• Published on Apr 9, 2018
  • What do kids do when they get 100 dollars to buy whatever they want? Find out in What Would My Kid Do?!
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    Lucas & Katrina from Kids React are given 100 dollars in a toy store, can their parents and you at home guess what they buy?
    Note: These episodes were made with help from Facebook, and only now were we able to release them here on TheXvid! Thanks for the support!
    Featuring from Kids React:
    Katrina and her Father Will
    Lucas and his Father Marco
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    Narrator - Ben M Waller
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    Executive Producer - Rafi Fine
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +2265

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  • louise c
    louise c Year ago +8

    i would justgobuy 100 potnoodles

  • spooderman
    spooderman Year ago +3

    I love this series!

  • Gustavo Lacoste
    Gustavo Lacoste Year ago


  • YumeDaBest :3
    YumeDaBest :3 Year ago +4

    I wish this was in my country and I could have 100 euro’s *^*

  • Modded Junky
    Modded Junky Year ago +8

    Mom: here’s 20 buy what every you want in the Kroger
    Me: psn gift card
    Mom:want food did u buy
    Me: vbucks

  • Winter Knight
    Winter Knight Year ago

    is there beyblade there

  • Bowie Chen
    Bowie Chen Year ago +8

    Dam I know their kids more than me

  • moRRe :D
    moRRe :D Year ago +4

    I would buy V-Bucks of course

  • equilibrium 814
    equilibrium 814 Year ago +72

    Me:*takes $100 and runs away to Game for steam gift cards*

    • hi today
      hi today Year ago +1

      equilibrium 814 😂😂😂 same

  • Alexander Jakobsen
    Alexander Jakobsen Year ago +1

    Lucas the spider

  • E.G. Garcia
    E.G. Garcia Year ago +6

    If I had $100 I'd buy a drawing tablet... Unfortunately that's not the case.

  • min mia
    min mia Year ago +5

    I'd either give it to homeless people or use it to go to a bts concert or fansign

  • Abill Setiadi Sutasura

    If i have $100 i would buy a nintendo switch

  • ansen tan
    ansen tan Year ago +4

    Freddy kruger with specs on

  • IconX
    IconX Year ago +18

    Everyone be like “ I’d spend it one BILLION V-Bucks” and I’m like what in the living hell are vbucks

  • Luke7892777
    Luke7892777 Year ago +18

    You should make one in which kids guess what there parents would do

    • ?
      ? Year ago +2

      they will buy something for their kids

    • The Gonzalo kid
      The Gonzalo kid Year ago +2

      Good idea

  • Jasmine Vigil
    Jasmine Vigil Year ago +3

    they should make on were its what would you're parents do

  • NikroXz
    NikroXz Year ago +4

    *V BUCKS*

  • Jasmine Vigil
    Jasmine Vigil Year ago

    make more of these

  • Jshin Gaming
    Jshin Gaming Year ago +4

    if i was here ill buy Roblox gift card..spend it all with gi

  • Sabi-Arts
    Sabi-Arts Year ago +5

    What a fun show, I'd love to see more episodes!

  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish Year ago +4

    If I did that i'd probably get gifts and then buy.

  • Seriii •-•
    Seriii •-• Year ago +5

    If I Could Do That, I'd Only buy plushies 😂❤️I'm a 12 Year Old Kid😂

  • j
    j Year ago +30

    lucas is so adorable aww

    • Skeletoid
      Skeletoid Year ago +3

      imma go jump off a cliff

  • Mael Barre
    Mael Barre Year ago

    metal ally okay either expectation stress funeral university column decade.

  • Furi Tips
    Furi Tips Year ago +2

    I would buy VBucks

  • ADTS
    ADTS Year ago

    Im like lucas i love slime

  • ADTS
    ADTS Year ago +1

    Me : buys : glue. Activator
    . Shaving cream. Glitter. Food colouring . Others.

  • Dad
    Dad Year ago


  • Pyro150
    Pyro150 Year ago +1

    If someone gave me 100 bucks ps4 gift card and buy vbucks on Fortnite

  • Wizrd
    Wizrd Year ago +26

    if someone give me 100 bucks ill get nothin' ill keep it

  • Orange
    Orange Year ago +5

    I am gonna buy Piggy Bank if I have $100 and save it

  • 윤예린
    윤예린 Year ago +24

    lucas is my fav from kids react

  • Woofles
    Woofles Year ago +8

    RIP Toys R Us...

