The Engoodening of No Man's Sky

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    Something something No Man's Sky redemption story.
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    Shoutout to ya boi Alicia who I forgot to add in the credits.
    The table of things fulfilled/unfulfilled:
    Dangerous - Kevin MacLeod
    Percussion Show - Igor Khainskyi
    Roman Senyk Music - Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer
    Summertime Love - Lakey Inspired
    Spaceship - jlsmrl
    (still adding)

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  • Internet Historian
    Internet Historian  2 months ago +16966
    New-ish video on the Second Channel.
    It is also sponsored by that game everyone thinks is good.

    • wendy lynn
      wendy lynn 14 hours ago

      Wow that is a lot of comments.

    • Undef
      Undef 16 hours ago

      Do you ever thing you will ever make a video about evolve ? Would be an interesting story to hear. : )

    • Julius Bey
      Julius Bey Day ago


    • JERRY tm
      JERRY tm 2 days ago


    • eer
      eer 3 days ago

      Might as well like my own comment and ❤ it.

  • Jack,plays Productions
    Jack,plays Productions 54 minutes ago

    do a video about the short lived life of r/GamersRiseup r/GamersRiseLarge and r/GamersRiseHigher and why they all got banned (its comedy racism sexism homophobia transphobia hatred of isreal and other comedy hate speech)

  • Jellyno
    Jellyno 2 hours ago +1

    wow longest video ive watched

  • jake loong
    jake loong 4 hours ago

    I wanted too see Corona virus history

  • Amine Lagab
    Amine Lagab 6 hours ago

    wait for it . Internet Historian's next video will be like : the virus that almost killed corona's beer

  • terome
    terome 7 hours ago

    u worker bee

  • Khoa
    Khoa 7 hours ago

    hey i actually found another player when playing

  • kainestolkyn
    kainestolkyn 9 hours ago +1

    @42:06 What is that music? It's not in the description.

  • ImAmVerified
    ImAmVerified 9 hours ago +1

    Was that crazy diminond at 21:35

  • Alejandro Qųīřøğą

    What about anothe joke MURRAY!!

  • Mehmet Karlsson
    Mehmet Karlsson 11 hours ago +1

    Please, Internet Historian, make a warcraft 3 reforged video.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 14 hours ago

    You make the best videos, but I NEED MORE!... i need more

  • Just a Random Revan
    Just a Random Revan 15 hours ago

    20:00 music?

  • gamerbiy619
    gamerbiy619 15 hours ago

    lol im in the start where he says never done space game and then a warframe ad pops up

  • MidLaynr
    MidLaynr 15 hours ago

    I love how he turned it around. This is a true testimony that there are still good, passionate game creators out there. After too many screw-ups from Ubisoft and EA, it's good to see this stuff.

  • Popeyes Masterrace
    Popeyes Masterrace 16 hours ago

    Song @ 41:49 ?

  • Emerald Mann
    Emerald Mann 17 hours ago

    Yes. Yes it was worth pausing the video to read that. Also screw you for having it onscreen for half a second.

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel 18 hours ago

    This is such a weird case where doing something so scummy then actually fixing it has made people respect them more

  • Yasser ixarabxi
    Yasser ixarabxi 18 hours ago +1

    Even if they fix the game Its Tooooooo late
    And i still angry if they cant do it why the hell is they say it in first ? 51:00
    XD.????? What the hell is that

    • Azrael Cain
      Azrael Cain 14 hours ago

      I had a stroke reading that. Also congrats, another person saying too little too late. Like the other billion fools.

  • Luna
    Luna 20 hours ago

    i kinda feel bad for the devs, like, they put so much work in it and things just went kinda unfortunate ;w;

  • Jett’s Dad Died
    Jett’s Dad Died 20 hours ago

    Top ten underdog stories

  • KeepCalm
    KeepCalm 20 hours ago


  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 21 hour ago


  • bigblockman11
    bigblockman11 21 hour ago

    Winners analyze, losers demoralize, both cause by failure, all hinges on one's choice

  • Aiden Hemsley
    Aiden Hemsley 22 hours ago

    Shoutout to Rooster Teeth this episode 😂

  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin Day ago

    This has convinced me to finally pick up No Man's Sky. Thank you! Fair play to Sean and the team.

  • Bloodbuzz Ohio
    Bloodbuzz Ohio Day ago

    That intro kills me

  • kool skull
    kool skull Day ago


  • Stefan Ch.
    Stefan Ch. Day ago

    This is the best ad for the game ever

  • pockypurse
    pockypurse Day ago

    Sean had the canvas bag the whole time.

  • juzao1000
    juzao1000 Day ago

    Now I really wanna paly this game

  • That Meme
    That Meme Day ago

    Back then, you could've argued Subnautica was better than No Man's Sky. Now, you can't argue that No Man's Sky is better than most other modern games.

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    5 ads? Are you taking the facken piss? Actually I wouldn't mind that as I'm in bed busting for a slash.

  • Wolverine FTW
    Wolverine FTW Day ago

    49:14 You’re welcome

  • AntCamArtist
    AntCamArtist Day ago

    +20 Respect

  • Surferguy007 P
    Surferguy007 P Day ago

    “I’m just a stock image dude” very emotional thank you for this moment

  • Mc dibbin Boi
    Mc dibbin Boi Day ago

    At the start I was sorta confused cause i have never heard of this game but the way you presented the story and showed they’re fall and rise was amazing and I genuinely wanna look at the game a bit more and possibly buy it

  • Karl
    Karl Day ago

    49:50 i was not expecting pyrocinicyl

  • Peter Regan
    Peter Regan Day ago +1

    We need you right now.

