How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY - Space Colonization 1

  • Published on Sep 16, 2018
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    Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?
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    How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY

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    • Carmen Dublin
      Carmen Dublin 17 days ago

      267 months in space.

    • ProNoobGamer h
      ProNoobGamer h Month ago

      What is an asteroid impacts the lunar city?

    • KHALED Guesmi
      KHALED Guesmi 2 months ago

      what about the thousands of asteroids everyday

    • Karthik Tantrt
      Karthik Tantrt 2 months ago +1

      India discovered frozen water under the surface .... not ****n China!! 🤭
      "please change your research source" 😂

    • Matt Noob
      Matt Noob 2 months ago

      Eu sou gay

  • Starlings murmuration
    Starlings murmuration 2 hours ago

    We will have Mars bases sooner than the moon bases. Roflmao.

  • Evan S.
    Evan S. 8 hours ago

    fuckin rose tico

  • Moon
    Moon 8 hours ago

    All this talk of colonisation of planets and moons makes me think people born on moons and planets other than Earth might be treated as second class citizens in a few millennia. So I'm proud to have been possibly a first class citizen by 4000 C.E. standards.

  • Moscow
    Moscow 10 hours ago

    Literally anything: *exists*
    Hoomans: *its ferr weal eswate*
    *alos misspelleddd on purpoise*

  • bad mojo
    bad mojo 12 hours ago

    Build the wall now before those Lunatic hordes start demanding Earth ctizenship

  • jacp671
    jacp671 17 hours ago

    I feel like the UN would own the moon base

  • That one guy
    That one guy 17 hours ago

    America claims moon and Mars, 2030.
    Russia claims Venus and Mercury, 2060.
    Aliens take over earth, 2020

  • The Meme Expert
    The Meme Expert 18 hours ago

    What if we find space nazis?

  • Сщькфву Ыефдшт

    There's a LOT of optimistic science fiction in here, only in the sense that it couldn't happen in the next few years even.

  • Сщькфву Ыефдшт

    "unlimited resources" But thats now how the moon works :V

  • Max Overpower
    Max Overpower 22 hours ago

    While self sufficient colonies sound cool and all, you never really mentioned how they'd overcome the cosmic radiation and lack of protection from meteors

  • _ OLIVER _
    _ OLIVER _ 23 hours ago

    dont let Weyland-Yutani see this

  • Gabriel Gagne
    Gabriel Gagne Day ago

    Y’a, lets do it! without murdering a hundred million people.

  • Joseph Douek
    Joseph Douek Day ago +1

    And now we are building one, and Have given ourselves five years

  • ishwar dayalekka


  • Mister Peabody
    Mister Peabody Day ago

    Living on the moon would just be another class of people. How about we spend 40 billion on Earth.

  • Imma Kat
    Imma Kat Day ago

    2:41 That’s What She Said

  • Courtney Woodbury

    I suddenly feel the urge to watch the Moon Zero Two episode of MST3K...

  • James Lee
    James Lee Day ago

    Please do not mention us in ur video. U ban us, we ban u, fair.

  • The Video Game Archive

    The faster we get to the moon the faster gundam will become a reality lol

  • Coty Lee
    Coty Lee Day ago

    Wouldn't living somewhere with weaker gravity cause problems? Can babies even develop correctly under gravity like that?

  • Fixme Spect1
    Fixme Spect1 Day ago

    holy sh*t! space colony 8:50 .. Universal Century begins

  • Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos Day ago

    Wayland yutain building better worlds

  • krzmth7
    krzmth7 Day ago

    Starcraft here we come

  • Pardon me are You aaron burr sir

    How about we fix our dying planet first?

  • Trey Styles
    Trey Styles Day ago

    Why would anyone want to live on Mars? Once you are there you are, your life will be dull as can be. Earth is far more exciting. So much to do on this planet

  • Juancho Núñez
    Juancho Núñez Day ago

    I'm from the future, from the year 2250. Don't. Colonize. The. Moon. Stop Solar System War II from happening.

  • Gamesux
    Gamesux Day ago

    IM APOLLO 11

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 2 days ago

    Imagine the types of potential jobs space colonization and a functioning moon base would create.....imagine technologies this would bring forth..

  • Composer Viktor
    Composer Viktor 2 days ago +2

    Not going to lie, as cool and wonderful as this is - I imagine the reason why it hasn't been done isn't because it can't or people are lazy. I imagine the government has a very real and justified fear of trying to divy up "ok so who controls this".

