RE: AngryJoe's Battlefield V "SJW" Rant Response!

  • My reply to TheQuartering's (Angry "Strawman" Joe Misrepresents Fans On Battlefield 5) Video Response that believed the video was solely about him and his fabulous points of actually sharing the same opinion as me on this issue.
    So its not about SJW's Nor Women? LIKE AT ALL?! And I'm the one Strawmaning?

    I did want to clear up a few things though - Auto Moderation is apparently enabled on my channel by my moderator (and I do think moderation is fine on YT) and I do actually WATCH the videos in question and actually subscribe to a few of these channels.
    Plz don't expect me to do more of these if the next guy says all my points are about his channel only. I just don't think females in BFV is a big deal this time around, sorry to my friends on the otherside.
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  • MidniteKReapa
    MidniteKReapa Day ago

    Hey Joe don't worry man. Trumptards whine and cry worse than SJWs with their racist comments and whining

  • MidniteKReapa
    MidniteKReapa Day ago

    The quarterpounder aka quartering = BETA MALE!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 just another incompetent Trump bootlicker

  • Broseph H
    Broseph H 2 days ago

    We certainly don’t have to agree on politics for me to enjoy your content. I love the in depth research and gameplay you put into your reviews. I certainly agree with the points being made regarding forcing an SJW agenda, but all the personal insults and unnecessary anger is ridiculous. Just remember that there are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, and mobs on both sides.

  •  3 days ago

    Wow! This is the first time I seen Joe legit being angry. He’s got a real temper 😂 I love it though but I think it is gon make problems in some cases.

  • Fernicus Maximus
    Fernicus Maximus 8 days ago

    Don't feed into the Quartering bs and political bs just ignore him.

  • Blood0cean
    Blood0cean 9 days ago +1

    Joe seriously.... stay the fuck out of any kind of politics.... ur just too far deep into a social echo chamber that is not bipartisan by any means instead it is left leaning.

    U dont bring up any nuance idea nor are u the type to prick the sensitive douches with some satire its not u and it doesnt have to be. Ur just gonna get backlash because ur mindset is that of a "sheep" general basic ass socio economic political information based brain fed off from mainstream media that makes its ratings thnx to u and ur kind.

    Just ignore it or if u want to make a comment about it make it in passing and how u dont appreciate it.
    The bottomline is, gaming is dominated by males, fps is dominated by males, Battlefield makes atmospheric reality shooters based on real wars, women were not even .1% of the soldiers nor are they today on the frontlines in high number i.e. they were virtually nonexistent. Hearing and seeing a woman soldier is as distracting as seeing tits being flashed at a stop light.

    Its not sexism... its sjw force fed political crap in ENTERTAINMENT thats the problem. We never had it cus we never wanted it.

  • Sammy The Bull Martin Studios

    I stand with you Joe, you did nothing wrong!

  • BloodAngel500
    BloodAngel500 Month ago

    lol and yet the quartering is 600,000 subs, angry joe is 3 million... yeah i they dont really matter

  • Oberman
    Oberman Month ago

    What's the point with all the personal attacks on AJ? Grow up people! If you want to argue your opinion, be respectful and talk subject matter!

  • Freedomlanders United

    This Quartering dude needs to stop attacking other channels. What a jackass

  • Winded Writer Productions

    Remember when we just played a fucking Video game. And had a good time. I'm tired of this "Normal people vs SJW" bullshit. I remember when video games were done, star wars was good, Shit was alright. I miss those days.

  • Porkle Dragon
    Porkle Dragon 2 months ago +1

    I dont get why Joe got hate for this it's just his opinion he was just speculating that it might be for a different reason

  • Penny Sturgill
    Penny Sturgill 2 months ago

    i get joe's point but hes totally overlooking that they blantenley lied about what they said they was going to make it as historically accurate as possible and if it was any other issue joe would have called out ive seen him do it and i understand what hes trying to say but joe himself lied when he said he didnt want to make it political and then contradictid himself when he basically said that only trump supporters hated sjw's which is not true most people according to statistics just dont like them i mean for god sakes most women dont like them . look im just saying it is fair to say you seem very biased on this subject but in no way is that gonna make me not like your reviews its just this one i dont agree with. And the reason i dont like this game because its seems to be this anoying political agenda that they shove down your throat and i think people who want to have fun just cant when in every cutscene theres some kind of hollywood political bullshit about how women are better than men and thats all i have to say.

