Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • The convictions were only the beginning. The worldwide phenomenon continues October 19th, only on Netflix.
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    Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 841

  • Pod Man
    Pod Man 13 hours ago

    Wow, nice to see real journalism still exists

  • Faith
    Faith 16 hours ago

    Shane dawson, take note lol

  • bmpf 10
    bmpf 10 23 hours ago

    It amazes me how can the state say that he kill that woman in the bed and later after in the garage where not one single drop of blood was found, so, he was so professional to clean the crime scene but somehow lets blood in the car, not destroyed the car (he has tools for that) and takes the keys home. The people that convicted him have a bag of rocks instead of a head.

    • bmpf 10
      bmpf 10 22 hours ago

      *drop of blood or DNA was found. Not even on the key.

  • Gurmeet singh
    Gurmeet singh Day ago a guy with a car salvage yard, hid the car underneath some branches rather then taking it to!
    Fuck the police man, no one is safe!

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Day ago

    Also a lot of POC and Latinos deal with this shit everyday. But they don't have a documentary on that

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Day ago

    I feel like he's guilty but there's not enough evidence and he didn't have a fair trial.

  • Christopher Leeson

    There is more evidence that county framed him AGAIN than evidence to say he is a murderer.

  • Christopher Leeson

    It's been known for years that the time line proposed by the prosecution was wrong . She went to Zipperers AFTER the Avery yard. Steven and Brendan were framed by the state.They framed him before and they did it again.....and got away with it !

  • girl it's sarah
    girl it's sarah Day ago

    All these guilters clearly haven't read ANY of Kathleen's briefs she has filed. And trust me there's a LOT. This man better be fucking freed because Kathleen his his last hope. My God if they do a new trial and STILL find these two guilty.. I'm gonna lose my shit.

  • BLVDKillz
    BLVDKillz Day ago

    Couldn't keep him in prison the first time so they made sure to set him up right the second time lol he ain't gettin out

  • Leo Castrillo
    Leo Castrillo Day ago

    pls dont be biased

  • Epic Night
    Epic Night Day ago

    Actually can't wait for this! Part 1 Drinking Game?

  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris 2 days ago

    he did it.

  • Rob Myatt
    Rob Myatt 2 days ago

    It's come out since that the documentary left out important evidence offered by the prosecution and failed to even mention it, which is why he was found guilty.

  • Tony Her
    Tony Her 2 days ago

    All I got to say is we all will find out the truth can't be pointed fingers at anybody yet, the truth will come out soon....!!!!

  • Sean Knight
    Sean Knight 2 days ago

    Will be interesting to see what they do with this series. Avery looks pretty guilty but there's a lot of fishiness about the conviction for me that makes me think the local police, at best, doctored evidence and crime scenes to help secure a conviction and get rid of a problem for themselves.
    Not unlike the O.J. Case, if they'd left alone it would have gone a lot smoother.

  • Petyr Wilson
    Petyr Wilson 2 days ago

    Next series: Making America Wear A Menstrual Pad During Midterms Because the Red Tsunami Is Coming.

  • sjmc1983
    sjmc1983 2 days ago

    I am calling it ..she was killed by her brother and ex boyfriend!
    I said it day 1 when she went missing in the first series.

  • Firefly Speed Shop LTD

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty. The confession was coerced, and Steven has protested his innocence, therefor the state has to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT he did it..
    One persons ‘reasonable doubt’ is different to the next persons..
    .. and given media involvement and clear issues with the evidence it would be very difficult to have an impartial jury now.
    Does this give Steven less of a right to a re-trial? Or more..
    Or perhaps the amazing public interest is due to the ridiculous bias by the investigative teams and conviction court and not Netflix pushing a new show?
    In which case this clearly deserves to be looked at again. Which it is.
    So let’s see how fucked up even more of the evidence is.. or if he really did it.

  • SuperJ1109
    SuperJ1109 2 days ago

    I always felt like it was her brother

  • mega77CHAVEZ
    mega77CHAVEZ 2 days ago

    Did you kill Thresa?
    Did you kill JFK?
    Yeah. Can i watch Wrestlemania?

