"Coffee Expert" Reacts to Brad Pitt's Weird Coffee Commercial

  • Published on Oct 5, 2021
  • I know I don't do react videos, but this was too bizarre not to talk about! Let me know your thoughts and if you want to watch the original ad you can find it here:
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  • Eric C
    Eric C 7 months ago +2082

    If James Hoffmann makes coffee mugs that say “fresh coffee liquid” on the side, I would buy them.

    • Madwyn
      Madwyn 2 days ago

      I will only buy if it says fresh liquid coffee

    • gxamor
      gxamor 11 days ago

      !Fantástico! It IS bizarre.

    • Hadrian
      Hadrian 19 days ago

      @Mike Gray You bean me to it.

    • Rich W
      Rich W Month ago

      Make this mug. Take my money.

    • Courage, dear heart
      Courage, dear heart Month ago


  • J. Kenji López-Alt
    J. Kenji López-Alt 6 months ago +355

    😂 😂 😂 this is definitely a weird commercial. As a fan of Brad Pitt the actor, I also think that perhaps (perhaps?) he also thinks this is a weird commercial and is kinda just rolling with it ironically? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. It does kind of seem in line with his smirky sense of humor though.

    • jdubmac
      jdubmac 6 days ago

      @Absurd Username i second this point. Brad was looking to one up his buddy Clooney and his cornball Nespresso ads.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 10 days ago

      @Hi there
      Yes I watched and many people are saying it is weird when in fact it very normal by modern standards.
      Tell me what is weird?

    • Chip Zuckerman
      Chip Zuckerman 10 days ago

      It's not THAT weird of a commercial, Hoffman has just chosen to (somewhat bizarrely, but also humorosuly) analyze it as a realist. This isn't about realism, it is just about the wait for a good cup of coffee, and the end payoff is that it is worth the wait. All the decisions are meant to heighten that effect, not to portray a realistic day in the life of Brad.

    • Hi there
      Hi there 17 days ago

      Bighand69 - Did you even watch the video?

    • Boris Trninic
      Boris Trninic Month ago

      @bighand69 what?

  • Gossamer
    Gossamer 6 months ago +648

    The secret message is that Brad has actually gone senile which explains everything you see. Brad is actually making multiple trips to buy fresh coffee beans throughout the day since he keeps forgetting things. That's why he's filling up on gas and the time of day and directions of travel make no sense. And it explains why the "Fresh Coffee Beans" don't fit properly in his bag--it's already full of other bags of "Fresh Coffee Beans" from earlier trips. The people at the coffee shop know what's going on and that's why they write his name on the bag (to jog his memory) and the "Fresh Coffee Beans" is because Brad asks for that--you know, so he'll always know which ones are the freshiest. But James, you are wrong about the mechanic scene. It's actually a low end coffee shop where Brad pays a barista to drink inferior coffee while staring admiringly at his motorcycle. This is a self-esteem booster for Brad and makes his coffee taste even better to him later. And about that severe arm vascular--it's the smoking gun... obviously high blood pressure has taken it's toll on Brad who is probably drinking coffee all day unknowingly and suffering microstrokes. That also explains his confused expression during the brew process. So rather than being a weird commercial, this is really a masterful piece of storytelling once you see it through the prism of the director's secret message. QED.

    • jp katz
      jp katz 7 days ago +1

      It's the ONLY answer that makes even partial sense, thankyou so much for your penatrating insights. Now would you be so kind to help me understand J H's hair situation.

    • D J Hinton
      D J Hinton 8 days ago

      No that's funny, I don't care who you are.

    • Sean Irving
      Sean Irving 21 day ago

      I'm crying from laughing so hard.

    • TriniHoney
      TriniHoney Month ago

      I'm weak ha ha ha ha

    • Sara Helton
      Sara Helton 2 months ago

      THATS it!

  • Jose
    Jose 7 months ago +931

    “Some American weird weight of coffee. Half a kilo for the rest of us” This is gold

    • Kim Crea
      Kim Crea 3 days ago

      @Vinniegret we literally drive on the "right" side of the road

    • philip northfield
      philip northfield 4 days ago

      @jvcoulter It's because being British I can inform you, it's a crazy battle still being fought by right wing politicians and probably the odd lefty too, to this day despite having been on the metric system for fifty years regularly some political lunatic or another wants to return to an antiquated system half the inhabitants of the UK barely understand with the exception of our height weight or the distance between places and the most important thing of all how beer is served in the English pub! Why I don't know we're an odd bunch as a nation, just like James we just can't let it go it's our really crap original culture war. I apologise on our nation's behalf I'm fifty I fear it will still be a thing my whole life. I think Brexit stirred it up again, the dam French and their simple system being forced on us by the EU that kind of rhetoric, very weird if you actually stop to think about it I try my hardest not to.

    • Tim Thomson
      Tim Thomson 20 days ago

      @Greg S 500 Kilos of cocaine in the Nespresso coffee that the Swiss police found today.

    • Gospelofrye
      Gospelofrye 22 days ago

      @Daniel Sifrit 12 is the most imperial of numbers. The only thing more imperial is a guinea, which is 12 shillings plus an additional shilling, i.e. one pound and one shilling, to be used for buying rich person things like real estate and racehorses.

    • Gospelofrye
      Gospelofrye 22 days ago

      @Kureiji Way to show your noobness. Coffee isn't measured in feet, it's measured in "acre-feet". An acre-foot of course, is simply a long-hundred (ie sixscore) plus 1/3 of a stepney-tankard (traditional from the 1347 edict, not to be confused with the Lapsed-Jacobian "steptank" which is half a chain lighter per wet-ounce).

  • 小井津野梅
    小井津野梅 7 months ago +738

    James. The message of the commercial is that unlike with the competitor, Nespresso, you can go to the roasters' place and pick up a bag of beans like someone who is really into coffee does. Both machines are marketed to rich people who do not know anything about coffee, but the Delonghi is selling the appearance of knowing something about coffee, and an imagined personal relationship with the coffee roasters much like the imagined personal relationship with the mechanic. Brad represents the individual who has the money to buy one of these as a kind of casual purchase without the interest in coffee that would drive them to spend that money on something else. It tells them that they too can enjoy specialty coffee at home without consorting with the unwashed masses down at the cafe. The target audience probably literally does watch the mechanic work, and they feel cool doing it, and they believe that the mechanic is their friend. Coffee roasters are about to be their friend too. :D

    • Jarpy R
      Jarpy R Day ago

      @小井津野梅 Then you are delusional, in the UK they're cheap, often to the point the machine won't cost you anything and you pay back with subscription (store credit for pods), other times you can get them for as little as £30. Whilst the cost of coffee is going to more expensive per kilo, I don't think it's a completely fair 1 to 1. I of course I prefer a proper cappucino and against a highly rated independent - nespresso hasn't got a chance but I think they're by far the best for convenience and taste good (I mostly drink cappucino over espresso) so over the past 6 years I haven't had an issue, despite what sacrilege it is to say on a James Hoffman comment section lol.

