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  • Minh Gia Tran (Alvin)

    Don’t the vids already have the recipes?

  • Gohan Izazaga
    Gohan Izazaga 3 hours ago

    I subbed after watching the making the big cheese burger 🤣 love the vids but u making me hungry 🥺

  • Rachel Jefferson
    Rachel Jefferson 7 hours ago

    11:07 someone would love this *PIECE* of content! hAh, PUNtastic!


  • Mariah Gray
    Mariah Gray 8 hours ago

    Im so happy he gets to do something he loves with his life.

  • FaZe_ douglas
    FaZe_ douglas 14 hours ago

    Chocklet cake klad cake

  • discord dolton
    discord dolton 14 hours ago

    Should follow me on twitch lol 😂

  • nathan schotvanger
    nathan schotvanger 15 hours ago

    2:25 you let the cookies rest but it looks like there hot cuz the chocolate melts, did you reheat them or didnt let them rest. kinda curious 😙☺️

  • Man united 18/19 treble winners

    Credit to the camera man. He’s doing a banging job!

  • jamellah
    jamellah Day ago

    captions: “rea”, not rie.

  • kalaigirl
    kalaigirl Day ago

    gonna try the pancakes right now

  • Mihai Asaftei
    Mihai Asaftei Day ago

    im not really a guy that loves sweets...i generally don't eat cookies/chocolate or etc but that mirror cake looks amazing !!!

  • prankster_gangster 51

    im starving and then i watch this

  • Mental Brain PH
    Mental Brain PH Day ago

    How about super big halo halo

  • Cookies and Cream Just for fun

    My favourite part of the food is

    Eating it WHO’S WITH ME

  • That crazy Fanboy

    I’m the only one how thinks that Alvin is kind cute 😅

  • Fin Griffiths
    Fin Griffiths Day ago

    Make a giant doughnut

  • death-_killer30877

    I'm here for the pancakes

  • Sajid mehndi centre

    A great work dear from pakistan🤗🧞‍♂️

  • Marcin Niedzielski

    Hmm so the jiggly pancakes are essentially souffles yes ?

  • Geert Wilders
    Geert Wilders Day ago

    4:25 his arm is tripping

  • Truê Triz
    Truê Triz 2 days ago

    umm alvin is the only one that i know in tasty

  • Jessie Dickson
    Jessie Dickson 2 days ago

    He’s got a thing for layers huh

  • Zul Hakim
    Zul Hakim 2 days ago


  • he h
    he h 2 days ago

    Ugh I'd like to work there...

  • pooperman mason
    pooperman mason 2 days ago

    This video made me want to be a cook

  • 100 Subscribers with no videos

    And I love cooking so I might release some vids but first 50 subs???

  • 100 Subscribers with no videos

    This is one tasty producer that got my respect

  • Champagnemothr
    Champagnemothr 2 days ago +1

    1:08 That better not be motor oil

  • JinxedBoo
    JinxedBoo 2 days ago +2

    This is very beautiful and inspiring 😊💖

  • faith l
    faith l 2 days ago +1

    tasty : what piece would you chose?
    me: *is all of them a choice?*

  • Lina P.
    Lina P. 2 days ago

    Potato starch instead flour makes them more jiggly

  • diana karenina
    diana karenina 2 days ago +1

    Alvin is a genius

  • the gamer 28 i
    the gamer 28 i 3 days ago

    They are so delicious

  • the gamer 28 i
    the gamer 28 i 3 days ago

    I made the mozzarella sticks onion rings

  • HPgaming
    HPgaming 3 days ago

    Yah im someone who likes to eat too tasty

  • HPgaming
    HPgaming 3 days ago

    T. H. I. C. C. pancake

  • S W
    S W 3 days ago

    This guy used to be hot

  • Wayne Cullen
    Wayne Cullen 3 days ago

    Yup. Alvin and Rie. They're AWESOME!!!

  • Whitney Bread
    Whitney Bread 3 days ago

    *i wAs thiNkinG abOut shRek*

  • ishan pandya
    ishan pandya 3 days ago +6

    3:01 Shrek helps us think of good ideas thanks shrek

  • Josh McCartney
    Josh McCartney 3 days ago

    I’m only commenting this because there was 1699 comments so now it is 1700 I think

    RIKKI BRYANT 3 days ago

    this video was so helpful

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz 3 days ago


  • No Age Restriction
    No Age Restriction 3 days ago

    I would choose the half m and m half chocolate one

  • No Age Restriction
    No Age Restriction 3 days ago

    That looks amazing

  • Alisha Murdock
    Alisha Murdock 3 days ago

    Inspiring‼️ 🥰

  • U. B.
    U. B. 3 days ago

    Don't believe this. His secret ingredient is jizz lol

  • ultimate terminator75
    ultimate terminator75 4 days ago +1

    Brownie and banana bread

  • Dev_Lee
    Dev_Lee 4 days ago +1

    I wanna eat it :(
    Tasty is not letting me eat..

