Types of People At The Bus Stop

  • Published on Jul 9, 2017
  • Bus stops are sacred places for us Singaporeans.
    Produced and Written by:
    Jason Hau @jasonkokotan
    Chrysan Lee @Chrysanlee
    Audrey Goh @sparrowonweed
    Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee
    Jai Kishan @j.jaikishan
    Benzo @thisisbenzo
    Jason Hau @jasonkokotan
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  • Cłextön_blehhh.
    Cłextön_blehhh. 16 days ago

    Im probably the one thats easily looses his EZlink card 😂

  • Desiree Wong
    Desiree Wong 16 days ago +1

    3:16 it says "if your the only one in the bus does it become a taxi?"
    My opinion : Yes

  • Audrey Hallmark
    Audrey Hallmark 20 days ago

    Did you notice the glitch in the subtitles at 2:51?

  • joney mahbub
    joney mahbub 28 days ago +1

    What's PDA

  • A Normal Guy
    A Normal Guy Month ago

    1.34 - 1.43 If I I overhead someone saying things I like that. I would tell them to sit their ass down, and wait for another 30 mins to know the shit that I have to go through to wait for my bus.

  • Taisia Andronic
    Taisia Andronic Month ago

    Me and my classmates

  • rose travis
    rose travis Month ago

    Im the one who looks for the card

  • Makers Mike
    Makers Mike 2 months ago

    Here in the US, I see scumbags every day sit at the bus stop and throw a piece of trash on the ground when there's a trash can literally 5 feet from them. What is is with trashy fools that don't think they can throw a piece of trash away. That's why they'll always be treated like trash.

  • ADTS
    ADTS 2 months ago

    The chinese to english means
    weird stranger
    so in wah banana, peeper = weird stranger.

  • HOT ice Wizard
    HOT ice Wizard 3 months ago


  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah 4 months ago

    Lost by translation 😢

  • Kenneth Jayandran
    Kenneth Jayandran 4 months ago

    Jason only eats at every video

  • Little Tiny Mini Potat-os

    "If you're the only one in the bus, does it become a taxi?"

  • celest chu
    celest chu 6 months ago

    3.08 Uhh no lunch for u

  • celest chu
    celest chu 6 months ago

    Jason left his water bottle at athe bus stop

    AYESHA_ VLOGS 6 months ago +1

    I am the gamer

  • Qin Luo
    Qin Luo 6 months ago

    This Is So Worst

  • AL'S unnie
    AL'S unnie 7 months ago

    1:14 that so me😂💕😂

  • its me Danielle
    its me Danielle 7 months ago +1

    What station do you live like if you now and please give me a heart

  • Azfar
    Azfar 7 months ago +1

    1:32 eh your water leh?

  • AngelSlimey
    AngelSlimey 8 months ago

    snacker is me

  • Love Moon
    Love Moon 8 months ago

    Hi singaporeans

  • Cavin Bob
    Cavin Bob 8 months ago


  • mikveat
    mikveat 8 months ago

    1: 31 Dude, you forgot your water bottle

  • Space Mapper
    Space Mapper 8 months ago +1

    2:52 there is a text

  • Walker #6682
    Walker #6682 8 months ago


  • Lady Ellie Of House Wilson

    I am a gamer people stare at me because I am cursing and punching the bench 😂

  • _it’sKylie _
    _it’sKylie _ 8 months ago

    I dont take bus only at fieldtrips

  • Sub 2 PewDiePie
    Sub 2 PewDiePie 10 months ago

    It took me so much

  • Izzy Wilson
    Izzy Wilson 10 months ago

    1:16 - 1:37


  • lazycatlux
    lazycatlux 10 months ago

    I'm the "always late" or "the 20 minutes early"

  • kira
    kira 10 months ago

    August 2018?

  • Ian Nathaneal Lukose
    Ian Nathaneal Lukose 10 months ago


  • Aashiya Shrestha
    Aashiya Shrestha 10 months ago

    Very nice vd hahaha

  • Celine en Julia
    Celine en Julia 10 months ago

    If you re the only one in a bus. does it become a taxi? Yes

  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 11 months ago

    why is the food that Jason was eating still at the bus stop chair

  • sarha saleh
    sarha saleh 11 months ago

    Lol the first one

  • Fang Xingying
    Fang Xingying 11 months ago

    For those who didn't know what was the words on the screen at 3:16, it says "If you're the only one in the bus,does it becomes a taxi? "

  • Savages
    Savages 11 months ago

    He forgot the water 1:30

  • Katomi Yamashita
    Katomi Yamashita 11 months ago

    3:16 Yas it does

  • Kate Beckett
    Kate Beckett 11 months ago

    ohhhhh....... that snacker is meeee.....

  • Teahyung
    Teahyung 11 months ago +1

    If you're the only one in the bus, does it becomes a taxi?

  • rb ramirez
    rb ramirez 11 months ago

    are you a singaporian?

  • kashish motwani
    kashish motwani 11 months ago +1

    I think Kishan is Indian...am I right?

  • Kelson Tech Life Style
    Kelson Tech Life Style 11 months ago

    Even worse than Hong Kong Hong Kong is thirty minutes one bus

  • shazee75
    shazee75 11 months ago

    Jason forgot his water

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 11 months ago +1

    3:15 Yeah probably. XD

  • Green Potato T
    Green Potato T 11 months ago

    It shouldn’t be snacker cause that looks like a meal

  • jh domino
    jh domino Year ago

    Missed the Scania K230UB!