    • 小井津野梅
      小井津野梅 2 days ago

      @Jarpy R if you own a Nespresso, you are very likely what I consider "rich people."

    • Daniel Sifrit
      Daniel Sifrit 3 days ago

      @Jarpy R While superautos are not cheap - the ones designed for home use top out at 5K or so (Miele built-in.)
      I am fairly lower middle - my superautos are were both in the lower end but over $500. I work from home so I thought it was worth it.
      But I remember laughing at them 15 years ago and thinking "only a yuppy would buy one who would pay $!000 for a coffeemaker!" -- that was before I started drinking better coffee...

    • Jarpy R
      Jarpy R 3 days ago

      Any machine under the 5000 mark isn't marketed towards rich people lol. I'm poor and use a nespresso

    • Daniel Sifrit
      Daniel Sifrit 2 months ago

      @Adamast they aren't "cheap" LOL. KEURIGs are "cheap." BtC machines are just higher quality than Keurig at same level of lazy.
      Most of us with Bean-to-Cup machines also regularly go for "personalized service" on more expensive machines.

  • JessDurden
    JessDurden 7 months ago +7007

    -The name of the roastery is "Fresh Coffee Beans".
    -Brad leaves it outside of the bag because he knows the beans are real fresh and he wants to let them degas, thats also why he stops at the mechanic
    -His bag is still full at the end because Brad decided the beans are not ready, pours in Lavazza mix instead that Angelina left behind so he doesnt care if some pop out and is kinda angry about not getting his coffee and Angelina
    -The mix of beans is called "Brad" its 105% robusta for extra kick needed for time traveling

  • Paolo De Bord
    Paolo De Bord 4 months ago +144

    I have to say, this react was hilarious and i had a lot of fun; although, as a film maker, i would say that the concept is not bad, Brad goes out of his home to get some coffee, he's out, he could take an espresso or a cappuccino right in the coffe shop (you can notice the espresso machine on the background), he could take the coffe when he's waiting at the mechanic or even at the gas station (the lady on the background has coffee) but the point is that he doesn't want just any coffee he wants what only his Delonghi can brew. I can't deny that there are some choices that looks odd, but let's remember this is a commercial not a movie, the bag with written above "Fresh coffee beans" is meant to inform people that maybe just change the channel what's going on, also there is a rule in screenwriting and is "it's better make things explicit and make people feel smart than make things obscure and make people confused", so even if it kinda looks ridiculous you have to see the bag all the time cause the story it's not about Brad Pitt but it's about Brad Pitt's Coffee.
    I know that this was just for fun and actually i did enjoy it a lot, but since you asked what all of this meant i though you would have apreciate some feedbacks from someone in the field.
    I really like your content, cheers.

    • Tom Wood
      Tom Wood 10 days ago

      If the paper bag had been printed "fresh coffee beans", like how takeaway pizza boxes are printed "fresh hot pizza" or something, that'd have made a lot more sense.

    • Doggieman1111
      Doggieman1111 19 days ago

      Well you hit the nail on the head. However, I will say that the "filmmaker" here is too subtle with what he's trying to communicate. The lady with the coffee at the gas station is only in the corner of the frame for a split second. Everything was a bit too muted to be intelligible and point the viewer toward what the company undoubtedly wanted the viewer to think.

    • Albert Loan
      Albert Loan 2 months ago +1

      Excellent explanation.

    • just___life
      just___life 3 months ago

      @Chetan Rao You'd be surprised, people sometimes can't understand the most basic concepts. 🤭

    • Chetan Rao
      Chetan Rao 3 months ago +10

      Great comment. I agree that it's always good to make your audience feel clever. But as a fellow industry insider who's also written and made ad films, I respectfully disagree that the choices in the film do that. They insult the intelligence of the viewer, don't make them feel clever at all, in my opinion. Even if someone tunes in midway through the commercial, they need only watch for a few seconds to realise what's going on, so the writing on the bag is entirely superfluous.

  • T. Park
    T. Park Month ago +16

    When James actually says "William Bradley Pitt" I just lost it 🤣🤣🤣
    I really want James to just critique all commercials now, not just coffee related ones 🤣🤣🤣

    • Colin Nicholson
      Colin Nicholson 12 days ago +2

      Exactly. I laughed all the way through this. Second channel James? 😀

  • Maxim van Wijk
    Maxim van Wijk 3 months ago +33

    Having made my share of commercials for big companies, I kind of understand where these weird, unrealistic shots come from. They are what we as advertising creatives would call 'change'. Where we would want Brad on a bike, bag closed, nothing sticking out. DeLonghi brand manager probably wanted Brad with a DeLongi branded leather jacket and a DeLonghi box strapped to his petrol tank riding towards the setting sun. And so the to and fro of give a little, take a little starts. We: Can we lose the box? Brad already has a machine at home doen't he? Brand manager (reluctantly): OK, but the audience needs to understand this is a machine that takes fresh beans, so if we lose the box, we need to be showing the bag of beans. We: OK, let's do it this way. We lose the box, but we have 'Fresh Coffee Beans' written on the bag and we see the bag in every shot. Can you live with that? Brand manager: OK, but then I want to end with a shot of the machine with the different cups next to it. We: OK, we can do that. Let's roll. Oh, by the way, Brad just called, he insists on wearing his own jacket and gloves. That's out of our hands I'm afraid.

    • Doggieman1111
      Doggieman1111 19 days ago +2

      Awesome, you've definitely worked in the biz

    • Gospelofrye
      Gospelofrye 22 days ago +3

      I was actually a little confused at the beginning because it's Brad, Brad, disembodied arm getting coffee beans, then focus on bag on counter. I thought BRAD HIMSELF had filled the bag and written his own name on the bag which would have been even weirder. This is probably due to cultural bias - in Australia, there are many places where you fill the bag yourself and take it to the counter (even many smaller supermarkets... even some service stations - ie gas stations - in the right parts of Sydney and Melbourne).

  • Gloria Mendoza
    Gloria Mendoza 4 months ago +7

    This was so satisfying to watch! Please make more of this kind!

