Overtime: Amb. Susan Rice, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Danielle Pletka, Sam Stein, Thomas C. Williams

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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Comments • 1 947

  • bellamoon
    bellamoon Day ago

    This blond woman is a crooked, partisan hack. A female Newt. Ugh. Hillary was right during the campaign that Russia was interfering in our election and attacking her.

  • bellamoon
    bellamoon Day ago

    They could lay Joe Scarborough off and put Shep Smith on and call it Morning Shep. Instant ratings boost.

  • bellamoon
    bellamoon Day ago

    Foreign actors can't impact the vote tally, but the GOP can with their operatives in Secretaries of State positions. And we know the GOP is not above cheating beyond voter suppression and extreme gerrymandering.

  • T Clark
    T Clark 6 days ago

    This whole segment went batshit once Gabbard was brought up. Rice, Maher and the bespectacled woman are vapid...

  • e- Chen
    e- Chen 24 days ago

    Oh I'm going to get it for this:
    Nov 8, 2019 0
    Nov 1, 2019 1
    Oct 25, 2019 1
    Oct 18, 2019 2
    Day of video according to TheXvid ... Number of women on the show. I'm guessing all the camera people are women too.

  • Dr Mukesh Sharma
    Dr Mukesh Sharma 25 days ago

    Superb anti racism fact. All are human beings..there is only 1 race: Homo sapiens.

  • Bandele Ganiyu
    Bandele Ganiyu 26 days ago

    Did Hillary name Tulsi? She called out Jill Stein but I don't recall her saying Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Sethalos
    Sethalos 27 days ago

    I mean Tyson....everything that man says is genius.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 29 days ago

    lol fuck these guys stopped watching this show long time ago bills not funny anymore

  • Ryan Linden
    Ryan Linden Month ago

    I wish people cared more about sea level rise, and climate change.

  • Ryan Linden
    Ryan Linden Month ago

    FYI dumb bitch, 75% of the voting system in the US is connected to the internet. Which is bad to begin with. DIGITAL VOTING IS BAD.

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer Month ago

    Yes, I believe we are at the cusp of civil war.

  • alittlegreenjean
    alittlegreenjean Month ago

    i would like to see a show in which maher and tyson have a conversation together. not what are almost one-liners but an exchange of ideas. like the discussions terry gross has on "fresh air."

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar Month ago

    Neil is one of the greatest humans alive, perhaps among the greatest ever.

  • andrew john mckinsey

    how would actually ask degrasse tyson his race .. seriously .. not being racist .. but you know .. seriously ..

  • NMEdrone
    NMEdrone Month ago

    Tulsi is obviously a russian asset lol

  • skunkhammer
    skunkhammer Month ago


  • Ad Max
    Ad Max Month ago

    As a scotsman from the outside looking in i'd be confident if bernie sanders was the democratic candidate might not be a landslide but he would win comfortably then we'll see if trump will try and squat in the white house.

  • CTG
    CTG Month ago +1

    Make prostitution legal and tax prostitutes by 75%, BAM free healthcare paid for overnight

  • Billy Hack
    Billy Hack Month ago

    It's going to be sad to see, but Trump will chew up and spit out Joe Biden like he's so much old Taffy.
    And we need a constitution 2.0 to get rid of the electoral college and chattel contract language. Sure,the old 3/5ths b. S. Is supposedly cancelled out by amendments, but it makes us look insincere to leave the old language in. And there are too many racists in this count who secretly want to go back to that.

  • Billy Hack
    Billy Hack Month ago

    Hillary Clinton, true to her inner Goldwater Girl, is simply red baiting Tulsi. Once the neolibs get done smearing the progressives, we will have AT LEAST four more years of Trump. Get ready for America's shopping cart moment or decade which is what it will take to get this country back on track to being a sane place to live. In the meantime if you're young enough and still can, EMIGRATE!

