iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • iPad OS (aka iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.
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  • art에반
    art에반 Day ago

    why is there no home button

  • Game club
    Game club Day ago

    кто пиндос тот лох

  • Sajid Mahmood
    Sajid Mahmood Day ago

    Are these features gonna be on the new iPad Air too?

    CHIRAG SAHU Day ago

    I wish I could afford it 😓😓😭

  • Keanu Rodriguez
    Keanu Rodriguez Day ago

    Thanks for the video!
    Oh! And where did you get your iPad skin?
    I'd love to know!

  • B Babbich
    B Babbich Day ago

    It's a business. They sent going to release everything all at once.

    The same goes for cars and any other product.

    Innovation is staggered. It doesn't come all at once.

  • vishnu raj
    vishnu raj Day ago

    The flexibility 😉

  • Thiện Lâm Minh

    Does ipad mini 5 use ipados?

  • Deepak Nohwal
    Deepak Nohwal Day ago

    Do a review of redmi k20 pro,flagship killer

  • · bishlord ·
    · bishlord · Day ago


  • Adolfo Enríquez

    Overrated, is the same device, not capable for real pro work. Very expensive just to check social media o youtube. Really far to be a serious device for work.

  • Aedrux
    Aedrux Day ago

    Am I stupid or are viruses gonna be a problem now because you can plug in hard drives

  • Fix Bridge
    Fix Bridge Day ago

    Can you play Yuri’s Revenge on that device?

  • Paschal Okonkwo
    Paschal Okonkwo Day ago

    The floating keyboard and the support of USB drive is my favorite feature

  • David Carpenter
    David Carpenter Day ago

    Is that a big trash can iMac Pro at 6:51?

  • oli mueller
    oli mueller Day ago

    When is this rolling out?

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    So will the iPad mini 5 support thumb drives?

  • Julius Teodoro
    Julius Teodoro Day ago

    When Apple finally caved in to the useful features of Android. LOL. 😂

    KISSTIAN Day ago

    Can I do programming in ipad pro? I'm a computer science student and I'm looking for compact laptop/tablet that I'll be using for school

  • Allen The Animal

    I hope someone releases a keyboard like the brydge one but with a touch pad. Use that mouse support.

  • James Nnabeze
    James Nnabeze Day ago

    This dual screen stuff is so lit I can imagine zbrush work on the iPad the only problem is the price of the iPad lol

  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi Day ago

    Oh. They make ot do stuff android have done for years :v ok

  • The Turcan's tribe

    When will be available for the rest of as ?

  • Keebla
    Keebla Day ago

    Anyone know if this update fixes how some apps are portrait only when I wanna landscape everything on my ipad I hate how so many apps I have are portrait only on the ipad

  • Robert
    Robert Day ago

    Release a stand worth 1k, get bad rep, shortly after release amazing os update, get good rep again but stand stays on store 🤔

  • Asphalt
    Asphalt Day ago

    Mouse support?

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    But can you use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse yet?

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim Day ago

    Is this available for the iPad Pro (the old version, basically a regular iPad but oversized)

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim Day ago

    Samsung is the phone expert, Apple is the tablet expert.

  • frodev
    frodev Day ago

    FYI: it’s been possible to force a page to be fed as a desktop version for a while now (also on iphone) - find the option in the share menu...

  • Richie G
    Richie G 2 days ago

    Can you download Netflix movies onto the external drive and watch from it?

  • Cas iDiscus
    Cas iDiscus 2 days ago

    Dope vidz as always. Can't wait to know from your experience of using the iPad as your on the go device if its really a device to get for an average consumer

    REALM GAMERZ 2 days ago

    forgive android

  • s1llhoute
    s1llhoute 2 days ago +1

    This is one the only point where apple ahead of android..
    Other than that..meh....

  • Darshit Mulani
    Darshit Mulani 2 days ago

    This is beautiful, and now I'm gonna buy this.

  • Oxron206
    Oxron206 2 days ago

    Finally an update that might make me consider an iPad

  • Marvin Heyne
    Marvin Heyne 2 days ago

    maybe wait a little before throwing out the laptop for ipad os beta 1

  • KoolMLGKid20
    KoolMLGKid20 2 days ago

    Mark ass brownie

  • ralph enriquez
    ralph enriquez 2 days ago

    Ohhhhh i want an ipad pro now!!!