  • Matt Jordan
    Matt Jordan 7 months ago +554

    Nearly spat my own coffee out when you freeze framed on Brad's face 😂

    • conny nielson
      conny nielson 3 months ago

      lol..or 'a tired trope..guys who are into beards and motorcycles and coffee and that kind of thing..' lmao

    • Paul Redmond
      Paul Redmond 6 months ago +2

      Hopefully made with Fresh Coffee Beans.

    • alperus1
      alperus1 6 months ago +1

      Same here! 😂😂

    • Thorsten Böhme
      Thorsten Böhme 7 months ago +9

      James already got me at: "no, no, just give me some weird american weight of coffee" lmao

    • Alnakar
      Alnakar 7 months ago +9

      Maybe he did need the bag labelled, after all...

  • Zach Hopkins
    Zach Hopkins 2 months ago +8

    This commentary is brilliant and perfectly satisfies all of my delight in British snark. Well done you.

  • Reonlasbard
    Reonlasbard 2 months ago +7

    I laughed so many times during this video. Love the comedy.

  • Meg Magruder
    Meg Magruder 6 months ago +19

    Thank you. This was just what I needed for a joyful laugh. The fact that the machine also has Brad’s name on the menu screen.

  • A BC
    A BC 7 months ago +19

    James, your deconstruction of this commercial has me 'cough-laughing'. Truly hilarious.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Month ago

      It is a horrible deconstruction.

  • MrLiguinii
    MrLiguinii 7 months ago +989

    What gets me is that Brad, who likes fresh coffee beans, drives to the coffee shop with the ocean on his left, and come back home, again with the ocean on his left. That would mean Brad does not own a Delongi machine at home and had to go very far, even requiring a refuel of his bike, to get to a machine. It is a journey of discovery, boredom and growth. Perfetto.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Month ago

      Some of you must be a laugh to hang around with.

    • Brandon Dith-Berry
      Brandon Dith-Berry 3 months ago +1

      He was coming from work? People in this thread are going to pop a blood vessel trying to be so cynical finding anything to be critical.

    • reply notifications off
      reply notifications off 6 months ago +2

      Hes so rich, hes just driving to his next mansion.

    • pscaps
      pscaps 6 months ago +1

      Spit my lunch out! Well done!

    • Marianne
      Marianne 6 months ago +3

      Maybe Brad lives on a small island!

  • Lvx Rose
    Lvx Rose 6 months ago +20

    This breakdown of Brad's day to day coffee routine is hilarious. 😂

  • Francisco Reyes
    Francisco Reyes 4 months ago +3

    James, thanks for sharing, I was laughing so hard this morning, 100% agree with you.

  • nrgins
    nrgins 6 months ago +12

    This was great. I cracked up the whole time watching this. LOL
    To me, it's clear: the things don't make sense in the real world. But this is sort of a paint-by-numbers slice of life. Brad buys coffee; goes about his day; does thing; comes home and is finally able to relax with his coffee. It was done in a silly way. But I think they were just trying to make the point to the audience more than have it make sense: he carried the coffee all day through various tasks, and then he could finally enjoy it.

  • OiZoProduct
    OiZoProduct 27 days ago +1

    I love how you analyze this commercial, and I completely agree by the way. It's just that commercials usually are complete bs. Thanks for the video!

  • gcke
    gcke 6 months ago +8

    Had a good laugh with this, love your humour 😂

  • justilou1
    justilou1 12 days ago +3

    So very grateful I wasn’t drinking coffee myself when you exclaimed “Lordy, he’s a vascular man!”… I would have had a painful sinus rinse.

  • Desmond Stanley
    Desmond Stanley 4 months ago +3

    I love this critique. I feel like this is me when I try explaining things to my wife that she barely knows anything about 😂

  • Shreeyash
    Shreeyash 7 months ago +21

    James after your 1 million subscriber achievement it’s nice to see you take on Brad… and throw him in a true coffee Pitt 😂

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price 7 months ago +1605

    Feel like Brad was eating the coffee beans like chips throughout his motorcycle journey, that’s why they were half out of the bag!!

    • Thomas Hudson
      Thomas Hudson 7 months ago

      had to get them while they were fresh

    • Brad Pitt
      Brad Pitt 7 months ago

      Hello fans Thank you for the comments. "I hope you are having a great time?

    • Data Odokpa
      Data Odokpa 7 months ago


    • Jot
      Jot 7 months ago +2

      That would also explain the one hand driving.

    • Beastly
      Beastly 7 months ago

      my boss does that, he roasts our beans and he taste them like that so this doesnt have to be entirely inaccurate. XDD

  • Alexandru Jurje
    Alexandru Jurje 3 months ago +2

    James, I absolutely love your videos and your humble spirit when it comes to convey all you know about coffee, but this video cracked me up, really. Thanks for posting and looking forward to other reaction type videos from you.

  • Deco Services
    Deco Services 3 months ago +1

    This was classic! Just found your channel and immediately became a fan… Great job…

  • The Frozen Octave
    The Frozen Octave 2 months ago +2

    I thought this was thoroughly entertaining and I was refreshed to see such a pedantic video, much like myself. I was content to leave it at that, but then that _"Lordy, he's a vascular man,"_ got me. Subscribed.

  • TheBusyJane
    TheBusyJane 6 months ago +56

    Alternate story: Brad wakes up after partying all night. He calls ahead for his coffee beans to be ready when he gets there. He tells them it's for Brad Pitt and he only wants fresh coffee beans the way people who want decaf tell you three times when they order and again when you tell them it's their decaf. The barista passive-aggressively writes "Brad. Fresh coffee beans". Brad picks up his coffee and walks out without paying because he's Brad Pitt. He gets back on his bike, but he has a helmet on so needs to leave the bag sticking out so everyone knows that's cool Brad on his bike. He stops to get his bike tuned and the cocaine withdrawal starts kicking. He waits impatiently as the mechanic works on his bike while enjoying a coffee from an open glass. This coffee is almost certainly not made from fresh coffee beans and this guy is taking for ever. Brad keeps his bag of fresh coffee beans jauntily sticking out of his bag hoping to spark a conversation. Especially after he was offered a coffee, but he left that stale swill on the counter.
    Finally, the mechanic is done. Brad stops at a gas station. He removes his helmet, but puts his sunglasses back on to feign privacy. He has his bag of coffee with his name on it sticking out. No one talks to Brad at the gas station. Lonely and depressed, Brad rides back to the friend's house and spends another empty night.
    By the time he makes it home (that's not the same house he left in the first scene) it's afternoon again. Brad is very hung over. He clumsily pours his fresh coffee beans into the machine through a grate clearly not designed to have coffee poured through. He watches with the agony of exhaustion and anticipation as the machine slowly, too slowly makes his cappuccino mix. At last, he has a moment of simple joy sitting down with his cappuccino mix. Made with fresh coffee beans. On a delonghi. It takes two more coffees to get him straight.

