Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • The convictions were only the beginning. The worldwide phenomenon continues October 19th, only on Netflix.
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    Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 1 511

  • Babí Xavier
    Babí Xavier 12 days ago

    Por Deus, soltem o Steven! ele é inocente!

  • Lasset uns Spielen ...

    America, ruled by an idiot. Judged by morons. What a great country. Boy i´m glad that i am not a braindead american.

  • Shannon Peacock
    Shannon Peacock Month ago +1

    Listen to Rebutting a Murder podcast. Making a Murderer is packed with lies and misrepresentations, including the fact that Brendan Dassey's confession included details that only someone at the crime scene could know.

    • milart12
      milart12 Month ago

      I know and Zellner's cockamamie theory that Tadych and Bobby Dassey committed the murder is truly insane. Is anyone surprised that Zellner completely drops the police frame up argument that was at the heart of the first documentary?

  • Marjana Lapornik
    Marjana Lapornik 3 months ago

    thank god i live in europe-this is insane!!!!

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 3 months ago

    Great show, I was sad it ended. Can someone else murder a lady so we can continue to watch these kinds of shows?

  • Vin Pal
    Vin Pal 3 months ago

    The law is being misused for convicting innocent people

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago +1

    It just blows my mind that even if you think Steven is guilty that there are people who can’t see that the police and government there are corrupt and them people are biased.

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago +1

    Kratz had to step down in disgrace over harassing women. That’s the kind of legitimacy the production had. Those are the kind of people they are. The judge, the entire government is corrupt.

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago

    People say he’s where he belongs. And with the obviously screwed up investigation they won’t even consider that he’s innocent, they don’t even seem to care. They’re saying they personally don’t like him so he’s where he belongs.

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago

    Of course the people of the state don’t want to believe their police force is corrupt and be made the laughing stock of the country. They’re trying to protect themselves. They don’t care what the facts are. None of the evidence they said was left out so far really convicts him either. Comes right back to a corrupt police force that can plant whatever it wants and do whatever it wants and holds all the cards and can decide to oppress whoever they want to. Wether he was guilty or not, they never gave him a chance. The government of that state and the people of that state decided he was guilty regardless of the facts and didn’t care about any of the insane things done by law enforcement.

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago

    The people of the county and the state seem biased against Steven, which of course they are. None of their evidence makes sense, none of their practices are correct in handling his first or second case. Their mishandling of cases never changed, why do people think they magically became less corrupt, or less incompetent, for the second case. They screwed him over then and based on none of it making any sense from him not easily getting rid of a car when that’s part of his job to then somehow perfectly cleaning up DNA to a cop who wasn’t supposed to be there being there and discovering ‘evidence’ which would have been obvious a long time ago, they’re doing it again. But of course the people of the area don’t care about the cops being corrupt and incompetent and their being no evidence and coerced confessions from a nearly mentally handicapped young man, they don’t want to believe their state law enforcement is one of the most corrupt in America, and they already didn’t like the family anyway. They’re like mafia where anyone who doesn’t fit in their family needs to be destroyed and that justifies whatever they have to do.
    (As an aside, propel shoudjt be threatening the family of the corrupt law enforcement and lawyers and attorneys. They suck, their families had most likely nothing to do with it. And violence isn’t an option of civilized people anyway. We can use their methods to some degree to fight fire with fire, but we shouldn’t become them. They’re some of the worst America has to offer.)

  • 1925RTJJDER
    1925RTJJDER 3 months ago +1

    Steven Avery is right where he belongs. That so many people are being cleverly duped by this biased "documentary" series isn't surprising. What IS surprising is that they don't realize it.

  • Caleb McFarland
    Caleb McFarland 3 months ago

    That place has to have the most corrupt police force in America. In the beginning it says the community didn’t like that family because they’re different. So there this country, old style community that hates anything different and justifies doing whatever they have to to destroy what they don’t like.

  • Phillip Costello
    Phillip Costello 3 months ago +2

    LOL, never mind that Avery *just so happened* to be burning a big huge fire during the same time period the victim went missing and was later found burned right in that fire pit. And then the ex-boyfriend, or was it the roommate, no it was the brother! ... conspired with the cops (who they didn't even know) to set into motion an entire ridiculous set of events to "frame" Steven Avery. This series is very entertaining in its utter cluelessness, and I am shocked so many people are so easily swayed by it.