  • mega77CHAVEZ
    mega77CHAVEZ 2 days ago

    I just hope somebody has been recording all the Wrestlemanias

  • Harry Baskets
    Harry Baskets 2 days ago +1

    Instead of season 2, why not have a series consisting of corrections and apologies for the manipulative lying bullshit in the first season?

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar 2 days ago

    There are so many questions unanswered.
    It was 2005.... so obviously they can track down her phone locations. Did her phone ever leave the Avery property ?
    Its understandable that they wanted to pin it on him, thats why nothing else or no oneelse was ever investigated.
    Like the ex- boyfriend... extremely dodgy looking .... does not even remember the time of the day he last saw Teresa ? The defense makes it easy for him.... was it day or night ... and he says he cant recall ?
    Why was he not investigated ? The only person to be given a camera .... was the one who headed out to the Avery property... and who almost magically found Teresas car... because God guided her ?
    What about Teresa halbachs own family acting so suspiciously ? They dont seem to show any remorse.... and like the state...want to frame Avery. They dont have any questions at all...and the guy who keeps speaking to the media.... looks like a puppet who has been told what he has to say.
    The fight for Justice starts at home. Teresa Halbachs own family dont seem to care about finding the truth.
    Did Teresas Rav 4 leave the premises after she was done taking pics of the van at the Avery property ? What was her last phone location ? Who was the last person she called ? Any smses ?
    There was no effort made to understand the victim. The prosecution cud not even establish a motive.
    To be honest.... this looks more like a mocumentary. I cant believe this is a real life case.

  • The Hungry Troll
    The Hungry Troll 2 days ago +1

    All Brendan wanted to do was watch Wrestlemania. Free Brendan Dassey!

  • Studio Dankster
    Studio Dankster 2 days ago +1

    Avery killed her

  • Jo Vu
    Jo Vu 2 days ago +1

    I’ve never seen part 1 or this at all anyone mind breaking it all down for me? 😭 thank you

    • Jo Vu
      Jo Vu 2 days ago

      +Lu Xun Oh right i see. Thanks a lot again xx

    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 2 days ago +1

      You're welcome :-)
      It's a real life story, though there are many who consider it a bit biased and not a fair representation of both sides of the case. It has a lot of entertainment value though.

    • Jo Vu
      Jo Vu 2 days ago +1

      +Lu Xun Wow thank you so much for this.. makes a lot of sense now! thank you. Is it a real life story or just a movie series?

    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 2 days ago +1

      It's about Steven Avery, a car tech from Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. He lives and works at Avery's Auto Salvage. Documentary starts with his 1985 wrongful conviction. A woman was jogging on Lake Michigan beach, then grabbed by a man and taken into the woods where he tried to rape her, but failed. He did beat her up.
      Documentary claims that the cops made her say it was Steven Avery who did all this to her and he was subsequently convicted. The audience was left feeling the cops set him up and were out to get him because they didn't like him.
      18 years later he is released due to advanced DNA technology clearing him of the attack and proving it was another man, Gregory Allen.
      Avery begins a civil suit against Manitowoc County and wants $36 million from there. 1 million for every year of his life in prison, times 2. But as the civil suit was going on a woman was reported missing. A young photographer named Teresa Halbach. Cops and volunteer searchers begin looking for her and learn she had three photography appointments on the day she went missing. One was at Steven Avery's and it turned out Steven was actually the last person to see her alive. About this time Avery begins claiming that the cops are setting him up again.
      Her car, a Toyota RAV4, was found on his property by a volunteer searcher. The doc raises questions how a volunteer searcher would find it in about 30 minutes when the property is huge. Doc also wonders why she was the only one with a camera.
      After the RAV4 was found, the cops get access to Avery's Auto Salvage and quickly find more evidence like the key to the victim's car in Avery's own bedroom. The doc wonders why it took seven searches of his trailer to find a key. Avery's DNA was found on the car key, but the doc wonders why the victim's DNA isn't on it and goes on to the claim this is an indication the key was planted.
      Furthermore, her camera is found burned in Steven's own burn barrel. They also find her bones, burned, in Steven's burn pit in his backyard. There were also burned bones of her found in his neighbours' (and sisters) burn barrel. About 1.5 miles away in a stone quarry more burned bones were found. Some were proven to be animal bones but others were too fragile to be tested. The documentary wonders if the bones at Steven's burn pit were moved from the quarry to his pit. Avery himself wouldn't burn her elsewhere and then move his bones to his own yard.
      There was also blood found in the RAV4. It turned out to be Steven Avery's. The doc points out that the police had access to a vial from 1996 with Steven's blood in it and claims they used that vial to plant blood. There was a tiny hole in the rubber cap on the vial. Doc says that's evidence of tampering.
      There was also a bullet found in his garage with Halbach's DNA on it. But the doc wonders why there was no evidence of blood in the garage. Doc claims there must've been a lot of blood... too much for him to be able to clean.
      Doc also focusses on Steven's nephew Brendan Dassey. A low IQ 17(?) year old at the time. The prosecution claims Brendan was an accessory in the murder. He once told his cousin Kayla what had happened to Teresa and that he and Steven did it. When this reached the cop's ears they began a series of interviews with him. He confessed to raping Teresa with Steve in Steve's trailer... that they stabbed her and shot her in the garage. He later recanted his confession and claims he was forced to confess to something he and Steven didn't do.
      That's about it I think :-) A lot of people thought Brendan and Steven were indeed innocent after watching the documentary;. Myself included. The doc left out a lot of explanations for the above questions and also left out a lot of evidence that points towards Avery's guilt. I no longer think he's innocent.

