Captain America Shield Part 2 - Paint & Handles

  • Published on Apr 22, 2016
  • Welcome to Part 2 of my Captain America's Shield Project. If you have followed part one (linked to below) you will now have a custom size shield ready for decorating with paint and handles.
    As an alternative to rubbing down the silver paint with wet and dry in a circular motion, I have also span a shield on a rotating cake stand like a record and applied the grit paper as it span, working my way out from the centre. So if you want the spun metal look this will achieve that for you.
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    Part 1 of Captain America shield build :
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  • ao oo
    ao oo 7 days ago

    I like school

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  • ao oo
    ao oo 7 days ago

    I like captain america
    So mom

  • The unknown 2005
    The unknown 2005 Month ago

    Is it bullet proof? If not make a bullet proof shield

  • Priyanka Agrawal
    Priyanka Agrawal 2 months ago

    Please make a mini Captain America foldable shield 🛡

  • Luke Barredo
    Luke Barredo 2 months ago

    That’s actually sick

  • Lukepain
    Lukepain 2 months ago

    How do I fill the pits

  • Quinn Keegan
    Quinn Keegan 2 months ago

    4:45 What is that spray? Can't quite catch the name of it

  • Micah Glaze
    Micah Glaze 3 months ago

    I would really be happy if you made me a sheild of captain America,I tried to make a captain America sheild by myself but all failed I live at 2421 sparrow springs road,kings mountain,North Carolina State and you can mail it to my house,only if you want to,but I would appreciate if you would,thanks

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. 4 months ago

    Bless you for these tutorials, man 😍😍😍

  • Jeffry Jolly
    Jeffry Jolly 4 months ago

    this is amazing!!!!

  • Santos Ruelas
    Santos Ruelas 4 months ago

    You should do one for me and send it to me like literally

  • Matthew Trethewy
    Matthew Trethewy 4 months ago

    hey Man
    i really like your builds but i cant make it any where as good as yours i was wondering maybe you could build one for me and i would pay for it shipping and everything. please reply and i will give my details

  • Edmund Ng
    Edmund Ng 4 months ago +1

    You should make the uso version of this
    This ww2 heater shield

  • Bernhard Hertig
    Bernhard Hertig 4 months ago

    How much does it weight

  • Peter Productions
    Peter Productions 4 months ago

    Great! Now I got a weapon.

  • bigtropyoutube
    bigtropyoutube 5 months ago +2

    If caps shield was made of a vibranium compound how the hel did they put the handle on it

  • Luis Alberto
    Luis Alberto 7 months ago

    When i made mine, i use a red marker so i dont have to worry about the red paint 👍🏼

  • Otavio Rocha
    Otavio Rocha 8 months ago

    the best, man!

  • Aymaan Saheer Khan
    Aymaan Saheer Khan 9 months ago

    Brainfoo Can you colour these gold and blue

    • Josh Wilson
      Josh Wilson 4 months ago

      Why the fuck would he do that... the shield is red white and blue. Dumb cunt

  • Nuni Yavnai
    Nuni Yavnai 11 months ago

    It's so shinyyy it's beautiful :)

  • Seán McCarthy
    Seán McCarthy Year ago

    If I was doing that I would of cut of the star and spray painted it on so it does not fall of in a while

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Year ago

    3:55 target lol

  • Diamondking
    Diamondking Year ago


  • bubbs2010
    bubbs2010 Year ago

    Awesome finish - Truly awesome. You are a craftsman Sir

  • Cal FPV
    Cal FPV Year ago

    That finish is just ridiculous....looks absolutely incredible. It looks better than the £500+ replicas sold online! Good job man!

  • Charles Asklof
    Charles Asklof Year ago

    Can i buy this on eBay?

  • Warrior
    Warrior Year ago +11

    4:00 is the shield of TARGET

  • englishturd
    englishturd Year ago +1

    Where do you get Duplicolor in England?

  • Ezio Thor
    Ezio Thor Year ago

    1 like= want shield

  • Laksan Thijagaseelan

    I asked this in part one and i'm asking it again, can i have the shield if you don,t need it.

