Mary Poppins Returns - FanScription Podcast

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Doug talks with Walter about his alterations to Mary Poppins Returns and how these changes could have helped this sequel stay closer to the Disney classic.
    Watch the episode here -
    Mary Poppins Returns is a 2018 American musical fantasy film directed by Rob Marshall, with a screenplay written by David Magee and a story by Magee, Marshall, and John DeLuca. Based on the book series Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers, the film is a sequel to the 1964 film Mary Poppins, and stars Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Colin Firth, and Meryl Streep in supporting roles.
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Comments • 136

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  6 months ago +24

    What did everyone think of Doug's alterations to Mary Poppins Returns?
    Watch the episode here -

    • Deshawn Edwards
      Deshawn Edwards 6 months ago

      Review Christopher Robin (2018)

    • thy video maker
      thy video maker 6 months ago

      Do a script for a howard the duck mcu movie

    • Alex And Gabe Productions
      Alex And Gabe Productions 6 months ago

      Channel Awesome we would be grateful if you review are movies and we would welcome you to make fun of them. Plus you’ve seen some of are fans commenting down

    • Lucifer5910
      Lucifer5910 6 months ago

      Bonfire Hedgehog that sounds like a cool video to watch I would love to see nostalgia critic review the bonfire hedgehog series

    • Alex and Eric Studios
      Alex and Eric Studios 6 months ago

      Channel Awesome please review a fan project movie called bonfire hedgehog movie please . It’s made by a channel called Alex and Gabe productions

  • Sorcerer SMC
    Sorcerer SMC 3 months ago

    I’m honestly sick and tired of people bashing this movie and calling it “Not Faithful” when in my opinion it was alright

  • Leighton Kay
    Leighton Kay 3 months ago +1

    But worst

  • Emily Fuller
    Emily Fuller 4 months ago

    I would LOVE to see your version of “Trip a Little Light Fantastic”!

  • Connor Avila
    Connor Avila 5 months ago

    Oh gosh it was kind of still recent but I give major props for the musical

  • Dylan’s Plush Show
    Dylan’s Plush Show 5 months ago +1

    I was the 600th one to like

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt 5 months ago

    Frozen sucks
    So will the sequels

  • Squid SQuiddly
    Squid SQuiddly 5 months ago +2

    Here is where I stand on the Mary Poppins stuff.
    I think they either should have chosen one of the other Mary Poppins books to recreate, "Yes there were others and they were quite successful and interesting.." OR they should have went the trippy dark route and just had Guillermo del Toro go the Pan's Labyrinth route with it and bring out the twisted side as far as they could go. After all there were plenty of scenes that to me could have had a darker side, even the parrot head on the stick seemed to be resisting its existence at times. Maybe it would have been better to make it PG-13 and go as close to R as possible spending more time in the paintings than before.

  • Feige Katarina
    Feige Katarina 6 months ago

    Hasn't he seen Into the Woods?

  • MforMovesets
    MforMovesets 6 months ago

    Why do so many people even care, I don't get it.

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 6 months ago

    Hey walter ever watch always be my maybe on netflix

  • Brometheus The first bro

    Do a kubo review k

  • Nick Mesogianes
    Nick Mesogianes 6 months ago +2

    I remember seeing the promos for this movie and I didn't care much for the film. After seeing Doug's review, first viewing and now this...glad I didn't watch it 😂
    I do agree it had great ideas and moments in there but they were never fully explored. Just sort of beat for beat retelling

  • theprooblem
    theprooblem 6 months ago

    4:25 P.L. Travers died in 1996 at the age of 96. Oh that creepy feeling when you realize that the '90s are almost three decades ago. And '70s are not twenty years ago anymore.

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 6 months ago

    Disappointed that it wasn't Yondu

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat 6 months ago

    please check out dimension 404! it's on now tv and Netflix, I'm kinda starting to get depressed on how little attention this show gets

  • EpicMichael
    EpicMichael 6 months ago

    What did Rob think of the movie?