  • Yasmin Webb
    Yasmin Webb 2 days ago


  • Peter Scott
    Peter Scott 2 days ago

    The whole thing stinks.

  • iamjuliaboyle
    iamjuliaboyle 2 days ago


  • Clarence Boddicker
    Clarence Boddicker 3 days ago

    What about the evidence they left out? The confession to his cellmate? The fact he killed animals? The lack of other suspects? The fact he had a clear means, motive and opportunity to kill? He's a dangerous man.

  • Marga Lohman
    Marga Lohman 3 days ago +1

    I once thought he was innocent, but not anymore.

  • Gabrielle Briggs
    Gabrielle Briggs 3 days ago

    Looking forward to it

  • Adam Burke
    Adam Burke 3 days ago

    Oooooooh yeah. Nothing like watching dumb Americans fuck shit up

  • SJ g
    SJ g 3 days ago

    You can google the evidence left out in the documentary and be convinced in a few minutes he is 100% guilty. I’m horrified her family must suffer through another documentary praising the evil man who murdered her. A shame.

  • Ronnie Coffman
    Ronnie Coffman 3 days ago

    Can't wait

  • Taylor Macreadie
    Taylor Macreadie 3 days ago


    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 3 days ago

      no evidence against them though

  • River-Phoenix Luna Pavier

    If Steven gets out because he didn’t do it he’s probably going to get the biggest payout for a wrongful conviction ever in the history of any country because it would have been twice now he’s been locked up for something he didn’t do and Brendan will get a payout too though I’m in two minds whether he should get anything. I know they forced a confession out of him by lying to him but throwing himself and his uncle under a bus and sticking to it so they could charge his uncle by telling him say this and you won’t go to jail his lawyers sucked and on that ground none of them should have been charged or their cases went to trial! His police interview and the officers asking him questions and putting words in his mouth i found extremely disturbing. Telling him tell us what we want and you can go back to school that was just f**ked up. And don’t you have to have someone with you if you’re a minor being questioned by the police? Which if I’m not mistaken he was at the time of him being questioned!?! I thought our Justice system here in the uk was a joke most of the time but it’s on a completely different level in the USA f**k me I’m glad I never got into any trouble when I was living and working over there.

  • Dil Vashi
    Dil Vashi 3 days ago

    Motion for a new trial was denied in October 2017. End of story. Evil triumphs again. Sad.

  • blu byford
    blu byford 3 days ago

    He ain’t coming out

  • Matt Gould
    Matt Gould 3 days ago

    I wonder how much the local police paid that PR firm to flood these comments.

  • Maureen Logan
    Maureen Logan 3 days ago

    It’s the nephew I feel sorry for not Avery!

