• Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • What do kids do when they get 100 dollars to buy whatever they want? Find out in What Would My Kid Do?!
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    Lucas & Katrina from Kids React are given 100 dollars in a toy store, can their parents and you at home guess what they buy?
    Note: These episodes were made with help from Facebook, and only now were we able to release them here on TheXvid! Thanks for the support!
    Featuring from Kids React:
    Katrina and her Father Will
    Lucas and his Father Marco
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    Narrator - Ben M Waller
    Executive Producer - Benny Fine
    Executive Producer - Rafi Fine
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  • FBE
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  • louise c
    louise c Year ago +8

    i would justgobuy 100 potnoodles

  • spooderman
    spooderman Year ago +3

    I love this series!

  • Gustavo Lacoste
    Gustavo Lacoste Year ago


  • YumeDaBest :3
    YumeDaBest :3 Year ago +4

    I wish this was in my country and I could have 100 euro’s *^*

  • Modded Junky
    Modded Junky Year ago +8

    Mom: here’s 20 buy what every you want in the Kroger
    Me: psn gift card
    Mom:want food did u buy
    Me: vbucks

  • Winter Knight
    Winter Knight Year ago

    is there beyblade there

  • Bowie Chen
    Bowie Chen Year ago +8

    Dam I know their kids more than me

  • moRRe :D
    moRRe :D Year ago +4

    I would buy V-Bucks of course

  • equilibrium 814
    equilibrium 814 Year ago +61

    Me:*takes $100 and runs away to Game for steam gift cards*

    • hi today
      hi today Year ago

      equilibrium 814 😂😂😂 same

  • Alexander Jakobsen
    Alexander Jakobsen Year ago +1

    Lucas the spider

  • E.G. Garcia
    E.G. Garcia Year ago +6

    If I had $100 I'd buy a drawing tablet... Unfortunately that's not the case.

  • min mia
    min mia Year ago +5

    I'd either give it to homeless people or use it to go to a bts concert or fansign

  • Abill Setiadi Sutasura

    If i have $100 i would buy a nintendo switch

  • ansen tan
    ansen tan Year ago +4

    Freddy kruger with specs on

  • IconX
    IconX Year ago +18

    Everyone be like “ I’d spend it one BILLION V-Bucks” and I’m like what in the living hell are vbucks

  • Luke7892777
    Luke7892777 Year ago +18

    You should make one in which kids guess what there parents would do

    • ?
      ? Year ago +2

      they will buy something for their kids

    • The Gonzalo kid
      The Gonzalo kid Year ago +2

      Good idea

  • Jasmine Vigil
    Jasmine Vigil Year ago +3

    they should make on were its what would you're parents do

  • NikroXz
    NikroXz Year ago +4

    *V BUCKS*

  • Jasmine Vigil
    Jasmine Vigil Year ago

    make more of these

  • Jshin Gaming
    Jshin Gaming Year ago +4

    if i was here ill buy Roblox gift card..spend it all with gi

  • Sabi-Arts
    Sabi-Arts Year ago +5

    What a fun show, I'd love to see more episodes!

  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish Year ago +4

    If I did that i'd probably get gifts and then buy.

  • Seriii •-•
    Seriii •-• Year ago +5

    If I Could Do That, I'd Only buy plushies 😂❤️I'm a 12 Year Old Kid😂

  • J With Luv
    J With Luv Year ago +30

    lucas is so adorable aww

    • Seth!
      Seth! Year ago +3

      imma go jump off a cliff

  • Mael Barre
    Mael Barre Year ago

    metal ally okay either expectation stress funeral university column decade.

  • Furi Tips
    Furi Tips Year ago +2

    I would buy VBucks

  • ADTS
    ADTS Year ago

    Im like lucas i love slime

  • ADTS
    ADTS Year ago +1

    Me : buys : glue. Activator
    . Shaving cream. Glitter. Food colouring . Others.

  • yobama
    yobama Year ago


  • Pyro150
    Pyro150 Year ago +1

    If someone gave me 100 bucks ps4 gift card and buy vbucks on Fortnite

  • Wizrd
    Wizrd Year ago +26

    if someone give me 100 bucks ill get nothin' ill keep it

  • Orange
    Orange Year ago +5

    I am gonna buy Piggy Bank if I have $100 and save it

  • 윤예린
    윤예린 Year ago +24

    lucas is my fav from kids react

  • Woofles
    Woofles Year ago +8

    RIP Toys R Us...

  • More Baklava pls شكرا

    Katrinas dad looks HR wells from the flash wow

  • Kayleigh Angel Herradura

    Lucas is in 4th class???HE IS GROWING UP

  • Mr. Unicorn
    Mr. Unicorn Year ago +1

    i would buy nerf guns lol

  • armyjimin blinkjisoo

    ill buy a bts concert ticket and bts merch

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Year ago

      Because BTS fans feel the need to find others like them, to validate their obsession?