  • alex pratt
    alex pratt 2 months ago

    The game is bullshit it didn’t even include America at the beginning the story is garbage they don’t even have a real American authentic campaign and they make you play as a nazi I hate Nazis I kill Nazis I take they scalps motherfucker 🤣 for real it’s garbage could have been amazing but yeah forcing women into the game is pretty garbage considering the only females who were actual combat soldiers were Russian snipers but whatever I just think it’s a shitty game the packs maps guns and content then on top of that the micro transaction bullshit then on top of that they rewrite history bf is supposed to be almost a simulator that’s why people buy it over cod if they’re just gonna say fuck it and throw history out the window in favor of liberals and cunt feminazis that I also wanna scalp then fuck em they can’t have my money

  • Jason Lee Dee
    Jason Lee Dee 3 months ago

    tramps will do anything for money

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 3 months ago

    Quarter Pounder is a HUGE (PUN INTENDED) joke of a TheXvidr with the likes of such shills as Downward Spiral, Clean Princess Gaming and Dong Yeah

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    I’m a pretty simple guy if a game developer tells me to not buy their game. I won’t buy the game. 🤨

  • Basic Attacker
    Basic Attacker 3 months ago +9

    No such thing as "anti-SJWs" just SJWs and sane people

    • Artair
      Artair Month ago

      @Wonky Dick No it was neither, it was quite intent to what that scene meant.

    • Wonky Dick
      Wonky Dick 2 months ago

      @InshalMusic Let me guess he was picking apart the female bits and nothing else?
      We call that a sexist or an incel. Not an "Anti sjw"

    • Basic Attacker
      Basic Attacker 2 months ago +2

      InshalMusic sure but it’s clear that their is some explicit SJW stuff in that movie, I understand what ur saying though

    • InshalMusic
      InshalMusic 2 months ago

      Not really. I saw some dude rant about Avengers Infinity war being a “SJW” movie. Guy was nitpicking to the max and just finding stuff to be mad about. Not even a small TheXvidr. Guy has a huge channel.

  • Basic Attacker
    Basic Attacker 3 months ago +4

    No such thing as "anti-SJWs" just SJWs and sane people

  • Ace Falcons
    Ace Falcons 3 months ago +1

    Don’t get worked up, Joe. I seen various videos from both yours and his, but his videos is more long winded and poorly edited. He’s just maybe trying to smear you tube competitors.
    Oh, btw, I occasionally view yours, but am not subscriber because those who live on the fence will fall on either side depending on direction of the wind of popularity and media.

  • TheWtfnonamez
    TheWtfnonamez 3 months ago

    ".... thats why I didnt name you". (I'll just leave that here)

  • CrypticSilver
    CrypticSilver 4 months ago

    The quartering has never made a video that shows sjws or people on the political left in a good way. He has made daily anti sjw videos and anti left videos about video games and developers that have left wing views though. The quartering generates clicks by doing this so dont sweat it

  • Fonz Bronz
    Fonz Bronz 4 months ago +1


  • Troy Powers
    Troy Powers 4 months ago

    1 year later and everyone was proven wrong. 😊🤔😏

    • Troy Powers
      Troy Powers 16 days ago

      @Bublee No, he said that this new character was john and questioned pretty extensively why couldn't they keep connor.

    • Bublee
      Bublee 4 months ago +1

      @Troy Powers he still gave that movie a high review of I remember and I did used to watch him but he wasnt this "political" and I say that in quotes because he acts retarded even without politics with the insane claims he makes and happens to ignore literally every time someone calls him out on giving a strawman argument. He is 100 percent political in talking about this like the people at EA were obviously being political. And everyone was still right about him I'm the first place and I bet thinks the same with the mindset he had it isnt likely to change rather than hide it because the negative reception

    • Troy Powers
      Troy Powers 4 months ago

      @Bublee the people calling joe an sjw. If you ever watch his vids, you know that joe is no where NEAR an sjw with his past videos of cod ww2 and terminator movie (THE MOST recent one).