  • Uga Booga
    Uga Booga 2 days ago

    Mark ass brown lee

  • Chandra Shekar
    Chandra Shekar 2 days ago +1

    Subtitles says your name as MTV HD

  • Yatin Panchal
    Yatin Panchal 2 days ago

    That's why I like surface tablet for desktop like experience

  • Aardrobe
    Aardrobe 2 days ago

    How can I get an iPad for free?

  • Aim_Col Tony
    Aim_Col Tony 2 days ago

    i have the same USB lol

  • Thony6000
    Thony6000 2 days ago

    They Listened 😂

  • Paul Anabella Lewin
    Paul Anabella Lewin 2 days ago

    Is this only for the Ipad Pro or is this also for the Ipad 2018?

    Thank you

  • Pkal
    Pkal 2 days ago

    it can not replace my surface book , so ..

  • MsKath YT
    MsKath YT 2 days ago

    still bends.

  • KuruKuruGorilla
    KuruKuruGorilla 2 days ago

    Wow, finally iPad work like tablet. 😝 Awesome... Uuhuhuuu, took them 6 years to reach Android level.

  • Sohaib Qazi
    Sohaib Qazi 2 days ago +1

    Typing this on the desktop version on the Safari using iPad OS for TheXvid!!!

    • Deniz Bender
      Deniz Bender Day ago

      Would you suggest to install the beta already? Or are there too many bugs?

  • PINK
    PINK 2 days ago

    It's all about the money money money.
    We don't have the money money money.
    We cannot afford this.
    Products like thiiiis.

  • Jason Jamal Nakleh
    Jason Jamal Nakleh 2 days ago

    When full Photoshop comes to iPad, THEN it will be a valid computer replacement. Until then...

  • Trivial King
    Trivial King 2 days ago

    definitely angry. Angry at Apple. Happy for the experience and for the iPad pro actually working how it should and should have LOOOONG ago, but make no mistake, Apple should be a target for anger for not having done this sooner, business decision or not, fans or not.

  • Scott Pleasants
    Scott Pleasants 2 days ago

    Ok...I want to know if Apple put any effort into Notes and Reminders? Meaning, when I search, I want to have that word or sentence highlighted throughout the notes...much like Evernote. Reminders needs to disappear when completed and have the ability to assign subtasks. What has Apple done to improve these apps?

  • Alexander Ungstrup
    Alexander Ungstrup 2 days ago

    Mkbh now that you Can Connect you’re Samsung t5 to the ipad Pro, what if theres a password om Can you still use it?

  • Jose Rozon
    Jose Rozon 2 days ago

    Marques, what are the power output limitations of lightning connector? [especifically on the 6th gen iPad. In my workflow, I transfer my SDcard .raw files to a USB 3.0 External HDD, after that, it goes to lightroom for cataloging. Can you connect a USB3 Harddrive and an SD Card reader on the lightroom connector and transfer files between them on the ipad? Please let me know.

  • Hossein Tavakkoli
    Hossein Tavakkoli 2 days ago

    Now you can access your our own files on your own device. Revolution!

    ABU BUKAR SIDDIK 2 days ago

    ipab pro 10.5'' 256gb on the other hand ipad pro 11 64gb how is more powerful ??????

      ABU BUKAR SIDDIK Day ago

      @Deniz Bender tnx bro!!!

    • Deniz Bender
      Deniz Bender Day ago +1

      Of course the 11" iPad Pro. It is also smaller and has Face ID. Just think about if you really need the 256Gb.

  • Ema
    Ema 2 days ago +1

    Is the latency reduction applied even for the first generation of Apple Pencil?

    • Yehoshua Mignonshteyn
      Yehoshua Mignonshteyn Day ago

      Ema yes apple pencil 1 also has improved latency

    • Ema
      Ema 2 days ago

      NwJonathans Yes, I know. But I wanna buy an Apple Pencil for my iPad Pro 10.5 that’s why I asked about the first generation.