    • 1925RTJJDER
      1925RTJJDER 3 months ago +1

      Me, too. One thing I'll give the filmmakers is that they're very clever.

  • Prathamesh Chendvankar
    Prathamesh Chendvankar 3 months ago +1

    Spoiler Alert:
    Some of my takeaways from this series related to the Avery case.
    1 - Colborn actually found the Rav two days earlier but did not report it. This would also mean they would have found Teresa's body earlier than what is reported
    2 - Bobby's hardrive details were fraudulently witheld and later mislabeled by Kratz to prevent discrediting his witness. It is possible, then, that he was blackmailed by the prosecution based on this content to depose with their version.
    3 - Bryan Dassey was not deposed as a witness to provide a counter view.
    4 - Additional human bones found in Manitowoc Quarry property indicating a secondary site for the murder were not disclosed to defense and jury in the right amount and nature.
    5 - The additional human bones found had cut marks suggesting dismembering at a different site.
    6 - Manitowoc County officials who were deposed in the hearing earlier took part in searching the Avery property for evidence despite the conflict of interest.
    6 - Teresa's car key was cleaned and then tampered and planted.
    Quite frankly, it seems like too many things went conveniently wrong in this case. Definitely, deserves a re-trial! Poor Brendan, though, did not even stand a chance.

  • Krista Willhide
    Krista Willhide 4 months ago

    This is insane. LET THEM GO !! there state is the worst

  • Autumn Peterson
    Autumn Peterson 4 months ago

    So crazy that I live in this town and everyone is watching it

  • DRock7977
    DRock7977 4 months ago +1

    Anyone with half a braincell can tell Steven is innocent after watching season 2.
    I was on the fence but leaning on not guilty after season 1 but this time they removed all doubt.
    They were all in on it, the cops the creepy ex boyfriend and the roommate even Halbach family seems mysteriously stupid.
    The cops planted evidence (Wieghert) lied (Fassbender),cheated and stealed from lietuenant Colburn on the streets all the way to the tallest mountain in the PD with the corrupt judges and lawyers that followed suit to keep the states clean name out of the mud.
    Season 1 i never trusted Colburn officer Lenk or Bobby Dassey and was on the fence about Scott Tadych.
    Througout this series we have learned what it takes to be a lawyer at least.
    From the scummy sorry good for nothing piece of dogshit Len Kachinsky a russian troll getting his diploma of a lawyer fromStalin himself getting up to decent lawyers but who made substanstial mistakes in Buting and Strang to top of the class in Katherine Zellner fierce dedicated and 100% engufled in her passion of the job and the ethics that they all should have.
    YES im talking to you special dipshit Ken Kratz i hope you will visit hell on your way out.

    EBTHQ 4 months ago

    Bobby Dassey, you sick fuck

  • Ethan Wane
    Ethan Wane 4 months ago +1

    this dude only killed one person and gets a show with two seasons? is this some kind of social experiment to see if people will consume terrible fucking television despite being offered hundreds of better options literally an inch to the left and right of it? This has to be some kind of joke. Why not torture him to find out, I doubt his IQ is high enough to comprehend what is going on.

  • Meadow Sweet Lovable
    Meadow Sweet Lovable 4 months ago

    Looks like Kathleen Zellner has the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson.

    • chasendash Green
      chasendash Green 4 months ago

      How is that relevant to the documentary , is that the best comment you can come up with ?

  • Jeremiah Bayles
    Jeremiah Bayles 5 months ago

    Astonishing in so many respects. My respect for Kathline Zelner, her crew, and all the people they've worked with. They even go as far to show the political implications of Clinton's AEDPA and how it supposedly had a point. Just two years earlier Bill passed the "Three-Strikes" law. Another rare time two parties worked together and to much despair it was to fill prisons; it shouldn't be a wonder why law enforcement was and could be corrupt as they know where their checks come from. This is going on all over the country. It's all about money and setting a precedence and as much we all hope these people would pull their head out of their asses, the state and most of the people working for it will hang these two out to dry so they don't have to worry about ponying up the dough and in an attempt to stay face and make them martyrs.

