Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
    Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
    Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.
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  • Zen3 2020
    Zen3 2020 5 hours ago

    А есть трейлер в 3D? Что бы понять как оно выглядит

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 5 hours ago

    Huuuge Smile on my face when I've seen the graphics :D !!!! Can't wait to play it !!

  • Raka Prakasa
    Raka Prakasa 5 hours ago

    I think I just nutted just because of the VR FPS...

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour 6 hours ago +1


    Gaben Newell

  • Arihant Kandare
    Arihant Kandare 7 hours ago

    *New* *Half* *-* *Life* *Confirmed* *??*

    Eren Can ALTINÇELİK 7 hours ago

    Jizzed in my pants

  • Tunahan Yatman
    Tunahan Yatman 7 hours ago

    Okey thats cool but wheres Gordon freeman ?

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 7 hours ago

      Stasis, awaiting assignment.

  • Rodrigo Ferreira Magalhães

    I have waited for this for so long that I have no feelings about this trailer. I even gave it a huge dislike.
    If Gabe Newell haven't treated his fans like morons, his coworkers with low motivations to get their sallary, and if the Valve/Steam community wan't so worried about money, and if a Half Life sequel wouldn't take THAT long to be announced, or if the TRAILER met 12 years of expectations for the most important scifi fps of all time, then, and only then I would give it some Credit.
    Making it a VR game will not be savior element. I care none about critics, but as a someone who got tired this, I will only play this title if is scoring at least a 97 on metacritic, and if People will praise it more than Skyrim/witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption. I am going to follow Valve's steps real closelly, and after thinking twice, maybe I'll git a try.
    But it needs to be perect, from the high rating scores, to the popularity. In this case it HAS TO BE that way, meanwhile I am pretty damn happy with Hollow Knight.
    F#ck the AAA companies.
    I am not dumb Valve, EA, Ubisoft.
    Learn from indie developers.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 7 hours ago +1

      @Rodrigo Ferreira Magalhães I didn't mean improve the game itself, I meant genre, the whole genre just like Half-life 1 did. If it was a savior element for the game, it wouldn't work or end well. I think we both misunderstood each other.

    • Rodrigo Ferreira Magalhães
      Rodrigo Ferreira Magalhães 7 hours ago

      @Zero001 LP if it is not a "savior" element why then you mention it as an improvement?
      That is exactly what I meant with "savior". I just said in short terms that improving the game with VR will not make it more likeable to me.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 8 hours ago

      Making it VR will not be a savior element because it wasn't even meant to be a savior element in the first place, they just wanted to improve, maybe even perfect the VR FPS genre with a AAA game just like they did with Half-life 1 and 2.

  • Оксана Тимченко

    халф лайф жив

  • Clueless_Gamer
    Clueless_Gamer 8 hours ago

    Community: Is this half life 3?
    Valve: Well yes but actually no

  • Right Right
    Right Right 8 hours ago +2


  • michaeljosh francisco
    michaeljosh francisco 9 hours ago

    i was finished playing half life before and its not that easy, it was full of tricky parts and need to be strategic....Now i was just watched this trailer and cannot wait to play! half life alyx, com'on and give us the unexpected anf unforgettable gaming!! haha

  • Creationfied
    Creationfied 9 hours ago +1

    bone works 2?

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 8 hours ago

      *You have entered the comedy area, you may laugh now because I said something some famous TheXvidr said in his video, because hearing it once isn't enough*

    • Name Here
      Name Here 8 hours ago


  • Takoss_ YT
    Takoss_ YT 9 hours ago

    Please, Valve, make to Portal VR?

    The new part of the Portal will by called: "Portal: Chell"?

    You do everything possible that your games would not have the number 3? :D

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 7 hours ago

      No portal will ever be released again, since the story concluded long ago with portal 2. They won't make it VR anyway since, even if you probably never had problems with "VR legs", you might actually feel sick from playing it. Hell, even I worry I might get them, and I never got any.

  • DatGameh
    DatGameh 9 hours ago +1

    God bless you Boneworks. If it wasn't for you, this game would have been a lot more generic.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 7 hours ago

      You know that hearing it from VNN once is good enough without having to read the same comment for the 10th time

  • Takoss_ YT
    Takoss_ YT 9 hours ago

    Match 2020... Half-life Alyx...

