Solskjaer Press Conference vs Inter Milan 2019

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Solskjaer Press Conference vs Inter Milan
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  • YourManchesterUnitedHome

    Still no Lukaku for the preseason. I do believe there would be 2 more signings in this summer. More Transfers imcoming!

    • raynewooney10 S
      raynewooney10 S Month ago +1

      We all know now like managers before him if he fails it Woodwards fault 100%

    • Leonidas IV
      Leonidas IV Month ago

      fuck more
      fuckEd Woodward
      fuckEd Glazers
      bargain player like vegetable fuck off
      fuckEd woodward dont know about player value thatwhy we cant sign play quickly

    • Carl Ranger
      Carl Ranger Month ago +1

      Not convinced on that Matey.

      JOSIP PERIC Month ago

      Imcoming too

    • tony
      tony Month ago

      the walk of trepidation

  • Darren S
    Darren S 27 days ago

    Woodward puppet

  • Zu Alyân
    Zu Alyân Month ago

    Killer smile

  • Maxwell Emir
    Maxwell Emir Month ago

    The match that'll test Man Utd's true quality

  • lemz manutd__
    lemz manutd__ Month ago

    Ole looks a beaten man already.

  • JJungle
    JJungle Month ago

    Chill out. What do you expect him to say? Woodward shite Glazers out?

  • Monsiur Snowman
    Monsiur Snowman Month ago

    As a Leeds fan even I'm missing the fergie thing I've realised is how good fergie was since he went, grew up in the 90s so saw the best in my opinion hated the guy at the time as a kid but suppose that was envy lol you've become a marketing club but seems everyone is trying to head that way

  • Ciaran Bradley
    Ciaran Bradley Month ago

    C'MON ED!!! 😩⏳ Cheer Ole up!!

    SIYINCABA DUBE Month ago

    Tomorrow game i will be prefer to see 11. James 9. Rashford and 7. Greenwood then middle field 10. Pogba 6. Mctommy 8. Fred then the back will be 3. Shaw/ Dalot 4. Lindelof 5. Bailey 2. Wassaki...then subs Martial, Lukaku, Mata, Matic.. I still believe in Mctommy for the position 6 so far as he train more on stamina, passes, energy, pace, defense and attacking. The front three needs the ball faster than a bullet if Pogba, Mctommy and Fred can be super fast with the ball i do see the running Rashford, James or Lingard or Lukaku to that matter scoring many goals...Rashford needs to pass when his on an awkward angle Greenwood is waiting to score..Inter back line is tough boy united needs fast running front there...

  • Joe Walker
    Joe Walker Month ago

    matic just picking is doe up.fukin hate how my club has gone

  • Yahya Qarshe
    Yahya Qarshe Month ago +1

    Get fernandes magurie and ben yeddar. Sell lukaku.
    Let go.

  • okoro prosper
    okoro prosper Month ago

    One of the journalist sounds like a Nigerian

  • Mark Chadwick
    Mark Chadwick Month ago +2

    Imagine if United bought a Right winger 😏... Same again next season lads, trash football cause the team has no balance.

  • James O Connor
    James O Connor Month ago

    Ole looks a bit defeated , i think he is gone very flat and looks stressed

  • roysober85 Dewa
    roysober85 Dewa Month ago

    Matic need Nitro on the pitch and mic

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J Month ago +4

    Can’t watch a 15 minute video without 10 Ads!!! This is so frustrating! TheXvid getting worse

  • graham organic greens

    embarrassing last couple mins ...feel sorry for him.. glazers out no success under them

  • Kabaka Sinclair
    Kabaka Sinclair Month ago

    Ed SHITWARD at it again messing up the transfer, jus to keep the money in is account, they are using the club for money they don't love the club,they make UNITED look bad

  • F3di Young
    F3di Young Month ago

    Ole is already set up to fail. Just like Jose, just like LVG and just like Moyes. Fans needs to take serious action. He can't b toiling with our feelings

  • RedLightSpellsDanger

    Static Matic 🤨

  • Paul Hicks
    Paul Hicks Month ago

    What a boring twat solskjaer is!

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United Month ago +2

    i see ole is not happy we got only 2 players in we need more but this board is a joke glazers ed deadwood outtt.

  • The Special Bus
    The Special Bus Month ago +1

    Tony martial came from France. Time to shine again!