  • RunReilly
    RunReilly 5 months ago +2

    He's guilty and this part 2 series is an obvious cash grab. Look at the evidence and stop being convinced by sad music and childhood photos.

  • Rick Ray
    Rick Ray 5 months ago +2

    Avery Did it hang him up by his nut sack.

  • Popescu Calin
    Popescu Calin 5 months ago +2

    What is so hard to understand that the government can do unimaginable things to cover up all the shit they do and put innocent people away. Stop being naive. America is scary. Not the promised land.

    • Phillip Costello
      Phillip Costello 3 months ago

      Yup, it is unimaginable b/c it didn't happen. Stop being naive.

  • Darshan
    Darshan 6 months ago

    Wow awesome

  • Miss Fitz
    Miss Fitz 6 months ago

    We can’t wait 2 more years for three so Netflix put the pressure on for a timely season 3.

  • Marguerite Coetsee
    Marguerite Coetsee 6 months ago

    Even South Africa's justice system is better :0 SHOCKED and fascinated . Kathleen go get them!!! Free Steven and Brendan!!!!!!!

  • Sickof Idiots
    Sickof Idiots 6 months ago

    It's very simple; if you think this guy is innocent,
    you're an easily manipulated, fucking IDIOT.

    • Sickof Idiots
      Sickof Idiots 6 months ago

      Have a point.

    • Growing Goldfish
      Growing Goldfish 6 months ago

      @Sickof Idiots
      Act like man.

    • Sickof Idiots
      Sickof Idiots 6 months ago

      Look it's a self confessed, easily manipulated fucking IDIOT! BRAVO!

    • jem bug
      jem bug 6 months ago

      Look it's Scott Tadych's alternate account, hey Scott, justice come for you.

  • Now Trending
    Now Trending 6 months ago

    This is straightforward, the Manitowac officials saw an opportunity to get rid of Steven Avery for good and they took it. Even if it meant not apprehending the real killer, Bobby Dassey. They knew the more evidence they planted the less likely Steven would have to sue Manitowac county. I believe the Manitowac officials got really lucky by finding the blood on the sink instead of just hair and saliva from Steven. They also got lucky by finding someone so docile and easily manipulated such as Brendan. Anyway, this happens when you have poor Republicans voting for wealthy Republicans, Republicans believe in survival of the fittest, so the poor always get trampled on.

  • Jonah A
    Jonah A 6 months ago +1

    the local corrupt law enforcement officials were scared of the lawsuit that was about to rain down on them. They wanted to make sure they got to keep their retirement, etc. They made damn sure of it.

  • greentealatte
    greentealatte 6 months ago +1

    Make all the judges binge-watch the series in one day and Steve Avery can go free
    Fucking stupid ass justice system!

  • First Maje
    First Maje 6 months ago

    How come they dont have info on her phone? They should have shown a map of where her car is.

  • Balla21
    Balla21 6 months ago

    So in this case the officer who led Brandon dassie needs to be fired and never be a police officer ever again he clearly led him he clearly coerced a confession out of a gentleman that has the mental capacity of a 4 or 5 year old he should be ashamed of himself and does a disgrace to police across this nation

  • Shinobi
    Shinobi 7 months ago

    Governor is a republican and still in office. I'm willing to bet money that all those cops and lackeys are republicans/libertarians. Hate to be political but this is how the right wing behaves, this is what we fight against.

  • lilysosa19
    lilysosa19 7 months ago

    Part 2 is way better in my honest opinion. You start to see flaws in the defense from part 1 that you can’t unsee. From not being able to put everything in the documentary, it’s so powerful still

  • Tru Vice
    Tru Vice 7 months ago

    Zellner has a Disney villainess thing about her and it's sexy.