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson 3 days ago

    He did it

  • timmeeka hill
    timmeeka hill 3 days ago

    this whole case makes no sense at all who would kill someone at the very same time they are being filmed for a documentary why are they so quick to judge this man have you not learned from your first mistake an 18 yr mistake the whole justice system is a joke innocent till proven guilty but they still throw you in jail

    • Alex
      Alex 3 days ago

      Because he's a stupid criminal with a history of violence that's been in and out of jail since a young age. He WAS proven guilty.

  • B H
    B H 3 days ago

    watch that documentary "there is something wrong with aunt diane" and you see why people believe whatever they want even if they have the evidence right infront of them.Meanwhile this guy throws a cat over a fire admitted/plead guilty and people think he's mother Teresa.

  • Drew Berning
    Drew Berning 3 days ago

    He's guilty

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall 3 days ago

    He killed a cat so he may as well rot in hell.I don't care.I believe this is an extremely biased documentary.I have seen police's side of the documentary and it makes a hell lot of sense.He killed that woman.

  • Arizona Rider
    Arizona Rider 3 days ago

    He is guilty .

  • PrincessLuLu
    PrincessLuLu 3 days ago +1

    Ryan Hillegas needs to be investigated

  • PrincessLuLu
    PrincessLuLu 3 days ago

    I’m so excited for this the anticipation is killing me

  • Arron Miller
    Arron Miller 3 days ago

    ya know, he may just be guilty and the producers may just be feeding you what makes good see stories everday about the guilty binge stuff like this....just sayin

  • Rommy Tobinson
    Rommy Tobinson 3 days ago +1

    Free them both

  • TakeAHike
    TakeAHike 3 days ago

    News flash.... Steven Avery is still guilty. No matter how they try to repackage the product... Do your research... Not just watch a movie

  • JaronZ
    JaronZ 3 days ago +1

    Oh Great! Now I'll be talking like Avery for months again.

  • River-Phoenix Luna Pavier

    About bloody time, I’ve been waiting for the second season. The first one had me gripped from start to finish!

  • Robert Helmick
    Robert Helmick 3 days ago

    This lost me when that guy said Teresa's gone, there's nothing else you can do about that.
    Tell you what, show me a creditable lead into how she died, how her remains ended up on his property. And we can go from there. If this is a set up on this man's life by the county he lives in, then that must mean they killed her? Why is this show only focused on this man's life? Finding her real killer would ultimately set him free and bring justice to her as well. But to simply dismiss her is just wrong. And let's not forget to mention the evidence that was much more than circumstantial that the first season left out.

    • Alex
      Alex 3 days ago

      The gist of it is that Teresa was last seen walking towards Avery's trailer. We don't know what happened in the trailer. However, the evidence suggests he shot her at least twice to the head with his .22 rifle (most likely in his garage), at some point she ended up in the back of her Rav4, then in his burn pit where her remains were found.

  • wtfMYRON
    wtfMYRON 3 days ago

    Fuck Yeh

  • ServeTheBeaver
    ServeTheBeaver 3 days ago

    The other Dassey brother knows something he’s not saying

  • Brett
    Brett 3 days ago

    I still haven’t finished the ending of part 1 that’s how frustrated and irritated I was with how things have played out. Police were out to get this guy.

    • Alex
      Alex 3 days ago

      Research further. Read the testimonies, read the lab reports.. it's all available online. I guarantee you'll no longer feel bad for the guy :)

  • Grigory Chushenok
    Grigory Chushenok 3 days ago

    I hope he will be free. I believe he is innocent.

    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 3 days ago

      If you do some more research you'll probably find him guilty

  • Redeyes348
    Redeyes348 3 days ago

    Yay for Netflix for allowing this documentary to be released!!! I hope it's so biased that the corruption in the 'Criminal Just-us System is exposed and REFORMED!!!

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera 3 days ago

    Putos si no lo dejan salir

  • Stephanie Bell
    Stephanie Bell 4 days ago

    I think the law should be changed for children not to give formal statements without a lawyer!!

