Do Kyungsoo The acting genius Movies Dramas Awards Official Reaction

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018
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Comments • 15

  • maria monica esteban quiapo

    He's great, amazing talent.

  • Alexa Fer
    Alexa Fer Year ago

    You really need to see “It’s Okay That’s Love” because it has a huge plot twist in the drama.

    SPARKL3YSPARX Year ago

    Last name Do or Doh rhymes with go (pronounced same as dough for bread).

  • Jhijie Lopez
    Jhijie Lopez Year ago

    His eyes speaks! He is a very talented actor. He doesn't used double in some of his movies or drama. That's why is he is my fave.

  • sara D
    sara D Year ago +1

    His movie along with the gods became the second highest-grossing film in South Korea, and now a part 2 is coming.


    It was not his dad, it was an author he looked up to.

  • magnum_cx
    magnum_cx Year ago

    Please react to exo death and blood scenes. Obviously it has spoilers so I don't mind if you don't but it's a really good video

  • dsagvn
    dsagvn Year ago +2

    He's crying and calling for his hyung because minutes before his competition, he found out that his brother have an illness/dying

  • KamY EXOL
    KamY EXOL Year ago +1

    الترجمة العربية احلى شي كككك😂😂

  • b c
    b c Year ago +1

    React to: My happiness?Taekai and my love Taekai

  • Fidya Amelia
    Fidya Amelia Year ago +11

    Can't wait for swing kids movie, along with the gods 2 movie, and 100 days husband drama

  • heechulliebabo
    heechulliebabo Year ago +5

    Yes, it's a spoiler but

    she did commit suicide. She had a bum leg, and a lot of hard things happened in the film that made her feel hopeless about life. D.O.'s character was her friend who liked her. This film reminds me of 13 reasons why. Most of his work has something tragic in it. He either disappears or someone he loves dies gah

  • JinSouL Uck
    JinSouL Uck Year ago +2

    React to EXO Monster love your reactions

  • aj asuncion
    aj asuncion Year ago +19

    Kyungsoo is so talented.

  • chenim EXO_L
    chenim EXO_L Year ago

    please react to this:EXO kai the dancing king😘😘 😍😍