    • AmiCestLaVie
      AmiCestLaVie 2 months ago +3

      I love coffee but I have to drink decaf otherwise it'll seriously impact my well-being. I have to check with the barista when I pick my order because one time out of three, they realize the decaf part slipped their mind. I don't get your annoyance with people who double check, it's a serious health concern for some of us.

    • Anneke Sieck
      Anneke Sieck 4 months ago +1

      That was funny. However, fresh beans or no fresh beans, the coffee the mechanic was drinking must have come out of some kind of machine as well -- it has crema on it, after all. Perhaps one made by rival Gaggia?

    • sander
      sander 4 months ago +2

      That’s the story as it happened. Also, as any motorcyclist knows, you always get an empty gas tank right in the middle of your ride.

    • Nancy Leader
      Nancy Leader 6 months ago +2

      Well written. I was amused. Thank you.😊🇨🇦

    • clickykbd
      clickykbd 6 months ago +5

      If it helps illuminate some of the decaf insisters and double checkers... they may have issues with anxiety/panic when they drink caffeine in any real quantity, or at least have associated the two (which can itself invoke the same reaction). A full strength coffee is a very bad day for them, and the number of times their order has been messed up for them previously is not a non-trivial number.
      Not that I would know. It was a phase for me fortunately, but some are stuck in that cycle, but still love the taste of coffee.

  • MechanicalMarmol
    MechanicalMarmol 7 months ago +673

    Are we not going to talk about how he went the whole day without coffee, saving it for the night time?

    • Andres Bukid
      Andres Bukid 7 months ago +1

      @Matthew Davey true, I do that a lot. I buy my next bag just before my last bag is finished...on a bicycle.

    • Brad Pitt
      Brad Pitt 7 months ago

      Hello fans Thank you for the comments. "I hope you are having a great time?

    • Oluf Lorenzen
      Oluf Lorenzen 7 months ago +1

      It's decaf you know, Brad is not the youngest anymore...

    • ImpactWench
      ImpactWench 7 months ago +2

      @gardengatesopen Bike mechanic clearly does not have a DeLonghi. Brad is about to correct this by paying him with a coffee machine instead of money.

    • Matthew Davey
      Matthew Davey 7 months ago +1

      Since the bag is unopened at the end I think it's safe to assume he had beans at home the whole time.

  • Lorrayne Cruz
    Lorrayne Cruz 4 months ago +3

    I’ve personally enjoyed watching this react video, but my thoughts on this commercial are a bit different. Some of the weird stuff are just the regular standard for commercials. Most of them are not intended to make sense, but to evoke a “feeling” around something and to convey some brand values. A handsome actor and some beautiful landscapes are delightful to watch and that’s the entire point. A famous person in everyday activities carrying around a bag of coffees may seem weird, but think of all of the nonsense scenes of parfum commercials starring divas like Charlize Theron or Natalie Portman… We don’t overthink or look for logic or for a clear message, we just care about the beauty of it.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Month ago

      It is perfectly normal wholesome advert unlike most of the trash that is around today. Most of those that think it is a weird ad are probably pushing some form of activism and the ads they like are probably trashy.

  • Sean Owen
    Sean Owen 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for this, I knew it was weird but I couldn't work out why. I laughed so hard. A perfetto reaction video.

  • E Shaw
    E Shaw 7 months ago +8

    Just discovered my first James Hoffman video, which given my coffee obsession lacks any logic and it just happens to be *the* most brilliant reaction video I've seen. SO entertaining, clever, laugh out loud, and spot on with the kind of POV one looks for in TheXvid reaction videos. So glad to have found you James.

  • Ashling Lynam
    Ashling Lynam 5 months ago +3

    I just love your genuine reaction 😂 I was in stitches 😂😂😂

  • R M
    R M 11 days ago

    OMG never knew how much I needed James Hoffmann reacting coffee commercials, more please!!

  • Joe Ezzo
    Joe Ezzo 8 days ago

    One of your best videos yet! Absolutely loved the walk through of this commercial and the narration! I was laughing so hard!! You need to do this more, absolutely awesome entertainment. Loved it!

  • Mario Ramos
    Mario Ramos 2 months ago +6

    As a Creative Director, a rider and a coffee lover, this is one of the best videos i've ever seen. Thank you.

  • Dian Nedyalkov
    Dian Nedyalkov 2 months ago +2

    Just love your videos Mr. Hoffmann! Thank you for your work!

  • ESAnderson
    ESAnderson 7 months ago +690

    Knowing a thing or two about how advertising works, they honed in on their “point of differentiation” ie: while beans not a pod like Nespresso. Advertising decisions are typically comically overt. They are probably concerned that Nespresso is becoming a “guys guy” coffee machine, and lacking any subtlety let’s put Brad Pitt on a motorcycle and spill the beans all over the counter because that’s more “guys guy-ish”. I’ll bet that the creative brief dove deep into this point of differentiation. Add that Damien Chazelle isn’t necessarily know for subtlety and nuance…

    • Tomek Wiraszka
      Tomek Wiraszka 4 months ago

      @Ted Hendershot if, and only if, you assume your audience won't or can't Focus long enough to catch you on your sloppy, sloppy ad script...

    • cichlisuite2
      cichlisuite2 7 months ago +1

      I thought exactly this and wondered if James wasn't a little disingenuous in proclaiming to not understand a few of the choices. It's the first time I've wondered if he wasn't just chasing the views/engagement. Yes, we know you would never write "fresh coffee beans" on a bag but surely he realises they've just chosen to clumsily try to drive home the idea that the machine takes fresh coffee beans (rather than pods) with a sledgehammer because (as he does rightly note) advertisers often assume the viewer is stupid (or ill-informed or distracted) and maybe that is even often the truth? Anyway, I'm still entertained by James' many complaints as I do the same thing more than your average person when observing things like advertising.

    • Titanium Rain
      Titanium Rain 7 months ago

      @Joaquin Diaz Doesn't matter. This ad isn't for the people who buy those machines so they can approach the two segments of the market.

    • Titanium Rain
      Titanium Rain 7 months ago +2

      @Bertin G The topic was "nuance", you raised Whiplash as an example. It's a great watch, but turning a story about jazz into a sports movie is the opposite of nuance. One can be fantastic and not have nuance. I see people debating and it's like they're talking past each other.

