I'm not afraid to say it...

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • g υ и т є я
    g υ и т є я 22 hours ago

    I love how at the beginning, you can see pewds slightly glance down to Look at a scrip; to see what to say about the promotion. *BRADS, CUT THAT OUT*

  • Magdalene K. Naidoo
    Magdalene K. Naidoo 22 hours ago

    Who subscribed to pewdiepie because Logan asked?

  • Bridget Valdez
    Bridget Valdez 22 hours ago

    honestly pouring a bottle of water on yourself during a waterpolo game is so damn refreshing lmaoooo

  • Micheal Fender
    Micheal Fender 22 hours ago

    Who else had deja vu while watching this 9:00

  • 32Adventure32 Fortnite
    32Adventure32 Fortnite 23 hours ago

    T - series better

  • TastyTofu123 Sniper

    Destroy t series

  • Shelby Broadus
    Shelby Broadus Day ago

    According to my calculations 1 out of every 14 people who watched this video at this time have hit the like button, including myself.

  • The Vortex
    The Vortex Day ago

    hang on if I kill my self can I be in logans vid?

  • Salty Lover
    Salty Lover Day ago +1

    Just a comment passing by at the 82K

  • Hendrik Meehan
    Hendrik Meehan Day ago

    Bitch lasunga

  • Border Jumper
    Border Jumper Day ago


  • Mat Truth
    Mat Truth Day ago


  • Ngn Random
    Ngn Random Day ago +1

    I wonder what they paid PewDiePie for this...

  • ItsStomnar
    ItsStomnar Day ago

    Oh come on i"m a KSI fan and yours but what the heck

  • Dankmemesfor thirstyteens

    the lighting was questionable

  • TheFel0x
    TheFel0x Day ago

    t h i n n

  • Daniel Lei
    Daniel Lei Day ago

    pewdiepie has lost it

  • Khezya N'kinzi
    Khezya N'kinzi Day ago

    “DAMN BOI!! It’s not THICC, it’s THIN”

  • kat
    kat Day ago

    Hi I'm from the future and he has let you down chief

  • Anna Nakogee
    Anna Nakogee Day ago


  • Kirill Nachname
    Kirill Nachname Day ago

    you look like a virgin version of you too

  • Wondering Lion
    Wondering Lion Day ago


    S4LTYxLEMON Day ago

    Is your webcam from android

  • lugerCRO
    lugerCRO Day ago

    Hi Zelda!

  • M●N○
    M●N○ Day ago

    Anyone notice what I think is a Brexit countdown in the background?

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    um hate to be a kill joy but t series are less than 300k from overtaking pewds :/

  • TDK Venom 007
    TDK Venom 007 Day ago +1

    SAVE TheXvid PLLLZZ▶

  • adhx stjhsrj
    adhx stjhsrj Day ago


  • Angletta
    Angletta Day ago

    I already have the game 3 more tubers left to surpass

  • Peyton owo
    Peyton owo Day ago +1

    *80M in 8 days. We did it.*

  • sad cannibal
    sad cannibal Day ago

    Pewdiepie : *looking at a look alike of himself he has already seen*
    Pewdiepie: WoW, i've never seen that guy before . Why does he look so much like me?

  • Esther Toa
    Esther Toa Day ago

    for u anything even subing

  • Loki_Gamer HD
    Loki_Gamer HD Day ago


  • Febin Thomas
    Febin Thomas Day ago

    the clickbait features pewds wearing logan poool's hoodie and I thought pewds went bald. baldypie

  • Febin Thomas
    Febin Thomas Day ago

    the clickbait features pewds wearing logan poool's hoodie and I thought pewds went bald. baldypie

  • sarahsuz
    sarahsuz Day ago

    This is my first time knowing about pewdiepie...
    who is this guy, give him the key to the world.

  • Febin Thomas
    Febin Thomas Day ago

    the clickbait features pewds wearing logan poool's hoodie and I thought pewds went bald. baldypie

  • Febin Thomas
    Febin Thomas Day ago

    the clickbait features pewds wearing logan poool's hoodie and I thought pewds went bald. baldypie

  • Seng Jee Hong
    Seng Jee Hong Day ago

    wait wait wait hooooolllldddd on 16" screen fitted on a 15" body???

  • itsme badie
    itsme badie Day ago +1

    Like plz

  • Fairplay
    Fairplay Day ago

    the ray tracing in this video is amazing

  • Ruski Boy
    Ruski Boy Day ago

    Vox: *PewDiePie promoting suicide to his fans*

    DUSTIN PAFFA Day ago

    How much bucks do u made by doing that kinda ads😂😂

  • Jean Alexander
    Jean Alexander Day ago

    Toblerone has a Bear on the mountain of the logo no a Chungus xD

  • aaronpalad
    aaronpalad Day ago

    Feels like Pewdiepie’s sarcastic to his advertisement hahahaha

  • Manexkiller03
    Manexkiller03 Day ago

    Thought you were gonna say : welcome to fridays with pewdiepie, but you didnt, now i am sad

  • give punch
    give punch Day ago

    Pew bro T- Seriös GAY

  • Jerry Berglund
    Jerry Berglund Day ago

    I wish I could subscribe to pewds again, and again, and again....

  • Elizabeth Frost
    Elizabeth Frost Day ago


  • Lucas Harry
    Lucas Harry Day ago

    "you can tell he is genuinely changing"
    But am I gonna?

