I'm not afraid to say it... LWIAY - #0061

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • Migs TV
    Migs TV Day ago +1

    That camera quality tho

  • um Sub
    um Sub Day ago

    1:44 is where the vid starts 😂

  • Ivan Chacon
    Ivan Chacon Day ago

    90 mil

  • Velvet Aeon
    Velvet Aeon 2 days ago

    Real video ends at 1:37

  • Emilya Maria
    Emilya Maria 3 days ago


  • Emilya Maria
    Emilya Maria 3 days ago


  • Rob Sale
    Rob Sale 5 days ago

    90 mill

  • Dottie Playz
    Dottie Playz 5 days ago

    So I'm unsubscribing if he is talking about logan and if he really saying sorry ILL SUB

  • Dottie Playz
    Dottie Playz 5 days ago

    Is he talking about logan or saying sorry I cant tell

  • Cri Lune
    Cri Lune 6 days ago

    Did he say fusion or *pewsion*

  • C CC
    C CC 6 days ago

    You're such a goofball, dude. And what is a Pewds?

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush 7 days ago +2

    (5:10) Gotta love that Tåbleråne!

  • Arkoday Basak
    Arkoday Basak 8 days ago +1

    What in the actual f is video quality?

  • Emmie Andersson
    Emmie Andersson 9 days ago

    U know its not weird that u get recognized when ur floating around with no legs in public

  • MrPig 18
    MrPig 18 9 days ago

    1st one

  • Gerome Ador
    Gerome Ador 9 days ago

    This video has a very low quality:(

  • FfandKDS official
    FfandKDS official 9 days ago +1

    Look my channel oke

  • mrmeow35
    mrmeow35 12 days ago

    It should have been “commentary about and reviewing MEMES”

  • A.W. Witte
    A.W. Witte 13 days ago

    You need more lighting

  • ProbablyCheating IV
    ProbablyCheating IV 13 days ago

    woah that camera quality

  • arif gemerz
    arif gemerz 14 days ago

    Kamu bule jawa /bule indonesia

  • E retorno Do Goku bugadin

    Brasil sou brasileiro pewdiepie

  • Lord Senpai
    Lord Senpai 15 days ago +1

    Good Quality Videos?

  • Wesley Souza
    Wesley Souza 15 days ago

    🅱️orges @Morges was here! Horay!

  • shalu sharma
    shalu sharma 16 days ago

    bete main btaon mujhe teri shakal bilkul psaand ni aai ... Athooooo

  • shalu sharma
    shalu sharma 16 days ago

    you are the worst youtuber ever

  • Варя Яковлева


  • Kim R.
    Kim R. 17 days ago +2

    The screen in the background, brilliant

  • Steve Guinto
    Steve Guinto 18 days ago

    Hes so cool omg

  • Benny Mitchell
    Benny Mitchell 19 days ago


  • Vesna Karic
    Vesna Karic 19 days ago +1

    12:34 it looks like serbian show potera

  • Evan Moyer
    Evan Moyer 19 days ago

    I can't believe I've been missing out on this channel for so many years. I've always thought this channel was just some loser playing video games. I didn't realize this channel was actually some loser talking about stuff he saw on the internet.

  • Sriram Sreedhar
    Sriram Sreedhar 21 day ago

    *Elon mosque*

  • Memester Bear
    Memester Bear 22 days ago +1

    Chungus was never funny

  • Nico E.
    Nico E. 23 days ago


  • soapy
    soapy 24 days ago

    first king of TheXvid and now Reddit wow

  • M2.0
    M2.0 24 days ago +1

    Pk le titre est en français

  • Savae gaming24 o
    Savae gaming24 o 24 days ago +1

    dad i shouted you out in my art homework

  • Peyto
    Peyto 24 days ago

    I got an ad that said to name your paycheck or whatever, it was about cars, after Pewds was talking about naming PewDiePieSubmissions PewDiePieSubmissions

  • ASMR Music
    ASMR Music 25 days ago +1

    and... 1 month later Elon Musk ACTUALLY hosted meme review

  • Hizzar Ali Malik
    Hizzar Ali Malik 26 days ago

    Ksi hate pewdiepie because of wearing logan paul merch just for joke

  • Café Klassico ‘-‘

    Hello pewds

  • -BeyondAir-
    -BeyondAir- 26 days ago +1

    when you running out of ideas

  • WarpoolPlayz GT
    WarpoolPlayz GT 27 days ago

    5:18 ear rape

  • Electric NinJA
    Electric NinJA 27 days ago +1


  • Quinn L-S.
    Quinn L-S. 27 days ago

    Is his camera recording in a log gamma curve? That would explain why it looks so weird and washed out

  • flip fortress 12
    flip fortress 12 27 days ago

    The chase is pretty gay

  • kpoper bts
    kpoper bts 28 days ago


  • Daz Gamer 986
    Daz Gamer 986 28 days ago

    That’s it im unsubscribing

  • Kitty Dog
    Kitty Dog 28 days ago

    1:37 *clears throat*

  • Krish Curry last name is really Kuri


  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 29 days ago

    Pewdiepie looks like a floating head in this video lol

  • Åsholmen Camping
    Åsholmen Camping 29 days ago

    your bok is in the skol library

  • joel julian gutierrez
    joel julian gutierrez 29 days ago

    I hate you so much

  • Subscribe to me for no Reason


  • Yili Feng
    Yili Feng Month ago

    felix is so kind...even tho he memes it and says it's hard to be nice like...he just is. such a genuinely wonderful person. the way he separates people from their faults and extends empathy even to the people who i feel don't deserve it.
    felix is best boy and you can't change my mind.