    • Bublee
      Bublee 4 months ago


  • Troy Powers
    Troy Powers 4 months ago +1

    If you guys watch his channel, then you will have to admit, he's no where near an sjw. And joe for the record if dice is selling a realistic ww2 experience, then rather focus on how women are represented in the conflict. You did this in cod ww2.

  • DCBeatsMarvel
    DCBeatsMarvel 4 months ago

    It's all about politics guys I mean Have you Played MORTAL KOMBAT?

  • DCBeatsMarvel
    DCBeatsMarvel 4 months ago

    Why is everyone in the comments a big baby? BFV failed because SJW, Lack of content and lack of effort. Easy not that hard. Joe is right SJW only say those type of shit tho🤣

  • aaron s
    aaron s 4 months ago

    yall stupid, how tf is women politics

    • Artair
      Artair Month ago

      It's not, rewriting history and misleading women actual accomplishment is.
      We all loved the Russian WOMEN Snipers.

  • John Clark
    John Clark 5 months ago +1

    Ah, Joe. How you have ruined my opinions on you.
    From a man that made that amazing Halo 3 ODST vid back when it came out. To the 2016 elections. What ever happened to you?

    • Bublee
      Bublee 4 months ago

      @Winnie_The_Communist he seems to be the one wanting the politics because the game is political and he likes it

    • Winnie_The_Communist
      Winnie_The_Communist 4 months ago

      He's still the same person he wants to play a good game and not give a shit about politics

  • Young In
    Young In 5 months ago +2

    Joe’s such a fucking blockhead. The level of arrogance this guy exudes is just astounding. How stupid does he think the people that watch his videos are? He shits on EA consistently, but when social justice is involved, “guys, we should stop making fun of EA”. How transparent.

    • Young In
      Young In 4 months ago +3

      The number of dislikes seems to disagree with your notion that “most gamers don’t politically align with anti-SJW notions”.
      Also, if I was a woman and I found out a video game was including women into what is supposed to be a historically accurate video game, I’d feel extremely pandered to. I’m 100% sure this game would’ve sold more copies to women and men alike if it were true to the historic period.
      Also, the series *HAS* had historically accurate titles before, like uh idk, Battlefield 1? Literally the game before Battlefield 5.
      Also, there are just certain conventions that you have to accept when playing a video game: your character is able to come back from the dead without fail, your gun will never jam, you don’t die of a heat stroke, you don’t die from an illness, etc. These are just things that you have to accept when you’re playing a video game for the sake of entertainment.
      It is another thing entirely when a game that is trying to recreate a certain historic event or time period in a realistic manner to go ahead and add blatantly inaccurate elements into said game for no particular reason, especially when the player base just doesn’t want it.

    • Yibro
      Yibro 4 months ago

      His criticisms of EA are criticisms that we all share within the gaming community. No one should have to buy aa $60 game only to find out that most of the in-game content is locked behind another paywall. Joe is just tired of all the Anti-SJW narratives spun around whenever a game mentions anything political (that doesn't align with what most gamers believe in). For most people, the addition of women into battlefield was never an issue, for the company, the choice to include women was mainly for profit (as all business decisions are), since more women in video games = more women playing. You can absolutely make fun of EA for their shitty decisions, but when you're attacking their decision to include women into a game series that has never striven for realism in the first place, it's absurd.

      The game has to take certain liberties in order to ensure that it's going to actually sell copies, so certain guns depicted in the game function completely differently than those actually used in the war. Your character doesn't die from sickness, in the middle of a tent next to other dead soldiers. It's crazy how you can slide across the mud and kill 20 other players, but when you hear the scream of an injured woman in the game suddenly immersion is ruined.

  • No good to me dead
    No good to me dead 5 months ago

    There is just something about Jeremy that I think is sleezy af, Joe lays it all out in plain view. Still watch them both.

  • brajon70
    brajon70 5 months ago

    Fuck you Joe

  • colegmr
    colegmr 5 months ago +1

    15:27 (clapclapclap) He figured it out.

  • ExpertCrewUnlock
    ExpertCrewUnlock 5 months ago +11

    I think I can represent a majority of the "Hate fans" or at least myself so here ill put the things we don't like into bullet points

    * Miss-representation of the game before launch "Our most immersive battlefield yet"
    * Non accurate nor immersive character customization (variable eg. prosthetic limbs)
    * Miss handling of DICE and EA and their 'feedback' to consumer concerns
    * "I'll be on the right side of history"
    * "Don't like it, don't buy it"
    * "Get educated"
    * "My child.."

