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  • ray donovan
    ray donovan 2 hours ago

    the porn star right there at 1:53

  • Sebastian de'Campo

    this trailer is better than the actual movie :/

  • Destiny Bryant
    Destiny Bryant 2 days ago


  • Loki te
    Loki te 2 days ago

    poor acting expect timmy very boring I stoped watching in 20mi

  • Hhh Anonyme
    Hhh Anonyme 5 days ago

    What is the piano tune at the end?

  • Alexa B
    Alexa B 6 days ago

    i really don't know why but i ship Finn Wolfhard and Timothee lol

  • GatoCapitalista
    GatoCapitalista 7 days ago

    What a beautiful blonde!

  • imesh chathuranga
    imesh chathuranga 8 days ago


  • Emily garza/Bell
    Emily garza/Bell 9 days ago +1

    Maia is in it?

  • Elix Creations
    Elix Creations 9 days ago

    Seems interesting 🙌

  • shook
    shook 9 days ago

    Omg Callie is smoking weed

  • 7an1021
    7an1021 9 days ago

    He is fuckin beautiful

  • Amelia Hughes
    Amelia Hughes 9 days ago

    really enjoyed this movie, nostalgic vibes

  • Serina Nasir
    Serina Nasir 10 days ago

    1:28 . Anyone know the name of what he's eating? 😸
    Got me wanting it while I was watching the movie..... I know what I'm asking is weird af

    • Serina Nasir
      Serina Nasir 11 hours ago

      +Ricardo Vazquez
      Thanks. I have but it didn't turn up the same when I ordered em in a restaurant.. 😶😛

    • Ricardo Vazquez
      Ricardo Vazquez 6 days ago +1

      Serina Nasir ...a waffle? Never seen one before? Lol

  • all Oreo
    all Oreo 11 days ago

    Loookkss shiiiiitttt

  • Ame sama
    Ame sama 12 days ago

    Tim is so beautiful and HANDSOME. BUT He needs a girl prettier than him in movies, honestly.. like Elle Fanning or the beauty level of Natalie Portman. or else he's gonna outshine any girl in terms of prettiness.

  • Sam Andersson Kleist
    Sam Andersson Kleist 13 days ago +1

    So... he’s already moved on from Oliver?

  • Nadhira TKN
    Nadhira TKN 14 days ago


  • 2002 Pill Ádám
    2002 Pill Ádám 15 days ago

    I want it on hungarian language as fast! :O

  • shihouin yoruichi
    shihouin yoruichi 16 days ago

    the girl looks like mixture of natalie dyer and emmy rossum

  • Syko White
    Syko White 17 days ago

    yea this never happens

  • • Kyana
    • Kyana 18 days ago

    Only here because of Timothée lol

  • Owens Boca
    Owens Boca 19 days ago

    Keep it.

  • Maro Hattouny
    Maro Hattouny 19 days ago

    They all deserved better🙁

  • anL.
    anL. 19 days ago

    noluyor orospu çocukları

  • Ganindu Premarathne
    Ganindu Premarathne 19 days ago

    One hell of a fucking movie it is! So much to life and freaking dope ass

  • Quack Quack
    Quack Quack 20 days ago


  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin 20 days ago

    I have watched is already Few times in a good quality using boxxy software. not everything in 1080p but at least SD, sometimes HD!

  • NonStopPlayer
    NonStopPlayer 23 days ago

    He protec he attack but most importantly he get the weed stack

  • That Guy
    That Guy 23 days ago

    As soon as i saw this trailer ( around 20ish of july ) i thought hell yeah i need to watch this movie, today i finally got the chance to see it ( a little late, i know ) and i don't regret watching it. loved it, i don't understand the bad reviews, it's a great movie.

  • Nate Cleveland
    Nate Cleveland 23 days ago

    Too bad it sucked.

  • Penguin 's
    Penguin 's 23 days ago +1

    I'm still shipping him with Elio.

  • iscai834
    iscai834 26 days ago

    what is that piano at the end??? it is so beautiful!!!

  • Tchety The Great
    Tchety The Great 26 days ago

    What car 🚗 is that at 1:34-1:36

  • marzena sasik
    marzena sasik 26 days ago

    Who is singing the second song "hey you. ...

  • Rajat Mishra
    Rajat Mishra 26 days ago

    the boy from "call me by your name"

  • Petri Rush
    Petri Rush 28 days ago


  • Mira
    Mira 29 days ago

    My love.. Chalamet ♥️

  • Armo Moose
    Armo Moose Month ago +2

    This movie is a hot mess. It's hot, but a mess.

  • sharkface
    sharkface Month ago

    another wannabe drug film! where are the original ideas mate? globe changing films?

  • samxshrive
    samxshrive Month ago

    Can anybody tell me the name of the song she starts playinv on the piano

  • Life News
    Life News Month ago

    let's go

  • Trendel Taylor
    Trendel Taylor Month ago


  • Nutella Nutelbelle
    Nutella Nutelbelle Month ago +1

    This boy is like if Shawn Mendes and Leonardo DiCaprio have a baby together

  • PhillyLucky7
    PhillyLucky7 Month ago

    I am watching this for Maika Monroe what a piece of ass. I don't care about Timothee whatever his name is.

  • Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie Bulldog Month ago

    Great movie and nice to see that this movie genre still works when you do it right.

  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett Month ago

    I love this movie so much

  • Arletta Pen
    Arletta Pen Month ago

    Ommmg!!! I’m surprised Timothée is in this. I've just watched it on boxxy software with awesome dubbing and the ending got me feeling sad...

