Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet | NYT Opinion

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • Computer scientist and futurist Jaron Lanier has a plan to fix the internet. This Silicon Valley maverick has a radical vision for how we can all earn money from our data.
    Every time you click on a website -- yes, even that ad right there -- a company is keeping a little bit of your information, and someone somewhere is making money off of it.
    Lanier argues that every bit of data out there belongs to the person who created it, and if anyone should be getting paid for it, it's you. He has a plan to make this happen.
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  • i m asian
    i m asian Day ago

    why is his hair this weird?

  • Jonathan Reiser
    Jonathan Reiser Day ago

    We humans sure can be knuckleheads, but whenever presented with big societal, economic, or political obstacles and problems we always find creative solutions. With all our accumulated progress, I believe these challenges are becoming less and less difficult to overcome. I predict a future of abundant options. We simply have to collectively choose to make our future abundant. The few in power are becoming obsolete. The masses are gaining ground.

    I am not clear yet on exactly how our data translates to cold hard cash, but I do know it's valuable. I love this idea. Let's do it! Go team human.

  • AxelStacks
    AxelStacks Day ago


  • Eric Brooks
    Eric Brooks 2 days ago

    Paying people to be part of a disgusting hyper-consumerist culture driven by advertising (a culture which is rapidly destroying the planet) is not a desirable model for human civilization. I don't want Walmart to pay me to go to Walmart. Walmart needs to cease to exist.

  • 『 Vinicius 』
    『 Vinicius 』 5 days ago

    I'd like to read the article, is there a free link?

  • Al
    Al 5 days ago +1

    She's the girl from THE LONG GAME part three, isn't she?

  • Lance Emil
    Lance Emil 10 days ago

    Leave Social Media NOW - protect your data income in the future.
    Got it. Where do I sign up?

  • Sázhe M. Epifanne
    Sázhe M. Epifanne 14 days ago

    Abrupt Irreversible Climate Change. Near-term Human Extinction.

  • Kevin Ward
    Kevin Ward 16 days ago

    god bless. when i was 14 and i saw FB for the first time, i knew it was stupid.. guess i was right.

  • Diogo Caetano
    Diogo Caetano 16 days ago

    What about the law of unintended consequences? What could be some of the loopholes in data dignity and MIDs?

  • le th
    le th 17 days ago

    I respect his ethics and passion about an ethical democracy, but the US has never...and I do mean never...been a democracy; We have always been a capitalist republic. That's why the pledge of allegiance specifies, "I pledge allegiance to the flag...and to the Republic, for which it stands...".
    I could listen to this guy all day as he sounds like such an ethical, compassionate, deep-thinker and also humble about his intelligence. Yet, I also believe he is a bit naive to think the tech monsters...that are already profiting off our data...are going to give up any of it.

  • le th
    le th 17 days ago

    I respect his ethics and passion about an ethical democracy, but the US has never...and I do mean never...been a democracy; We have always been a capitalist republic. That's why the pledge of allegiance specifies, "I pledge allegiance to the flag...and to the Republic, for which it stands...".
    I could listen to this guy all day as he sounds like such an ethical, compassionate, deep-thinker and also humble about his intelligence. Yet, I also believe he is a bit naive to think the tech monsters...that are already profiting off our data...are going to give up any of it.

  • willmattwood
    willmattwood 17 days ago

    The video in a nutshell @10:42 "Value Yes, Manipulation nooooo..." ahaha

  • Amigo Rigo
    Amigo Rigo 17 days ago

    Wasn’t this video uploaded a long time ago? And people were saying it gave them all dejavu?

  • Morgotron
    Morgotron 18 days ago

    This is an interesting idea, but wouldn't it obviously create terrible incentive structures for people to, for example, massively over-expose their and their loved ones' data for the sake of earning a few bucks? It seems to me that this could cause as many social problems as our current forms of algorithmic capitalism. Also, I don't see the economic argument for why this system would reduce the problem of ideological echo chambers. Don't these echo chambers arise because people *like* to be shocked and angry about what people they don't identify with are doing? Wouldn't there be a market for this even within the structure that Laron and Weyl are suggesting? I must be misunderstanding something. What am I missing?

  • Clayton Rego
    Clayton Rego 18 days ago

    This and Free Software and FOSS as well as Open Source movements are the future.

  • Jacques Laroche
    Jacques Laroche 18 days ago

    I'm sorry, but this is stupid. The solution proposed here is akin to carbon taxes: i.e. "lets use capitalist market forces to fix a problem caused by capitalism and markets!"
    I don't understand why state funding of services isn't even on the list of possible options. Our taxes should fund things that we want (like newspapers, music, film, parks, water treatment, roads, vacations, etc.) and then we should get them without paying anything on top of that initial funding. These overly complex techno-fetishist "solutions" are tiresome because functioning systems to fund the creation and distribution of common-use goods and services (including physical space) have historical precedence (do yourself a favor and lookup the history of collective funding and ownership in Yugoslavia). And, even if one is irrationally scared of trigger words like "Socialism" or "Communism" all the technology currently exists to equitably transfer resources from individual citizens to producers without the need of middle-men (e.g. blockchain).