  • Scott Chason
    Scott Chason 2 days ago

    I teach my boys that if they fart with enough force, the earth can be the new moon

  • Ice Wing
    Ice Wing 2 days ago +3

    "we the people of the moon" should've been "we the moon people"

  • Yousif Albofradi
    Yousif Albofradi 3 days ago +6

    Who would invest in this if they had enough money?

    • Foxzzer
      Foxzzer Day ago

      Yousif Albofradi Me

  • Joel Chan
    Joel Chan 3 days ago +6

    4:06 A duck who does not seem to want to be there.

    • Bo
      Bo 21 hour ago

      Omd didn't even notice 😂😂

    DONG YAN 3 days ago +2

    Y does the space elevator remind me of a jump tower in apex

  • Epic Smartness
    Epic Smartness 4 days ago +2

    You forgot about the problem of radiation and gravity

  • Jeroen Jager
    Jeroen Jager 4 days ago

    Its *****ing weird that governments aren't interested in long term. Also there's a lot more wind on Mars? Solar works but not as well, maybe winc works better? ... I'm not an expert. Don't believe anything beyond there is relevant though. Not on the moon. Somewhere else, deffinitely!

  • Mighty Minnesotan
    Mighty Minnesotan 4 days ago

    Why do these videos keep making me cry?

  • mrkiky
    mrkiky 4 days ago +2

    They will declare independence and then we will have to fight for who gets to colonize Mars. Solar War I.

    • Ace
      Ace 2 days ago +2

      And then more destruction will be caused to claim other planets: Galactic War I

  • Borsos József
    Borsos József 4 days ago

    What adorable video. This kraut team thinks a "moon nation" is necessarily democratic, while on Earth, very well business with EU-member eastern-european autocratic regimes.

  • Alex Casanas
    Alex Casanas 5 days ago

    It might just be because of my own personal interests but I do feel like the legal issues that are only briefly touched on in this video would be bigger hurdles than they're given credit for here.

  • Sk1ds _
    Sk1ds _ 5 days ago

    If we have moon bases and if humans were born there...
    doesn't that mean we will have new species of humans but not that far from us.
    I don't know bout you but this is just my guess

  • ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʏ s
    ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʏ s 5 days ago

    How could it be nighttime on the moon when there is no moon on the moon

  • Harikrishnan A
    Harikrishnan A 6 days ago

    What will be the nationality if the child that is born on the moon?

  • Casey Maxey
    Casey Maxey 6 days ago +1

    don't you hate it when you build your base on the moon and then the sun comes and blows you up

  • Ian Lairmore
    Ian Lairmore 6 days ago

    son: mommy, earth is a weird planet, i wonder what it will be like there
    mom: me to

  • Ian Lairmore
    Ian Lairmore 6 days ago

    alright go play astroneer

  • Devantejah
    Devantejah 7 days ago

    If only.

  • Luca Ortolani
    Luca Ortolani 7 days ago


  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson 7 days ago

    I give it a couple thousand years. We have a lot to figure out about ourselves still

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 7 days ago

    I'd be worried about the health side effects of children being born and growing up in low gravity environments. Will fetuses in the womb develop differently in different gravity? Even if it's possible for a human to safely be conceived, born, and raised in lunar gravity without developing major health issues, how differently will their bodies develop? Will a child born and raised on the moon ever be able to set foot on earth without suffering organ failures or other health issues from the increase in gravity?

  • Theory Fan
    Theory Fan 7 days ago

    We would be having a moon base, if not for Trump...

  • Simon R Gladdish
    Simon R Gladdish 8 days ago +4

    Having ruined the earth, I think that we should think long and hard before doing the same thing to the moon.

  • MUr 05
    MUr 05 8 days ago

    imagine if wars between moon-inhabitants and earth-inhabitants happen

  • Tuấn 752005
    Tuấn 752005 8 days ago

    Khi đã lên mặt trăng thì khi đứa trẻ được sinh ra nó không thuộc về bất kỳ một đất nước nào cả mà thuộc về loại người. Nếu phân chia đất nước thì điều này sẽ chia rẽ thế giới loài người, không nên!

  • rickyay26
    rickyay26 8 days ago

    The moon colony will become self sufficient. What will we do when they demand independence. That’s not a question of if, but a question of WHEN it will happen

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark 8 days ago

    The only problem, is that the moon is slowly moving away.

  • Pierce Kimberling
    Pierce Kimberling 8 days ago

    I've been binging videos and just realized I forgot to subscribe. Just did though. Keep it up!

  • Prof. Local
    Prof. Local 8 days ago +1

    And then we will have flat moon societies.