The Princess Switch | Have You Ever Seen Kevin with His Shirt Off? | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Kevin makes Lady Margaret swoon in The Princess Switch. Literally all the heart eyes. Have you ever seen Kevin with his shirt off?
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    The Princess Switch | Have You Ever Seen Kevin with His Shirt Off? | Netflix
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Comments • 101

  • Tyler Stump
    Tyler Stump 6 days ago

    Don’t objectify men

  • العاب شخص ما

    what is the reall name of kavin

  • HQU
    HQU 10 days ago

    Now do this with a woman.

  • Fuzzy Tabby
    Fuzzy Tabby 17 days ago

    That's probably one of the most annoying fake British accents ever.

  • Camilo Mendez
    Camilo Mendez 19 days ago

    i’m sorry but I’ve never seen a perfect body but his i’m shooketh

  • Cherry pops
    Cherry pops 26 days ago


  • beatriz f
    beatriz f 26 days ago

    This guy was smiling the entire movie, such a good energy, charisma !

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

    Cut scene?

  • Thanos Chungus
    Thanos Chungus Month ago +23


  • violet goodman
    violet goodman Month ago +1

    This movie was absolutely horrible. Don't watch it

  • sal
    sal Month ago


  • 『 おもしろい!』


  • Jordyn Ward
    Jordyn Ward Month ago

    I'm watching the movie right now

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  • Matt ST2
    Matt ST2 Month ago +1

    Great! Now can we see here tits Netflix? I wanna make this equal or else this is bullshit!

  • Ported Plains
    Ported Plains Month ago

    Can y’all put pulp fiction or inglourious basterds back on streaming? Or better yet, put some solid western movies on stream. It would be much appreciated.

    • Ported Plains
      Ported Plains Month ago

      Ah shit, never mind. Y’all put Apocalypse Now back on, we’re all good... for now.

  • Candace S. Hurst
    Candace S. Hurst Month ago

    Ouch. Baby.

  • Digital Devil
    Digital Devil Month ago +1

    My wife calls him Hotbama lmao

  • Divya Chandra
    Divya Chandra Month ago +10

    "Have seen Edward in a tux?
    He was born in a tux."😂😜

  • Trevor Rahaman
    Trevor Rahaman Month ago

    who agrees he looks like Bruno Mars?

  • Davina Missick
    Davina Missick Month ago +2

    It's so boring

  • Valery Dayann
    Valery Dayann Month ago +46

    Idk if I'm the only one but, I REALLY want #PrincessSwitch2 so that we can all see more of Stacy, Edward,Kevin,Olivia and Margaret....and I want to see more of how Stacy deals with the Royal style of life....

  • Original Soundtrack
    Original Soundtrack Month ago +1

    Hipocresía feminista.

    COLTON Month ago +4

    Lame, i want to see a guy with a full clothes and look classy!!

  • Sebi The Hunter
    Sebi The Hunter Month ago +3

    Netflix knows what we like

  • Akbar Syahputra
    Akbar Syahputra Month ago


  • Eli Castillo Zárate

    I prefer Prince Edward without t-shirt.

  • Elisa D. Jones
    Elisa D. Jones Month ago

    this scene was VERY well done, the rest of the movie not so much

  • Smiley
    Smiley Month ago +21

    Is it just me or does the guy look a bit like Vanessa? lol

  • Non White-Knight
    Non White-Knight Month ago +34

    *Will Netflix show true gender equality by promoting Vanessa with her shirt off?*

    • Fuzzy Tabby
      Fuzzy Tabby 17 days ago +1

      +Antares Sexualizing men more isn't the solution to the sexualizing of women. it just spreads the problem to more people.

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      +Antares You need to be educated -

    • Snoopster25
      Snoopster25 Month ago +1

      +Antares The definition of privilege: An excuse made up by the idiotic leftists who want something to cry about to let their voices be heard. There is no such thing as "privilege" and everyone is equal. Women are not below men and they are, in fact, prioritized higher than men in this left leaning society, so, if you think about it, men are the ones being discriminated against. Oops my bad got into a new topic but the point is, *P R I V I L E G E D O E S N ' T E X I S T* :)

    • Antares
      Antares Month ago

      +Non White-Knight The position of men and women in society isn't the same. So you can't treat them the same. Do you know the definition of privilege?

  • emeanmachine
    emeanmachine Month ago

    Netflix really out here giving females masturbation material

  • Chandler Whitchurch
    Chandler Whitchurch Month ago +1

    Movies like this have no subtly whatsoever. You are spoon fed all information

  • Lennie Godber
    Lennie Godber Month ago +19

    Switch the genders and watch the outrage at the title of the video coming flooding in

    • syafiqjabar
      syafiqjabar Month ago +1

      You think people won't like it if a girl just walks in in her bra, not all sexy like, but just all "hey yo imma outta toothpaste gimme yours"?