    • ESAnderson
      ESAnderson 7 months ago +1

      @Bertin G The, as you say, fictionalized depiction is what I found to be unintentionally comical. I have to say I was let down when the protagonist didn't die in the car accident.

  • Daniel Skiffen
    Daniel Skiffen 4 months ago +1

    I love this breakdown because it truly shows the way commercials are made so unrealisticly.

  • Deb Mauritson
    Deb Mauritson 5 months ago +2

    Personally, I love the whistle tune that goes along with this quiet commercial. For what it's worth they must have listened to your critique as I have never seen Brad pump gas or watch a mechanic in the commercial I've always seen here in L.A. It was edited out here? The coastal scenes ARE confusing and I'm always trying to guess which beach town he is taking off from with his bag of beans. It isn't Malibu IMO and that is most likely where he owns a home (but resides in the Los Feliz area of L.A. most of the time). Anyway, I hear the whistle of the commercial and if I'm in the room, I always watch. Cheers me up in the mornings but I won't be buying a DeLonghi.

  • Jan Rautenkranc
    Jan Rautenkranc 5 months ago +1

    I sincerely hope someone starts making coffee cups with the "a cup of coffee" written on them 😀 I am going to buy one ☕

  • Rebecca Jimenez
    Rebecca Jimenez 5 months ago +1

    😂😂😂 Ahhhh this is so great! I thought I was the only one who found it weird. Your breakdown of the weirdness is just 👌🏼!

  • d m
    d m 3 months ago +1

    Hoffman's critique is so much fun. I was also trying to understand this juvenile commercial where Brad Pitt seems to be totally disengaged. I am guessing that the commercial was supposed to be ironic but it reads pretentious.

  • Marya Dawn
    Marya Dawn 4 months ago +1

    I haven't laughed this hard in months. Thank you!

  • Sandra
    Sandra 7 months ago +3

    this was so funny. i welcome further weird coffee commercial break downs.
    I wish I could say what this commercial meant, but everything said here was totally accurate. I do feel there could be some kind of purposeful joke, (as mentioned), or inside humor. Like you say they were all working together anyways, but yeah. I now love this commercial. it has sold me on FreshCoFee BeaNs.

  • Luke Sz
    Luke Sz 4 months ago +1

    Amazing reaction video! Money well spent on the commercial. Really makes me want to get a bag of Fresh Coffee Beans.

  • relativenormality
    relativenormality 7 months ago +543

    I like to imagine James wandering around his home, lost, muttering to himself about the insanity of this commercial.

    • M4tthij5
      M4tthij5 7 months ago +1

      @SimonG this comment is amazing

    • Moredots
      Moredots 7 months ago +3

      @Jorn Idema if I hear that you've put anything besides fresh coffee beans in your Fresh Coffee Beans bag, I'll be furious.

    • Jorn Idema
      Jorn Idema 7 months ago +1

      Dang it I now need to buy a small bag where my fresh coffe bean bags stick out of it to show I bought fresh coffee beans

    • StevenR
      StevenR 7 months ago +1

      I imagine a frown and a look of disapproval, then the light bulb over his head, followed by a little smile. “Not today Brad”.

    • Moredots
      Moredots 7 months ago +6

      @Steven Pellicer in the robe, of course, with his butler attentively scurrying around behind him picking up the things he knocks over 🤌

  • KarrasA
    KarrasA 5 months ago +2

    They seem comically proud of that brown paper bag. I went into a local branch of Currys today and happened to see a replica of it on the display for one of these coffee machines.

  • good buddy
    good buddy 23 hours ago

    "That seems normal." Yep, it fully is. You can hear Paul Thomas Anderson talk about doing the same sort of "test shoots for pay" to test ideas and equipment for his movies on commercials and music videos.

  • Tom Rijpert
    Tom Rijpert 5 months ago +24

    Working in commercials, I think I can explain the bag of beans decision, and it has everything to do with how agencies and clients sometimes work.
    - First there probably was a long discussion on bean partners. Which brand of beans do we show? Do we have partner brands? Or do we, maybe, make up a brand?
    - No. They go for unbranded, 'authentic' beans.
    - But this is where the typical discussions start, cause since the bag will be an important point of focus in the spot (Why? maybe because that's how the concept started out before Pitt was involved? "We follow a a guy and his beans all the way back home..." or something)
    - So because some client/agency person is afraid we will forget somewhere along the lines that this is a bag of beans; they write it on the bag. And they include his name, Starbucks style. Hoping that's something people will connect: name on holder -> coffee.
    - Now Damien Chazelle at some point might have gone: "But guys, isn't it really weird to keep focussing on that bag?" But an agency/client person must've gone: "No, man, that's the whole concept" - "But... ok... But why is he arriving in the afternoon? All our shots have been filmed at magic hour." - "Because you're not supposed to drink a cappuccino at the end of the day!" - "But...."
    - And at some point they all gave up caring, cashed their check and continued filming their actual labor of love project: their movie.

    • Mike Chin
      Mike Chin 2 months ago

      They don't care about time of day anymore, they just have the color grader do all the work. He just editing buncha scenes, not told the continuity

  • sharperguy
    sharperguy 3 months ago +1

    I guess they're just trying to tell you "this machine uses actual beans instead of preground nespresso pod type stuff, and that's a cool lifestyle choice to make".

  • Jan Hei
    Jan Hei 7 months ago +986

    This might be the funniest James Hoffmann video ever. James ranting about bad espresso maschines? Great. James ranting about this commercial? I need hours of it. Superb.

    • Clinton Webb
      Clinton Webb 7 months ago

      James, notice this comment. This is it.

    • abitrubbish
      abitrubbish 7 months ago

      Me too. Pump it straight in to my (vascular) veins

    • YuccaTree
      YuccaTree 7 months ago

      Hmmm I think you need to look up the meaning of Rant @Jan Hei xx

    • Maria P
      Maria P 7 months ago +3

      We should nominate more coffee commercials he can dissect.

    • JCV
      JCV 7 months ago +1

      Yes. xD Please, James; more of this!

  • Samantha Rose Schettler

    Oh my goodness - this made me laugh so much. Fantastic commentary

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe 4 days ago

    The one thing DeLonghi works so hard to make you remember is the one thing their machine CAN’T do, choose which beans and how fresh. Because really, for the right price they can even change Brad’s name for the role.

  • Roma Apps
    Roma Apps 6 months ago

    Love your videos!! I crave coffee watching them every time lol! Can you do a review on coffee concentrates like Jot please?

  • loopinfool77
    loopinfool77 6 months ago

    I did have a great day. Thanks to you making me smile, James Hoffmann.