    • Seriii •-•
      Seriii •-• Year ago +1

      I was looking for this comment 😂

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Year ago +1

      You guys literally have to bring BTS into every video don't you?

    • Ayushi
      Ayushi Year ago

      armyjimin blinkjisoo SAME

    • Zoe Tan
      Zoe Tan Year ago

      OMG SAME 😂😂😂

  • Party Gamers
    Party Gamers Year ago +1

    Buy a new hard drive? Couse i don't buy toys xD

  • XxDrama PotatoXx
    XxDrama PotatoXx Year ago +3


  • Molly - Joanne
    Molly - Joanne Year ago +9

    I love Lucas so fricking much (/XwX)/ he's great!!!

  • Kontrol Kabel
    Kontrol Kabel Year ago +12

    haha give me 100 dollars and i'll buy myself dignity

  • Giovanni Garcia
    Giovanni Garcia Year ago +4

    He said "it's not the swap meet"

  • Verneri Rönkä
    Verneri Rönkä Year ago +4

    Have not watched the video yet. One of the kids is going to buy some V-bucks. There must be at least one fortnite addict.

    • Dylz
      Dylz Year ago

      it must be in real life

    • ppoong ¿
      ppoong ¿ Year ago

      This video has been up in facebook when fornite wasnt famous so no.. Lol

    • Waffles Panda
      Waffles Panda Year ago

      Verneri Rönkä AHAHHAHA

    • Verneri Rönkä
      Verneri Rönkä Year ago

      I guess not

  • Virade Godly
    Virade Godly Year ago +3

    Lucas in this the same age as me and the same grade in school too :)

  • teddi uwu
    teddi uwu Year ago +4

    i would buy what my mom wouldn't let me buy :)

  • TheCrap • 17 years ago

    I 💓 LuKaZ

  • John Esposo
    John Esposo Year ago +2

    In in filipino jk

  • John Esposo
    John Esposo Year ago


  • Subscribe To Me Or I'll Punch You

    I would buy robux

    • Jason_Mc246
      Jason_Mc246 Year ago

      Nattron same lol..I love roblox!!

  • Henry Vides
    Henry Vides Year ago +4

    I truly really enjoy this show

  • josh menard
    josh menard Year ago +32

    Lucas is like a tiny James charles

    • wel drik
      wel drik Year ago +2

      joshua menard oh nonononononono

  • Yoplait Yogurt
    Yoplait Yogurt Year ago +45

    why are kids obsessed with slime

    • ClannerA01
      ClannerA01 Year ago +3

      Never really got into that when i was a kid, tho i think i've seen them sold with Ghostbuster toys. Not really sure what slime is either, are they the stuff you clean keyboards with?

  • Mark DaBest
    Mark DaBest Year ago +5

    Spend 100 dollars worth of vbucks

  • yerrr uwu
    yerrr uwu Year ago +5

    0:43 me when I can finally play fornite after school

  • De Moon
    De Moon Year ago +1

    I am a kid even tho watch anime dont judge, I will just bye some chips and a drink and get the HELL outta there

  • DewsJaz
    DewsJaz Year ago +4

    Aw, Lucas.

  • Nightstrike04
    Nightstrike04 Year ago +5

    My parents know me so well the only two things I would buy is wwe toys and Pokémon cards

  • Kris lol
    Kris lol Year ago +937

    Lucas’s dad: *pulls slime out of the bag* “slime”
    Lucas: I had to put stuff back but then I was STILL over budget so I had to put something down.
    Lucas’s dad: “slime”
    Lucas: but I was STILL over budget so I had to put something back
    Lucas’s dad: more slime
    Lucas: But then I was too LOW so I had to get something back

    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂

  • alejandro jara
    alejandro jara Year ago +2952

    "Only have 100 dollars"

  • Aaron Domanais
    Aaron Domanais Year ago +901

    the parents are adorable

  • Omar عمر Alhashmi

    I have never met those kids and I guessed all right

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease Year ago +5


    So exitedddd

  • JxW
    JxW Year ago +15

    100 dollars in hot topic.. hmmmm
    Me: Some tøp merch some p!atd merch
    Funko pops
    Wrestling merch
    Oh and some of those tyler glasses.

  • hailey
    hailey Year ago +3

    I would go buy Takis, and a lot of Roblox gift cards

  • Erwin Orval
    Erwin Orval Year ago +9

    I don't have kids but this is fun to watch 😂 I wanna see all the kids on this show buying stuff with a 100 dollars! 😂 Give a kid a 100 dollars and you will see if you know your kid😂 Btw... I would also buy a litre of slime :p

  • OfficialAuntMoose
    OfficialAuntMoose Year ago +3

    Do moar! I love this!

