• Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team 99 rated Foden reveal + pack opening, trying a mystery new player!
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    TWOSYNC  26 days ago +138

    See yesterdays Super Sunday batch here!

    • Cian O Donovan
      Cian O Donovan 25 days ago


    • big cocky
      big cocky 26 days ago

      Lads I need advice so I currently have if doucoure, should I sell him and buy eriksen to play along side scream ozil and fernandinho or keep If doucoure

    • whyNoT virAL
      whyNoT virAL 26 days ago

      At the end of the year, whoever has the least number of super sunday wins has to discard their club

    • Kyren Bishop
      Kyren Bishop 26 days ago

      TWOSYNC try 82 rated totw orsic’

    • Yeet O’clock
      Yeet O’clock 26 days ago

      TWOSYNC You have help me through the bad and good times in my life thank u.

  • Jay Fleetwood
    Jay Fleetwood 12 days ago

    Instead of doing goal of week why don’t you see who can get the biggest win of the week?

  • Tyler Browne
    Tyler Browne 24 days ago +2


  • BRFC Gashead
    BRFC Gashead 25 days ago +1

    4000 wins yeh in ya fucking dreams

  • Kikolas 1000
    Kikolas 1000 25 days ago +3

    Chris it’s pronounced militaaaaaao

  • Harvey Bury
    Harvey Bury 25 days ago +2

    I need to start watching these regularly again

  • Jays
    Jays 25 days ago +13

    yeah but the real question is, is Phil Foden team Matt or team Chris

    PKC7BEAST 25 days ago +4

    Who else saw Mat’s CRACKED record? 10:58

  • Josh Beijing
    Josh Beijing 25 days ago

    Just have an easy super Sunday so u (Matt) can have good teams

  • Tom salchichas pawsey
    Tom salchichas pawsey 25 days ago +3

    feature me if u don’t hate ur brew

  • Kai Ward
    Kai Ward 25 days ago +3


  • Sam Tearne
    Sam Tearne 25 days ago +1

    Matt: maybe I let him do the icon swaps
    Okay Logan Paul

  • finski05 Playz
    finski05 Playz 25 days ago +2

    Matt get neymar as payet is rubbish

  • Ultimate Tekkerz
    Ultimate Tekkerz 25 days ago +2

    how does Chris say Eder Militão

  • Charlie Begley
    Charlie Begley 25 days ago +3

    Hey is your sister Kate on itv show cash trapped?

  • Grfthtf
    Grfthtf 25 days ago +2

    Cannavaro and Neymar on the line 2 legs like if u wanna see biggest super Sunday ever

    ANDY BALL 25 days ago

    Matt go 3.5.2

  • Ryan Garnham
    Ryan Garnham 25 days ago +3

    Love how Chris started singing the German anthem in the right key haha great vid guys

  • Welllookurdead 0
    Welllookurdead 0 25 days ago

    Only 23 minutes till the new video actually can’t wait

    • K-9
      K-9 25 days ago


  • linus andersson
    linus andersson 25 days ago +6

    Chris please!!! Militao not milito

  • Moses Makola
    Moses Makola 25 days ago

    matthdgamer has the merch!!

  • Egan05
    Egan05 25 days ago

    Matt put your defensive depth up

  • Fortnite Clips
    Fortnite Clips 25 days ago +4

    Matt has the only trophy that doesn’t need skill

  • Harvey Platt
    Harvey Platt 25 days ago +5

    Mil-e-Tay- o

  • Jack Vincent
    Jack Vincent 25 days ago +1

    Hi guys I was wondering twostnc if you could help my small stream out I stream Daily on multiplayer games it would really help I’m on mixer as Voltic_mT

  • The Broke Boy
    The Broke Boy 26 days ago +5

    I’m sick rn but u have made my day thank u

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly 26 days ago +2

    Matt put griesman cam and Mbappe striker

  • family Fawcett
    family Fawcett 26 days ago +1

    Team mat or team Chris

  • big cocky
    big cocky 26 days ago +7

    Lads I need advice so I currently have if doucoure, should I sell him and buy eriksen to play along side scream ozil and fernandinho or keep If doucoure

  • Lukee
    Lukee 26 days ago +5

    Please stop saying mee-lee-toe

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman 26 days ago +2

    I think eriksen is underrated this year in game, people are so enamored with agility and pace when the 5* weak foot and how effective the long shot stat is at the top of the box with eriksen, hes pretty good. But, compared to De druyne this year he isn't even close. I made that upgrade and de bruyne is 2, 3x better. De bruyne my favorite middle cam this year. Can bang it from anywhere, god tier through balls, his strength on the ball is pretty impressive. If you play it right, you can control the whole game with de bruyne.

