Colts vs. Texans Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • The Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans during Week 12 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 2 051

  • Torian Belton
    Torian Belton 7 days ago

    DeAndre Hopkins just made my dad when he gave his mom the ball💯

  • CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate

    GAME OVER #TexansWIN Two TOUCHDOWNS DeAndre Hopkins (6 for 94) givin' 'Da #100NFLBall twice to Mom. Credit Deshaun, Zach and Kenny Stills #NFLFantasyFootball for a Good #TNF GAME "hey, Corporal. Kate here wearing the nun's habit. Good Game, Ka'imi, Scarlett and WFV. thx Dear for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootballPartner #SaintsLady Credit #NFLonFOX and #NFLNetwork #HoustonStrong

  • Nick
    Nick 8 days ago

    Most unenthusiastic commentators😂

  • Johnny Cotton
    Johnny Cotton 8 days ago

    I wonder, does the NFL get $3,300 from TheXvid because this video reached a million views? 🤔🤔

  • ilovemanunited
    ilovemanunited 8 days ago

    Take a shot every time Joe Buck says: "the pass is caught."

  • Chyniz Mahss
    Chyniz Mahss 8 days ago

    I don't live in Houston and don't know why I like the Texans and Rockets.

  • Nick Frey
    Nick Frey 8 days ago

    Texans oline sucks ass

  • J
    J 8 days ago +1

    lol colts fans saying same things as texans fans when fuller and their WRs were hurt before. crazy texans had all those injuries with CBs on top of JJ watt and still won this game. other than old man JJ all new CB too

  • eddie pulido
    eddie pulido 8 days ago

    Finally beat that mfer Brisset

  • Rock
    Rock 9 days ago

    That dirt trail while catching was beast

  • ostensiblyquerulous
    ostensiblyquerulous 9 days ago

    When are we gonna get an oline who can protect Watson? Seems like they cant even hold off a 3 man pass rush.

  • Ralph Mcbride
    Ralph Mcbride 10 days ago

    Good catching fuller

  • Kinkle Binkle
    Kinkle Binkle 10 days ago

    I betted with my grandpa on this game and won. I chose Texans. I GOT TWO WHOLE DOLLARS

  • Danny C
    Danny C 10 days ago

    Definitely fumble at the end. These refs blow the whistle waaaaay too early

  • valeriopetrucci
    valeriopetrucci 10 days ago

  • valeriopetrucci
    valeriopetrucci 10 days ago

  • Gerald daGod
    Gerald daGod 10 days ago

    Great dub. Fuller making D Hop job easier.

  • Smart20
    Smart20 10 days ago

    Guys, they did it!
    Finally a playlist in the right order 😎

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 10 days ago


  • starrydayshine
    starrydayshine 10 days ago +1

    It was actually nice going to see them as my first football game in person lol. Word of advice, the net is definitely there at the goal post but you can still get him in the head by the ball drop 🤣

  • Dan Torr
    Dan Torr 11 days ago

    Texans are just better that the colts in ever way 😁 sorry

  • Ethan Hopkins
    Ethan Hopkins 11 days ago

    I love my dhop but everyone sleeping on will fuller rn he had more receiving yards

  • Randy Sixt
    Randy Sixt 11 days ago

    The colts tight ends are blocking monsters

  • candidcameracat t
    candidcameracat t 12 days ago

    Why can't you challenge a call in the last two minutes?

  • Chocolate101 F
    Chocolate101 F 12 days ago

    NFL players don’t know how to tackle!

  • Max 117
    Max 117 12 days ago +1

    Indy fans are the biggest complainers in the entire NFL.

    Same organization that had to change the rules so Peyton could finally get past the superior Patriots.

    Was it a fumble by Watson? Absolutely. Did the Colts recover? Nope. Therefore, it didn't change the outcome of the game. Just take the L and stop bitching for once.

  • Mike Friend
    Mike Friend 12 days ago

    3:06 And that Jared Goff, is how you throw long to a receiver who is wide open in the end zone.

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 12 days ago

    Thanks Refs! You have officially lost the Colts that game!