  • sarah Osmani
    sarah Osmani Day ago

    *is let down*

  • Santino Scano
    Santino Scano Day ago +1

    Did you know if you double tap the like button it turns gray?


    OFTENTUBE Day ago

    So so funny you

  • Misi Shemsi
    Misi Shemsi Day ago +4

    Every like is how much they paid him to make this video.

  • Danny phantom
    Danny phantom Day ago

    Been in rehab for the last month kept getting asked what I was gonna do when I get out lied and said I'd call my family. Realistically I'm sitting in the airport binge watching the PewDiePie videos I missed

  • Roin
    Roin Day ago

    13:35 is when the title makes sense btw

  • Robloxporn
    Robloxporn Day ago

    Pewdiepie: lvl 99 boss
    Brad: lvl 1 crook
    *That's how mafia works!*

  • Savannah paul
    Savannah paul Day ago

    every time there is someone with a mic on fortnite i tell them to sub to you so t series will shut up already

  • C. Clifford Laverez

    I subscribed to pewdiepie and that's how mafia works.

  • Vitaminbjørner
    Vitaminbjørner Day ago

    Je kjøpte itte farge-TV for å se på negere

  • themastergamer
    themastergamer Day ago

    I am a MAVERICK

  • Hayden Garrison
    Hayden Garrison Day ago

    Pewdiepie: "Can we hit 80M before 9 days"
    He reached 80M in less then 9 days pewdiepie GOD HMMM?? 🤔

  • Edmay Mortem
    Edmay Mortem Day ago


  • Ben Brooks
    Ben Brooks Day ago

    This BOI thinn

  • Ella
    Ella Day ago

    another #convictcrew represent on pewd's video! - the game show is made in australia !!

  • Flynt Cagape
    Flynt Cagape 2 days ago

    I like how you support logan paul coming up to the anniversary of his mess up

    TROLL MAN 2 days ago

    80 mil

  • Emma Profitt
    Emma Profitt 2 days ago


  • HorseMania24 N Stuff

    I thought that the laptop had a crack on the image of the laptop and i was thinking they were thinking, "This is all we got just use it, just use it" but i just din done did know that it was just a design feature

  • cameron worsley
    cameron worsley 2 days ago

    Guys make 2nd accounts and sub to pewdiepie we can win this

  • 360 Gaming
    360 Gaming 2 days ago


  • Molly Champion
    Molly Champion 2 days ago +1

    Hey Pewds, get away form forehead senapi!

  • Gideon McKinlay
    Gideon McKinlay 2 days ago

    The ring also unsubs you from T-seris


    This boy just got paid a million to say laptop

  • kill-332 6668
    kill-332 6668 2 days ago

    Be a maverick PewDiePie

  • Triple X Ben
    Triple X Ben 2 days ago

    Paid promo btw

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 2 days ago

    I said Logan Paul was getting better last year full 6 months after his problem.
    Everyone : You're obviously deceived Logan Paul is literally the Devil!
    PewDiePie: Logan Paul made mistakes, I have too, everyone has, forget and forgive.
    Everyone: Okay, I guess.

  • shadrewco
    shadrewco 2 days ago

    Why is he copying a series called YIAY

  • Breyer Collector
    Breyer Collector 2 days ago

    Me half way threw the the video:
    Me at the end:

  • Hulkpoolza
    Hulkpoolza 2 days ago

    I lost all my stuff in the pewdiepie mobile game so I had to stop playing

  • Shubham G
    Shubham G 2 days ago +1

    Video starts at 2:00

  • Jhonny Kilzi
    Jhonny Kilzi 2 days ago

    Make an awesome design in your account of tube simulator pewd

  • Tempist's Rebirth
    Tempist's Rebirth 2 days ago

    He actually fucking hit 80 mil before his mercy stopped

  • Sakshi S
    Sakshi S 2 days ago +1

    Don’t press read more

    You will have good luck for 9 years

  • TiseM Gaming
    TiseM Gaming 2 days ago

    king PEW

  • Space .Melonn
    Space .Melonn 2 days ago +1


  • dankmemelord 2018
    dankmemelord 2018 2 days ago

    Sees that this video is paid and will give pewdiepie money -watch’s 100 times-

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb 2 days ago

    Turn your brightness down when watching this video to see epic floating head

    EZOX YT 2 days ago +1

    13:50 *god has left the chat*

  • Itz Merkz
    Itz Merkz 2 days ago


  • Eda Demirhan
    Eda Demirhan 2 days ago

    Pewds: *says Logan is changing for the better*
    Logan, like literally a week later: "I'm going gay for a month"

  • Brad Mundie's
    Brad Mundie's 2 days ago

    Ray tracing is a joke...a whole 2 games have it. Cuts your FPS in half almost....what a fail by Nvidia for the price.

  • pepe the meme
    pepe the meme 2 days ago

    He atacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly,
    *He respecc*

  • Ruta Navickias
    Ruta Navickias 2 days ago

    Pewds: genuinely changing
    Logan: gay fora month

  • Ruta Navickias
    Ruta Navickias 2 days ago

    Pewds: genuinely changing
    Logan: gay fora month

  • waris Subla
    waris Subla 2 days ago

    20m dollars for the man who beat t siries

  • Hr DRENG
    Hr DRENG 2 days ago

    If pewds has no legs how Can he jump into a lava pi?🤔

  • Minotaur
    Minotaur 2 days ago

    3:15 did you say pokémonS?? Thats horrible

  • David yt
    David yt 2 days ago

    Porque tiene todos los subtítulos de todos los idiomas excepto español :v