    • NwJonathans
      NwJonathans 2 days ago

      You can't use the first gen apple pencil on the 2018 ipad pro. I believe they won't do that because it's apple

  • gastypm
    gastypm 2 days ago

    Was this shot on the 1D-X?

  • Oleg
    Oleg 2 days ago

    There's one important new feature for me in iPadOS. It's the ability of Safari to save web pages in a .webarchive format. I'd like to know if it's possible to save to this format without having an external keyboard, where this function is called up with the ⌘S key combination.

  • Doug Demagistris
    Doug Demagistris 2 days ago

    Apple. Welcome to 2015

  • Yoni Caragay
    Yoni Caragay 2 days ago +19

    can you make a “months after” review on the ipad pro? i torn between the 2017 and new ipad pro. i want the new one cuz of Usb C and power - but the bend gate is a big hurdle for me :(

    • Kettricks Universe
      Kettricks Universe Day ago

      Yoni Caragay yes true if that’s what works for you and if money plays a big part, but I should also mention I’ve had my iPad for almost 8 months I’d like to say without a case and it’s never bent and I was high school student I just graduated and trust me I’m very rough I’m very much a dude dude if you know what I mean and even with all the horse play it never bent in my book bag

    • Yoni Caragay
      Yoni Caragay Day ago

      @Kettricks Universe Thanks for the response man :) In your case, there hasn't been any noticeable bending issue in anyway so far? I guess its still cheaper for me to get the old version and just get a lightning to usbc dongle. Thanks again!

    • Kettricks Universe
      Kettricks Universe Day ago

      Also I recommend buying AppleCare just in case and if you don’t want to purchase it at full price it’s only $17 a month I have it on my iPad just so I don’t worry

    • Kettricks Universe
      Kettricks Universe Day ago

      I have the newer iPad I’m currently using it now you just have to be really careful with that just like anything else also if you do get an older iPad you can use dongle’s to access hard drive so like you could get a lightning to USB dongle and plug the USB into the dongle

  • Francisco Parreño
    Francisco Parreño 2 days ago

    Put it a foldable display And I might listen to apple again

  • Jose D
    Jose D 2 days ago

    I FEEL BAD FOR THOSE ANDROID USERS! - Iphone have ALWAYS been a threat (as is) with the limitations the OS currently have (which is what it was always missing to make it a PERFECT OS, considering the AWESOME security Apple products offers us. Which in my opinion is the PRIMARY thing when using ANY feature from ANY app within the OS. Now that Apple is providing all of this "Freedom" (if you want to call it that), is because NOW they have most likely perfected the "Security" part of it. I see A LOT of Android users transferring over to IOS simply because the "Freedom" part (not being able to do simply things such as connecting any type of drive to the Iphone/Ipad and transferring files from and to the device) was what was holding them back from doing so. Now that the lock have been broken with IOS 13, the threat is a "nuclear bomb" to the Android world.

    • Jose D
      Jose D 2 days ago

      And not to mention the "Shortcuts" app. That alone is too much for "Android"!

  • Tyriek Rush
    Tyriek Rush 2 days ago +2

    This update sounds crazy 🤪, android is never going to catch up 😏...

  • Alexander Teusz
    Alexander Teusz 2 days ago

    I like your videos marques. Direct and informative. Thanks!

  • Vivek VS
    Vivek VS 3 days ago

    Plz redmi k20pro

  • Gus TV
    Gus TV 3 days ago

    Just a heads up you have been able to run 2 Safari windows simultaneously since around iOS 11 and it’s great, but this is still better as it means more apps support this :)

  • Leon Deiak
    Leon Deiak 3 days ago

    Marques, what about web tools for developers? For example, such things like web inspector in iOS Safari. Thanks.

  • Bo Andersen
    Bo Andersen 3 days ago

    Thank you for all your nice reviews. Is it an 11 or 12 inch version you use in this video?

  • Levente Podhanszky
    Levente Podhanszky 3 days ago

    hi, only flashdrive or any other external storage allowed now?