    Like seriously I don't understand why you're so confused and how you didn't take this in from the numerous videos you watched about "Our rants".

    It's not about SJW or their movement (though some put it that way and indeed it can be perceived). If BFV simply wasn't marketed the way it was as "Our most immersive battlefield yet" and instead "Our take on WW2" then I wouldn't have negative reservations against it. I would be Very disappointed but at least I knew that they acknowledged that their portrayal of WW2 is not accurate and they're not trying to make it accurate. It's not about seeing women depicted in video games, its about women with prosthetic limbs fighting inn the front line of a game that said it would be the most immersive installment of the franchise.

    What sealed the deal for me however and I think most of us are the handling of DICE and EA regarding our concerns. They vilified us to the point where we should view ourselves as evil and uneducated bigots. We only dislike the game because there are women in it and we cannot accept change in the 21st century. Things like that tipped us over the edge, and we responded by the way they specifically told us to.

    Up to this point, we never bought the game.

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris 5 months ago +1

    Spot on. Obviously politics are catering to the sjw community to pass agendas and what not.. But the real dangerous crazys in my opinion are actually on the right and they don't even know it. People on the right say there is no racism/sexism but you've just got to go through comments to see a ton of it..People on the left are all self righteous, easily triggered and have no grasp on reality.. So much division.. This whole left right thing is stupid. There should be good points from both sides, but the problem is there is no intellectual diversity on either side anymore. Everyone on the left thinks a certain way, and everyone on the right thinks a certain way. Both groups of people have put themselves into closed boxes.

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted 6 months ago +2

    I feel like this was one of the worst misunderstandings in the gaming news genre lol

    • Corrupted
      Corrupted 5 months ago +1

      @DKM Graf Zeppelin I actually think BFV is a piece of shit game compared to BF3/4 and older titles, and a really good example of awful modern AAA games, unfinished, pandering and with almost no soul, Im not trying to defend that game. (Also, fck EA)
      That banning part sounds awful, Im from the EU, so Im not as invested in US politics, but maybe some bans were justified? Otherwise, shitty character trait, but his whole channel is built around him ranting about shit he gets mad about and I think him getting overly into it the topic isnt that bad imo. Getting offended that easily seems like becoming what we hate the most, But I dont know the specifics, so maybe he's just a dick. That doesnt change the fact he's a good critic in my opinion, he had some misses like TLJ, but Im pretty sure he gave BFV a 4/10 at release didnt he? Being a fanboy can be annoying at times, but I think he usually corrects his first impressions in an extended review, if needed. I usually dont watch his reviews on release though, so I can understand that there might be an issue. (Maybe he should wait longer until the fan feelings are gone, to give a more objective review?)
      But I get it, Ive started boycotting games and movies for the littlest signs of SJW or anti consumer practices. I give private creators a little more space, because people are different. He might be more left-leaning and might dislike trump, but Ive never felt like it actually impacted his content all that much, I can respect that.
      No worries, I didnt feel attacked, I was just curious because I watch both jeremy's and joe's content and felt like they should get along. I understand joe though, jeremy sadly does have some retarded viewers (really small minority) who dont really understand the bigger picture and seriously make trump look bad, its like the SJW counterpart. Not talking about alt right or anything, just idiots who act like absolute retards, as seen in every community.
      Thanks for the answers!

    • DKM Graf Zeppelin
      DKM Graf Zeppelin 5 months ago

      @Corrupted to answer the NPC question in past streams he went after conservatives and called anyone who was a conservative or trump supporter racist, sexist, ect, and even banned people from the Angry Army in 2016 for simply either being conservative or not hating our current president. Then stated he loved the Young Turks but hates guys like Steven Crowder or Tucker Carlson calling them both the previous things I mentioned, I have no issue at all if he's left wing my problem is how he blindly follows it no questions asked and believes for lack of a better term "fake news". To answer the shill question he did state in past Battlefield V videos how much he loved the series with a passion and both on Twitter and TheXvid for lack of better term "got triggered" when the game got flak and started making excuses on why the game did poorly, don't get me wrong I actually like the game because of the multiplayer and gameplay I just hate how half the war stories (minus The Last Tiger) is rewritten history of the real events (I recommend a video on Battlefield V by American Krogan who covered it very well) if they marketed as alternative history and set as fictional WWII instead of trying to market it as an authentic WWII experience I feel the situation could've been entirety avoided. In the eyes of many Joe can redeem himself if he apologized and decided to keep personal politics out of gaming but I feel that sadly might not happen. I do hope I answered your questions sir and my apologies if I may have set the wrong impression like I said before I like the game for it's positives but highly dislike the negatives