  • xpress
    xpress 4 days ago +1

    Can’t wait. It’s been long long ... 💙

  • Damagedone56
    Damagedone56 4 days ago


  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 4 days ago

    OMG, I think I have done a little sex wee. Loved and hooked on the first series, this is Gunna be epic #FreeAvery

  • Zoe Gibb
    Zoe Gibb 4 days ago

    Work, sleep and pretty much life in general is CANCELLED when the new series starts! Talk to the hand sistaaaaaa 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • GamingTutor
    GamingTutor 4 days ago

    (Yyyyeahhhhh) in that funny accent lol

  • Emperor Reign
    Emperor Reign 4 days ago +26

    Whether you believe he’s innocent or not, there was just too many holes and inconsistencies from the state, that he should NEVER have been convicted in the first place.

    • Chris Higham
      Chris Higham 12 hours ago

      Key word is reasonable doubt.. That is what the documentary was trying to show.. Noone knows if he really is innocent or guilty. Only he does

    • Emperor Reign
      Emperor Reign 2 days ago +2

      The documentary itself was biased yes, and the prosecution attempted to fill SOME of the holes (not all) but the defence have since strongly refuted them and explained their irrelevancy. Particularly Jerry Buting. I don’t KNOW if Avery is guilty or not, but there certainly wasn’t enough evidence for it to be beyond reasonable doubt. Which is obviously essential for a criminal conviction.

    • Rob Myatt
      Rob Myatt 2 days ago

      The prosecution filled in those holes but the documentary makers didn't bother to show it.

  • Miamajah
    Miamajah 4 days ago

    The ex boyfriend killed her - It's just a matter of time before they realise who the true killer is.

    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 3 days ago

      There is zero evidence of his blood (or anything) being planted. The blood was fresh, and not from some old vial (even his current attorney says so).

    • Miamajah
      Miamajah 4 days ago

      The blood was planted there, like everything else in his trailer.

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      His blood is in her car. He did it.

  • War Boats
    War Boats 4 days ago

    He did it, fuck you guys

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 4 days ago

    um. he raped and butchered a woman. hes right where he supposed to be.

    • Matthew Williams
      Matthew Williams 3 days ago

      +Need Less Things Well his blood and sweat in her SUV parked on his property. Her bones in his firepit, a full confession from his nefew. eye witness accounts of her being at his place......
      Id say thats pretty solid evidence. The filmmakers made a very onesided documentary and people like you swallowed the bullshit. The guy is guilty as hell.

    • Need Less Things
      Need Less Things 3 days ago

      Matthew Williams what evidence is there that a rape occurred? Or a murder for that matter?

  • Ameer Sheikh
    Ameer Sheikh 4 days ago

    When you are waiting 35 million us dollar and the guys gonna pay you are the police they have to make something you will never see them again i feel sorry this guy cause he lost all his life fighting to the system

  • Mark Hunter
    Mark Hunter 4 days ago

    Me and my girl watched the full series in 12 hours from 12 at night to 12 the next again morning, commitment

  • Silverballs00
    Silverballs00 4 days ago

    Get your popcorn ready. This is going to be good!!

  • IntrinsicPalomides
    IntrinsicPalomides 4 days ago

    Finally, can't wait!

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 4 days ago

    Wonder will this be as 'balanced' as the first doc?

    • Lu Xun
      Lu Xun 3 days ago

      Seems they are including the cell tower alibi, so I guess it will be just as 'balanced'!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago +1

    Move on. Guy is guilty.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 days ago

      onepieceofgumleft I’ve got more pressing things to concern myself with. It’s all been molded....

    • onepieceofgumleft
      onepieceofgumleft 3 days ago

      @Need Less Things ... And they had easy access to his skin cells. Cops had a body search warrant (to visually check him only). The nurse went ahead and "swabbed his groin". Immediately after doing this , the detectives conveniently noticed that the search warrant didn't call for that type of test , and the samples were disposed of in a bio/hazard bin by the nurse. Their police report goes on to state that one of them left with Avery from one exit and the other from different exit. Sounds like a great opportunity for one of them to go back and retrieve the illegally obtained skin cell samples. That's some magical sweat to end up on the latch , but nowhere else on the vehicle. Just like the blood ... right beside the ignition , but nowhere on the debris piled around the car , no where outside on the handle , steering wheel , or under the hood.