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman 26 days ago

    1 reason? Dem sideburns...

  • Dan Harley
    Dan Harley 26 days ago +2

    Matt should get LW Henry

  • Max Cocotti
    Max Cocotti 26 days ago +1

    Copyright claimed chis😂

  • MDRB Games
    MDRB Games 26 days ago +2

    Hello go sub to my TheXvid as I’m nearly at 10 subscribers

    • Alite Gaming
      Alite Gaming 25 days ago

      @MDRB Games OK thanks man I subbed to u

    • MDRB Games
      MDRB Games 25 days ago

      Alite Gaming - AHAZ Gaming done bro

    • MDRB Games
      MDRB Games 25 days ago

      F Dog sorry man

    • MDRB Games
      MDRB Games 25 days ago

      Alite Gaming - AHAZ Gaming ok

    • F Dog
      F Dog 25 days ago

      MDRB Games bit rude

  • Kelly
    Kelly 26 days ago

    Matt do u still have George the lizard

  • foxes focus
    foxes focus 26 days ago +9

    I think 1 super Sunday forfeit add on should be 1 week transfer ban

    • foxes focus
      foxes focus 26 days ago

      @FREIMPOSIBLE cheers mate

      FREIMPOSIBLE 26 days ago +1

      full-time football sick idea

    • foxes focus
      foxes focus 26 days ago

      @Iram Tammam cheers mate

    • Iram Tammam
      Iram Tammam 26 days ago +2

      full-time football wow that’s very clever, fair play.

  • Game Clips ETC
    Game Clips ETC 26 days ago +2

    That goal of the week trophy we used in my primary school when we won a match that was about 16 years ago

  • joseph kelly
    joseph kelly 26 days ago

    Imagine getting beat off that team

  • Robin Schreurs
    Robin Schreurs 26 days ago +2

    Matt try 442 it is really good

  • Jack Mccardle
    Jack Mccardle 26 days ago +2

    Can youse bring back snake and ladders and the little games in Fifa 16 that youse do

  • Unknown Yt
    Unknown Yt 26 days ago +1

    Matt thats 433 not 4321

  • Daniel Fleming
    Daniel Fleming 26 days ago

    Matt you could be the next Pep Guardiola!

  • Liverpool 6 times
    Liverpool 6 times 26 days ago +3

    Foden nah m8 big naby Keita is 10x better

  • Jed Baker
    Jed Baker 26 days ago +1

    I played first game with Phil foden he scored 4goals

  • Jed Baker
    Jed Baker 26 days ago

    Is Phil Foden a HELL of a pluuurrrrrrrr

  • Jed Baker
    Jed Baker 26 days ago

    Love you vids watch them all

  • Jed Baker
    Jed Baker 26 days ago

    Is it alright if I have a hot choc instesd

  • Daniel Fleming
    Daniel Fleming 26 days ago

    Phil Foden card is sick!

  • Ben Albinger
    Ben Albinger 26 days ago +2

    Mat play Griez Cam, and Mbappe ST

  • Smeland
    Smeland 26 days ago +9


  • Smeland
    Smeland 26 days ago

    Phil Foden what a pluuuurrr

  • Ben Nash
    Ben Nash 26 days ago +1

    You should get scream aguero chris

  • WatareDrugs
    WatareDrugs 26 days ago +1

    What the song in the background at 12:26?

  • Not Xotic.
    Not Xotic. 26 days ago

    And joke of the week go’s to .............

  • Twosync Neutral just here to help

    Did Matt just list a semedo for people to bid

  • Ahh N
    Ahh N 26 days ago

    Come on team Matt

    Said nobody ever

  • Dodu Kiswemy
    Dodu Kiswemy 26 days ago

    Why do you not do what a brew anymore

    • Rhys Hughes
      Rhys Hughes 26 days ago +4

      Dodu Kiswemy he did it 3 times in this video

    MEZZA PLAYZ 26 days ago +1

    Get Robertson matt

  • Charlie Davies
    Charlie Davies 26 days ago +3

    Your third on gaming trending it’s amazing , keep up the good work lads