  • Moranguinho x
    Moranguinho x Month ago

    I LOVE this movie. ♥

  • Shawty Fyne
    Shawty Fyne Month ago +3

    This show just got a new viewer!

    • Shawty Fyne
      Shawty Fyne Month ago +1

      Update....i got sad when i realized its a movie and not a show

  • Dima b
    Dima b Month ago

    Hot Brown Bull Damn I loves

  • strangerthings A
    strangerthings A Month ago +1

    Dear Netflix,
    Hello so i have had Netflix for a really long time like when it first came out and I had wanted to watch battle royal because my friend told me it was good so can you please bring back battle royal because when i went to go see it which was today it didnt show it then i saw a video about how you guys took it out please answer me back as soon as possible

  • RullyisJRM
    RullyisJRM Month ago +7


  • nathan alvarado
    nathan alvarado Month ago

    No blacks

  • Nike
    Nike Month ago +3

    He took his shirt of and he has muscles, isn’t that toxic masculinity? Quick let’s use our feelings to express about offensive he is

  • BerlinBourne
    BerlinBourne Month ago +16

    Really Netflix? Really?

    • Le Coeur
      Le Coeur 11 days ago

      +Netflix lol

    • Amaal Bardien
      Amaal Bardien 14 days ago +1

      You think this is over the top? Netflix posted a 5 hour video of Peter Kavinsky in a hot tub. Low-key living for it 😂

    • Netflix
      Netflix  Month ago +23


  • keen
    keen Month ago +11

    He looks like Obama

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 Month ago +1

    his boobs are just..........SIGH. YUMS

  • serenityq26
    serenityq26 Month ago

    must be their new hit with all these clips they releasing

  • Charlie H
    Charlie H Month ago +1

    I was straight a minute ago... fuck

  • Gabriel Antoneczyn
    Gabriel Antoneczyn Month ago +1

    Quando vai vir a segunda temporada de beyblede burst evolução ?

  • De Von
    De Von Month ago +133

    I want to see him with his pants off instead

    • It's Funn3h
      It's Funn3h 10 days ago

      +Netflix pls make another movie with the same cast plsssss

    • Enji .S
      Enji .S Month ago

      violet goodman u mean sexual

    • violet goodman
      violet goodman Month ago +2

      Disgusting comments

    • Enji .S
      Enji .S Month ago

      Netflix ;) yes it is and I love u UwU

    • Netflix
      Netflix  Month ago +35

      That's aggressive

  • Cerine Lounis
    Cerine Lounis Month ago

    I dont have a netflix account💔💔

  • Shantiece
    Shantiece Month ago +61

    His smile is everything 😆but that body, I was Vanessa in this scene haha!

  • Laila Beard
    Laila Beard Month ago

    Fineee ❤❤

  • Lovely time
    Lovely time Month ago

    I have seen it today it’s so nice

  • Jesse Ventura
    Jesse Ventura Month ago +37

    Have you seen Vanessa Hudgens with her shirt off? Well... you can...

    • jbug1979
      jbug1979 Month ago +2

      that girl's had more leaks than Edward Snowden!

  • Artie
    Artie Month ago

    Kevin Spacey? Sweet.

  • Tanis Hardy
    Tanis Hardy Month ago +2

    I was conflicted idk how to feel when I watched this movie

  • blueberry exorcist
    blueberry exorcist Month ago +47

    *the princess switch is gold.*

  • Rock amolie
    Rock amolie Month ago +62

    I really don't want to see this Kevin guy with his shirt off.
    But I do want to see the trailer for sex education.

    • serenityq26
      serenityq26 Month ago +4

      huh??? nothing in that sentence made sense

    • pepperrgirl
      pepperrgirl Month ago +4

      Nah I'm good. TMI. 5 mins ago, i had a fantasy about Kevin where we smashed hard. I foresee no STD issues from that interaction. Woot!

  • Rey Cavalcanti
    Rey Cavalcanti Month ago

    Q homem era aquele? Puta merda! Pq ele n tava nu?

  • Mr. Know It All
    Mr. Know It All Month ago +11

    *Zaddyyyyyy* 😎😆😂😘😅

    • Enji .S
      Enji .S Month ago

      Mr. Know It All *eyyyyy*

  • Meredith Grace
    Meredith Grace Month ago +31


  • giannina2404
    giannina2404 Month ago


  • slime tastics
    slime tastics Month ago

    First to comment.Yasssss!

  • Karim Belkhous
    Karim Belkhous Month ago +4

    هل من شكوبيستاتي هنا 🐸!!!