trilogy

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis Month ago +1

    I thought DC was kinda taking a stab at his coach when he asked "Am i losing" because the coach was telling him he wasn't doing a good job in the first couple rounds and should be doing this and this and this, so DC was like Hey bro, what I've been doing IS working isn't it, so just let me do my thing here. And we all saw that his "thing" ended up not working out, which is why after the fight he was like I shudda listened to my coach.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 29 days ago

      The first fight wasn't all DC, Miocic was on top until he got knocked out

  • Pero Pero
    Pero Pero Month ago

    dose nate has bigger cock then you?? :P hihi much love fat bastard!!!

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Month ago

    I knew Diaz would win. I've seen Pettis broken too many times, and Diaz is relentless.

  • Ryoss
    Ryoss Month ago

    True Geordie needs to find better women

  • Rab Malt
    Rab Malt Month ago

    I wouldn't man if they took the smaller man our the cage and put a bigger one in if you get me?

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh Month ago +1

    He sounds like a bag of shit 😂 brilliant

  • d sheb
    d sheb Month ago

    It is strange isn’t it, if you really listen to stipe he has great pronunciation but the deepness and treble of his voice is louder than his words coming out

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom Month ago

      This fucking dumb again. Just shut the fuck up you fucking casual. Bitch

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado Month ago

    Nate is a warrior unlike Conor the old man beater..💪🇱🇷

  • I'm a Tissue
    I'm a Tissue Month ago

    He likes to get pooed on

  • Christopher Whiteside

    What's with all the toilet chat? Someone educate me

  • SolBf
    SolBf Month ago +1

    Hope your alright mate.

  • just Arunachalee
    just Arunachalee Month ago

    This man was talking shit about Nate when Conor was people favourite, now he switched Conor to Nate this is shit, unsubscribe him

  • Ben Wain
    Ben Wain Month ago

    waiying on true geordies respose be like ZZZZZZzzzzzzz

  • Talha Zulfikar
    Talha Zulfikar Month ago

    stop dming random girls

  • Harold Bellows
    Harold Bellows Month ago

    What an asshole making fun of Stipes talking why don’t you fight him when he’s done with you you’ll be stuttering every time you talk to

  • CRW5252
    CRW5252 Month ago +3

    The first fight wasn't all DC, Miocic was on top until he got knocked out

    • Antony Knisely
      Antony Knisely 29 days ago +1

      Exactly! What fight did all these DC ass leaches watch the first time around?

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug Month ago

    Love to see you get Darren Till on the podcast sometime. That'd be the dream

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore Month ago

    Diaz is a superstar now. Deserves the huge money fight he wants

  • players whelm
    players whelm Month ago

    They arent gangsters. You youtubers will try to hype up anything.

  • Rui Rodrigues
    Rui Rodrigues Month ago

    True Geordie as a long time subscriber really glad and proud of how much you've grown on TheXvid and as a person! I share you're passion for MMA but really do miss the football hangover! Anyway keep shining bruv✌🏽

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Month ago

      If Jon Jones wants to be in a GOAT conversation he needs to match up against Stipe. I think Jon would win....

  • Abobo Alang
    Abobo Alang Month ago +1

    This fucking dumb again. Just shut the fuck up you fucking casual. Bitch

  • Garry M
    Garry M Month ago

    Diaz won his last 3, UFC 202 was stolen from him though

  • chris reade
    chris reade Month ago +2

    I would love to see a DC Stipe trilogy fight

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +3

    0:42 what he did to his girlfriend

  • Nathan Doheny
    Nathan Doheny Month ago

    Dustin poirier to beat khabib

    JON HUGGANS Month ago

    You dirty bastard

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M Month ago

    DC got way too cocky smh

  • chris horsnell
    chris horsnell Month ago

    Dc don’t need to fight anymore he works for ufc commentating

  • Darren Bennett
    Darren Bennett Month ago

    They do love an arsehole, these Geordie's

  • P Manny
    P Manny Month ago

    Stipe the greatest HW, but the best heavyweight I’ve ever seen fight was prime Cain Velasquez