    Marth 2020 2nd... Speedrun Half-life Alyx

  • Takoss_ YT
    Takoss_ YT 9 hours ago

    2020: Valve make Half-life Alyx
    2025: Valve make VR helmet "Aperture Science Production"

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour 9 hours ago +1

    Half Life NOT 3

    IAMTHEICEMAN 10 hours ago +2

    It's not the 3 we wanted, but goddamn am I gonna enjoy playing a new Half-Life game.

  • Chonko
    Chonko 10 hours ago

    I love u valve.

  • Samuel Enrique
    Samuel Enrique 10 hours ago

    It's been 15 years since half life 2 came out, 15/10= 1.5, this is basically Half Life 1.5 so for every 1 and half installment we wait 15 years. So in 15 years we should get half life 3, being it 3 FUCKING DECADES since the second installment. We gotta keep pushing through bois, we are only *half* way there.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 10 hours ago

      Now that's some enthusiasm

  • The Arstotzkan
    The Arstotzkan 11 hours ago

    Well it is a third half-life game but it's a prequal

  • SovietBall
    SovietBall 12 hours ago

    I never tought I'd live long enough to watch another Half-Life being relased.

  • Дмитрий Михалёв


  • Marlene Cristobal
    Marlene Cristobal 13 hours ago

    where is doctor freeman

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 10 hours ago

      Still in stasis, you Instagram emoji addict...

  • Bomby Cherry
    Bomby Cherry 13 hours ago

    Just like any other valve game the trailer is epic and the gameplay is Mwah

  • matty l
    matty l 13 hours ago +1

    Companies like Activision, EA and Ubisoft spend millions on marketing, advertisement and huge ass expensive game shows where they show more crap like just dance crews and celebrity cameos than actual games...
    ...No one gives a crap

    Valve makes a tweet and releases a 1 minute 49 second video on TheXvid...
    ...The internet explodes

  • Games JulhiNho
    Games JulhiNho 14 hours ago


  • Толстый
    Толстый 14 hours ago

    Will be a single play option with no VR shit?

  • Patrik Hajdu
    Patrik Hajdu 14 hours ago


  • Sarcasm Spasm
    Sarcasm Spasm 17 hours ago +1

    I'm so glad to see Valve is back! This game looks great and I cant wait to see more! I'm excited for what the future holds!

  • Theychristard Hamy
    Theychristard Hamy 17 hours ago

    They found a way to make a new half life without three in the name

    This joke has probably been made a million times

  • Hakkı ÖZTÜRK
    Hakkı ÖZTÜRK 17 hours ago +2

    After the hl2:ep2 I was at university, a handsome young man, waiting for the release of ep3. Now I'm married, have 2 kids, partially bald and have a big beer belly, a boring average Joe. Yet still I'm gonna fuckin buy this VR equipment shit to play this game!

  • Divan Snyman
    Divan Snyman 17 hours ago

    dis n klomp poes

  • Narblo
    Narblo 17 hours ago +2

    Now those are good looking faces. The graphics when the zombie breaks out 0:53 are really amazing! The gameplay for vr look really good but since iI cant afford it I wanna know if there will be a keyboard-mouse version. Also..."Close your eyes, honey"

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 10 hours ago

      There will be no keyboard-mouse option since this is completely VR based.

  • TheSuperSpyCrab Crab
    TheSuperSpyCrab Crab 18 hours ago

    yea i like it but i still waiting for half life 3 (with gordo freeman

  • el team burrito
    el team burrito 19 hours ago


  • D.O.T Project
    D.O.T Project 20 hours ago

    I mean...they still cant count to 3-

  • Coldbob115
    Coldbob115 21 hour ago +3

    I wish Kitty0706 could see this

  • 8-Bit Squid
    8-Bit Squid 21 hour ago +2

    I've always kinda wondered if Gabe was waiting until new videogame technology was developed before moving on with the series. While I know now there were plenty of other factors in such a delay between the games, it certainly could hold some truth-- like how George Lucas started with the sequel trilogy first, waiting for movie CGI and technology to improve before working on the prequels. With the rate we're growing and improving, I feel that HL3 might very well be in our lifetime, albeit as a testimony to the patience of gamers.