  • cammey3
    cammey3 7 months ago

    Kevin and Scott give me rapist killer vibes, I think they're the ones that did it and Stevens sisters husband helped them cover up and frame Steven. I don't think it was the plan from the start but she died and it was an opportunity for them to frame someone they don't like and to make sure he didn't make a fool of them with him suing them

  • Dan Dwrasan
    Dan Dwrasan 7 months ago

    Clear as day bobby dassy is a sex offender and a fuckin deviant and he’s got kids WTF !! And his stepdad and Teresa’s ex boyfriend are all implicated In someway and KEN KRATZ and the detectives and the dodgy as fuck police sergeant COBURN !!!! They have set Avery right up , CATHLEEN ZENNER IS COMING FOR THEM

  • john dillinger
    john dillinger 7 months ago

    dont waste your time.It's all filler bullshit
    The dude killed her.

    • jem bug
      jem bug 6 months ago

      Idiot i will kill you

  • Gabriel A. F. Parker
    Gabriel A. F. Parker 7 months ago


  • Attila Dogan
    Attila Dogan 7 months ago

    here in europe case like that didn't go to trial even wen he is guilty, there's so many holle

  • Guy RW
    Guy RW 7 months ago +1

    * Watches Making a Murderer * ... * Feels as if you could've solved the OJ Simpson case in 2 days *

  • Snagalishus Man
    Snagalishus Man 7 months ago +2

    My review:
    I had very low expectations of this season seeing as the trial was over, how exciting could the appeal process be? To my surprise, just as riveting. Kathleen is quite possibly the most badass lawyer alive right now and watching her dive into every piece of evidence and claim by the defense is fascinating. And what she finds should exonerate Steven Avery but of course the state of Wisconsin is hellbent on keeping him and Dassey behind bars. The same excuse is used over and over by the state "to protect Teresa Hallbach and her family" but really they aren't interested in the truth and more interested in saving their own asses. This leads to a constant rollercoaster ride throughout the series. A high soaring hope only to be slammed back to the ground over and over again. While no satisfying conclusion resulted in the second season, I commend Netflix for releasing this season anyway to keep fueling the fire for Steven and Brendon and showing us how far our criminal justice system still has to come. I hope Kathleen gets Avery back into court one day and redeems the justice that should have never been taken away in the first place.
    5/5 stars.

  • eddy haze
    eddy haze 7 months ago

    best show ever and nothing will ever come close, I believe they are innocent and a lot of people were involved to frame them. I hope some day the truth comes out to what happened .

  • Hector Castaneda
    Hector Castaneda 7 months ago +1

    The longest and the best documentary i've ever seen,First season i was convinced he was guilty...after waching the second season i'm a hundred percent sure that Steven Avery and his nephew are innocents.

  • Mr. Lyrics
    Mr. Lyrics 7 months ago +4

    I would like to give Steven a hug : (

  • kellyann noble
    kellyann noble 7 months ago +1

    Finished this so annoyed they are still in prison there has to be another season binged it

  • pato0114
    pato0114 7 months ago +1

    Can’t get my head around how corrupt this place is. It’s sooooo clear he didn’t do it. I means where’s all the blood from when they supposed to have cut her throat and shot her. It’s about time your government got involved? I mean even the coroner got threatened to shut up or else. Wtf.

  • Soviet Union Jack
    Soviet Union Jack 7 months ago

    Judges have their fingers in all sorts of pies.
    Government Prison Construction Contracts being one of the biggest pies.
    And a great incentive to keep your prisons nice and full at 64K USD / prisoner / year ! :-)

  • Zoe
    Zoe 7 months ago

    This docuseries is proof that if you put a sensational, dramatic twist to a story no matter how incredibly stupid it sounds and defies common sense and logic, dumbasses will believe it.

  • Franka
    Franka 7 months ago

    Bobby or Scott did it.Scotts reaction to connecting him with the murder speaks volumes.He went crazy! Why would someone who was innocent react that way and tell all of those awful things to his brother-in-law? How disgusting and two faced.Yuck.

  • Cody
    Cody 7 months ago +1

    I can tell you first hand the justice system is corrupt

  • Rob Kim
    Rob Kim 7 months ago

    Kathleen’s gonna bag them all. Everyone.

  • Mouhssine Mouhssine
    Mouhssine Mouhssine 7 months ago

    I have been waiting my hole life

  • Mod Grip
    Mod Grip 7 months ago

    America is a fucked up shit hole. Who knew?!