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Thomas Williams did his diabolic rightes brilliantest stupid argument over on the Ucranian scandal., He sounded very like a democratic easy going sort of person on every other question, absolultely put on sheeps clothing at every moment but in that one on real time then on the Ucranian question he got in the rights argument, the argument that might win things for Trump, why do they want Trump so much? he said that if somone does wrong you have to investigate him! So,of course it fine to ask the Ucranian presidents to investigate him. They wil get away with it asking the ucrane to investigate |BIdens son, because it's fine to investigate what that boy did. The right are so slimey and good at twisting things, "you stole a chocolate bar, so how dare you think our gangster is any different from you.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Its no good saying their is not race, people wont just see the black person as perfectly competent till they keep on seeing intelligent black people on this show till it becomes so plain they can no longer deny it, but careful, women became good at Medicine, in medieval times, religion I have heard made medieval men think that illness was God given so why try to go against it and maybe that medicine was magic and so they were hopless at it and it was women, who started off caring for their children with the herbs in their garden and got good at medicine, who were the ones who were good at it. and the result, men did for them, burnt them as witches. The rich, christian white male section of the public can't half come back at what threatens them in a way that scares anyone who looks as if they could upset the status quo gets badly hurt, the jews, a few pogroms and a holocausts etc..
    Just look at how the part socialism, that stopped grinding poverty and brought eus nearer to equality got crushed, how the Austrian school of econnomics who taught the Chicago boys and Mrs thatcher managed to convince everyone that the welfare state did not work, and advice south america in such a way as brought them economically to their knees, who taught that you instead of suring up your countries efficiency by roads and teaching your young first you to pay your debts first and you have to look after the rich or the economy will go to pot and made everyone forget how well the economy had gone in the great experiment for partial socialism, how the well fare state made money flow and gave people enough to support the rich by buying their goods and you will see how the rich white male hits back if his position, his genes get menaced.

  • Abur
    Abur Month ago

    I think bill maher has PTSD from the last election, why does he fill the need to shill for corporate democrats? wtf

  • Stacey Strukel
    Stacey Strukel Month ago

    There is only one race! Different ethnicities.

  • Dan Towey
    Dan Towey Month ago

    Hillary DID NOT mention anyone's name during that interview !!!!!!!

  • Rick Rouse
    Rick Rouse Month ago

    why is the middle east our problem to solve? this is why Trump made us energy independent not only to enrich out country and employ millions of Americans but to also walk away from the mid east. have the UN keep an eye on the mid east and if the UN is incompetent enough not to stop terrorist then why the hell are we a member of a useless, worthless organization of money wasters?

  • Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous Month ago

    Five is full of B S. temrmbrt benghazo

  • Jean Redman-Roberts

    Foreign election interference is easy with lots of foreign cash

  • MrJacobMA
    MrJacobMA Month ago

    Damn it, why the fuck did Dan not get to talk, 100% chance he would actually have had something to say that they haven't hashed over for the last 30 episodes already.

  • Tyler :Last of the Honky Tonk Piano Players

    We are all different exxpresions of the same Race. I am an American Heinz 57. What race is that.

  • Mic Olsen
    Mic Olsen Month ago

    1:39 ...I thought NAS-hole. I guess Bill has forgotten George Carlin. Remember, the climate is always changing.

  • Thomas Phipps
    Thomas Phipps Month ago


  • William Thornton
    William Thornton Month ago +1

    there is only one race, that's Human.

  • Steve Fugere
    Steve Fugere Month ago

    I wish Jimmy Dore could have been on this panel but I don't think Bill would have the guts to have him on.

  • Mike LeBlanc
    Mike LeBlanc Month ago

    Susan must be getting nervous. I think a lot of light will be shined with new investigation's.

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    The point that ALL climate change deniers either can't or won't come to terms with is -What is the cost of making changes? Compared to the price of doing nothing?

  • Ricardo Cerrillo
    Ricardo Cerrillo Month ago

    What Neil said! Human Race...period. Also, what Bill chimed in with immediately afterwards.

  • Dean Oldfield
    Dean Oldfield Month ago

    Hillary is no longer the leader of the Democratic party. Tulsi's closet is as scary as DTs. She is a mole for SOMEONE. Look at her past. Look at her father. Look at her views on LGBT. Look at her endorsements in the past. Hillary has the right to speak her mind just like every other citizen.