  • Jose Arellano
    Jose Arellano Month ago

    0:27 he sounds indian!

  • PigSpy123
    PigSpy123 Month ago

    1:38 ad finishes

  • monstersince
    monstersince Month ago

    not my fault youtube got blocked in Europe

  • monstersince
    monstersince Month ago

    in our advisory capacity to Brussels we are supporting section 13 ridding the internet of this crap is a noble cause

  • monstersince
    monstersince Month ago

    never too late to learn staff user pages

  • Shiela Alilio
    Shiela Alilio Month ago

    0:48 flying head

  • Destroyer Of poop
    Destroyer Of poop Month ago +1

    Wat is dat face cam that u use it so bad

  • Vlad64 Rybin
    Vlad64 Rybin Month ago

    А я русский спс за перевод :D i russ

  • DaviOmegaBR
    DaviOmegaBR Month ago

    Porque na playlist do PEWDEWPIE

  • Azia Blog
    Azia Blog Month ago

    Ппппп на канал

  • Chloe Rucker
    Chloe Rucker Month ago

    Plot twist: Pewdiepie is the one photo shopping legs on himself

  • Lyublyana Nikolova
    Lyublyana Nikolova Month ago

    What are you gonna say,the n-word?

  • Charan Andra
    Charan Andra Month ago +1

    4 Ads on a PewDiePie video!! I never thought I'd see the day!

  • Kira Lazuli
    Kira Lazuli Month ago

    Porque o título do vídeo tá em português?
    ;-; senpai notou o Brasil

  • TheCookieIsReal
    TheCookieIsReal Month ago

    Sub 2 pewdiepie no questons do it!

  • P J
    P J Month ago +2

    Origin pc charges you upwards 4000 for a tower pc that is worth 2000, maybe even less than that. Their live streams say your paying for the “cleanliness”, and say outlandish stuff like“buying into a family”. What tools, more than %100 profit off every single one of their PCs.

  • notmoreRJS s
    notmoreRJS s Month ago

    In the mall there was someone that looked like muselk

  • Lottie Miller
    Lottie Miller Month ago

    Anyone notice that when he says generally he means genuinely but like he can't say it for some reason

  • Derek Chui
    Derek Chui Month ago


  • iBeMaine
    iBeMaine Month ago

    Logan Paul: Im gOnNa BE Gay FoR A MoNtH
    Me: *Clap* *Clap* ANOTHER OOPSIE

  • Jamiee
    Jamiee Month ago

    *_S A Y I T_*

  • allison jauregui
    allison jauregui Month ago

    5:14 m0rges time

  • Sameha Begum
    Sameha Begum Month ago +1


    ANDDRO MODDER Month ago

    Wow its sponitized

  • Linda Mosshall
    Linda Mosshall Month ago


  • Dj_Woomy [WUT]
    Dj_Woomy [WUT] Month ago

    o o o s o t h i n

  • Davy Bondin
    Davy Bondin Month ago

    Cooking looooolllll

  • Dylan Torres
    Dylan Torres Month ago


  • Rosen Kazakov
    Rosen Kazakov Month ago


  • This is Alex
    This is Alex Month ago

    the laptop is a skinny boii

  • Doodler2k
    Doodler2k Month ago

    Japan’s Felix is just Dr Phil mashed with Felix

  • Angela Holtz
    Angela Holtz Month ago

    The can win if the believes

  • MiniNinja XX69
    MiniNinja XX69 Month ago

    Maverick... in rainbow six. Siege maverick?

    PSEUDOBOT GUY Month ago

    The paid promotion goes onnnnn

  • Overused MemesBeta
    Overused MemesBeta Month ago

    The N word?

  • Artem Anosov
    Artem Anosov Month ago +1

    Почему субтитры кончатся на половине видео, я как русскоязычный человек не могу смотреть Феликса. Из-за тебя да, именно, чувак который делает субтитры, где мои субтитры!? Это бунд!!!

  • Lori Zaye
    Lori Zaye Month ago

    T-Series is wayyyy better than you

  • Don’t fucking reas my name Bish

    I don’t fucking understand why do I put the subtitles in english and read them when I understand da fucking language

  • MunchyMonster 32
    MunchyMonster 32 Month ago

    Who is Ray and why must he be traced? 😬

  • Snorkee
    Snorkee Month ago

    Hey btw

    CAD CAM TUTORIAL Month ago

    Subscriber Update on 11 feb 2019, PewDiePie=84,955,128, T-series=84,879,683 its going tough competition.

  • Joanne Hoefner
    Joanne Hoefner Month ago

    “Subscrib” to PewDiePie 😂

  • Dexo Plex
    Dexo Plex Month ago

    LWIAY am I still alive