  • Roy Leung
    Roy Leung 7 months ago +635

    Motorbike means Brad is alone, which fits the single-serve coffee machine.
    Fresh beans thing is a direct challenge to pods which are neither "fresh" nor "beans".
    Brad's name written on bag means something you can't have buying pods at the supermarket.
    The coffee-drink mechanic means Brad as you say has a discrete taste. What more, he would rather wait because he thinks it is worth it.
    The bean bag always popping out of his bag reflects a subjective viewpoint -- it is always on Brad's mind.
    Gas station means Brad fights back the temptation of cheap coffee sold there. Gas station is good for motorbike's energy only.
    The gloves means Brad knows to use the right tools (I am not a Brad fan, to declare my interest) -- his coffee machine, one of them.
    Pouring beans into the machine -- again something pods don't give you -- listen to the tic-tac sound, how satisfying!
    When the coffee is dripping down, Brad's look is impatience.
    The only thing I would say is I wouldn't expose the bag to the sunlight. Even though the bag covers them up, the heat could ruin the beans inside especially on a long ride as Brad's.
    And the weird thing about the way the ad is shot -- the bean bag gets more screen time than the machine.
    James, I always love to hear your unique views. I make my French press more or less your way. This video is just as interesting.

    • Michael Nitschke
      Michael Nitschke 4 months ago

      And the idea is to get people thinking and talking about fresh coffee beans, which is exactly what everyone is doing in the comments for the video where James talks non-stop about a bag of fresh coffee beans.
      Are you thinking of a bag of fresh coffee beans now?
      This machine is associated with a bag of fresh coffee beans.
      This is a great ad.

    • Dave
      Dave 7 months ago +1

      ....yeah, if you need to unpack the commercial like a psychologist analyzing a patient's dream, then the director missed the mark by a couple of astronomical units.

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo 7 months ago +1

      This video perfectly outlines how little James knows about marketing. You perfectly countered each of James' points with the reasoning behind them. Marketing is a science.

    • Ale Zayas
      Ale Zayas 7 months ago +1

      At the end of the day this "the bean bag gets more screen time than the machine" is my main concern. You speak like you work in marketing/advertising and you are right about most of these point. At least the weirdest ones, like the bag pop out. But why so little from the actual machine. They could've made the same points with Brad at home making several coffees throughout the day with the machine. I think the answer is, like always, Damien Chazelle makes amazing stuff that somehow misses the point entirely at the same time.

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 7 months ago

    Really enjoyed this video, haven't seen one like this from you before. Love the commentary, feels like a swing and a miss of an ad.

  • Richard Mosley
    Richard Mosley 4 months ago +1

    James, first of all I love love love your channel. Best coffee advice anywhere. That being said I would like to comment on the Brad Pitt commercial. I TOTALLY get it. This is a piece of art and an illusion to make us feel that we all could be as cool as Brad Pitt and live in the world of minimalist concerns, of motorcycle rides, eternal sunsets, and the prospect of great coffee at the end of the day. The coffee shop, the motorcycle mechanic, and the coffee maker all represent connections to the outside world for experts that we need to continue our blissful, beautiful existence. While the coffee is bagged, the bike is worked on and the machine makes the coffee we get to spend time thinking and being introspective and contemplating our Perfetto life. This is a mini movie designed to be beautiful, provide us an escape from our boring reality and imagine how our life could be. I am a long time motorcycle rider and I can tell you there is nothing more peaceful than a long ride on a winding highway in the sunshine unless it is a perfect cup of coffee. The bag is the “Mcguffin”. The object around which it is all centered, much like the statue in the Maltese falcon. This is a work of art but as you stated primarily a vehicle for product placement of a fine coffee maker.

  • Joshua Chandler
    Joshua Chandler 7 months ago +16

    They have then unrealistically write “FRESH COFFEE BEANS” on the bag to emphasize over and over that THIS by-the-cup coffee machine, unlike say the Keurig, uses FRESH COFFEE BEANS and not disposable cups of pre-ground coffee. It’s not the most realistic or clever way to emphasize it, but I think that’s what they were going for

    • Gospelofrye
      Gospelofrye 22 days ago

      In other words: They're not saying for sure they think the entire audience is definitely a bunch of idiots... but they aren't prepared to take any chances.

    • V Mada
      V Mada 4 months ago

      @jeasto It doesn't say "Whole Bean" because it doesn't need to for the sake of advertising. Their target market for this machine are people with $1,500 to spend on a whim who don't know anything other than all of their friends drink the 10 month old swill from Kuerig's and they'd prefer to shine on them with something different.
      "Whole Bean" resonates much less with that target market than something comical like writing "Fresh Coffee Beans". I agree 100%, the whole thing is comically ridiculous. But they know their target, people with a couple bucks for a Christmas gift who don't know any better.

    • jeasto
      jeasto 6 months ago +1

      This was my first thought, too. Buying whole beans is still not something that a general audience is doing. Interestingly, the bag did NOT say "whole beans," which is actually a thing bags say in real life.
      And if the bag DID need to say "Brad" for some reason, they could have had the bag sitting on the counter already with other bags for other customers, as if to say Brad buys coffee so regularly, they have it ready for him to pick up at a specific time. But then they wouldn't have been able to have the bean pouring shot.

    • coldfire774
      coldfire774 6 months ago

      @Nacked Grils quite a few cakes depending on where you get them from will have "tea" written on it albeit in Chinese so not really as weird as there's at least one instance where you'll see that written on a package

    • Nacked Grils
      Nacked Grils 7 months ago +2

      Makes sense. Also, the fact that it's very generic suggests that this machine can handle any type of bean or roast and, obviously, keeps Delong'hi from giving exposure to any specific coffee roasting company.
      The fact that they decided to write his name on it beats me though. Maybe it's to make him seem like a special customer, suggesting that he's a connoisseur or something...
      But at the end of the day, I think it's pretty funny. I'd definitely laugh my arse off if my local tea store were selling bags with the writing ''Dried tea leaves'' on them.

  • Un nhh
    Un nhh 6 months ago

    Hahaha I was laughing my ass off throughout the whole video! This is too good!

  • Calvin Rey
    Calvin Rey 7 months ago +2227

    “Lordy he’s a vascular man” might my favorite thing James has ever said.