    • onepieceofgumleft
      onepieceofgumleft 3 days ago

      @John Smith ... They had access to his "sweat DNA". Trust me. And why was it just on the hood latch? Why not on the hood , or battery cables , or anywhere else. It was planted.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 days ago

      Need Less Things nah fam. I’m good. There are different types of samples from which DNA are derived.

    • Need Less Things
      Need Less Things 3 days ago

      John Smith there is no such thing as sweat DNA. Its just touch DNA. Skin cells can absolutely be planted and Avery's Attorney has already conducted multiple tests on that swab to demonstrate that very thing. She discovered Wiegert planted the swap and used a faked name on the sign in sheet. Watch season 2.

  • Name Pending
    Name Pending 4 days ago

    Steven and his nephew are innocent

    • Alex
      Alex 3 days ago

      Okay, and for what reasons have you concluded that? I'd like to know.

    • Name Pending
      Name Pending 3 days ago

      +Alex I have. They are innocent

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      They're really not. Do your research beyond watching the Netflix series..

  • SwP_1986
    SwP_1986 4 days ago

    Guilty just like the guy from Serial was.
    It’s just more entertaining to believe they’re not

  • Falco Sirrus
    Falco Sirrus 4 days ago

    Spoiler: Brendan now loves UFC instead of WWE and hopes one day to see the Khabib v Conor fight.

  • Falco Sirrus
    Falco Sirrus 4 days ago

    Several people, including family, friends and strangers remember him having a fire that night.....he claims he didn't.

  • Darren McDaid
    Darren McDaid 4 days ago

    I think he did it.

  • Gary Cambono1
    Gary Cambono1 4 days ago

    kim west went to trump and got a convict released from prison why cant someone do the same for these guys ???

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      Because they're guilty.

  • natshenkin
    natshenkin 4 days ago

    Even if he didnt kill the women he did kill a torture a cat for fun. Electric chair I say.

  • Paul Julian
    Paul Julian 4 days ago +7

    Amazing how few people know what "reasonable doubt" is. If you think you KNOW whether he's guilty or innocent, please don't ever accept jury duty.

  • Kryten's Spare Head
    Kryten's Spare Head 4 days ago +1

    Milking a murderer lol. Anyone who thinks these two are innocent is an idiot.

  • daaarrell15
    daaarrell15 4 days ago +1

    He did it !!!! End of ... move on

  • Bianca Bloom
    Bianca Bloom 4 days ago

    Who thinks he’s guilty?

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      He is guilty.

  • ShadoeFax
    ShadoeFax 4 days ago

    I honestly can't decide if he's guilty or not

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      There's a million reasons he's guilty.

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy 4 days ago

    He guilty, simples

  • Earth D C137
    Earth D C137 4 days ago

    He better call Saul.

  • ynazzra
    ynazzra 4 days ago

    I mean most of us think he's innocent, right? Even if he was guilty the system still failed to do things right, right?

    But what if he did do it... 😯😢
    I can't take the suspense!

    • MagicalSkyWizard
      MagicalSkyWizard 4 days ago

      And I personally think he did it. I also think the prosecutors probably did some shady shit.

    • MagicalSkyWizard
      MagicalSkyWizard 4 days ago

      I haven't even watched the first season and have no stake in this whatsoever but shut the fuck up dumb fuck. Nobody knows if he's guilty or not other than him thats kind of the whole point. To act so matter of fact because you've read some things on the internet is laughable.

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago

      @ynazzra Was there any evidence that you found particularly convincing that he's innocent?

    • ynazzra
      ynazzra 4 days ago

      +Alex *puts detective hat on*

    • Alex
      Alex 4 days ago +1

      Most people think he's innocent because most people only watched the documentary instead of doing their own research. He's guilty and the evidence is overwhelming.

  • Awyatt Mann
    Awyatt Mann 4 days ago

    Steven Avery is guilty as sin. His whole family are inbred redneck trash.

  • Jon Koffi
    Jon Koffi 4 days ago

    I hope he is innocent, an goes after them for BILLION dollars!!

  • Amelly A.
    Amelly A. 4 days ago

    I started crying as soon as I opened this video

  • Justin Varda
    Justin Varda 4 days ago

    You seriously couldn't write something like this. Truth really is stranger than ficition..