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell Month ago

    If Rice is against Tulsi, then I'm with Tulsi.

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez Month ago

    Put a sock in it..
    Love your show by the way..

  • mrpapparappa
    mrpapparappa Month ago

    Hold up, isn't Tulsi a Modi sympathizer? Nuff said!

  • Payne_is_good R.J.
    Payne_is_good R.J. Month ago

    tRump= Whiney Little Bitch

  • Adam Prall
    Adam Prall Month ago

    Stupid fucking idiots talking about Deep State they know nothing about it! Trump always labels the wrong thing with his idiot statements.

  • Travis Bevan
    Travis Bevan Month ago

    Bill Maher help Mr. Beast Plant Some Trees

  • Party Tunes Friends

    Global warming. If 50 + percent of the world were certain of the threat, won't mean a thing. Ever see a crowd all witnessed a mugging, or something where someone's in trouble. All you get is rubbernecking, and someone screaming, won't someone do something.

  • Party Tunes Friends

    Bill, tRump will take your money, then not leave.

  • mott knil
    mott knil Month ago

    Maher always nice and respectful to boot licking liberals.

  • Olia Schlossberg
    Olia Schlossberg Month ago

    The foreign interference is not a direct hacking. It is a cultural influence via fabricated social media. Are we still not clear? If someone is a Russian asset, you would never know. They are good at what they do.

  • Ryan Connelly
    Ryan Connelly Month ago

    So with zero proof or reasoning whatsoever they’re nonchalantly suggesting that Tulsi, a currently serving major in the Hawaii National Guard & currently serving congresswoman, is a Russian asset? Someone’s upset Tulsi rightfully gave her delegate vote in 2016 to Bernie..

  • Industrial Painters Toronto Painting

    A dog knows its a dog a bear knows it a bear but humans they look for differences.

  • Poppy from Aus
    Poppy from Aus Month ago

    Bill - there was NO wood in his mouth - it was rhino ivory - google it - LOVE YOU 🇦🇺🇦🇺🥰

  • lapaz62
    lapaz62 Month ago

    Look at these pricks attacking Gabbard, just because she doesn't go along with the war mongering in Washington, wonder how many scum bags Susan Rice has spoken too and backed over the years.

  • Aviram Vijh
    Aviram Vijh Month ago


  • B
    B Month ago

    Trump could win 2020 and the Democrats will be the ones calling it a rigged election

  • Timothy Sheridan
    Timothy Sheridan Month ago

    i object.. these people are not credible comedians.
    also .racism is brown people breeding so fast they crash the globe. (nobody can talk about it) then they invade america and cock fight with white people for jobs.. you are all idiots.. no offence..racisim is mixing different types economically and politically.
    the human race is 4 types.. white black asian and middle. and they cannot mix. mixing dsteoys white, black and asian.. it creats middle. this is why whote people are being exterminatd bybthe massive brown equitorial invasion in the u.s., europe and even russia is getting this too.

  • Timothy Sheridan
    Timothy Sheridan Month ago

    whatever you think of the republicans or democrats.. america obviously dos not have enough intelligence to survive. good luck conserving our culture.. we are already a banana republic. absurd legalistic infighting.. corrupt grifting government.. unfair internet market place. we are just above venezuela. even if you got your black, gay, paraplegic, female, autistic democat president.. our system would just grind and stall a few years and it would pass like a bad plate of mexican food. you live in troubled times. .in south america they say, "whenever somthing happens, you dont know what it was. you dont know who it was. and you don't know what it means.". welcome to the future.

  • Mackenley Jean
    Mackenley Jean Month ago

    Susan Rice is the worst.

    • Dave
      Dave Month ago

      Tiny boobies

  • NoalFarstrider
    NoalFarstrider Month ago

    He actually is a Russian asset!

  • Gablesman888
    Gablesman888 Month ago

    Susan Rice's son goes to Stanford where he is chairman of the 2020 Trump for president campaign. Check it out.