  • Prabhakar Malik
    Prabhakar Malik Month ago

    Prabhakar Malik

  • macbEth zzz
    macbEth zzz Month ago


  • Coke A-Cola
    Coke A-Cola Month ago

    Some big names here. Phew

  • Julia Gorecka
    Julia Gorecka Month ago

    This film had so much potential the trailer looks so cool im forever devestated with what i watched in the end

  • Zod Lord
    Zod Lord Month ago

    life get's pointless

  • Sweet_Gurl 06
    Sweet_Gurl 06 Month ago

    He is from Call Me By Your Name ins't he?

  • Jabal جبل
    Jabal جبل Month ago

    i just finished watching the movie,, idk what to feel about it.....

    this became my favourite movie

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond Month ago +1

    I saw the movie and it is really good

  • Allison Kennedy
    Allison Kennedy Month ago +1

    I would bear a terrible movie to see his performance

  • Joakim Blomqvist
    Joakim Blomqvist Month ago


  • Maku Deda
    Maku Deda Month ago

    not a good end , like if you agree

  • Renan Caselatto
    Renan Caselatto Month ago

    This movie is amazing, any movie similar this one?

  • fresh Hell
    fresh Hell Month ago +3

    honestly, this wasnt an amazing movie but the soundtrack and cinematography was really nice and wel-fitted

  • Lio Halikias
    Lio Halikias Month ago

    Where can I watch?

  • Glauco Schaffer
    Glauco Schaffer Month ago

    Great, just sought the whole movie.

  • Virginsuicde
    Virginsuicde Month ago +1


    • gosuiling -
      gosuiling - Month ago

      Virginsuicde Welcome Home - Morris Rahbar

  • Matthew Welch
    Matthew Welch Month ago

    Piano is so damn beautiful

  • Maximiliano Gascon Rodas

    Already watched it, what a flop...

  • Stefan Alexandru
    Stefan Alexandru Month ago

    the movie ended so fucking bad...i'm so disturbed inside , nothing as i tought :( but overall a great movie

  • Maissa Star
    Maissa Star Month ago +23

    I've just watched it... and the ending got me feeling sad...

  • Simona Benackova
    Simona Benackova Month ago

    What does he says at the ending? The third sentence, I couldn’t catch it.

  • Julia Belle
    Julia Belle Month ago +3

    The piano song in the end is called welcome home by morris rahbar

  • Copulaxoxi Ranbooi
    Copulaxoxi Ranbooi Month ago

    I used to pirate films constantly just like anyone else. This is one I did not and I don't regret it. Fantastic movie from a very promising first time writer/director. No studio in Hollywood would take this script. $6.99 on Amazon, TheXvid or wherever. Support indie, support young black first time writer/directors, support artists, ditch Hollywood. Support A24. It's fucking hot out here.

  • Maisie Patricia
    Maisie Patricia Month ago

    What is the exact piano music?!?

  • Julia Stadler
    Julia Stadler Month ago

    I love love looooove that piano song

  • maria carolina garcia

    what a great movie. who saw it already?

  • lorena Van Den hoek

    i dont understand the end part from the movie

  • Stevo Pista
    Stevo Pista Month ago

    Is it out alredy or no ?

  • Just Chilin
    Just Chilin Month ago +3

    Timmy is such a beautiful human I can’t

  • Kandres TQ
    Kandres TQ Month ago +2

    HOLY SHIT This guy Thimothe is taking the movie world, looking forward for it

  • Ahmad Resky permana

    Ini film seperti kehidupan ku dulu...

  • Natalia Dymicka
    Natalia Dymicka Month ago +1

    elio elio elio elio

  • Lia
    Lia Month ago +1

    the movie itself was alright. the plot though was pretty stupid

  • derpff
    derpff Month ago

    Just watched it in cinema and OMG this movie is soooo good))))

  • Connor Lombardo
    Connor Lombardo Month ago +3

    this ended up being the worst film ive seen all year.

  • Mari landdd
    Mari landdd Month ago

    What’s the song in the beginning

  • SMUS16475
    SMUS16475 Month ago

    DirecTV as a film company?

  • Feirce Majora
    Feirce Majora Month ago

    Damn this looks good

  • Tobias Filemon
    Tobias Filemon Month ago

    The girl from it follows

  • TZBY
    TZBY Month ago +1

    God this was kind of bad

  • Abbbiii és még sokminden

    Evan walker 😍😍😍

  • Queen
    Queen Month ago

    I just watched the movie and it was pretty good and had many good songs. But I gotta say this trailer is better than the movie. It just gives all the feels in 2 minutes. And by the way Timothée is a bae💜

  • dina Mdl
    dina Mdl Month ago

    whats the piano song ?

  • illconductor
    illconductor Month ago +4

    Hey they should make more movies about white kids selling weed (or drugs) and getting in over their heads. NOT. Jesus Christ, do you even need to go see this to know what happens?

  • 47474
    47474 Month ago +1

    If you replace this with black people everyone would call this movie ghetto

  • Sophie Roses
    Sophie Roses Month ago

    Omgggg frick yes

  • David
    David Month ago


  • Z Monet
    Z Monet Month ago

    he is soooo cute

  • drey kie
    drey kie Month ago +1

    there's just something about this movie and i fucking i love it, EVERYTHING! from timmy, the aesthetic, the musiiiiiic

  • Fenyang
    Fenyang Month ago +2

    the trailer is better than the actual movie. don't waste your time ugh

  • lynsey mclaughlin
    lynsey mclaughlin Month ago +1

    Terrible film.

  • B-dog McFlannigans
    B-dog McFlannigans Month ago

    The trailer is better than the movie, but I'm not saying that's a high bar