• Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today we're talking about one of my most favorite hair tools of all time that no one really uses. ROLLERS! They're easy and quick to use and leaves your hair with lasting amazing body and volume! Like hello?
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  9 months ago +3273

    Why are y’all the coolest people ever!! I met so many of you at beautycon this weekend and it was sooo dope! Even though I’m actually a shy introvert in real life and I have major social anxiety 😔

    • Sadae Sashington
      Sadae Sashington 6 days ago

      Brad Mondo I have the same issues. But you manage your anxiety a lot better than me

    • Gacha Wolf dog
      Gacha Wolf dog 20 days ago

      you and your stunt doubles hair look the same

    • samreen altaf
      samreen altaf 26 days ago

      Brad Mondo you are the best 💕

    • Rosario Roman
      Rosario Roman Month ago

      Omg I have those Remington rollers!!! My Grandma actually bought them! Lol

    • Destiny K
      Destiny K 2 months ago

      Dude I love you

  • Tanz Tube
    Tanz Tube 23 hours ago

    Why are you attractive 😩

  • Katarina Đorđević

    Nooooo why did you brush these babies out 😭😭😭

  • Haley Grace
    Haley Grace Day ago

    I want some Glitterati😩🙄

  • Nissi Bergman
    Nissi Bergman 3 days ago

    I just found you and this video is AMAZING. I can’t wait to watch more 😍

  • Carol Walsh
    Carol Walsh 3 days ago

    I would have loved to have watched this video but up to the first Ad, no information was given. I think TheXvidrs need to get to the point if they want people who aren't brain dead or jobless or whatever, to stick with their video. Who has so much time to waste? Life is too short.

  • Angela Jeck
    Angela Jeck 4 days ago

    I want you too give me a unique colors and style...

  • Skyfalling A.
    Skyfalling A. 4 days ago +2

    omg I'm a big time mondoette and researched and got this roller set last month, NOT knowing he used this back in april...great set i agree!

  • Bridget Linton
    Bridget Linton 6 days ago

    Alright, you might've just convinced me to try these. I've been trying to figure out an easier way to do my hair to get look 1 or 2, and this seems like something I can manage before taking the kids to school!

  • Jisoo_on_helium
    Jisoo_on_helium 9 days ago

    This video should just be called
    *Brad Mondo talking about glitterati for 17 minutes*

  • Holly P
    Holly P 12 days ago

    Great video Brad!

  • Holly P
    Holly P 12 days ago

    How do people not know about rollers? Does he mean retarded people?

  • Ligia Saenger
    Ligia Saenger 12 days ago

    Pls make a video making a big haircut transformation on a doll! At least if we try following tutorials of how to cut your own hair on TheXvid it'll be from a pro styling a mannequin.
    Luv from Brazil, Brad ❤️

  • Floral & Fire
    Floral & Fire 12 days ago

    My best friend with hot rollers was a vintage hair book. Takes 10min and my hands are free while it sets. I now have volume, beautiful curl and shine for at least two days after I do it. I've even asked if my hair is mine lol. ETA: after looking at how he sets the rollers I'm glad I set mine the same way! Amazing volume.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell 13 days ago

    Thanks for showing this due

  • mary janson
    mary janson 14 days ago

    I love you Brad, but your hair color reminds me of the Joker.....not a good look for you. ❤

  • lethe sunk
    lethe sunk 14 days ago

    Thank you

  • Fatima Liakat
    Fatima Liakat 15 days ago

    you are so good ..

  • Brittany Lawrence-Newby

    I like rollers! I find that the plastic alligator clips hold the hot rollers a lot better. You can get them at Dollar Tree.

  • scooter4762
    scooter4762 15 days ago

    Brad honey thank you so much 😊 for doing this video I am currently going to Paul Mitchell School and curlers is what we went over and you’re video helped me understand it better I am so grateful you did this I love watching you’re videos

  • Gabrielle DiPietro
    Gabrielle DiPietro 17 days ago

    Just trying to help:
    Wash your hands with COLD water before you try to take off your rings.
    If that doesn't work,
    try taking off the rings while washing in cold water, the slippery the soap(try dish washing soap like dawn) the better.

  • S2MariaRosaS2
    S2MariaRosaS2 17 days ago

    I don’t know if anyone has said this already but I’m 90% sure that those pins are supposed to go sideways on the rollers 😅 anyways looooove your videos Brad 💕

  • FootSoldier66
    FootSoldier66 17 days ago +3

    “Just put them in your freakin head.”
    Best tutorial ever. 😂

  • Whitney Sosebee
    Whitney Sosebee 18 days ago

    When you said Whitney I was like what cause I was talking to my friend then all of the sudden I hear you say my name😂

  • Baka - Kun
    Baka - Kun 18 days ago

    How do you do this with short hair-

  • cathy williams
    cathy williams 20 days ago


  • Brianna Peterson
    Brianna Peterson 20 days ago

    So I’m a curly girl, I do roller sets on my fine 3b hair with rollers that are spiral (that’s the curl I would want ideally). I start off on freshly conditioned wet hair, I put product all over my hair. Wrap sections in the spiral rollers. Then I sit under a hooded dryer for about 1-3 hours (depends on how thick each section is, I usually am under there for about 90 mins) I’m typically about 80% dry and I leave them overnight until the morning. I use a blow dryer to heat the rollers up and oil to coat my hands and prevent frizz. My roller sets last about 5ish days

    Also, if you are planning to use regular curlers, be sure to dry 100% of the way or silk wrap your curlers to prevent your natural curl from forming 😂

    • TheMariemarie16
      TheMariemarie16 11 days ago +1

      I have 4a/4b hair and one time when I was young I literally did this myself once a week for 2 years when my mom stopped paying to get my hair done cuz we were broke. It looked pretty good and my hair ended up mid back length. One day it was raining so the school bus driver drove an extra 2 blocks so that my "mom's money wasnt wasted on my hair." When I told her I did it myself she was shocked and she never drove me extra again. Lol

  • Nope You’re Not Entitled

    Can you do a quick one on using a clip style curling iron?
    Plus it looks pretty easy.
    If my head was hooked to the table while I was rolling my hair.
    😭😭😭I can never do it!!! And Whitney is gorgeous. She’s going to steal my bf from me 😩

  • Jo Frances
    Jo Frances 24 days ago

    Love 💓 your channel you make me smile just watching you and listening to you chat learning thank you 😊❤️🙏

  • Jessica Van brocklin
    Jessica Van brocklin 24 days ago

    My grandma does her hair in rollers everyday. And teases it. Big poofy blonde hair.