  • Coffee&Data
    Coffee&Data Day ago +1

    This is just the best film I've ever seen

  • Mike D
    Mike D Day ago +1

    Damn, now I want to play no man's sky. I never thought I would say that

  • Articxuno Dorseggnej

    Man crowbcat should do a remake video about it too ahah

  • Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    I came here expecting it to be a total massacre like Fallout 76. Left pleasantly surprised and weirdly gleeful at the encounter of a team with a spine and solid moral principles.

    Now i will just wait for Elden Ring to release and purchase No Man's with it. Never was interested in the game but damn that dedication is hard to come by these days.

  • [Raw]
    [Raw] Day ago

    The release date was on my birthday, so the hype for me was ungodly. I can't believe I got that excited for a completely new IP, from an unknown studio etc.

  • Chase Harris
    Chase Harris Day ago +1

    Games highkey goated now

  • Rydax
    Rydax Day ago +1

    This story will make a great movie in 20-30 years.

  • D.
    D. Day ago

    I can't wait to watch Internet Historian's video on the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2088.

  • Yung Swug
    Yung Swug Day ago

    we need u rn

  • Maria K
    Maria K Day ago

    Like the bully soundtrack u used

  • Matthew Schad
    Matthew Schad Day ago

    Wait, I stopped playing No Man's Sky because of how bad it was, but apparently it was fixed when I stopped paying attention.

  • Powderwombat
    Powderwombat Day ago

    Better to just delay than what they did because the game only gets reviewed once, and those reviews stick. Admirable to do this for the people who already bought the game when it came out (for whatever reason), but it will hardly help sales that much. I mean it's 4 years after one of the worst videogame releases ever, it's cooked.

  • Sunny Cai
    Sunny Cai Day ago

    The redemption arc was so strong it could be a sports anime

  • aZa
    aZa Day ago

    For real i personally think, that this is the biggest sucess story of this century so far. Because they really fuckin NAILED IT!

  • Texshi Barrett
    Texshi Barrett Day ago

    Phone call duty... thats my job

  • Double_J
    Double_J 2 days ago +3

    Now Vsauce is going to be indirectly responsible for me getting No Man's Sky

  • Muhammad Azhari
    Muhammad Azhari 2 days ago

    I thought Pyro is a Lesbian

  • Jiří Programagor
    Jiří Programagor 2 days ago

    I love No Man's Sky, and loved it since day 1. Especially in VR, it's such a relaxing experience. I don't care that everyone hates it, it just hits the spot for me.

  • billy slater
    billy slater 2 days ago

    See the amount of pre-orders u can climb IT!!!

  • Moritz Blue
    Moritz Blue 2 days ago +1

    Legit heartwarming

  • Drew Thompson
    Drew Thompson 2 days ago +1

    Thank you. Youre a good company.

  • crqf2010ruler
    crqf2010ruler 2 days ago

    Theyre like Balboa

  • crqf2010ruler
    crqf2010ruler 2 days ago +1

    I'm just a stock image, dude - Someone, 20XX

  • Palenque2004
    Palenque2004 2 days ago

    I got it for 3 bucks in gamestop :v

    Edit: I think i paid too much now

    Edit 2: Nvm i think its better

    Edit 3: holy fuck nvm i paid too little

  • Root Felix Björn
    Root Felix Björn 2 days ago

    I love your references and sense of humor

  • Josef Harvey
    Josef Harvey 2 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but did he say. "hold this titty" 1:21

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 2 days ago

    16:45 the best part so far.

  • Joey C
    Joey C 2 days ago +3

    i laughed , i cried. Well done!

  • Jaden
    Jaden 2 days ago

    Man if all studios were like Hello Games the gaming industry would be a much better place

  • Ronald
    Ronald 2 days ago +2

    I hate that historian takes for ever to upload, and it's freaking quarantine now, I need an upload already

  • Manager Guy
    Manager Guy 2 days ago

    50:28 Holding a PS4 controller.

    50:48 Holding a PS2 controller.

  • John Selden
    John Selden 2 days ago +1

    I think the most stunning fact of the video was the suit again the game because of the fact that they use the word "sky" in it. Fuvking they own the word?

  • wojtlo
    wojtlo 2 days ago +1

    no please is that a raid shadow legends ad

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson 2 days ago

    Gotta respect Sean Murray and the team after that one

  • Lewis Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton 2 days ago +1

    Guess ill try it out

  • Camper2625
    Camper2625 2 days ago

    2:14 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Slutekins
    Slutekins 2 days ago

    Somebody PLEASE tell me the name of the song at 38:40 PLEASE!!!!

  • slaggerthord31
    slaggerthord31 2 days ago +1

    What a beautiful happy ending

  • Anonymous Will Return
    Anonymous Will Return 2 days ago +1

    I thought you were one of my new favorite content creators, then you endorsed raid....

  • Muddy Muckster
    Muddy Muckster 2 days ago

    My life for Ner’Zhul

  • Hello Strangers
    Hello Strangers 2 days ago +1

    Look, NMS might be bugs ridden and false advertised of a game on release, but at least it released.
    Unlike the other space game that starts with Star and end with Citizen