  • grandad33
    grandad33 Month ago +1

    Yep these presses starting to get to ole hes Defoe not enjoying these like he did you can certainly tell things are not going to plan typical utd transfer window hes a fool if he thought it would be any different

  • pembo3000
    pembo3000 Month ago +2

    my prediction man united 2 inter milan 1

  • Mufc
    Mufc Month ago +1

    I hope they dont let it drag out till deadline day and then they say we ran out off time I will loose my shit hopefully this not a tactic to not sign anymore signings

  • kevin coelho
    kevin coelho Month ago

    Ole doesn't even need makeup he's an original Clown

  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor Month ago +1

    Fantastic that a player as hardworking as Matic says how he is unhappy with his form because we finished 6th... Pogba had his best season doing nowt.
    ps. Pogba would be amazing in the Magic role if he had a brain

  • Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones Month ago

    So many ads

  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor Month ago

    0:40 Nemanja's reaction

  • Kevin Oreilly
    Kevin Oreilly Month ago +2

    He is not an mu manager......he will be gone after this coming season.....Defo

  • Leonidas IV
    Leonidas IV Month ago

    fuck more
    fuckEd Woodward
    fuckEd Glazers
    bargain player like vegetable fuck off
    fuckEd woodward dont know about player value thatwhy we cant sign play quickly

  • Wazir Ibrahim
    Wazir Ibrahim Month ago +3

    Matic's face when Ole said Lukaku is injured>>>>>>>>>

  • SHK
    SHK Month ago +1

    Lukaku money better play for Bruno!!!!

  • michael akpevwe oruohwo marcualay

    Glaser's bank out

  • Tom tom
    Tom tom Month ago +1

    Fred takes the piss ! Get married in your own time not during pre season !

    • LionCrash
      LionCrash Month ago +2

      Jheez chill out. He's back now straight after getting marriage

  • Byron Hall
    Byron Hall Month ago +3

    Shut up Simon stone , not for any reason your just a very annoying Bloke 🤫

  • Byron Hall
    Byron Hall Month ago

    Ole not his normal positive self

  • rich youtuber
    rich youtuber Month ago

    Have a day off ole ull be sacked by xmas

  • dean jones
    dean jones Month ago +1

    Sacked by Xmas,and manure too finish 8th this season...

  • Charlie Tamas
    Charlie Tamas Month ago +19

    Lukaku out
    Fernandes and maguire in and I’ll be happy

    • daniel gregory
      daniel gregory Month ago +1

      If we sign those 2 keep pogba and play the kids we will absolutely do good things

  • Ash Mills
    Ash Mills Month ago +17

    Matic speaks like he plays, slowwwww

  • Tammy Janjan
    Tammy Janjan Month ago +3

    No signings coming. Max 1. You can tell on Oles face

  • M Hzm
    M Hzm Month ago +1

    The only way united can compete with the big 6 is buy bruno,savic, and a cb like ruben dias or jonathan tah

  • Omar Buba
    Omar Buba Month ago

    Woodward doesn't have respect for Ole

    • Omar Buba
      Omar Buba Month ago +1

      @FR OleUnited Because he doesn't give a shit about what Ole wants, Expected Revenues of dis season 600 mil excess, but he can't put 200 mil in a transfer kit

    • FR OleUnited
      FR OleUnited Month ago

      Omar Buba really how do you know

  • Carl Ranger
    Carl Ranger Month ago +3

    Nemanja on last season 'we aimed for Champions League but missed out'. How depressing that that was our aim.

    • Jordy Kingston
      Jordy Kingston Month ago

      @Carl Ranger fair enough ✌🏾✌🏼

    • Carl Ranger
      Carl Ranger Month ago

      @Jordy Kingston Thanks for the correction. It wasn't a slight against Nemanja, just a highlight of how far we've fallen and how times have changed.

    • Jordy Kingston
      Jordy Kingston Month ago

      His exact words were "our target on the end was to play champions League"
      'End' being the keyword, matic is a serial winner with many trophies to his name, I'm certain he would be very disappointed when the team isn't able to win anything aswel as not qualifying for the CL.

    • Jordy Kingston
      Jordy Kingston Month ago +1

      He was speaking about towards the end of the season from when Olé arrived..
      From when Olé arrived top 4 was the aim so chill out lol

  • beatsprodbycm
    beatsprodbycm Month ago +1

    Ole just swerved the transfer questions.

    • Gavin Mitchell
      Gavin Mitchell Month ago +1

      beatsprodbycm that’s all he can say we’re trying, Let’s just hope the muppets upstairs are trying to get transfers in for him. Just because we don’t trust the garbage it doesn’t mean he doesn’t they haven’t let him down as they have us 😂

  • pracxis sr
    pracxis sr Month ago +8

    poor ole..i wish him well and got a supports that he didn't gets from the board.