  • marc turnbull
    marc turnbull 7 months ago

    This is ridiculous ! None of her blood was found in bedroom. You cannot destroy every bit of DNA evidence, even with weeks of cleaning. Scandalous!!!!!!
    This conviction must be overturned!

  • Ko L
    Ko L 7 months ago

    When the truth comes out, and the boys are released, I would love Kings of Leon to do the soundtrack to the film

  • Uncle Baur
    Uncle Baur 7 months ago

    and 3rd season in 2021

  • Weekday PositiviTEA
    Weekday PositiviTEA 7 months ago +3

    Better call Saul... ☀️

  • Sharp shooter kw
    Sharp shooter kw 7 months ago

    Can any one tell me the name of the guitar song from episode 7 while they drive to court please !!

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson 7 months ago

    A very disturbing and chilling look at what a county of elite self-serving corrupt police and the justice system can do to destroy truth and justice.

  • M. Gabris
    M. Gabris 7 months ago +1

    For the ones who saw MAM and still believe he did kill Teresa, Are you fucking blind?!! The huge evidence that his lawyer dug out is more than enough to prove his innocence. There's only one obvious explanation to why the state is refusing to let him out, which is his $36 million law suit against Manitowoc County for his previous wrongful conviction, and that's what made the police frame him in the first place for that murder. If the state did let him out, he will have to file another law suit for compensation and that will cost them hell lot of money. It's all about the money people, they dont give a fuck whether he's innocent or not.

  • account_name_online online

    Whether Steven Avery is guilty or not, I feel so sad for his mother. She seems to have endured profound grief and suffering over his convictions.

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S 7 months ago

    I think reasonable doubt needs to be reviewed. You are supposed to have an assumption of innocence with the state needing to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The accused does not have to even prove their innocence. This case shows juries and judges do not give the accused the assumption of innocence nor adhere to reasonable doubt. There are to many inconsistencies in the states claim against Steven Avery.
    The case against Brendan is absolutely absurd. There is no physical evidence against him. The lack of physical evidence actually shows Brendan is innocent. If Brendan cut Theresa’s throat in Steven’s trailer, where is the blood? Brendan is a minor with a learning disability. If judges overturned Brendan’s conviction then he should have been released immediately, once again going back to the assumption of innocence. Is the opposite done when individuals are found guilty and file an appeal? No, they go to prison. This whole case is a shame and the prosecutors, Wisconsin AG, and judges should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Touhid
    Touhid 7 months ago

    Boss we focked up..What should we do? Stick with it. No matter what Steven is the killer. They ( The Govt.) never thought this case will get huge publicity. Hey, we people do a lot of comments saying blah blah blah, this or that. Even an ordinary FBI officer can crack this case open But for who? They all work for the Government. Truth will always come out today or tomorrow. One of those crooked people might write a note just before dying.

  • Lithium023
    Lithium023 7 months ago

    Kathleen zellner should have never made those poor parents feel like Steven was getting out for sure. I feel the worst for them tbh

  • Kuziai
    Kuziai 7 months ago

    5-6 years back in my small country we had some rapists who raped the 5 year old girl 4 or 5 of them and they were all judges and prosecutors. Father went lengthy ways like in this documentary to get them to jail and guess what? he was laughed out of every court. You know what he did took 1 gun and killed all of them in 1 day :))))) now this is justice!

  • moses Irfan
    moses Irfan 7 months ago

    I finished this whole season in 10 hours. It's mind blowing

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B 7 months ago

    How loathsome is Ken Kratz...Yuck.

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B 7 months ago

    Just finished watching this. I have the same feeling of sorrow as after the 1st season. How stupid & corrupt are these people in control of our lives?!!

  • Klaar is Kees.
    Klaar is Kees. 7 months ago

    Why dont they file for a gag order on Kratz. Cant stand him even talk 🤮

  • FN Anderson
    FN Anderson 7 months ago

    That title..."Making a Murderer" could mean 2 things...
    either the police framed steve to make him a killer...OR...
    when they wrongfully sent him away for 18 years they made him into a killer.
    interesting. and btw i just farted

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 7 months ago +5

    Hey, let's burn the body so the police can't find any evidence, (what shall I do with the car?)... just park it on the lot... (Shouldn't we burn that too, to destroy any evidence?)... nah, let's just leave it on the lot for the police to find.