    • Corrupted
      Corrupted 5 months ago +1

      @DKM Graf Zeppelin Where did he go npc or shill? Actually curious, Im no hardcore viewer but I usually understand his point of view, and I think his ratings are usually understandable. This case seemed more like "I dont care about politics, this game isnt bad because of that, focus on the gameplay" - He also backpaddled on that statement in his extended discussion, I think he just didnt know as much about the bad PR and people got overly mad

    • DKM Graf Zeppelin
      DKM Graf Zeppelin 5 months ago +3

      Came back to see these videos to remind myself why I unsubbed, angry joe became the very thing he hated a fanboy shill, not to mention he started getting political showing he's an NPC that hates conservatives, I use to have mad respect for the guy but he changed for the worst. Before people say "well if he was conservative you'd say something different" um no I prefer celebrities keep their view points out of their line of work involving video games and entertainment regardless if I agree with them or not

  • Anderico Games
    Anderico Games 6 months ago +1

    Hey Joe, ik this is an older video but I felt like I should comment. I love watching your show, I think you're one of the most reliable critic and reviewers out there. I am also a Republican, and I just want you to know that not all of us are like that, just internet trolls, I really wish people wouldn't jump at each other's throats for anything and everything. I agree with your idea that the preorder # was low due to the timing and advertisement. But also the controversy covering the launch. Just wanted to remind you whatever side you agree with or disagree with that you keep an open mind and keep up the good work. Love you and your work, I respect the shit out of you. Tell OJ that I said hi and he's hilarious, and ask Alex if he can be my dad because he's hilarious too. Bye have a great day Joe and company

  • Ethan Castillo
    Ethan Castillo 6 months ago +1

    I use to Respect you Joe

  • Ethan Castillo
    Ethan Castillo 6 months ago +3

    I remember when games didn't push Agendas 😭👌

  • Bendy wolf
    Bendy wolf 6 months ago +1

    A breed of Soyboy cry babies that take something completely stupid Into another issue

  • Ronnie Hopper
    Ronnie Hopper 6 months ago

    So according to dice the Nazis weren't that bad I mean they let black women in the army alongside white men when the US army with deeply deeply segregated again according to dice and EA

  • McFrozenNuggets
    McFrozenNuggets 6 months ago +3

    This is why I respect Joe - he admits his mistakes and owns up to them unlike the SJWs.

  • McFrozenNuggets
    McFrozenNuggets 6 months ago

    SJWs: _Why are you blaming US for the game's failure?_

    Joe: _Because ya done fucked it up!_

  • Random Internet Person
    Random Internet Person 6 months ago

    This is old, but whats with the 44,000 fucking dislikes?? Never really understood this... lol

  • Michael Davison
    Michael Davison 7 months ago +1

    I've never seen a bad AngryJoe video......ever. I think his rants are hilarious but it never occured to me that any of it was political. My comment means nothing, but Joe don't let yourself be dragged into this shit or allow it to be a concern in the making of your future vids.
    The sjw war is artificial poison. We want free comment, critiqueing, humour and mockery, it's why your channel is loved, don't change.

  • David Bentley
    David Bentley 7 months ago +3

    That dude at TheQuartering seems to always have a poor attitude. He has had one good video that I saw...ONE. All this internet drama is hilarious.

    • Jaime
      Jaime 6 months ago +2

      You sound like a little bitch

    • Kyo Mebi
      Kyo Mebi 7 months ago

      I'm going to adopt you

  • Midnight's Shadow
    Midnight's Shadow 7 months ago

    I noticed most of the comments hating are bots or accounts with no pfp. Rule #1: No pfp, no opinion.