    3:16 *"If you're the only one in the bus, does it become a taxi?"*

  • Hi hi
    Hi hi Year ago

    I use this one app called BusLeh AND ITS SO GOOD!cuz it tells u like how Long the bus coming like in 3 min or 2min like dat.

  • Hungry gamer I love eating

    I’m rlly the snacker and a complainer...... who else!

  • Yuan Song Ho
    Yuan Song Ho Year ago

    who realize Jason food is on the seat. 3.08

  • Funny Baby
    Funny Baby Year ago

    Kishan from India???

  • sheillacung
    sheillacung Year ago

    If all bus stop have air con it would be on 2035 and the world will be more advanced .-.

  • Mac and Cheese
    Mac and Cheese Year ago

    Wah Banana

  • Ice bear Polar bear

    Cant sit still is me

  • nidhi saxena
    nidhi saxena Year ago

    Soon funny

  • Gaku Yashiro
    Gaku Yashiro Year ago

    Man halfway through watching this video a cockroach crawled up on me I just shook my legs and it FLEW away and now I can't play PS4 until that cockroach gets the HECK out of here😠😬😡

    Plus its the type that bites my nanny has it A LOT in her country (Indonesia 🇲🇨)
    And btw my nanny is a part of my family now see was working with my parents before my older brother was even born and he is 13 years old now and I'm 11 so I really love her to the point that I consider her as a family member 👧
    And I really don't know why I'm telling the story of my life😂😂😂😂

  • Yethaarshini Kutty

    You should make a video on type of peoples in the bus

  • gugurokii loves twice

    If you're the only one in thebus
    Does it becomes a taxi?


  • Hala and Joud’s toy Review

    I can relate to all of them.

  • Anna smith
    Anna smith Year ago

    So funny love u guys 💜💙💛💚

  • Lacie Houser
    Lacie Houser Year ago

    Love your videos so awesome


    Im the complainer

  • Mr. Ripper
    Mr. Ripper Year ago

    Who take bus if they have Uber?

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Year ago

    I live in the Philippines and this Summer we went to Singapore.

  • ssttrroo
    ssttrroo Year ago


  • Amy Amy
    Amy Amy Year ago

    Is Krishan from India?

  • Coolboy gamer3
    Coolboy gamer3 Year ago

    3:15 no

  • Ap candy toys land

    Omg they are from Singapore ezcard

  • Elly Desire
    Elly Desire Year ago

    Kishan touch chrysan until shiok?


    the last scene can make she as your gf lol

  • Wai Yan Soe
    Wai Yan Soe Year ago

    Loved it but the last

  • Soma Aich
    Soma Aich Year ago +1

    I'm the 'Still Complaning'

  • CPN Games
    CPN Games Year ago

    1.40 Aircon at all bus stops urm theres one at orchard rd i think

  • xopgx
    xopgx Year ago

    1:35 well now that 's dones well not all bus stops tho

  • Random Reviews
    Random Reviews Year ago

    2:51 What does that say?

  • Rima Baruah Saikia
    Rima Baruah Saikia Year ago +6

    Did anyone see MR. SNACKER forgot his bottle at the bus stop

  • 20 Subscribers With No Videos

    I ship chrysan and keeshan

  • Arpan Ray
    Arpan Ray Year ago

    Love from India

    VEER SINGHA Year ago

    who is jao kishan

  • Narayan Kataria
    Narayan Kataria Year ago

    love you all

  • Nishi Dowerah
    Nishi Dowerah Year ago

    For them who says that he is not wearing gloves eat your food by wearing gloves this man had black hands thatswhy are you saying right

  • Musalmah Suradi
    Musalmah Suradi Year ago

    True i relate

  • Reiji 2014
    Reiji 2014 Year ago

    "if you're the only one in the bus does it becomes taxi?"

  • Beushra Poyraz
    Beushra Poyraz Year ago

    I hate jason in all the vidio he is like f****

  • Xerø Kūn
    Xerø Kūn Year ago

    Snacker ;-;

  • Muhammad Abdullah Siddiqui

    I don't think so

  • Lauren Zajdlik
    Lauren Zajdlik Year ago

    Cool intro

  • game hacker
    game hacker Year ago

    The bus takes forever to come because only 1 bus serves that bus stop

  • Swaleh Taj
    Swaleh Taj Year ago +7

    *2018 anyone*? No?ok*...😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • Discover Maji
    Discover Maji Year ago

    i like wah banana alot because no matter how much or how many times you watched the same episode over and over again , you wont get bored wan . thanks for all these years wah banananananana 😊

  • Skye Molly
    Skye Molly Year ago

    3:16 there is a secret message saying: if you’re the only one in the bus, does it becomes a taxi?

  • game hacker
    game hacker Year ago

    Which bus stop

  • game hacker
    game hacker Year ago

    Where is that

  • Roy K
    Roy K Year ago


  • Gopal Prasad Patwa

    next episode is Indian food test callenge

  • aleksandar trkulja

    2:31 stop there

  • Shree
    Shree Year ago

    Kishan u r awsome