    If he made the effort to destroy the body, wouldn't it make sense to destroy all evidence of her having been there. Why would you, after having murdered someone, NOT try to destroy all evidence.
    Parking the victims car, on your own property, having made the effort to destroy the body, just doesn't make sense.

    The premeditation of murder, just doesn't allow that. If you plan on murdering someone, you also plan how you are going to get rid of the evidence, and leaving vital evidence on your own property, that is capable of convicting you, stupidity.... isn't even that stupid.

    • elenabob
      elenabob 6 months ago

      Yeah and if you add this to the fact that he perfectly clean all the blood in the house just to let it like this in the car is hilarious.
      Also it's by divine inspiration that her ex found the password and also that he had her agenda.

  • Joe Pratt
    Joe Pratt 7 months ago

    Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Netflix done effed up half y’all a minds, now y’all like “dude is innocent” 😂😂 .

    • Joe Pratt
      Joe Pratt 7 months ago

      Ash Mo I don’t understand the question, he was found guilty, hence, guilty. Netflix doesn’t show you evidence for the prosecution, it shows it from a defense standpoint. With enough editing you can make anything look how you want. Avery called her on Oct. 31, 2005 "to request the photographer who had been out to the property previously, AP report. "Avery's cell phone made three calls to Halbach's cell, and he twice used the Star-67 feature that hid his identity." These calls came in about 2:30 pm, see you private call someone who dies 5 minutes later after requesting them to come to your property and it starts to go down hill. DNA is the killer though, you can say conspiracy all day. Then that fake call at 4:30 was laughable. Build an alibi.

    • Ace Bear
      Ace Bear 7 months ago

      Joe Pratt ok, how is he guilty?

  • Nichole
    Nichole 7 months ago +5

    This pisses me off. Thanks for being this to light once again Netflix! This so scary it could happen to anyone. Love Kathleen what a boss.

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 7 months ago +1

    I know the Halbach family has been through a lot but it’s been over ten years. They need to pull there head out if their asses. Do they want to catch the REAL killer or not?

    • Ace Bear
      Ace Bear 7 months ago

      Dan the Man swear to god. And it isn’t about them. It’s about Teresa and justice for her so she can rest well.

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname 7 months ago

    The love of the parents man... I know Steven and Brendan were the ones behind bars, but their parents :( . I felt sooooo bad for them.

  • Dolores Chavarria
    Dolores Chavarria 7 months ago

    I’m sorry but those cops just looking and them and how they act how the talk and how sneaky they were they are corrupt and if this can happen to anyone beware of the police your supposed to be innocent till proven guilty not guilty proven innocent

  • Fudo Kun
    Fudo Kun 7 months ago

    Can't trust those cops, but Zellner isn't completely honest either I think. All in pursuit of their own agenda

  • Peter Walther
    Peter Walther 7 months ago

    The police in US kill people every day and cover it up if they have to.. Frame Steven is easy for them and they most likely gets away with it..

  • Peter Walther
    Peter Walther 7 months ago

    Why is not the police who have a big motive to frame Steven suspects in the TH murder case? Steven had a lawsuit for 35.000.000 dollar!!

  • Lori Torres
    Lori Torres 7 months ago

    So Brendan’s older brother had Teresa’s pictures pornography and dead bodies in his computer history? Either way it was a set up

  • Reprovo a
    Reprovo a 7 months ago

    Shame he could only afford The Wolf to clean up his garage from every speck of dna. If he had only payed extra for the car.
    I don't know obviously if he's guilty or not but this always baffled me.

  • laughinggravy2
    laughinggravy2 7 months ago

    I hope and pray that Avery Remains the rest of his miserable life in prison ,he murdered miss Halbach he's a cruel Twisted animal killer ,rapist ,sexual pervert

    • Ace Bear
      Ace Bear 7 months ago

      laughinggravy2 ok then how’d he pass the brain test? Lol

  • Subject Zero
    Subject Zero 7 months ago +3

    I've got to withstand another season of Ken Katz's ultra-soft, beta-male, monotone gay voice. Cringe.

