🇦🇷⚽️AGUERO - the song!⚽️🇦🇷 (Sergio Aguero Goals Parody 2019)

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • After his hat-trick against Arsenal - we gave Sergio Aguero his very own song!
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Comments • 3 083

  • Fortnut !
    Fortnut ! Day ago


  • 69retarded x gaming69

    1:56 he's done a fowler hahaha

  • rêlâx
    rêlâx 2 days ago

    Don’t use the salt 😂😂😂

  • rêlâx
    rêlâx 2 days ago

    I love the references 😂😂😂

  • Mohammed Baajour
    Mohammed Baajour 2 days ago

    I'm hate man city i'm like city player segio gun dog sane de blue

    OYUN KRALLIĞI 3 days ago


  • Ski mask Son
    Ski mask Son 3 days ago

    I know there is another parody of this song on 442oons but I can’t find it can anyone help? Please

  • jana moffett
    jana moffett 3 days ago +2

    AGUERO o
    each like gets one extra O

  • Michael Robson
    Michael Robson 3 days ago


  • Victor Kihungi
    Victor Kihungi 3 days ago

    Still listening to this banging tune

  • Prayash Baidhya
    Prayash Baidhya 4 days ago

    Who likes Aguerooooo..

  • Amit Chakraborty
    Amit Chakraborty 5 days ago

    Please make a Dybala song without Ronaldo

  • Kristján Kristinsson

    why are you making this vid we all know that liverpool are going to win the LEAGUA the premier leagua and man city are shity and liverpool are going to win chelsea and mmmmmmmm. man shity are going to lose cp tomorrow. thats what you get pep that revenge of the earlier season and sarri muhahaha.

  • George 12
    George 12 6 days ago

    This is really good even tho I support Man Utd

  • GoldenG
    GoldenG 7 days ago


  • Sam boom
    Sam boom 7 days ago +1

    32 goals mo Salah boom

  • Saikrishnan Deepak
    Saikrishnan Deepak 7 days ago

    Who's here in April?

  • Adrian Phillips
    Adrian Phillips 7 days ago

    Tell that to lloris is 2019

  • K Yonder
    K Yonder 8 days ago

    Mo salah is better than a aguero

  • vlogger Epic
    vlogger Epic 8 days ago

    Dean a city fan
    Like if yes/reply if no

  • A l e x.
    A l e x. 8 days ago

    Thanks for the class of english :D

  • bev porter
    bev porter 9 days ago +2

    Unbeatable not Hugo lorris saved pen from aguero

  • 24
    24 9 days ago

    Start making a pt2 for when he destroys spurs

  • 권지민
    권지민 9 days ago

    Whos here after he missed a pen

  • Savage boy 29 11
    Savage boy 29 11 9 days ago


  • Jo Bowler
    Jo Bowler 10 days ago

    theres no way Watford can trash city,unless like wolves can make a comeback,like they trashed the scousers and the once parking boys!

  • Oscar's Airforce
    Oscar's Airforce 11 days ago


  • Haaris Fiaz
    Haaris Fiaz 11 days ago


  • Eva Bell
    Eva Bell 12 days ago

    What song Is this?

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 12 days ago

    What song is this, seems pretty old 😂

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 10 days ago

      Nathan B thanks so much! 😊

    • Nathan B
      Nathan B 10 days ago

      You're right, it's an 80s song - Gold by Spandau Ballet

  • Natasa Andelkovic
    Natasa Andelkovic 13 days ago +1

    i love aguero

  • Septic dude Rage mad
    Septic dude Rage mad 13 days ago

    You done the celebration when fowler got banned for 6 games wow

  • Yoyo God man
    Yoyo God man 13 days ago

    Oscar part made me laugh to death

  • Goyito Mireles
    Goyito Mireles 13 days ago

    This one of your best songs. Even tho i’am a Man Utd fan

  • ibrahim Aliyev
    ibrahim Aliyev 14 days ago +1


  • Opg Griezmann
    Opg Griezmann 14 days ago

    Dean if your favourite team is Man City who is your favourite player mine is AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Ibrahim Abdi
    Ibrahim Abdi 14 days ago

    I thought pep was in love with goalpost

  • The Last Nyte
    The Last Nyte 14 days ago

    Who else say the handball reference

  • Suwat Kasi
    Suwat Kasi 15 days ago

    DIEguero!! Im scoring less than one goal. I am so horrible!! Ive got peppy screaming “sub him off!!!”

    • Suwat Kasi
      Suwat Kasi 14 days ago

      Sorry guys. Its a random song that popped in my head

  • Mohammedplay nice games

    Agüero is the best footballer

  • Eva Bell
    Eva Bell 16 days ago +2

    To the 700 people who disliked this, why? Aguero
    He's bigger and better than yall.

  • jacqueline deans
    jacqueline deans 17 days ago

    Jermaine Defoe plays for Rangers which is a team in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 And I’m a Aberdeen fan which is also a team in Scotland so come you reds!!!

