9.1: What is an Array? - Processing Tutorial

  • Published on Jul 24, 2015
  • This covers looks at the concept of an array and why we need them.
    Book: Learning Processing A Beginner's Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction
    Chapter: 9
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  • Ayham Iphone4
    Ayham Iphone4 Month ago

    Awesome lessons!

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    Jp De los Trinos 2 months ago

    THIS is an introduction to arrays.

  • UPYA
    UPYA 2 months ago

    lol your so good my man

    TRUTH HURTS 3 months ago

    In your normal functions eg. Draw and Setup, why in the body you call another class object function?
    Wouldn’t it be easier to make a class and have the methods Draw and Setup instead?
    Basically why did you have a normal function which calls a class function?

  • Wenj Petiluna
    Wenj Petiluna 3 months ago +1

    Hello I'm a new viewer of your channel from philippines. Im interested of your teaching about Programming coz thats what I took right now. Hope you notice. Thankyou🧡

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    nicnut210 5 months ago

    I'm just watching these for fun at this point, this shit is actually entertaining.

  • Diyath Navaratne
    Diyath Navaratne 6 months ago

    best coding channel ever

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    Daniel Moise Montezima 6 months ago

    I like the way you finish the tutorial😀. You're excellent in your job!

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    Kiraak mama

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    I think this guy took too many antidepressants

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    you are a really bad teacher man DDDD

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    Thank you

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    Best teacher ever!

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    He is just too happy to teach computer science

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    Usman farooq 9 months ago

    This guy is on crack .

    LIEGEJAMES KAINDI 9 months ago

    University of eldoret in Kenya.l love the way you explain this array

  • Akash Yadav
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    Hello sir I'm from india 🇮🇳 , i think you more energy than me for teaching me..as compared to my learning ⚡⚡energy
    Thanku so much..
    I'm just start coding so can you help you
    Mr. Coding

  • Monique Rennie
    Monique Rennie 10 months ago +3

    Thank you so much! Incredibly useful, teachers just threw us into the deep end without introducing arrays... at all. No coding experience and your explanation was very clear. :)

  • Its- Showtime
    Its- Showtime 11 months ago

    "Ram the brain of the computer"
    Eh? CPU?

    • UglyStru
      UglyStru 11 days ago

      RAM = Short term memory
      CPU = Medulla

  • Martin Dominguez
    Martin Dominguez Year ago

    About to bing watch all your videos...

  • Joshua Knight
    Joshua Knight Year ago

    You are the Bob Ross of programming. Clear, cheerful, and very helpful. :D

  • Anitha Ani
    Anitha Ani Year ago

    What is arrays and it's function

  • Isabel
    Isabel Year ago

    i'd probably understand this a lot better if my professor actually went in order and covered everything :S

  • Michael P
    Michael P Year ago

    Thank you for doing this video!

  • Onat Altın
    Onat Altın Year ago

    Your video is unbearably choppy

    • The Coding Train
      The Coding Train  Year ago

      Apologies, I've improved the quality for the newer videos.

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    different shirt :)

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    If you are in hurry ..skip to 1:30 :)

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    Awesome way of teaching

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    Professor you are super cute, I must say 😙


    ok this guy made my day..... literally

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    this is in java ?

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    so easy to understand!

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    10 FPS

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    omg... you just makes things so clear! which i had been in so much trouble. thank you so much!

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    Great video, love your enthusiastic simplistic way of teaching =)

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    eperez112178 2 years ago

    I've been learning a lot from your vids though I use another language thx. Can u do a video on match 3 algorithm ?

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    Very good work !

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    hi I m one of ur subscriber ...will u mind if u upload a video on
    write a C program to accept 2-dimemsional M × N matrices(say A and B) . Find out their transpose matrices(say A' and B'). Display the resultant matrix(say C) which is the product of A' and B' with mentioning the message "whether multiplication is possible or not". plzz sir.. help me..