  • More Baklava pls شكرا

    Katrinas dad looks HR wells from the flash wow

  • Kayleigh Angel Herradura

    Lucas is in 4th class???HE IS GROWING UP

  • Mr. Unicorn
    Mr. Unicorn Year ago +1

    i would buy nerf guns lol

  • armyjimin blinkjisoo

    ill buy a bts concert ticket and bts merch

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Year ago

      Because BTS fans feel the need to find others like them, to validate their obsession?

    • Seriii •-•
      Seriii •-• Year ago +1

      I was looking for this comment 😂

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Year ago +1

      You guys literally have to bring BTS into every video don't you?

    • Ayushi
      Ayushi Year ago

      armyjimin blinkjisoo SAME

    • Zoe Tan
      Zoe Tan Year ago

      OMG SAME 😂😂😂

  • Party Gamers
    Party Gamers Year ago +1

    Buy a new hard drive? Couse i don't buy toys xD

  • Aesthetic Gacha
    Aesthetic Gacha Year ago +3


  • Molly - Joanne
    Molly - Joanne Year ago +9

    I love Lucas so fricking much (/XwX)/ he's great!!!

  • Kontrol Kabel
    Kontrol Kabel Year ago +12

    haha give me 100 dollars and i'll buy myself dignity

  • Giovanni Garcia
    Giovanni Garcia Year ago +4

    He said "it's not the swap meet"

  • Verneri Rönkä
    Verneri Rönkä Year ago +4

    Have not watched the video yet. One of the kids is going to buy some V-bucks. There must be at least one fortnite addict.

    • Bayno
      Bayno Year ago

      it must be in real life

    • ppoong ¿
      ppoong ¿ Year ago

      This video has been up in facebook when fornite wasnt famous so no.. Lol

    • Waffles Panda
      Waffles Panda Year ago

      Verneri Rönkä AHAHHAHA

    • Verneri Rönkä
      Verneri Rönkä Year ago

      I guess not

  • this channel trash
    this channel trash Year ago +3

    Lucas in this the same age as me and the same grade in school too :)

  • teddi uwu
    teddi uwu Year ago +4

    i would buy what my mom wouldn't let me buy :)

  • TheCrap • 17 years ago

    I 💓 LuKaZ

  • John Esposo
    John Esposo Year ago +2

    In in filipino jk

  • John Esposo
    John Esposo Year ago


  • Subscribe To Me Or I'll Punch You

    I would buy robux

    • Jason_Mc246
      Jason_Mc246 Year ago

      Nattron same lol..I love roblox!!

  • Henry Vides
    Henry Vides Year ago +4

    I truly really enjoy this show

  • josh menard
    josh menard Year ago +37

    Lucas is like a tiny James charles

    • wel drik
      wel drik Year ago +5

      joshua menard oh nonononononono

  • Yoplait Yogurt
    Yoplait Yogurt Year ago +45

    why are kids obsessed with slime

    • ClannerA01
      ClannerA01 Year ago +3

      Never really got into that when i was a kid, tho i think i've seen them sold with Ghostbuster toys. Not really sure what slime is either, are they the stuff you clean keyboards with?

  • Mark DaBest
    Mark DaBest Year ago +5

    Spend 100 dollars worth of vbucks

  • yerrr uwu
    yerrr uwu Year ago +5

    0:43 me when I can finally play fornite after school

  • De Moon
    De Moon Year ago +1

    I am a kid even tho watch anime dont judge, I will just bye some chips and a drink and get the HELL outta there

  • DewsJaz
    DewsJaz Year ago +4

    Aw, Lucas.

  • Nightstrike04
    Nightstrike04 Year ago +5

    My parents know me so well the only two things I would buy is wwe toys and Pokémon cards

  • Krizzle
    Krizzle Year ago +1267

    Lucas’s dad: *pulls slime out of the bag* “slime”
    Lucas: I had to put stuff back but then I was STILL over budget so I had to put something down.
    Lucas’s dad: “slime”
    Lucas: but I was STILL over budget so I had to put something back
    Lucas’s dad: more slime
    Lucas: But then I was too LOW so I had to get something back

    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