  • First Last
    First Last 7 months ago +1

    Ahh *Looking back on this* Joe acted so childishly.. best we forget about this 😬

  • Devastater 97
    Devastater 97 7 months ago +1

    The biggest point of the whole "SJW catering" is because one of the campaign missions replaces proven historical MALE commando's with a single "wonder woman" who does the entire mission that took an entire team of trained commando's to do.

  • Y K
    Y K 7 months ago +3

    Joe is sucking the SJW bandwagon dick way too hard that it seems suspect. Dude is on some agenda pushing bullshit right here. Fuck this channel

  • Just Another papaya
    Just Another papaya 8 months ago +1

    Man, the dude from the Quartering is so damn ridiculous. Every video it seems, is about some SJW thing and companies trying too hard to be " woke ".

  • Jaster
    Jaster 8 months ago

    I saw another TheXvidr's video showing how anti-conservative and how you generalized Trump supporters as uneducated. Dammit Joe, I respect your opinions on video games, why in the ACTUAL FUCK would you take a political stance that forces me to unsubscribe? For an someone who obviously considers himself educated and intelligent that's pretty fucking stupid.

    *shrug* I know it has zero impact on you that I'll be unsubscribing all half dozen or so of my google accounts from your channel.

  • Patrick Rooney
    Patrick Rooney 8 months ago

    its like nuance doesnt exist
    imagine that it could be a combo of both

  • Arthur Salas
    Arthur Salas 8 months ago +1

    I don’t play games anymore but I love watching your vids when I’m bored. And my god I forgot how unsettling video game losers are (a lot but not all at least the ones that want to be heard for some reason)

  • S a t a N
    S a t a N 8 months ago

    battlefield 5 is ruined by its mechanics and gameplay / micro transactions. NOT by a female character, tomb raider, skyrim, how many of you fuckers make girl characters how many of you lonely fucking virgins do it. i bet most of you do.
    its a fucking video game not real life. if you want that read a fucking history book.
    fuck u

  • CrusherSaiyanCorp
    CrusherSaiyanCorp 9 months ago

    Err, the red bar haha. Even if you watch a video fully, if another autoplays right, then you have to click the video again to go back, leave a like and comment, now the red bar will look like you watched 1 minute of it. These dumb that the Quartering? I saw Mister Metokur shitting on this guy.

  • diego is awesome
    diego is awesome 9 months ago +1

    I havent seen any of The Quartering's videos. But just by seeing clips and controversies it's clear hes a fucking cunt.

  • Banana King IS DEAD
    Banana King IS DEAD 9 months ago

    If I remember correctly, woman didn't actually fight in the front lines, they would be medics or be in Espionage, or, a pilot, woman never actually set foot in the front lines like men did in those times, so no, being labeled uneducated because most of the people don't kater t your fantasy is dumb, and I would much prefer having a spy in one of the battle field v missions rather than those robotic, sjw dream girls.

  • Heartdrive
    Heartdrive 10 months ago

    but Joe ... Would they not even rape you x'DDD

  • Joe Mazzy Podcast
    Joe Mazzy Podcast 10 months ago +1

    Angry joe is a BETA! lol. soyboy.

  • Glorious Yeshua Almighty Holy True God

    You sure do swear and cuss like a sailor or something no professionalism in your speech you have so much hate you have a mouth of a sewer...its your right to do or say whatever but man you have no class.

    • Dark Night
      Dark Night 9 months ago

      Hey, it's "angry" Joe.
      Not "calm" Joe.

  • Spence
    Spence 10 months ago

    To be fair those comments were supposed to be hurtful.

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 10 months ago +2

    The most passive aggressive man on the planet Earth

  • Maxime Deslauriers
    Maxime Deslauriers 11 months ago +3

    The quartering is kinda BS. He’s just a guy who got kicked out of MTG.

    • Can O Bus
      Can O Bus 9 months ago

      The real idiots are the people who defend EA.

    • Kategari
      Kategari 10 months ago +3

      @Monarque he's really fucking dumb though.
      This is the same guy who said he had a problem with robots who are agendered, and then said he didn't have a problem with robots who are agendered, but still thinks Apex Legends is some SJW trash like come on dude. Open your eyes and wake the fuck up.