    • cdpond
      cdpond 7 months ago +1

      @Gary Moore - for all the same reasons that people are supposed to listen to what actors say about politics, religion, sexuality, the environment, etc. Come on folks, they make their living pretending to know and do things that they're not capable of doing in real life. I bet Brad had a stunt double to press the button on the machine for him. lol

    • cdpond
      cdpond 7 months ago +1

      Maybe that's why Angelina dumped him.... too vein. 😃

    • Sean O'Brien
      Sean O'Brien 7 months ago

      @ларс эрик who TF you think the Americans inherited pounds from? LOL

    • Sean O'Brien
      Sean O'Brien 7 months ago +1

      nothing like some weird american weight system, which is LITERALLY the "British Imperial Standard" unit for weight, the pound.

    • Angela Beus
      Angela Beus 7 months ago +1

      Hahaha yess. I was thinking, "look at all those IV access points."

  • Juju Films
    Juju Films 6 months ago

    Damn, I saw this ad and I was like "huh, ok cool" I never knew someone would go on a ten minute rant to describe everything that's wrong with it lmao

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 7 months ago +2

    Slowly catching up on watching James' videos. A couple of thoughts:
    * This commercial was intended for the coffee-drinking gen pop. I believe the intended message is, "step up your coffee game."
    * This is cinematic art, so it doesn't need to make perfect sense. It does need to be deeply critiqued.
    * Thank you James for taking a closer look. I really enjoyed your channel. I've subscribed today.

  • Martin Wölfel
    Martin Wölfel 6 months ago +1

    This is a great reaction video 👌🏻😂. I think that the german commercial is even more weird since he selects a cappucino and the machine makes a latte macchiato 😂. Also a few scenes are deleted from that commercial and a different scene for the pouring the beans in the machine is added.
    Maybe you Wang to have a look at that video: thexvid.com/video/yeC1kYG49go/video.html

  • Allie Cooks What
    Allie Cooks What 3 months ago

    I laughed more in your review than I do in a typical comedy show. An absolutely bizarre commercial. Love you James!

  • Tarzanjunglekungfu
    Tarzanjunglekungfu 7 months ago +587

    What's funny for me is James and everyone else is ripping on odd shooting choices and coffee things while, as a rider, I'm sitting here like, "he just ripped that nozzle out and dripped gas all over his tank and handle bars."

    • K D
      K D 28 days ago

      Yes, plus I thought it was extremely weird that there was no other traffic on what is obviously Hwy 1, a normally very crowded highway. Did they clear the highway for this stupid commercial? And why say "Perfetta" in Southern California? "Awesome" would be more likely, if he was pleased, not some Italian word.

    • G Lloyd
      G Lloyd 7 months ago +2

      Maybe he really wanted fresh dark roasted bike and beans!

    • Ian
      Ian 7 months ago +1

      Uhh yeah, and why is he wearing one crappy gardening glove lol?
      That's what my grandma uses to weed the back yard, not ride a motorcycle, no cuff..? like wtf..
      That commercial was insane.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 7 months ago

      @Dee_Koy An opportunity to share the joy of coffee named after him?

    • J Dawg411
      J Dawg411 7 months ago +1

      Nope I cringed at that also

  • Christmas Loyd
    Christmas Loyd 6 months ago +1

    It’s just the golden hour.
    Damien’s assistant: “it’s golden hour boss.”
    Damien: “YES.”
    Commence the filming.
    ❤️ ☕️ 🏍

  • David Englund
    David Englund 6 months ago +1

    I just though the 'fresh coffee beans' was pre-printed on all the bags from the shop, that isn't too unusual for a shop to do.

  • Emux Kr
    Emux Kr 6 months ago +3

    As part of my education we had photography/video lessons so while I see this commercial and think "ha, weird", I also understand from "this is a commercial" side. All I could say before you informed us who the creators were my reaction was "the person is good at cinematography, but not well educated about a selling a product side".

  • saiitome
    saiitome 2 months ago +1

    This was fun😊! I've seen this ad many times before and always thought it was weird. I honestly didn't notice the bean bag, or what was written on it until now! No, my problem was always the colour of light and the shadows, not to mention the different directions ha was driving in. Like, driving around all day (days?) finally getting home late in the evening and then not drinking his coffe until midday the next day?? Ummm, why? Like some commenter here have pointed out, he gives the impression of being senile more than cool. But still good looking though 😁!

    • bighand69
      bighand69 Month ago

      How on earth would you find it weird?
      It is a tame normal advert nothing else.

  • Tom O'Toole
    Tom O'Toole 7 months ago +360

    Love it, I'd love a "weird coffee person reacts" style show, mythbusting badly done coffee scenes in film

    • Connor Murphy
      Connor Murphy 7 months ago

      @Chris N i think he already did this in the La Pavoni Europiccola video

    • James Bowlin
      James Bowlin 7 months ago

      That would be pure gold!

    • theultimatedave2
      theultimatedave2 7 months ago

      @insider should ask james to do one of their ‚how real is it‘ videos with them 😁

    • Tyler Hagan
      Tyler Hagan 7 months ago

      "Weird Coffee Person Reacts" is exactly what the internet needs! Goodness there are so many movies/shows out there where what is done to/with coffee is anything short of atrocious!

    • thecatspajamas19
      thecatspajamas19 7 months ago

      Yes please. More!

  • That One Azir...
    That One Azir... 3 months ago

    We’re living in a world where James needs to add brackets to Coffee Expert just to not offend anyone 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • DesignerFromMars
    DesignerFromMars 6 months ago

    I think the fact that they show the name “Brad” on the bag so often is too make a link with the name “Brad” that’s displayed on the coffee machine as a pre-set. It’s just to emphasize the personalization of the machine.

  • Christian Müller
    Christian Müller 7 months ago

    Would love to see this commercial done the right way by James Hoffmann :)

  • Fester MP
    Fester MP 6 months ago

    I love this commercial. Very relaxing. As someone who lives in a busy chaotic urban inner city, this commercial calms me inspires me to get the hell out of this place.

  • KA S
    KA S 7 months ago +233

    James, I propose that you try to reenact this advertisement with yourself as the actor, and I want to see what cinematography decisions you'd make to make it more believable! This would make a nice follow up video :D

    • Effa Beei
      Effa Beei 7 months ago +1

      @SE Gamble mose def!!!!! a new direction or sideline for the channel but will need to crowdfund as the ad would need funding!!!! lordy, lordy, he's a muscular man....please seriously consider , james.

    • wanyeng
      wanyeng 7 months ago +7

      With square mile coffee... And a takeaway paper bag with "James's beans" scribbled on it with add on face doodle.

    • SE Gamble
      SE Gamble 7 months ago +8

      YESSSS!!!! Why hasn't everyone in the world liked this post!!!?!?!?!

