OMG ICON!! MY ELITE 1 FUT CHAMP REWARDS! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #52

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • ICON!! MY ELITE 1 FUT CHAMP REWARDS! #FIFA20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory
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Comments • 826

  • iFergy
    iFergy Month ago

    Just use griezman

  • boss- khalid
    boss- khalid Month ago

    for me i dont like the editing

  • Logan_ Dacia
    Logan_ Dacia Month ago

    koeman is a DUB...i love that card...he is so op for me...i need the mid version

  • Saucsy -
    Saucsy - Month ago

    I critic sometimes but I like what you got going on the vibe, the content, and how the delivery is presented happy holidays :)

  • Abdul Kakezai
    Abdul Kakezai Month ago

    One more Icon pack pleaseeeee

  • Alfie hbg
    Alfie hbg Month ago +1

    I love the edits brother

  • Peter Gitau
    Peter Gitau Month ago +1

    Ay skillz, these edits are hilarious keep doing them 😂😂😂

  • Kamila Czarnowska
    Kamila Czarnowska Month ago +1

    84 shooting on a defender 👌

  • joy rajagukguk
    joy rajagukguk Month ago

    Great vid, great hat , great hoodies, and everything jus great about you @AA9skillz amazing

    KIRI GANG Month ago

    edits on point

  • Amir Sadaqa
    Amir Sadaqa Month ago

    Get inform son he is insane

  • centerssfa
    centerssfa Month ago


  • Lene Nilsen
    Lene Nilsen Month ago

    No more icon packt you weisting coins

  • TedSTAR
    TedSTAR Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does his videos sound like he’s rapping with the background music and shit🤣

  • slobodan stojanovic

    You are amazing youtuber,but we want content change the backline

  • emanruiz1
    emanruiz1 Month ago

    LMAO that was the best outro of the series

  • Deepend
    Deepend Month ago

    Keep up with this edits they're🔥. Força Porto haha

  • mahfuz khan
    mahfuz khan Month ago

    wicked video, love the new edits

  • Ludvig Ekstrand
    Ludvig Ekstrand Month ago

    Neymar jr cmooon bro u gotta get him 5 star 5 star beast

  • Francisco Velasco
    Francisco Velasco Month ago

    I like his energy new sub 😂

  • Nova Blizzard
    Nova Blizzard Month ago

    Get Eder milito live card for lenglet

  • KianTV
    KianTV Month ago

    Yeah do another icon paxk

  • Ranelle36
    Ranelle36 Month ago +1

    The edits are crazy

  • domdelrosario
    domdelrosario Month ago

    yes do the icon pack get rid if the other icons you won't use

  • Timpero1
    Timpero1 Month ago


  • Timpero1
    Timpero1 Month ago


  • wormitgoat7
    wormitgoat7 Month ago

    Like 1.5 goals per game up top

  • wormitgoat7
    wormitgoat7 Month ago

    Henry has been unreal for myself

  • Reg Churchill
    Reg Churchill Month ago

    Koeman is actually really good give him a try with a shadow chem style

  • John Dickson
    John Dickson Month ago

    did you just Dab Skiilz???

  • Jeffrey Saldana
    Jeffrey Saldana Month ago

    koeman at cdm ? looks like a beast

  • Assassin Gamer63
    Assassin Gamer63 Month ago

    Oh please do more edits

  • ShaDoW_Syndicate
    ShaDoW_Syndicate Month ago +1

    Was I the only one who felt he was rapping. 1:20

  • Jorganix
    Jorganix Month ago

    One more icon pack

  • Bendrfc Smith
    Bendrfc Smith Month ago

    Garrincha. 92 garrincha is god

  • Daniel Perez Castillo

    man i got better red picks than him and i only got gold 3
    cillissen and bender

  • Dennis Hellesoy
    Dennis Hellesoy Month ago

    Try 89 nedved hes sick

  • Jay Park
    Jay Park Month ago

    Nothing from futchamps but packed 90 Gullit from div 5 rank 2 rewards WOW

  • manraj nijher
    manraj nijher Month ago

    neymar PLEASE

  • Kubena
    Kubena Month ago

    Play a 5 back with koemam, lenglet, varane, Carlos and semedo, but change in game so koeman is a cdm. He's a beast as a cdm

  • moorso 23
    moorso 23 Month ago +1

    Yes another icon pack

  • Richard Hawlitzky
    Richard Hawlitzky Month ago

    Stop editing pls, you´re intresting enough without it.

  • Javier C
    Javier C Month ago +1

    NOOO THATS NOT AN L! use him in a 5 on the back formation and use the icon as a CDM

    • Total Music Beats
      Total Music Beats Month ago

      Javier C putting things in caps doesn’t change the fact he doesn’t read the comments ...

  • Czarek Lipiec
    Czarek Lipiec Month ago

    Do more icon packs until you have a full icon squad and use them in the weekend league

    MUHAMMED PATEL Month ago

    ''Oh no I just dabbed "
    ''Plz don't subscribe''
    boi,this man is funny

  • McG Music
    McG Music Month ago

    Move mbappe and kante to the right and then get an icon at LW.
    Everyone on full chem😁😁

  • Ivan Nedkov
    Ivan Nedkov Month ago

    Figo RW

  • K85T
    K85T Month ago

    Love the new editing style

  • Manny Donelly
    Manny Donelly Month ago

    Buy a -88 rated inform pls some ppl ain’t hella rich on fifa

  • Manny Donelly
    Manny Donelly Month ago

    I packed Messi untradable And lewandowski so mad

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Month ago

    Do some more of the icon packs, its so much fun to watch. Keep up with the great content

  • Ozi man
    Ozi man Month ago

    I was watching you in the last 3 years but this year i stop only becuse the clikcbeat place stop it!

  • Brave Knight
    Brave Knight Month ago

    I appreciate the effort on editing but i personally like it simple as possible

  • Swift Saints
    Swift Saints Month ago +1

    Is it me or do I hate the bronze bench

  • Connor Caffery
    Connor Caffery Month ago

    Idk what you did different with this vid Skillz but damn this video was Fire my man gg's to you!

  • Marcus Desauv
    Marcus Desauv Month ago

    Dont make a icon pack more

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Month ago

    The editing has been so fire!!!

  • Noah Isaac
    Noah Isaac Month ago

    Son if you can fit him
    Otherwise Neymar

  • nikola
    nikola Month ago +1

    Koeman is siick he can shoot better than Lingard!👍

  • ICE_Lox
    ICE_Lox Month ago

    Get nedved