  • I talk About stuff
    I talk About stuff 4 days ago

    thinking about shrek 😂😂😂

    SOULSRUINED -_- 4 days ago

    Shrek is love Shrek is life

    SACHA GACHAS 4 days ago

    9:37-9:48 who else found that oddly satisfying and kept playing it back?

    No one? Just me? Ok just me Ok!!!!!!

    Also gonna like my own comment!!!!!

  • Slowing pig
    Slowing pig 4 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhh stahp it’s making my hungry

  • Om Mehta
    Om Mehta 4 days ago

    Great video so inspiring and so cool

  • dcast777
    dcast777 4 days ago

    Letting cookie dough rest that you've put melted butter in lets the butter solidify.

  • Curlyhair4life Boo
    Curlyhair4life Boo 4 days ago

    I made the pancakes fir breakfast and my siblings loved it it was very fluffy

  • Gabrielle LaForest
    Gabrielle LaForest 4 days ago

    he is the triple C king:Cake cookies and cream

  • Malachite Mangusu
    Malachite Mangusu 4 days ago

    the first one is actually called a japanese cheesecake

  • Haley Bledsoe
    Haley Bledsoe 4 days ago


  • etta george
    etta george 4 days ago

    make a giant mirror cake

  • Airsoft Guns
    Airsoft Guns 5 days ago

    That half Oreo triggered my ocd

  • daniel_my_daddy on IG

    your hands are super attractive.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 5 days ago

    I want ur chocolate chip cookies soooo bad omg like I can taste the gooeyness in my mouth

  • Mr MuppetFan
    Mr MuppetFan 5 days ago

    I love your imagination to go so far in just the idea of it happening that is why your so cool

  • 500 subs for no reason

    did he just tell us how to make the recipe when the recipe already tells us how to make it?

  • Henrik Post
    Henrik Post 5 days ago

    Alvin you're the best

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 5 days ago

    really cool !!!

  • Fransokiyo Animations

    There’s something about watching people make food and not actually trying the recipe... idk anyone else...

  • RinANgelKAgamine
    RinANgelKAgamine 5 days ago

    He needs to open a restuarant with multiple stores internationaly

  • YJ K
    YJ K 5 days ago

    Wow! Getting so hungry just by watching this video! 😃👍

  • David Leon
    David Leon 5 days ago

    He should make huge flan which is Mexican dessert

  • David Leon
    David Leon 5 days ago

    If you Mexican you know that shiz look like flan

  • ducktail101 goldin
    ducktail101 goldin 5 days ago


  • School_Boy_Ish
    School_Boy_Ish 5 days ago

    Where’s Rie

  • School_Boy_Ish
    School_Boy_Ish 5 days ago


  • Mukul Dangi
    Mukul Dangi 5 days ago

    you are a god chef

  • testenten
    testenten 5 days ago

    I know this is weird, but his hands are so pretty.

  • Helena Simic
    Helena Simic 5 days ago

    9:31 also jealousy


    11:27 i dont think thats something to be tooo proud of😂 people just hungry

  • The Madison Zone
    The Madison Zone 5 days ago +1

    You'll always get the oeice you want uhh well.for me j would get none of that cause its gross

  • Emily Hu
    Emily Hu 5 days ago

    8:16 but there all so good 😩

  • sean Kelly
    sean Kelly 5 days ago

    I just thought I would help your self esteem today. I watch these videos bc you are cute. You should be in them more 😇

  • aero
    aero 5 days ago

    i hate buzzfeed bUT THIS WAS TOUCHING

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    BuzFeed is Sub Botted!

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash

    Imagine being Asian and your mom names you fucking Alvin
    That’s just like Humphrey wtf

  • Mnoppee e
    Mnoppee e 6 days ago

    omgomgomg it's the kichi kichi chef in the first picture

    THUNDERHUNTER 950 6 days ago

    Pek aboo

  • Corinne Wesner
    Corinne Wesner 6 days ago

    This video just really makes me happy

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu 6 days ago +1

    Why is this video so oddly inspirational? 😂

  • Viviana Barrientos
    Viviana Barrientos 6 days ago

    I want to become a tasty producer when I grow up

  • XoxKawaii_Potato-xoX

    *24 to 36 hours?!!?*

  • A R
    A R 6 days ago

    What is a gram cracker? It's a biscuit right?

  • Kaa Bee
    Kaa Bee 6 days ago

    David Parody?

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 6 days ago

    So its you who make these offensive videos that tempt people . but we the lazy ones cant make it and then your food torture us with cravings.

  • Draz'Gul
    Draz'Gul 6 days ago

    I'll risk diabetes for this stuff

  • Pineapple Parrot
    Pineapple Parrot 6 days ago


  • Ur daily fat potato I’m a fatso potato

    I’m extremely offended his name is SHREK not the famous green ogre

  • Silver Shine
    Silver Shine 6 days ago

    What’s in the breading for the mozzarella onion rings?

  • Steph SAB10
    Steph SAB10 6 days ago

    Wow.. so basically the videos I watched are all made by Alvin 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 6 days ago +1

    this is honestly my favourite food channel