  • Deepti Menon
    Deepti Menon 3 hours ago

    I love how James has the same frustration that I have with the Americans and the weights and measures. 😃

  • Tim Gray
    Tim Gray 6 months ago

    Loved this review!! Hilarious :) Just recently invested in a Sage Barista Pro and am very much enjoying your entertaining and informative channel - thanks!

  • Matt Heard
    Matt Heard 28 days ago

    i think you nailed it with "is it just vibes"
    the question is: how much attention is the target audience member paying attention to the ad?
    if the answer was 100%, this ad would be silly
    if the answer was 20%, the answer is "ooh i recognise that man with that coffee and bike"

  • Hafiz Huda
    Hafiz Huda 2 months ago +1

    I love your breakdown... But working on advertising and marketing, it's clear the brand manager demanded that the brown bag must be labeled with "Fresh coffee beans" so consumers know the machine brews drinks with fresh beans. It's more of a hammer this into every ad and still image next to the machine. It's a goofy set of decisions, but you remember sexy Brad, PCH-1, and he went out to get fresh coffee beans for his $1400 machine. Be like Brad, get the beans, get the machine. 😁

  • benh3110
    benh3110 6 months ago

    I knew this video existed but until now had never seen the advert, since James' wonderful breakdown of its ridiculousness it's made me want a Sage more than ever

  • GRoss
    GRoss 6 months ago +2

    Love your content James!
    - Guy with a beard, that likes coffee and motorcycles 😃

  • juan ipis
    juan ipis 7 months ago

    I wish there’d be more over analytical vidoes pointing out absurd creative decisions in ads. Love this one🤘

  • OhYeahBabyOhYes
    OhYeahBabyOhYes 7 months ago

    De’Longhi simply wants to say that all you need for a phenomenal coffee experience is fresh coffee beans from an upscale coffee shop... AND Brad Pitt.

  • Joshua Taliaferro
    Joshua Taliaferro 7 months ago +186

    I feel you may have struck a niche here. THE PEOPLE need more of James Hoffman's opinions on weird Coffee Commercials.

    • Jay Profound _Mercenary
      Jay Profound _Mercenary 7 months ago

      @James reacts to: McCafe Coffee "it's fit for an Aussie" ad.

    • Brian Kimmel
      Brian Kimmel 7 months ago

      Please react to the Folger’s incest commercial next!

    • Gordon McGregor
      Gordon McGregor 7 months ago

      @Deloached Also, please, the Gold Blend ads starring Tony Head : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_Blend_couple classics of the genre

    • Deloached
      Deloached 7 months ago

      Yeah he can react to some Nescafé ones next
      “Yeah right this sophisticated looking individual enjoys drinking this warmed over creek water”

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul 7 months ago +1

      @BILL HANNA Oceans 11 had to go their separate ways due to coffee tastes. I'm a pod blender guy... I'm a bike across the state, so far I need an oil change after getting my fresh beans guy.

  • Jim
    Jim 6 months ago

    Hilarious! Way more funny than I thought it would be! 😂🤣

  • Colin Gibbs
    Colin Gibbs 3 months ago

    You are without doubt a true coffee guru and I enjoy your technical observations and recommendations on that subject matter. Looking forward to more technical coffee videos from you rather than social commentary. on marketing strategies.

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young 3 months ago

    Just brilliant! Thank you for making me smile as I drink my coffee made from my "Andy" bag this morning.....

  • Chameka Small
    Chameka Small 6 months ago

    So many chuckles! Thank you for bringing this weirdness to my attention.

  • Juliano Drummond
    Juliano Drummond 7 months ago +171

    As a person who has worked his entire life in advertising I can say with confidence that brands usually think their target audience is stupid. That's pretty much it. Saw this a million times done this another million.

    • I G
      I G 7 months ago +1

      And they are right

    • biscuit42
      biscuit42 7 months ago

      @Tony Barban fascinating

    • Tony Barban
      Tony Barban 7 months ago +4

      Not quite on point, but back in the 60's my best friend's dad was a commercial artist. While working on artwork for sunflower seed packaging, I think it was for Sunny Jim, he doodled some panels on back showing how to open the seeds as a temporary filler.
      Someone from the client saw this and decided to use the directions in the final design.

    • Juliano Drummond
      Juliano Drummond 7 months ago +7

      @andrew clough i think you misunderstood me. yeah there were some "wasteful" times, as im sure any other job has. but there were fun times too! also i got the chance to make important work that helped other people that are not big corporate brands without any soul. :)

  • The Potato
    The Potato 6 months ago +4

    Delonghi: I want you to emphasize on how fresh beans can be turned straight into a cup of cappuccino with Brad Pitt in it.
    Screenwriter A: **writes exactly that and ended up with only a 5 seconds video** Shit.. what do we do?
    Screenwriter B: Bikes!

  • Connor Faulds
    Connor Faulds 28 days ago

    i LOVE that you put coffee expert in quotations in the title. Says a lot about who you are both professionally, and comedically :P

  • genericreference
    genericreference 5 months ago

    Nespresso and George asked the question, “What else?” I guess Delonghi and Brad felt compelled to answer. It is inexplicable, the “Fresh Coffee Beans” - you think they’d at least use “House Roast - Whole Coffee Beans” or something.
    Probably a lot of fun now when George invites Brad over for coffee, or vice versa!

  • Vlad Vexler
    Vlad Vexler 6 months ago

    Oh this is hilarious - brilliantly done James!

  • Arjun S
    Arjun S 7 months ago +597

    Alternative title: James “roasts” coffee ad.

  • Suzanne H
    Suzanne H 7 months ago

    Oh my! If Saturday Night Live had any sense of culture, this would be a hit! I mouthed along with you on the writing of "fresh coffee beans" ..."someone thinks that someone is ..an idiot!" Love it.

  • Diogo Marques
    Diogo Marques 6 months ago +2

    Brad “one of cinema’s greatest eaters” Pitt is a top tier reaction. Thank you James

  • Rachel
    Rachel 7 months ago

    actually in tears bc I'm laughing so much xD this was HILARIOUS! -- can I just add that the other comments on this video are amazing! I've had to stop reading them because I'm waking the house up with my laughing xD
    afaik from my media class in college - the writing of "fresh coffee beans" and "brad" on the paper bag (of beans) are called "explainers" where they ... explain to the audience what's going on, like in supernatural (the tv show) where they come across a ghost and someone explains that you need rock salt and iron (and this happens _every single episode_ that contains a ghost). It allows the audience to follow the "story" without needing prior knowledge (or at least, that's the idea) - sometimes though, it gets a bit ridiculous and the director/writer makes out that the audience have the mental age of a 3 year old and need to be constantly reminded that the bag of coffee beans contains coffee beans... fancy that.