  • PermanentMerka
    PermanentMerka Month ago +5

    Greenwood and Gomez starting please and 45 for Jimmy G who has more defensive talent than the rest of the English midfielders put together. When you read game like that it works at any level.

  • Ratfink Wilson
    Ratfink Wilson Month ago +3

    Totally swerved that last question.. That's worrying...

  • Creighton Snyders
    Creighton Snyders Month ago +4

    The media never asks questions about the game. No insight at all. These questions should be saved for Ed Woodward.

    • Shawn Coley
      Shawn Coley Month ago

      Creighton Snyders when does Ed stand in front of reporters and give an account for all the managers our board doesn’t back. It would be different if we did not have the money...everyone knows we have it, everyone knows we are more concerned with lining the Glazers and the boards pockets than we are putting together a team to compete for the major titles.

  • harrison manyeki
    harrison manyeki Month ago

    If we get new signings!!
    This would be my squad to win the PL
    De Gea
    Bissaka Lindelof Maguire Shaw
    Bruno Mctominay Mata
    Martial Rashford
    Daniel for Martial
    Greenwood for Rashford
    Longstaff for Mctominay
    Andres for Mata
    Fred for Pogba

  • Heron Cocoa
    Heron Cocoa Month ago

    i think Lukaku is punished for being unfit... he still looked fat imo he doesnt run too much during the training session down under

  • TheWoodIsPoo
    TheWoodIsPoo Month ago +4

    All you lot saying “Glazer Out” who did and said F all until the success period ended, you missed the boat and should have done more 2005-2008 but you were enjoying Ronaldo and winning too much wasn’t you.
    Too late now they are more cemented in position than ever they were thus far

    • Alex Green
      Alex Green Month ago

      TheWoodIsPoo this is helpful, helmet

  • akib2542
    akib2542 Month ago +17

    The problem is obvious.. we will buy a CB and a CM.. possibly a striker too if Lukaku is sold.. and that will help us back into the top 4.. but just as happened under Jose.. the owners will not invest further to close the gap to the top or remain competitive.. they'll just be happy to be I'm the champions league and get more sponsorships.. and that will mean we drop out of the top 4 in a season or 2 as the teams below improve.. last season showed the terrible state our club finished in.. we were as far away from the top as we were from the bottom of the table.. The Glazers truly have made us into a mid table club.. Glazers Out!!!!

    • Jonson
      Jonson Month ago

      @Bud Weiser LOL same synagogue GG

    • Bud Weiser
      Bud Weiser Month ago +1

      @Israel C M you are a knobhead José never even wanted Pogba he only got signed because of he's image rights not because of he's talent and no the Glazers ain't runing the football club right fuck off... How old is OT? How much debt have they reduced since takeover? Where's our sporting director witch every football team has? Why are we renewing Jones and Young? Get the fuck out of here I bet you related to the Glazers or you go same sinagog you fucking twat

    • Israel C M
      Israel C M Month ago

      Stop blaming the owners if we make an offer and a player turns us down for another club you can't blame the Glazers. They have never refused to release transfer fees. Be fair with your assessment. Just a few years ago they approved the buying of Pogba who at the time was the world's most expensive player, so your comment is unfair.

  • DeltaWingChun
    DeltaWingChun Month ago watch this to understand what is going on in our club

  • Jebon
    Jebon Month ago +2

    Tell the truth....not fit or you will not use a player that is going to be sold....if he is not fit, why you bring him....might as well he trains at carrington!!!! Waste the money!!!!

    • BIG_14
      BIG_14 Month ago

      Who are you talking about?

    • FR OleUnited
      FR OleUnited Month ago

      Just shut up kid

    • Mikael Vee
      Mikael Vee Month ago +1

      Is it your money..when was the last time you bought anything Man United

  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe Month ago

    If Ole at wheel while the board's inadequacies cost his great club it's status and prestige. It will be the biggest of betrayals if Ole aligns himself to the board and not the club! I still unsure who he really represents now.

    • Carl Ranger
      Carl Ranger Month ago

      @Ashmin Rai Nice comment.