  • Rey med
    Rey med Year ago

    why not mask the star on the sheld

  • Marius Schwartz Grathe 6A Rosendalskolen

    Hey brainfoo i found out That you Can ADD metal and i was stronger!

  • Johnnie Bryant
    Johnnie Bryant Year ago +3

    Your work is brilliant and the production value of your Captain America shield build videos are very professional. I have built eight shields now with varying degrees of success. All are good...but not great like yours. A continuing problem is an unwanted and unitended pattern or residue left behind by the masking tape. It's maddening. I end up wet sanding and doing it again, driving up the materials, cost, time and frustration level. Any suggestions? Also, I'm consolidating as you do but I'm still getting a fair number of pinholes in the surface. I'd love to hear from you. I want to perfect it and I need help.

  • J Potter
    J Potter Year ago +1

    freakin' amazing job .... but why not align the star with the handles?

  • arfat baig
    arfat baig Year ago +1

    I made my captain america shield using blue duck tape

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons Year ago +8

    3:57 this reminded me to get my groceries.

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons Year ago +33

    3:57 And that's how you make the target symbol

  • Haseeb Ahmad
    Haseeb Ahmad Year ago

    Your a mastermind

    DMC DMC Year ago

    Please make one in one video then I can make one

  • Pianoriju
    Pianoriju Year ago +1

    Thanks alot for the videos! Currently building my own and this helped alot :)
    Only the star and the clear coat are missing. Looking forward to finish it.
    I have one question however: Should I use Epoxy based glue for the star or silicon sealant as shown in the destruction video?
    Keep on doing videos!

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  Year ago

      Silicone turned out to be a better and stronger choice

  • ניתאי בן דוד

    This is AMAZING, I'm tring to make one right now and it's pretty hard to get dupli-color metalcast around my country. Do you by any chance have an idea for any other paint brand that would work? Thank you!


    Would you please sell it to me


    You have done nice job everything was excellent really great and great and great and great job ihad never seen shield like this

    PLATINUM EAGLE :D 2 years ago

    Mask off fuck it mask off

  • Shahbaz Sheikh
    Shahbaz Sheikh 2 years ago

    brilliant, great work

  • Fly Mega
    Fly Mega 2 years ago

    3:57 it's target! the shop!

  • imik 86
    imik 86 2 years ago +1

    damn this storm is annoying.

  • chezboi
    chezboi 2 years ago +4

    "Rape the peg bag..."

  • WoodenCreationz
    WoodenCreationz 2 years ago

    Very well done sir.... This took a lot of work and few understand that.. Hats off to you bud. Brian

  • Westifer kalson
    Westifer kalson 2 years ago

    dear brainfoo i started making my own sheild and its going pretty good for my first one but im getting some discoloration in the red paint and i was wondering if you got some to i was wondering what you did to fix this, thankyou for your time
    sincerely, west
    ps i like those 4000 degree matches there pretty friggian sweet cant wait for your next videos bye

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago

      I did try messing around with cheaper paints than the Duplicolor Metal cast, and I had few issues, but when I went over the the more expensive Duplicolor I had no problems at all. If you get strange reactions try leaving it 24-48 hours between color coats to allow each color to fully cure.

  • funtime foxy
    funtime foxy 2 years ago +2


  • Tomáš Novák
    Tomáš Novák 2 years ago

    Please what are RAL colors ?

  • Myles Holdford
    Myles Holdford 2 years ago

    how much would u charge to make one for me

  • WonderBros
    WonderBros 2 years ago

    ummmmm can u make me one xD

  • Dewani Shah's
    Dewani Shah's 2 years ago

    cool i would NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE THAT

  • Epic Fang
    Epic Fang 2 years ago

    random crap for the brain

    DEM MEMES! 😎

  • sigi Noyfb
    sigi Noyfb 2 years ago

    Question: does it make sense using carbon instead of glass to save weight? are carbon mats as easy to work with?

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  2 years ago +1

      Not much point saving weight, the difference is minimal really, although it is very slightly stronger. Any woven product is harder to work with than CSM, becuase woven things unravel.

  • fausto martin peña moreno

    Excellent work, my friend .... I became your follower, greetings from Mexico border with the USA.