  • The Gaming Plushies Reborn


    PÃŃÇÅKĘ 23 hours ago +1

    Valve: some of you may die, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.

  • Rhymer Play
    Rhymer Play Day ago +1

    Коджима - лох, Габен - Бог!)

  • Serial Experiments Dave

    Can someone tell me what shooting a gun is like for left handers in VR. Naturally I would pick up a gun and aim with my left hand, but I'm use to controller inputs like a right handed person. Will this game even allow you to pick the gun up with the left hand?

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 22 hours ago +1

      To answer that: Most games have the option to change your main hand, but this does not change the ability to pick up guns and shoot them how you want. You can pick the gun and use it with either hands.

    • i must enter a name
      i must enter a name 23 hours ago +1

      It's completely interchangable. Something you won't understand until you play VR, but everything works exactly the same.

  • DocterSmileyFace .M

    valve finaly fixed their '3' key

  • Mr. Spencer
    Mr. Spencer Day ago

    Alright where's Portal 3?

    • Name Here
      Name Here 8 hours ago

      Did they promise you a Portal 3? Did they say they were making Portal 3? No. There is no such thing as Portal 3

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 22 hours ago +1

      Nowhere, story concluded, funs over, that's all folks.

    DEEP INSIDE Day ago +1

    So I need to fork out hundreds of £’s on a VR kit just to play the new half life???

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 22 hours ago

      If you want to play and you have a great computer at the moment that could run Alyx, you can buy the cheaper VR sets that cost 300 or less. However, VR sets get cheaper every year. Just a few years ago HTC Vive cost above 1000. Now it costs around 500.

  • Maxigamernew
    Maxigamernew Day ago +1

    Valve pls do half life 3

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 22 hours ago

      They probably won't, stop asking for HL3 and just be happy they made something.

  • Takoss_ YT
    Takoss_ YT Day ago

    Please, add to Orange Box VR helmet :)

    • Takoss_ YT
      Takoss_ YT 9 hours ago

      @Zero001 LP Thank)))

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP 22 hours ago

      The price of the Orange box would inflate by a 1000 dollars... You just fucked up orange box! :D

  • Нурлан Рахимбаев

    Ну раз вышел ремейк значит будет по любому позже продолжение...

    MYTH AJENTUM Day ago +1

    I feel pity that Freeman's not here for this one.
    F to pay Respect.

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      Still in stasis, awaiting his assignment...

    FAT_MUM Day ago

    When I don’t have a vr...

  • Aziz electro
    Aziz electro Day ago

    "Valve can't count to three"

  • N4CR
    N4CR Day ago

    Please valve put trainhopping in this, it would be such a neat dynamic to do that in one or two parts.

  • N4CR
    N4CR Day ago

    Makes sense why they didn't want to do HL3. They wanted to change the game as much as HL1 and 2 - they were absolute game changers at the time and it's pretty hard to do that again these days on a screen with every other FPS game since.. VR is a great way to do it. So much is untapped on VR - they can do it again now and I'm very glad to see that.
    Still looks like source engine, oddly familliar. Great to see the combine trains still are in use :) CANT WAIT

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago

      Someone who actually understands what their big goal is.

  • N4CR
    N4CR Day ago

    I built a top of the range, best of best gaming PC (even set a record with it) for HL:2... looks like I may have another reason to do it again.

  • JOHNCENA !!!
    JOHNCENA !!! Day ago +1

    Yeah, half-life 1½.

  • Not my Real name
    Not my Real name Day ago +2

    Me:I want a half life 3
    Mom: we have a half life 3 at home
    Half life 3 at home:

    But still pretty cool

  • Owo Noname
    Owo Noname Day ago

    I thought he wouldn't count to 3

  • Tajcraft123 XD
    Tajcraft123 XD Day ago

    will this be on ps4 vr?

    • Tarik Salispahic
      Tarik Salispahic 18 hours ago

      There is an article that talked about it, basically saying perhaps if possible l

    • Zero001 LP
      Zero001 LP Day ago +1

      No, wouldn't run great if at all. It's blurry and has outdated, shitty controls anyway. (But I heard from a sketchy news site that it might, but doubt it)