    • Ashmin Rai
      Ashmin Rai Month ago

      Just bcoz he is the manager of Manchester United. U want Ole to change what he is as a person. First of all he is a happy optimistic man who creates a happy environment. All of a sudden u want him to be grumpy be angry. I dont think there is any job that I would trade my soul for

  • Ngawang Yonten
    Ngawang Yonten Month ago +38

    let's be real, if we can make top 3-4 this season, with the new players, its a step in the right direction. Then next season with UCL, we can attract better names and mount a challenge and make it further in Europe. Good things take time.

  • suspect404bm
    suspect404bm Month ago

    Ole is starting to talk shit in these press conference. . 😐😴 same old bs and Matic is slow asf. We came 30 something points behind the top 2 and we're now depending on players who have repeatedly let us down over the the last 6 years. James is not gonna make us get into the top 4

  • taggart8
    taggart8 Month ago

    Notice how Ole redirects the last question of the interview on the transfer deadline .Ole answers the question poorly talking about current squad preparation , which has let him down before.
    A more experienced manager would have been more demanding on the transfer policy of the management , based the transfer requests submitted....Oh I forgot Morinhio paid the price for this......

    MUSICCOLLISON Month ago +1


  • Elias Sancho
    Elias Sancho Month ago +5

    David Gill was as slow as Ed woodward dont know why everyone is complaining united are usually slow during the transfer window.

    • Elias Sancho
      Elias Sancho Month ago

      @Matias Mickelsson exactly.. thats my point... Even Peter Kenyon esp his last season 03/04. He fuckedup the Ronaldinho deal big time.

    • Matias Mickelsson
      Matias Mickelsson Month ago +3

      Everyone was slow back then. Now its just us and Arsenal. Other big English clubs are making signings left, right and center but we're unable to sign a few good players.

  • hairy testicles
    hairy testicles Month ago +5

    Cheers for the upload many thanks 👆👌

    • hairy testicles
      hairy testicles Month ago

      My mate changed my name i got wait 90days to change it 😕😂😂

    • abdiaziiz haydar
      abdiaziiz haydar Month ago

      Hairy testicles? U got ballsy name 😂😂😂🙏

  • Eliud Maina
    Eliud Maina Month ago +37

    Man nemanja makes me want to get a nap

    • 〈Member's Name Goes Here〉
      〈Member's Name Goes Here〉 Month ago +2

      Come on, english is not his first language. He has to think about what he needs to say, no need to be an ass about it

  • hairy testicles
    hairy testicles Month ago +3

    Before rom or anybody leaves maybe we should replace Herrera and and fellani we cant rely on our squad are shit half are average 2 world class the rest are like a dodgy hot tap blows hot and cold can see it now 3 games in rashford injured roms left and we have sanchez uptop

    • MustLearnDjango&Python
      MustLearnDjango&Python Month ago

      Lay or TheXvid bro. Go to a game

    • hairy testicles
      hairy testicles Month ago

      So ur happy for a player who couldn't get in our team unless there was injuries or suspensions too replace ander ... only reason he being shaped is because thats all we got our midfield is really weak and our cbs

    • MustLearnDjango&Python
      MustLearnDjango&Python Month ago

      If you can't tell they are shaping Andreas to replace Herrera

  • Shinji Kagawa
    Shinji Kagawa Month ago +1

    Ed Woodward and Matt Judge are going to mess up the Bruno and Maguire deals

    • Shinji Kagawa
      Shinji Kagawa Month ago

      @deezy duffus It's been the case since the last 6 years. Instead of these plonkers, it's the manager that gets the axe. So now it's Ole's time to face the music.
      Bruno and Maguire will be snapped by other ambition clubs .

    • deezy duffus
      deezy duffus Month ago

      If they do they need sacking

  • MD Sanjid Tuhin
    MD Sanjid Tuhin Month ago +4

    Utd midfield isn’t good enough... Defensively they are jokes... Wan bissaka is a great addition bt they badly need reinforcement... Signing 3or 4 player would help them to be in top4 next season....


    Glazers out.


      @Israel C M wtf man! They did not back Jose, he wanted perisic and sandro and we haggled and missed on them

    • Israel C M
      Israel C M Month ago +1

      I hope that's a joke, coz they have always backed the manager ( even past ones since they took over ) by releasing the funds and attending games when ever they are free.

  • aspect kholo ndoda
    aspect kholo ndoda Month ago +11

    With all due respect to lakaku) i think lakaku needs to go he doesn't suit our style of playing and at times he can be inconsistent this deal needs to be done because i don't see lakaku a utd player next season

  • george matutuva
    george matutuva Month ago +64

    I have a feeling Utd will suprise many this season.I like the under dog tag or rather the dead dog tag hahaha