  • PrimroseÑight
    PrimroseÑight 3 days ago

    Thank you for the nice review (Again)
    It was very helpful as usual
    May be it is a time for me to get a new ipad min
    My mini 2 is 5 years old (Soon 6 years)

  • Manny10EDLS
    Manny10EDLS 3 days ago

    Damn, now I want an iPad 🙃

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins 3 days ago +1

    Depressing that we are getting pleasantly surprise over a single instance that Apple finally listened
    It should had been *always listening to consumers*, an expectation of excellence that Apple is notable woefully behind other brands

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 3 days ago

    Rudy Rodriguez sub dude man

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen 3 days ago

    Wow it's almost like they are directly copying Android. Oh wait, they have been for like 4 years.

  • NoName
    NoName 3 days ago

    This is better than the iPhone x

  • Marco A. C.
    Marco A. C. 3 days ago

    am I going to be able to install this new iPad OS on the iPad Pro from 2017?

  • wingbowl4
    wingbowl4 3 days ago +4

    I really like how you explain things and seem truly excited about the things you are talking about.

  • Rob Ward
    Rob Ward 3 days ago

    Such a great video. Well done dude!

  • Dai C
    Dai C 3 days ago +5

    what is the marble like skin/case you use to protect ur ipad pro? looks great

    • Dai C
      Dai C Day ago

      What is the name of the skin that you use on ur iPad pro

  • Hammemo
    Hammemo 3 days ago +1

    Still trash, never buying an ipad unless they put macOS on it.

  • Agatha
    Agatha 3 days ago +8

    Still no native weather app or calculator app or health app on iPad

  • philused21
    philused21 3 days ago

    Hey what you think is better the 11 inch or 12.9 and Is desktop is available on the 11 inch with iPados

  • Payton
    Payton 3 days ago


  • KeepitMelo 41
    KeepitMelo 41 3 days ago

    i hope they change the round shape mouse cursor into a different one. also they should remove the duplicating apps or files for example photos from storage thats needs to have duplicate on camera roll just to use as wallpaper

  • Timothy Dreyer
    Timothy Dreyer 3 days ago

    Can the iPad read from a USB flashdrive now? (when using an adapter)

  • Harsha Ram
    Harsha Ram 3 days ago

    Hi sir @mkbhd ,
    I have a small doubt , I want to buy photo editing app for first time . I confused to buy between these pixelmator vs pixelmator photo
    Which one is better plz comment
    Don't neglected IAM waiting for your answer sir

  • Siddhant Rander
    Siddhant Rander 3 days ago

    Fuckkk!!!! Brilliant

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 3 days ago +4

    It sounds like this OS will breathe new life into my iPad Air 2 as well as my 2012 MacBook Pro. Maybe even my SE. (help me upgrade and get with the times please)

  • kinyatta Rocsheen
    kinyatta Rocsheen 3 days ago

    1:04 What’s a computer?

  • ossi saputra
    ossi saputra 3 days ago +16

    Thats makes me want to buy an iPad pro.
    But I can only afford iPad mini 2019, wtf.....

    • Ewan Withey
      Ewan Withey 3 days ago +1

      At least you can afford an iPad lol

  • Punnyalanz productions
    Punnyalanz productions 3 days ago +3

    I see your video & I juz feel happy.
    Something makes me !!
    It gives me More happiness than information !! 😃😃

  • Enrico Imbroglia
    Enrico Imbroglia 3 days ago

    Bluetooth mouse works with all iPads compatible with ipad os or only with ipad pro?

  • Andrew Ahigian
    Andrew Ahigian 3 days ago

    I have the 11 inch iPad Pro. Im not even a big fan of Apple, but the iPad Pro is incredible.

  • Sheerene Mohamed
    Sheerene Mohamed 3 days ago

    I love how he never asks you to subscribe ❤️ subscribing just for that

  • PanduhBOI
    PanduhBOI 3 days ago

    TheXvid next to TheXvid :0

  • Ritxman
    Ritxman 3 days ago

    Does this update resolved the ipad pro unresponsive touch issue / touch disease?

  • Frank Ragetti
    Frank Ragetti 3 days ago

    Sooo, no mouse support, Marques? Ok then. iOS 200, hopefully.