  • George Groves
    George Groves 18 days ago

    Hi f you check on he bed seen. The middle left hand side had hand if god

  • XboxMemeSquad9 Xbox name bro

    I agree

  • Ana 777
    Ana 777 19 days ago +1


  • Seda Akustik
    Seda Akustik 19 days ago

    Hahaha the best

  • Maria Alvarado
    Maria Alvarado 19 days ago


  • DarkGamer 2050
    DarkGamer 2050 19 days ago +1

    Real song?

  • Adam Czerepinski
    Adam Czerepinski 19 days ago

    1:14 the first touch was actually off of the defender

  • DonkeyIAm
    DonkeyIAm 20 days ago

    I'm just thinking the damage Aubameyang and Aguero could cause of they were on the same tesm

  • Halima Miah
    Halima Miah 20 days ago

    Is that meradona

  • Mad Lord
    Mad Lord 20 days ago +3

    Diego ran quickly because of something I like to call DRUGZ

  • Bolivia-San
    Bolivia-San 20 days ago

    Real song name?

  • Ashwin Rajesh
    Ashwin Rajesh 21 day ago

    Most clinical and complete strikers today are Kane and Aguero. They are just top class. But Aguero has lesser value due to age. Many dont recognise him coz he rarely starts for Argentina.

  • Victor Hryn
    Victor Hryn 21 day ago

    Im 5 ft and nine years old

  • Zdogs Eclipse
    Zdogs Eclipse 21 day ago


  • Mai Kamal
    Mai Kamal 21 day ago

    De bruyne😎

  • M2S Football
    M2S Football 22 days ago


  • Morgan Stevem
    Morgan Stevem 23 days ago

    He not better than Harry Kane Mohamed salah

  • soydios
    soydios 24 days ago

    Para Agüero la selección

  • Ben Salah youssef
    Ben Salah youssef 24 days ago

    Aguero:any hole is a goal
    Maradonna: hattrick?

  • abhijai singh
    abhijai singh 25 days ago +1

    DRUGS 😂😂🤣

  • Billys Gatsisjr
    Billys Gatsisjr 25 days ago +1

    Who saw Maradona taking the pancakes??

    X7ABGAMER TV 25 days ago

    aguero VS Salah VS hazard VS abmeyung VS Harry kane VS rashford

  • 권지민
    권지민 26 days ago

    Son is better ahhhhh

  • boi JR
    boi JR 26 days ago +1

    Name of the real song

  • FireBlazzt
    FireBlazzt 26 days ago

    United fan but I love this video

  • Gavin Lobo
    Gavin Lobo 26 days ago

    Aguero is bullshit

  • Gavin Lobo
    Gavin Lobo 26 days ago

    Aguero his even worst than morata

  • Music and Gaming
    Music and Gaming 27 days ago


  • Maher Haj
    Maher Haj 27 days ago


  • AJ Thapa
    AJ Thapa 28 days ago +2

    What's the original song name?

    • SOLAR_GLBoltz
      SOLAR_GLBoltz 25 days ago

      AJ Thapa that’s what it looking for aswell

  • Umut tuğra canım canim


  • I’m Harry
    I’m Harry 29 days ago

    1:35 did anyone see him take the pancakes

  • rardock
    rardock 29 days ago

    haha when Messi brings the ball to the air with his fingers.

  • King Omar
    King Omar Month ago

    Harry kane

  • Josh 123
    Josh 123 Month ago


  • Andrei Naryshkin
    Andrei Naryshkin Month ago +1


  • The Goxy 518
    The Goxy 518 Month ago

    D.lainez vs Aguerooooooo

  • Marty Rice
    Marty Rice Month ago


  • VTG
    VTG Month ago +1

    Best song he’s made

  • Steve Godino
    Steve Godino Month ago +1

    My favourite so far

  • Bogdan Ivanovici
    Bogdan Ivanovici Month ago +3

    Anyone after swensea comeback?

  • Filip Ro
    Filip Ro Month ago +2

    In what video i heared this song at 442oond??I don t remember

    • Ahmad Gh
      Ahmad Gh 26 days ago

      chelsea and man united

  • Nikola Jahorina
    Nikola Jahorina Month ago


  • bhat imran
    bhat imran Month ago +1


  • Atiqur Rashid
    Atiqur Rashid Month ago


  • Ege Mert
    Ege Mert Month ago +1

    Who will be here after Liverpool's championship in EPL

  • Murph Yourself
    Murph Yourself Month ago


  • Rok in igor show
    Rok in igor show Month ago +1

    1:10 nope no chance his bigger than higuain

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ιωαννιδης

    7-0 at the ucl 2 goal from aguero beast

  • sakeeb hussain
    sakeeb hussain Month ago +1


  • Ali Deniz Çelikkol
    Ali Deniz Çelikkol Month ago +1

    0:15 i thought aguero was number 16

  • youssef elorabi
    youssef elorabi Month ago +2

    Harry kane

    GAME THE GAME Month ago

    harry kane

  • Andrej Grujin
    Andrej Grujin Month ago

    0:16 Sound like Dean

  • Leon Can
    Leon Can Month ago

    Higuain was not fatty enough

  • Kareem Yasser
    Kareem Yasser Month ago

    I am loving it
    Since it was released I have been hearing it everyday since

  • Esa Asghar
    Esa Asghar Month ago +1

    Come on city

  • Wixtos 123
    Wixtos 123 Month ago

    Ty z Polski?