  • Dr Perpetuum
    Dr Perpetuum 18 days ago

    Cool guy but he got some things wrong. Data won't exist in the future, it will be instant knowledge of everything in everyone's head

  • Dr Perpetuum
    Dr Perpetuum 18 days ago

    12:30 We're here to develop everything

  • Bullet Ballet
    Bullet Ballet 18 days ago

    I had the, um, "pleasure" of watching this guy whine on-stage at a conference in 2012. Lanier's a sad man-baby who throws fits and randomly insults people who dare to stand within five feet of him and mind their own business (yep, saw that happen too). Him talking about reactionary "fear" and "anger" is thus HILARIOUS.
    Dude literally played some bagpipe-like instrument during his sweatpants-clad "talk," then later tossed a hissy about his hotel room.
    "Thought leadership!"

  • Glass Crystal
    Glass Crystal 18 days ago

    Great Video. Jaron Lanier is the brilliant mind.

  • Ltpwnface
    Ltpwnface 19 days ago

    They got rich because of all of us. Our data is our God given human right 😤

  • Michael L
    Michael L 19 days ago

    i like this guy

  • AquatiCGroupGraphics
    AquatiCGroupGraphics 19 days ago +10

    Yeah, this would work much better than basic universal income, and do a lot to curb the use of negative incentives to influence people's behavior online. Mr. Lanier is pretty brilliant, so hopefully something comes of this.

  • GuillotinePod
    GuillotinePod 19 days ago +1

    I want to work with this guy

  • Revolutionary Thinking

    I like where this is going!

  • SOVEREIGN \-_-/
    SOVEREIGN \-_-/ 20 days ago

    I hope this man takes his weight & health seriously & remains with the living fighting RACISM WHITENESS WHITE SUPREMACY.

  • The Bronx Pops !
    The Bronx Pops ! 20 days ago

    Yang , that’s how it works .

  • Lisa Parrott
    Lisa Parrott 20 days ago

    This guy is not wearing any lab PPE

  • J Mac
    J Mac 20 days ago

    Good idea. BUT someone is paying all of this extra cost for the data. If today the company has systems to collect this data and they don't pay a third party then in this future they'd be paying you which is a huge expense they didn't have before. So how do they pay for this? Everyone raises their prices to pass the cost on to you and you ultimately end up paying the same or more in the market completely offsetting any gains.
    How about we just choose not to use the services that take your data and then you aren't exposed to poor algorithms and manipulation in the first place?

  • Adam S
    Adam S 20 days ago

    Yes. This can happen with leadership like ANDREW YANG!!!!

  • Toxinomist
    Toxinomist 20 days ago

    Data is not liquid it s sandy. The solution already exists. It called the constitution. Apply the laws that protect privacy.

  • ThaRealERAQ
    ThaRealERAQ 20 days ago

    Im not worry about ads on the internet. Im worried about nazis on the internet moving into the whitehouse

  • Whizper2me
    Whizper2me 20 days ago

    So.... from bad to worse?

  • Draxtor
    Draxtor 21 day ago +1

    Love it and Jaron's last book is a quick and concise read that should be mandatory for everyone! But one thing that irks me: socialism does NOT mean "everything is free". The core of a socialist ethos is FAIR pay and an equitable society were certain core services are subjected to market pressures. I repeat: under socialism people would NOT WORK FOR FREE = they would get paid fairly for their contribution and services. LOVE YOU JARON!!!

  • This is why I love the internet,

    When something is ‘free,’ you’re the product.

    • le th
      le th 17 days ago +1

      I've been saying this since 2000. If you're not paying for something that cost someone else money to create, they are mining your data like a psychopath.

  • always_lookin_up
    always_lookin_up 21 day ago

    20k annually?! Yo Yang, we gotta get Jaron in the conversation

  • Legal Tender
    Legal Tender 21 day ago

    let's not question capitalism At Allll... -_-

  • nochrist _ nolife
    nochrist _ nolife 21 day ago

    YangGang 2020

  • John Russell
    John Russell 21 day ago

    Yes yes yes!!

  • chinedu achimalo
    chinedu achimalo 21 day ago

    First World Problem!!!

  • ye77a
    ye77a 21 day ago


  • Tree Walker
    Tree Walker 21 day ago

    You changed the title!! It was originally "Why You Should Be Getting Paid for Your Data"! The only reason I can think for you changing the title to this much less interesting one is because the original title was attracting too many Yang Gangers because ANDREW YANG IS ALL ABOUT THiS! DATA PROPERTY RIGHTS!!!