    • Ace Bear
      Ace Bear 7 months ago +1

      Citizen23 hahahaha very beta indeed 😂

  • Jen Dark Energy 384400
    Jen Dark Energy 384400 7 months ago +1

    People who don't recognize evil and true corruption are the most vulnerable morons on planet earth. These men are innocent, America is fucked. The mainstream media should be ashamed of itself. If the mainstream media did its fucking job and didn't bow down to the state and sensationalism, those two men would be free and the real perpetrators would be in jail and the victim would have justice. You have to be a brainwashed MORON to believe Steven and Brendan are guilty, that whole county and its 'police' should hang their heads in SHAME. Disgusting corruption from the bottom up!!! Their lawyers kick ass! Justice will be served!
    How anyone can believe that sweaty pig book selling prosecutor is beyond me. YOUR BULLSHIT METER IS BROKEN!! NOT OURS!

  • Jen Dark Energy 384400
    Jen Dark Energy 384400 7 months ago +1


  • ChicagoDefense
    ChicagoDefense 7 months ago +1

    Thumbs up if u ever killed someone before

  • Debra Kelly
    Debra Kelly 7 months ago +1

    Steven Avery! Is innocent! 100%

  • Kevin H.
    Kevin H. 7 months ago

    I study hundreds of these type of cases and most people just know this one. So people sounding so sure of themselves annoy me. Lol.

  • D33 PUMA
    D33 PUMA 7 months ago

    Her boyfriend did it he seemed creepy

  • James Stith
    James Stith 7 months ago

    Yeah he is still in jail...sorry for the spoiler

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 7 months ago

    This has to be the most engrossing doc I've ever seen. I had no interest in the story at all before watching the first episode, and ended up binging both seasons in just a few days. This show is incredible, and I really hope that if Steven and Branden are innocent that they get justice. That brother Halbach is a piece of shit. Steven's new lawyer is amazing. Steven's mom's mustache is goofy, and Steven's dad looks like he's about to keel over. I really hope the Avery family gets closure before it's too late.

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P 7 months ago

    Wisconsin judicial system should be ashamed of themselves. Fuck Brad Schimel. Don't vote for this prick.

  • Weabe
    Weabe 7 months ago

    Just binged season 2
    Kathleen is a true Goddess!.

  • Lennon Tv
    Lennon Tv 7 months ago

    Still don’t see a Doco series on Teresa Halbach. Fucking idiots can’t see the obvious that Steve didn’t do it. Fools running round in blue claiming half the world doesn’t know the truth... yeah you guys are the true idiots.

  • bbehgam
    bbehgam 7 months ago +1

    Kudos to Kathleen Zellner. Truly masterful work and analysis on her part, from getting all of the forensic experts to weigh in on every piece of evidence to scrutinizing everything that was done by both the prosecutors and the defense. The blood stain analysis, multiple bone fragments not on the Avery lot, the absence of bone on the bullet fragment that supposedly traveled through TH skull, the Dassey computer and how Ken Kratz tried to hide it as evidence. So much more then reasonable doubt, unless of course you are law enforcement trying to frame an innocent man. Truly unconscionable that they are still in prison.

  • William N
    William N 7 months ago +1

    If you all want to know why.... You should research The Franklin Cover-Up. It is a nonfictional book written by former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp. John was a lawyer and got involved with a case so big, it makes this doc look like small fries. Corruption from local police departments all the way to the White House. He was never sued for libel. Why? Because then they'd have to prove what he wrote was untrue. You can find many TheXvid videos about the Franklin Cover-Up. Don't watch them at night, otherwise you'll never sleep. Rather just go further down the rabbit hole.

    • steelmill 701
      steelmill 701 7 months ago

      i saw ur comment and looked up the book. there's 2 of 'em, "The Franklin Cover-Up" & "The Franklin Scandal" both books got great reviews but i don't wanna read both. Which one is better? lol

  • Kathi
    Kathi 7 months ago

    Just finished it. Mind blowing and scary.