  • Ava Grace
    Ava Grace 25 days ago

    my grandmother has these exact rollers and now i have them :)

  • celtzen
    celtzen 25 days ago

    I'm late to this - but this whole video brought back a boatload of memories of sitting and watching my Mum putting curlers in her hair (in that same pattern) before she went to bed every night

  • Anna Siedler
    Anna Siedler 25 days ago

    A curlformer video would be fun

  • Marissa Diehl
    Marissa Diehl 26 days ago

    Soo much work tho..

  • Haylee Lorton
    Haylee Lorton 27 days ago

    If you could come do my hair every morning that would be great

  • Liza Dosa
    Liza Dosa 28 days ago +1

    I'm sorry what was the name of that product you sprayed in her hair again? I didn't quite catch it

  • E B
    E B 28 days ago

    We Hispanic use rollers all the time Lmaoo

  • Jazlyn Tiger
    Jazlyn Tiger 28 days ago

    blue ones? okay purple roles 😂🙈

  • Vespalady13
    Vespalady13 29 days ago

    Get that with a round brush. old school lol

  • Melissa Bodenger
    Melissa Bodenger Month ago

    Noooooo 😩 your product has propolis and I have the most viscous contact allergen (it’s peely and oh so icky when it happens). If you happen any other recommendations for me to look into I’m all ears!

  • Makenzie Roden
    Makenzie Roden Month ago

    I’m dying at “my rings always get stuck, ughh am I gonna have to get my finger chopped off” 😂😂😂😂

  • GoodandGlam
    GoodandGlam Month ago +3

    *me not even a minute in, never used rollers, never even crossed my mind*

    I should probably buy some rollers on Amazon 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Eva BK
    Eva BK Month ago +1

    If I could blowdry like that I would just stop there 🔥

  • Lia Unnie
    Lia Unnie Month ago

    I watched this entire video just to find out if i could sleep with a single roller on my bangs, didn't regret.

  • Sunniva
    Sunniva Month ago

    I just ordered some rollers now. I have too much hair and too little patience. Seriously, I don't even get to wash and dry my hair at the hairdressers because it is too thick and takes forever to dry, and I refuse to leave with wet hair. When I ask for more time in advance, they're like no sweetie, of course we know how to do our jobs. And then I still have to leave with wet hair in minus 30 degrees because the next customer is fuming in the background.
    Sorry, needed to vent.

  • Sierra Wilson
    Sierra Wilson Month ago +4

    I wish my hair held curl for more than 5 minutes. 😭

  • Andres GOTH
    Andres GOTH Month ago

    1:46 michael Jackson vibes 👌👌

  • SuperNoodle
    SuperNoodle Month ago +1

    I’m still dying for this hair colour in brad

  • Laural ローラル

    Brad, your rings will be cut off long before your fingers will. I think you’ll be fine lol

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 Month ago +1

    Me trying to use a rollerbrush on my long natural curls:
    1. Brushes hair once
    2. Gets brush stuck in hair
    3. Tries to remove it while hair tangles into a giant knot
    4. Cries and gets the scissors out
    Obvs I'm doing something wrong! 😭
    By the way, I'm pretty sure the pins are supposed to go legthwise with the rollers - I spent many hours in the '70s watching my cousins put rollers in their hair and that's how they "rolled" back then! 😄

  • Miss Difficulty
    Miss Difficulty Month ago

    Yo, would you like a live mannequin....

  • Haley Lefurgey
    Haley Lefurgey Month ago +6

    That one piece in the middle of her face for the first like 5 mins was sooo aggravating

  • Sofie
    Sofie Month ago

    THIS is the best Video i‘ve ever seen. Seriously. The second look? Tried to achieve that like my whole life but didn’t even know where to start. I feel like getting out of my bed and TRY IT OMGGGG😍😍😍😍 shook

  • Kat Umlang
    Kat Umlang Month ago

    My mom uses hot rollers everyday to style her hair mainly so it doesn’t frizzy but I used to joke when I was little that they were boing boing curls😂though I never knew how she did it it seemed so hard so this video was very educational thank you 🙏🏻

  • Michael Page
    Michael Page Month ago

    I have really long hair. Any recommendations? Should I just force the entire length of the hair onto the roller or do more sections?? Or more rollers in one strand?

  • Stephanie Heather
    Stephanie Heather Month ago

    What is is the best way to buy glitterati if I live in the uk? Can I still by from his website? Somebody help!!

  • Real Random Things
    Real Random Things Month ago

    Anyone uses " Hot hair curlers sticks " anymore?

  • Mo Caret
    Mo Caret Month ago

    Dusting off rollers💛

  • M Gunn
    M Gunn Month ago

    I would love to see you do a video someday of how to properly style hair withsomeone suffering with polycystic ovarian disease like myself .

  • Kit Tate
    Kit Tate Month ago

    Wish I could post an old pic of when I used rollers all the time! I loved that look so much. When I grow my hair out again I'm definitely breaking them out again!