    • Monarque
      Monarque 11 months ago +6

      He's smart though. And correct on a lot of things, like the Battlefield V situation.

  • Ciggo Smoke'O Doggo
    Ciggo Smoke'O Doggo 11 months ago +5

    I honestly hate the quartering. I watched a few videos and then his vids didn't stop popping up for 6 months after. TQ can eat a fat one

    • Patrick Rooney
      Patrick Rooney 8 months ago +1

      hes a broken record, and can only see things from one point of view. he hurts his own oppinions by buiiding terrible 1 pov arguments. its a shit game, thats the bottom line. people didnt buy it for lots of reasons.

  • Spekter A-90
    Spekter A-90 11 months ago

    Merriam Webster:
    Definition of documentary (Entry 2 of 2)
    : a presentation (such as a film or novel) expressing or dealing with factual events : a documentary presentation.
    ... Things is there a lot of stupid people out there, who don't understand the term "Documentary" and believe that "documentary" is a word that is used to refer ONLY to "movies"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So again this just shows you that there're a lot of stupid people out there.

  • Kategari
    Kategari 11 months ago +1

    Oh shit the guy who attacked you was The Quartering?? Hahaha this guy is a shit show who these days gets so triggered (but only for the views coz he's a massive grifter) that Apex Legends had an Agendered Robot, a female and another female. It's actually incredible his big smooth brain has managed to stay inside his head.

  • Neil
    Neil 11 months ago +2

    You are the very first subscription i made on youtube Joe, no kidding. It was a month before I had a second subscription on TheXvid. SJW NONSENSE RUINED STAR WARS & NOW VIDEO GAMES.

  • foomba doomba
    foomba doomba 11 months ago

    What the fuck...weren't these your own fans?????

  • Kyler Ferry
    Kyler Ferry 11 months ago +1

    Historical accuracy was not a thought for dice on this one. Look at the period incorrect weapons in BF5. They're everywhere, and every single player that isnt a sniper, is running an auto weapon. IN WORLD WAR 2. Bullshit. They took the inaccuracy too far. They ignore major points and themes of ww2, that makes it ww2. So I'm not sure if they're specifically doing it to be politically correct, but the SJW movement IS what is wrong with our country, and why people are such fucking pussies nowadays. People are getting sued for rape, for saving drowning women. Like seriously we live in a country full of sensitive retards. So offended by every little fucking thing. Get over yourselves. Nobody cares about your opinions, your "voice" doesn't matter anymore than anyone else's. Everyone is so damn conceited, and so fucking entitled, and lacking basic morals. It comes down to the generation of parents that raised them to think everyone is a winner. Worthless parents that should've honestly swallowed their worthless children, or been swallowed themselves. The shit this game is starting, and the direction gaming is going, is a product of exactly that. Political correctness is fucking bullshit.

  • D
    D 11 months ago +1

    imagine siding with a soy boy like quarterpounder

  • Haruoki
    Haruoki 11 months ago

    so people getting trigged over angry joe making an opinion video, not surprising

  • Id buy that for a dollar
    Id buy that for a dollar 11 months ago +1

    It’s idiots like the quartering who claim they’re fighting for people’s right to free speech but then jump on you for exercising your right.
    Literally it’s just that you have a different opinion and one that they don’t like. Fuck them

  • Cynical
    Cynical 11 months ago +1

    Pay no attention to TheQuartering, he is clearly a very insecure, incredibly obsessed moron and unless you're one of his brain dead, rabid fanboys, you can clearly see him wildly speculating, twisting stories or straight up making shit up to fuel his god awful channel.

  • pashlyn
    pashlyn 11 months ago +1

    Quartering getting almost half a million subs recycling the most tired anti-sjw talking points is a sad example on how easy it is to be a certain type of TheXvidr

  • Donzo Stelly
    Donzo Stelly 11 months ago +1

    I like joe, he seems like a traditional conservative or at least a libertarian, but time and time again Joe constantly comes up with excuses and defends these fake outrage victim hood loving liberal SJW’s. Do some research and you will see these bastards dont care about games and movies they just want something to fuck up so they have an excuse to complain, look at star wars and in media that has bent the knee to the sjws when time comes to buy shit they never show up and then they ran off the real gamers and true fans......Man i wish joe would wake the fuck up!! He is battling against micro transactions and several things that im proud to stand against but he needs to quit trying to stay neutral and realize whats happening in our culture right now...l.nobody gives a shit about women in battlefield 5, ppl love tomb raider and women in games, damn joe read some articles before assuming stupid shit my dude.

