How Christopher Eccleston Nearly Returned to 'Doctor Who'! - Doctor Who Discussions

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor was nearly in 'The Day of the Doctor', but what happened?
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Comments • 36

  • Steve Crosby
    Steve Crosby 20 days ago

    I would love it if he returned to the whoniverse

  • Silverbird
    Silverbird 22 days ago +3

    While I would've preferred Eccleston in the 50th, John Hurt was excellent as the War Doctor

  • Martin Frecks
    Martin Frecks 22 days ago

    He really was fantastic

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 22 days ago

    Why are all doctor who TheXvid fans so gay

  • steve gale
    steve gale 22 days ago

    Moffat trashed Doctor Who which is the reason Eccleston refused. And I do not blame him because Moffat was an asshole.

  • Grundy Malone
    Grundy Malone 22 days ago

    He should have just done it.

  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell 22 days ago +2

    As much as I love Nine, it was ultimately for the better that we got John Hurt. It sets up Nine to Eleven with a beautifully tragic tale: they carry the guilt of destroying their own people to end the Time War, and whenever things start to go really bad you can really see that inner darkness come to the surface.

  • Heath Kruidenier
    Heath Kruidenier 22 days ago

    There's literally no reason why Paul McGaun couldn't have been the Doctor to end the time war. I don't like the day of the Doctor. It's more of a 8 year anniversary than a 50th. I understand that the other actors are old men now and don't look like their characters but as a fan of the show I was very disappointing that the anniversary didn't look back at the shows history

  • Barbara 165
    Barbara 165 22 days ago

    I think we still (even after Chris got his book out) don't know what really happened to make him leave. But I'd love to get some Big Finish episodes with him - Nine will always be my Doctor.

  • DravenGal
    DravenGal 23 days ago +1

    I wouldn't have minded seeing 9 interacting with 10 and 11, but I doubt the chemistry would have been as good as Matt and David had with Sir John. It was just beautiful, so smooth, their senses of humor worked so well together, and from what Hurt himself said, Matt and David were practically insync and didn't even have to plan things, they just did them, sometimes mirroring each other without a word.

  • angelo pellegrino
    angelo pellegrino 23 days ago

    Well instead of using the 9th or the war doctor they could of brought back the 8th doctor and give the reason what happened to the 8th doctor that the 8th doctor was the one who caused the time war and not the war doctor then he would of regenerated to the 9th

  • Anya Smith
    Anya Smith 23 days ago +2

    Yeah maybe that would be cool if he did but David Tennant will always be my favorite actor on doctor who always and forever.

    NOAH AG THE MAN 23 days ago

    He did show with all The Doctor’s.

  • Ross Pit: Shark Hunter
    Ross Pit: Shark Hunter 24 days ago +1

    Sucks, because he was my favorite Doctor.

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D 24 days ago

    I would have loved to see CE back for the 50th special, but if it were a choice between that and getting the War Doctor I'd choose the latter every time. John Hurt is a treasure and the 50th anniversary special we got made me the most excited I've ever been by Doctor Who.

  • WiccanRai
    WiccanRai 24 days ago +6

    I'd love to see Cristophsr back as 9 in a special or even in something like a Comic Relief sketch. One series definitely wasn't enough.

  • Storm Hawk
    Storm Hawk 24 days ago

    Eccelston is a product of Thatcherism, zero loyalty except to himself. Showed absolutely no loyalty to Doctor Who whatsoever, just a CV stepping stone in his acting career.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 22 days ago

      You are dumb. It took so long to renew his contract that he assumed it was not going to be. That is a BBC contract department fault not his. 'loyalty ' FFS idiot, every actor is one contract to unemployed. row up you pathetic little hild.

    • Some Random Guy
      Some Random Guy 24 days ago +2

      @Storm Hawk So... because other people have it worse, his grievances are irrelevant? That's a really stupid attitude.

    • Storm Hawk
      Storm Hawk 24 days ago

      Shahn-Ryan Schumacher he got “shafted by the production team “, in what way? They treated him like a dog or something? He wants to spend a 12 hour shift in a warehouse to know the meaning of getting shafted. Bloody actors.

    • Shahn-Ryan Schumacher
      Shahn-Ryan Schumacher 24 days ago +4

      Storm Hawk I have to say I disagree. After it finally broke with him revealing why he left, I can’t agree with the assessment of disloyalty. He got shafted by the production team of the show during the first series and the BBC itself went ahead and more or less tried to blacklist him and all that time, he did as he said and never said a word against the show. I hope he will come back. I like his orientation of the Doctor. It was the war-damaged, PTSD version that was far different from anything we had seen before.

  • Susan Dolan
    Susan Dolan 24 days ago +4

    Well, he sort of was in The Fiftieth Anniversary show, but only as clips from his time as The Doctor. Which, by the way, is how they got Tom Baker in the Twentieth Anniversary show since he also said no to a guest appearance (they had him and Lala Ward's Romana 'trapped' in a 'time loop'). Ecclesston has joked about being in the 60th Anniversary, so we can only hope for an live appearance and not just replaying old clips. By the way, how much longer till the 60th anyway?

  • cobraki00
    cobraki00 24 days ago +8

    I really liked him as the doctor

  • Rachel’s Corner
    Rachel’s Corner 24 days ago +2

    I’m so glad Eckleson didn’t come back for the 50 year anniversary never liked him anyways

  • Evilmastermind
    Evilmastermind 24 days ago +17

    If he's willing i want him back for the 60th.

  • Kyle Stateler
    Kyle Stateler 24 days ago +28

    I’m sad 9 didn’t show, but I’m even more sad that when he refused to comeback the BBC didn’t really try to use 8. I’m really happy that they at least gave him a regeneration, but there was so much room to work with 8.

    • Steve Crosby
      Steve Crosby 20 days ago

      @DravenGal they could've used Richard E Grant as the shalka doctor in live action form he could've been the war doctor but I think they should use him as the valeyard

    • DravenGal
      DravenGal 21 day ago

      McGann needs at least a full season run, like a bonus web series maybe. Solving mysteries with the Paternoster Gang or something. He's so good, plus he's even better looking now! I wonder if he still likes his shoes...

    • adrian mills design
      adrian mills design 23 days ago +3

      Kyle Stateler yes I’m the same , the war doctor is good but really it should of been the 8th doctor !

  • Cameron Kiesser
    Cameron Kiesser 24 days ago +5

    Really wish he comes back in some way just to troll 13. "Huh. Let me fix that. I don't know who you are but you're a stupid ape".