    • LatinoPackBuster
      LatinoPackBuster 8 days ago

      @Alpha Wolf the ball was out but Watson recovered it

    • Alpha Wolf
      Alpha Wolf 8 days ago

      @LatinoPackBuster lol if I have to point it out to you, that means you may have not been paying attention towards the end.. it's unavoidable

    • LatinoPackBuster
      LatinoPackBuster 10 days ago


  • AnotherUser2017 NUMBER2

    Thisbis usful for my school project


    For a black man brassett is extremely slow footed

  • Assaulttwosword
    Assaulttwosword 12 days ago

    I like the Texans Better when JJ isn’t playing

    • LatinoPackBuster
      LatinoPackBuster 10 days ago

      JJ might not be the player he once was but, he would of defenatly made an impact in the ravens and clots game

  • Mr. Pooch
    Mr. Pooch 12 days ago

    Once again the nfl refs cheat for the team that the league wants to win the game, but as with my lions against green bay, the colts really should have beat Houston, they really out played them, but still lost the game.

  • gor9027
    gor9027 12 days ago

    That Dolphins loss looks so much worse now that the Colts officially need outside help to make the playoffs.

  • janice ginexi
    janice ginexi 12 days ago

    That ball was definitely out of Watson’s hands . I thought all plays under 2:00 were automatically reviewable . Colts should’ve had the ball .

  • David Wynn
    David Wynn 12 days ago +8

    Brisset did his part. His receivers let him down.

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 12 days ago

    How bout dem Wexans.

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 12 days ago

    Opps the play at 9:07

  • Travis Rehder
    Travis Rehder 12 days ago

    If the Texans played like this back in the wild card game

  • josh sinnett
    josh sinnett 12 days ago

    Should have showed controversial “fumble” play.

  • CaptainFicus
    CaptainFicus 12 days ago

    Bruh I cant get over that move at 5:21

  • Draven Wells
    Draven Wells 13 days ago

    Check it out My Colts Vs Texans Game Recap Podcast

  • Joseplaycod Gaming
    Joseplaycod Gaming 13 days ago

    8:34 ouchhh

  • Why is dis
    Why is dis 13 days ago

    That ball was out... once again the refs make a crucial mistake that change a game against the colts. Didnt that happen earlier in the year too??

  • Aseline KerRo
    Aseline KerRo 13 days ago

    1:24 that catch by my favorite player #10 Hopkins

  • Francisco C.
    Francisco C. 13 days ago

    *TY Hilton has left the game*

  • Rogent X
    Rogent X 13 days ago

    I was rooting for the Texans but that turn over should have been rewarded to the Colts (i missed last quarter of game)

  • Born Kool
    Born Kool 13 days ago

    Like 2k19

  • trippyred piru
    trippyred piru 13 days ago

    Go Texans

  • Marissa Guzman
    Marissa Guzman 13 days ago

    Ion watch football but where jj watt

  • Matthew Emerick
    Matthew Emerick 13 days ago

    Hilton not right yet, refs still awful at end, that was a fumble and Leonard clearly had the ball recovered. Brissett is a great back up who can win some games when the starter goes down but he really had not shown he is a starting QB to me. If Luck does not have a change of heart, the Colts need to be looking for a franchise QB

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  • Jonathan Votefan
    Jonathan Votefan 13 days ago

    Pass is.....................

  • Victor
    Victor 13 days ago

    You can always tell who will win by how many kick attempts they go by. Colts barely went for field goals and Texans did to get the lead. Coaches are just dumb and need to learn more.

  • Robinson R.L. Wigfall
    Robinson R.L. Wigfall 13 days ago

    Question is: Did that ball come out ? And what do you do then ? Lamar is an elite skilled QB. Unlike the retrograde definition used to describe caliber players along his critique. Although we all have car insurance, drive long enough you will bump the road. LOL. “Running the ball - and not having it dropped, chances are you may need Geico for when that happens.” Great game, but I can see the ledger margin dominating the political process of change. Lamar is to be the New “Black” definition of perfection at the position. Unlikely the ball ever be dropped by he. God Is - H. Town on the loose. I am in total agreement with D’Andre Hopkins.

  • Chirriru
    Chirriru 13 days ago +1

    I love my team Texans, win or loss I'm still a Texans forever and ever Houston Texans!!!!

  • Bradsan2006
    Bradsan2006 13 days ago

    5:30 lol Toro so funny where blue at?

  • Greatly G
    Greatly G 13 days ago

    That was a fumble

  • William Hickman
    William Hickman 13 days ago

    Hopkins! DOPE!!!

  • the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

    it's been awhile

  • Maile McDevitt
    Maile McDevitt 13 days ago

    This was a great win win