  • Shihadeh Sisters
    Shihadeh Sisters Year ago +6

    If they gave them 100 dollars at the dollar store 😂 I would just buy takis and drinks tbh.

    • lucky
      lucky Year ago

      Itz.ya.Queen Jessica ikr! 😂😂 gotta stock up

  • name
    name Year ago +123

    They should do Parents VS Friends of Child.

  • skull 34
    skull 34 Year ago +2

    Yes more game shows!

  • lena grugett
    lena grugett Year ago +15

    Lol I love this series!!! Please make more of these!!!😄

  • La Song
    La Song Year ago +8

    Omg I love this series pls make more

  • Light Moua
    Light Moua Year ago +4

    I would love to do this.

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon Year ago +11

    I would buy a 100$ prepaid card to buy v bucks

    • Poseidon
      Poseidon Year ago

      Karisa Strankman pc my epic games name is : PoseidonSalty

    • Karisa Strankman
      Karisa Strankman Year ago

      Do you play on ps4 or Xbox or pc?(just wondering)

    • Clapz
      Clapz Year ago +2


    • Clapz
      Clapz Year ago

      SlimeArts I dunno

  • A.D.A.M
    A.D.A.M Year ago +791

    Why does Lucus have a better vocabulary then me

  • Romel 356
    Romel 356 Year ago +7

    I would buy a psn card for 100$ for vbucks

  • Nancy Morales
    Nancy Morales Year ago +2

    My real name is Mariana im on my mom's acc

  • valid
    valid Year ago +6

    Lucas is my spirit animal 😂😂😂

  • Gabrielle Hobbs
    Gabrielle Hobbs Year ago +24

    0:44 someone please make that into a gif for me

  • Noelle Claire
    Noelle Claire Year ago +1

    Oml I love Lucas

  • arianna kon
    arianna kon Year ago +10

    Lucas turn: turn 1.slime turn2. Slime 3.slime 4.slime etc..... SLIME

  • - pbGotBandz -
    - pbGotBandz - Year ago +12

    Buy vbucks

  • oi there mates
    oi there mates Year ago +3

    I would wish to have 100 dollars in the toy store tbh

  • Jefferson Lobbs
    Jefferson Lobbs Year ago +3

    What would kids do with $100 in a mall? Or clothes store?

  • Enquire Liar
    Enquire Liar Year ago +2

    I would spend the $100 on a google play gift card tbh

  • Seth Nathan Maquindang

    More what would my kid do episodes please

  • ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    Lucas is adorable

  • Mahogany Sheffield
    Mahogany Sheffield Year ago +4

    They didn't do this with black kids.

    • Niightsky10
      Niightsky10 Year ago

      Did you not see the beginning? There was a black mom, not sure if the kid is mixed but I'm sure they included them as well! We'll see in a few days :P

    • brownie brittle is good
      brownie brittle is good Year ago


    • lyn ical
      lyn ical Year ago +2

      Mahogany Sheffield REACH

    • Mahogany Sheffield
      Mahogany Sheffield Year ago

      emory grove true

    • jlz
      jlz Year ago

      too much

  • demetrio luna
    demetrio luna Year ago +1

    100 hundred for the swear jar

  • Amy Zimmerman
    Amy Zimmerman Year ago

    how are u in 4th grade im in 3rd i am nine

    • Gandalf The Grey
      Gandalf The Grey Year ago

      Back when I was a kid in Россия (Russia) in 1989 I was held back a year because my parents didn't want me to learn that stuff at the time.

    • Hello
      Hello Year ago

      Mr Person wth?? Stop with your creepy and disturbing sentences that don't even make sense.

    • Hello
      Hello Year ago

      Mr Person i can't. So stop freaking disturbing me.

    • Hello
      Hello Year ago

      Mr Person for you to get outta here.

    • Hello
      Hello Year ago

      Mr Person

  • Isa bella
    Isa bella Year ago

    I love this series! It is super interesting! ;D

  • Austin Ross
    Austin Ross Year ago +4

    Does lukas have two dads

  • Salaika Johnson
    Salaika Johnson Year ago +1

    Someone give me 1hundred dollars at a store

  • The wretched Souls
    The wretched Souls Year ago +6

    i love that series man !!

  • Natalee Daniels
    Natalee Daniels Year ago +9

    Lucas is so adorable

  • nancys zooo!
    nancys zooo! Year ago +1

    ._______________________________ o

  • nancys zooo!
    nancys zooo! Year ago


  • Dee Hines
    Dee Hines Year ago +3

    When I was young my mother would take me and my friend to the toy store and wait in the car. We spent about 50 minutes just goofing off and making fun of things or having pretend battles. The last 10 minutes was spent either buying video games or action figures. I used to buy action figures twice, one to play with and one to keep in the box. No one asked for ID for GTA games when I was little but I was carded as an adult, smh.

  • Im gay
    Im gay Year ago +2

    8:18 😂