THERE, THERE RADIO 04 👁️👁️👁️ Mike Gao (3 hr mix)


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  • Red Face
    Red Face 4 months ago

    yall sleepin on mike gao

  • A N G E R Y
    A N G E R Y Year ago

    As weird as vaporwave can be, it does have some good songs in its genre.

  • -
    - Year ago

    42:15 song?

  • simp jr.
    simp jr. Year ago

    wheres the yung bae stream tho

  • Battle cry
    Battle cry Year ago

    where is the no.3 ??????

  • sxbvy tt
    sxbvy tt Year ago +1

    sound like some adventure time music

  • abi i
    abi i Year ago

    LOL Kris Wu card in the back lol 88 rising PLEASE can u make an animation i would totally watch

  • Pink Chink Radio
    Pink Chink Radio Year ago +1

    roses are red
    vilolets are blue
    i came because of pink guy
    and so did you

  • Vrajesh Kutty
    Vrajesh Kutty Year ago

    These "There There" mixes are on of the best mixes on YT. They are so diverse and chill. Love you 88!!!!!!

  • IchTrinkeSpranta
    IchTrinkeSpranta Year ago

    Any know the Song 5:20 ?

  • Noah vdb
    Noah vdb Year ago

    Whats the song at 1:13:00??

  • nejq
    nejq Year ago

    this is such a vibey mix

  • tom c
    tom c Year ago

    HW&W represent

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago +2

    Why the hell is there a clip of a couple swapping an egg in their mouths? lol

  • DDWrinkle
    DDWrinkle Year ago

    2:25:30 Pink Guy :D

  • Dude.
    Dude. Year ago +2

    This chat was amazing

  • nuetrxsh
    nuetrxsh Year ago +1

    52:44 pink guy

  • Obsessive Mind aka Matias Bueno

    Anyone wanna support me and my horrible music?

    HIHO TV Year ago +7

    Could we have a track list?

  • Slater Wang
    Slater Wang Year ago +1

    I like to eat watermelon in my backyard

  • s ad
    s ad Year ago +1

    deez are so fire

  • Cleint GT
    Cleint GT Year ago +2

    u have 3 hours to live

  • A!AN Beatz
    A!AN Beatz Year ago +1

    PINK GUY AT 22:55

  • made4change94
    made4change94 Year ago

    joji has gooten phat

  • S4 Official
    S4 Official Year ago

    That song at 1:03:55, Hippie Sabotage - Your Majesty, is it unreleased?

  • _rizkyadh
    _rizkyadh Year ago

    whi Watch this skip, skip,skip.done

  • Nexa Fyorelli
    Nexa Fyorelli Year ago +4

    is there a mix for there, there 3. featuring yung bae?

    • Vade
      Vade Year ago

      lol right? I cant find the 3rd mix, maybe they forgot to upload it :/

  • dura oni
    dura oni Year ago +1

    200 likes. you're welcome.
    btw i put this on my playlist cause its just 👌

  • oTomzii Go On
    oTomzii Go On Year ago

    Never Clicked A Notification So Fast

  • Later
    Later Year ago +1

    24:00 eyy boss xD

  • LbnKowal
    LbnKowal Year ago +14

    You should make a livestream with Joji's music.

    • Upgrade Ink
      Upgrade Ink Year ago +18

      LbnKowal wouldn't be that long of a stream

  • Bridgestone
    Bridgestone Year ago

    Tell me when there's a 88rising x Soulection collab

  • spookr
    spookr Year ago +34

    This channel defiantly has bipolar

  • MehmetEmin
    MehmetEmin Year ago

    Anybody Turks here?

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar Year ago +95

    We need a Pink Guy x Rich Chigga Collab!! Who agrees?

  • Ari
    Ari Year ago

    What is this weird pink man doing on the monitor?

  • Muhammad Azerai
    Muhammad Azerai Year ago +68

    Minute 22:55 pink guy

  • Griefinnub
    Griefinnub Year ago +1


  • Muhammad Azerai
    Muhammad Azerai Year ago


  • Dale Nixon
    Dale Nixon Year ago +16


  • Revirst
    Revirst Year ago


  • iEmojiGFX - NextBlend

    500 views rn who ishere with me!?

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Year ago +9

    Fell asleep to this. Confirmed dream music.

  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy Year ago +50

    this channel has ADHD

  • rep0se
    rep0se Year ago +58

    You had me at Pink Guy

  • Mahdondez
    Mahdondez Year ago +146

    Saw pink guy in the thumbnail. My finger is broken

  • NorthernJ
    NorthernJ Year ago

    spank me

  • Azmo .R
    Azmo .R Year ago +1

    i must be a caveman cus this is early fire

  • angle
    angle Year ago

    this is art

    • rep0se
      rep0se Year ago +4

      angle How did you watch it wtf it's 3 hours

  • tea
    tea Year ago


  • Al Fath
    Al Fath Year ago


  • Cesar 64
    Cesar 64 Year ago


  • Jenric
    Jenric Year ago

    What about the other mixes?