  • mike .D
    mike .D 21 day ago

    Pity this guy looks like tree roots, he shouldn’t be involved in anyone’s future least of all his !

  • Alejandra Suárez
    Alejandra Suárez 22 days ago

    WTF, unless there's a mass exodus to Thor and open source OS, this is unenviable AF

  • Nick Ritter
    Nick Ritter 22 days ago

    Not enough views on this...

  • Lucas Sonny
    Lucas Sonny 22 days ago

    ''That culture is sending a message of Human Obsolescence''.

  • what the
    what the 22 days ago

    Think I'll go and find a video of this guy talking without all the clips and music. Trying to be sold an idea by triggering my emotions is off putting.

  • CarbonQuellist
    CarbonQuellist 22 days ago

    This is why I use a number of different script blockers on my browser. You'll be surprised at the amount of trackers Google and Facebook has on even the most inconspicuous of sites. Blocked.

  • CarbonQuellist
    CarbonQuellist 22 days ago

    *If it's free, you are the product, baby~!*

  • Kowsar Khan
    Kowsar Khan 23 days ago

    mark zuk is eating my lunch

  • Доминик
    Доминик 23 days ago

    get a haircut

  • Danny F
    Danny F 23 days ago

    Yang gang

  • Tree Walker
    Tree Walker 23 days ago

    Andrew Yang talks about making the tech companies pay us for our data.
    In his stump speech, he asks if anyone has gotten their data check. Actually, people do get data checks of a sort when they sign up for a "rewards card" from the local grocery chain. When you use their card you are giving them valuable data, and you do get some kickback in the form of a "reward" at the end of the year. Or you get a discount on some merchandise. I don't join those "rewards" programs because I prefer not to sell my data.

  • Abdul Malak
    Abdul Malak 23 days ago

    Human obsolescence is a good thing! It means we will have the means to bring equality to all.
    We would have basic income, all our true needs are met and managed through AI; housing, food, consumables, and all needs managed through AI manufacturing and distribution.
    Yes, we will loose some freedoms; like the right to be obese or uneducated, and data privacy from AI management. Also, volunteering would be mandatory. Under the Contributing Back to Society Act; C.B.S.A.
    We would live healthier fuller lives. 20, or less, hour work weeks. More time to learn, grow, socialize, consume entertainment, raise children, and improving hobbies and skills. Focusing on healing our minds and bodies through meditation, exercise, universal healthcare, and much more!
    How will we pay for all this? Using AI to manage time use value from the CBSA. We would receive basic income according to a tier list.
    Now people will and should definitely be against this idea if it's managed by humans. Because humans are biased, but AI can and should be programed not to be.
    People would have freedom to choose to opt-out of any choice the AI makes for their time management, but must accept the downgrade on the tier list.
    This is not far from our current system. The more you make, the more you earn and can do in life. The main differences is making it a basic right for all humans; not just those born into opportunities and privlige.
    Much like how people already use tech to vote for their favorite whatever. True, direct voting systems need to be put in place. That data is used to make changes, expand opportunities, and improve the human race as a whole.
    Final note. The most difficult part will be making the adjustment. Like any major changes, it will be put on the shoulders of the youth, and the older generations will be the most reluctant to join.
    Join AI CBSA to make a difference in the world and your life!

  • Kyle R Hudson
    Kyle R Hudson 23 days ago

    Anarcho-Socialism is at the outset, internally inconsistent. As with many Socialist perspectives, I am completely convinced of the sincerity of Lanier's motives, but the 'MID' he speaks of is no different than any other union: eventually, the people in charge become corrupt, looking after their own interests.

  • Mark Schultz
    Mark Schultz 23 days ago +1

    Act like it's pure exploitation when we get a personalized internet... We teach the tools so the tools can better serve us.

  • Son of Baconator
    Son of Baconator 23 days ago

    The idea that companies get your data for free is borderline brain dead. They labor vigorously to build platforms from which you derive value. Now if you're saying to yourself, "but I don't derive value from the platforms", then why are you using them?? And for those that think data is a property right, you're wrong. Suppose your friend uses what they know about you (data) to buy you a gift, did they steal your data? No. They didn't. They just duplicated it. If you give someone your data, you don't lose anything. If you really don't want people to have your data, stop giving it to them.

  • Abdul Malak
    Abdul Malak 23 days ago

    Also, the Netflix model isn't working for TheXvid. People would rather contribute directly to their favorite creators through Patrion.
    We are getting paid for our data with receiving "free" services.

  • Abdul Malak
    Abdul Malak 23 days ago

    Influencers already do this....