  • Got Nothing
    Got Nothing 11 months ago +7

    Joe, I can't speak to your motivations or anyone else's; all I can comment on is my own. I think for a game who's biggest draw is its historical accuracy having a disabled woman on the front lines would be a negative point. Personally, I don't care, but that's cause I don't care about historical accuracy. I can understand other people's positions even if I don't share them.

    I thought you made a good point about the release. It probably did impact sales quite a bit. Like you, I also think the woman (while a negative point for some people) probably didn't have a significant affect on sales. No, where I think it all started going wrong is when Patrick Söderlund decided to call every person who didn't like the departure from historical accuracy "uneducated." I think the backlash against that comment was perfectly justified. As if insulting your customer base wasn't enough, they decided to challenge gamers directly, 'accept it or don't buy it. I'm fine with either' Well, gamers were perfectly willing to meet that challenge.

    The proper course of action would have been just to admit, 'yes this title is departing from historical accuracy a little in order to accommodate a little of our vision. We're sorry if this dampens your immersion in our game, but we assure you the gameplay is some of the best we've ever done" or something like that.

    The anger at you probably has more to do with you being on the side that decided to insult gamers than it does with the woman in the game.

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez 11 months ago

    The main character of Medal Of Honor Underground ps1 you play as a woman WW2 she was also in the first game just saying no one said anything then and now people go nuts some of them did fight in the French Resistance and in other countries women fought in many wars like Russia

    • MrSirFluffy
      MrSirFluffy 11 months ago

      They were clearly trying to pander. People buy BF for historical accuracy, it's why they survived the Call of Duty era of gaming.
      If they wanted a chick, than they should've chose normal ones, like the female snipers who were part of the war.
      Not some British chick with a mechanical arm, its so freaking cartoonish.
      Even than, some people were like okay the ad is stupid but whatevs.
      Than EA went out and called everyone idiots for saying the character didnt fit in, than said dont but the game. So they didn't.
      It was the condescending attitude they had towards there core players that pushed everyone off.
      They thought it was more valuable to pander to SJWs than to listen to the people who supported their game for years.

  • EZOW
    EZOW 11 months ago

    They just hate ea, was never about females in a ww2

  • Dauth Eldrvaria
    Dauth Eldrvaria Year ago +2

    The quartering is basically riding the anti-SJW hype train. It’s annoying. Or he is actually super anti-SJW and lets it bleed into his work heavily. Which is also annoying.

    • Dauth Eldrvaria
      Dauth Eldrvaria 11 months ago

      @Ferry Fernandus yea honestly I dunno how joe thought that video would have a high dislike ratio. Like the quartering doesn't even have half the followers he does. obviously some of the quarterings followers are joe's followers. It's been a bad few weeks for joe in the public eye even ill admit that. I mean I dunno if Joe is SJW But he is definitely overly emotional about somethings.

    • Ferry Fernandus
      Ferry Fernandus 11 months ago +2

      @Dauth Eldrvaria oh and also, thequartering said honestly that he followed joe not for political views and he's questioning 'why did you do that tweet on trump?'
      and then joe proceeds to roast thequartering by saying "trump fanboys"

    • Ferry Fernandus
      Ferry Fernandus 11 months ago

      @Dauth Eldrvaria see quartering's new vid, he even want to move on and still... joe making idiotic tweet and bringing back the drama.. smh

    • Dauth Eldrvaria
      Dauth Eldrvaria 11 months ago

      Gooniegoogle I’ll take neither.

    • Dauth Eldrvaria
      Dauth Eldrvaria 11 months ago

      That’s why I like Joe he tries to keep it about the games as much as possible and ignore the stupid ass political bullshit surrounding it. Bfv was horrible marketing but also a bad game in terms of the ones before it. But the anti SJW channels have to focus on women in the war and shit so the dumb ass sjws can feel like their problems actually fucking matter. Months later no one gives a fuck. Certainly not the dumbass sjws and anti sjws just us the gamers who wanna see the games improve not giving a fuck about women in games