  • Соня Теплова

    Critic, please make a review of "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus"

  • Brad Bowen
    Brad Bowen 6 months ago

    The lion kings backgrounds are filmed so disney considers it live action

  • Eric Rakestraw
    Eric Rakestraw 6 months ago +3

    Please do a FanScription for Season 8 of Game of Thrones!

  • RailFanning & Stuff
    RailFanning & Stuff 6 months ago

    the adventures of milo and otis or Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

  • Rainy Chain
    Rainy Chain 6 months ago +1

    Maybe people today just aren't that deep. 'It's for kids' seems to have become a cover. I watch people buying anything with wheels that moves faster than a child can run... for their children. With their limited attention spans and underdeveloped motor skills, they eventually get hurt. How is it those same children are not trusted to sit in one safe comfortable place and pay attention to a decant movie? Discuss...

  • RoachDogg Junior
    RoachDogg Junior 6 months ago

    Doug Walker, LET'S FUCK!

  • Zigalko don Verven
    Zigalko don Verven 6 months ago +1

    Only 12-year-olds would say the politics of Star Wars: Phantom Menace was sound, after Queen Amadala said something like "I will not choose a course of action that will lead to war" right after invasion and coersion was confirmed. Isn't that like assuming peace with a galactic North Korea, Padme?

  • geeky films and theories

    WE GET IT you don't like Mary poppins returns

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    I think Annabelle’s tendencies to act like a mom is an effect of losing hers

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku

    The difference with Jack is that he’s crushing on Jane

  • MultiSabata
    MultiSabata 6 months ago

    Will Doug and Rob be reviewing Godzilla King of the Monsters?

  • Marvin Candal
    Marvin Candal 6 months ago

    Why the fuck are you so obsessed with this stupid fucking movie. This is your third video on this shit. Nobody gives a fuck about fucking Mary Poppins

  • Heather Bruehl
    Heather Bruehl 6 months ago

    I live where all of the old west 1885 back to the part 3 stuff was filmed

  • Lesley RedRhody
    Lesley RedRhody 6 months ago +3

    I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith.
    What’s the name of his other leg?
    I’ve never seen anyone as infatuated with Mary Poppins as Doug Walker is and I absolutely love that!
    Not only have my Brother and I seen it countless times, but we used to have a record with all the songs from the movie. We listened to it constantly! Since Doug already expressed everything that is magical and spectacular about Mary Poppins- especially the phenomenal climax- I don’t have to add anything.
    The original is already practically perfect in every way. Fair play to anyone who saw and enjoyed the sequel, but it wasn’t necessary.

  • K z
    K z 6 months ago +1

    At 26:08 The Correct Answer is "A Spoon Full of Sugar" ...

  • KrossoverGod
    KrossoverGod 6 months ago +3

    6:42 to me the answer to that question is arrogance.
    You have some writer that decides to give their own vision, their own personal fanfiction about how the story continues, arrogantly refusing to even acknowledge the existance of previous continuations to the source material.
    When you think about it this happens all the time, and usually with awful results: the Star Wars sequels and how they ignored the expanded universe; Son of the Mask ignoring that the story moved beyond Stanley Ipkiss in the comics; Terminator sequels doing the same story of machines trying to kill Sarah/John Connor over and over again ignoring that in comics and video games various interesting facets of the universe were explored; Fant4stic ignoring *everything* about the Fantastic Four beside the basic premise shown in the 2005 movie... and I could go on.

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago

      @KrossoverGod What gave you the impression that I was defending their stories? I'm only stating that I can understand their decision to disregard the EU because it's too big and convoluted for most people to keep track of. The movies are the primary material most are familiar with anyhow, so it makes sense that they would stick exclusively to those entries when writing newer material.
      I mean, that's what the EU did as well, and it had just as many problems as the Sequel Trilogy has.

    • KrossoverGod
      KrossoverGod 6 months ago

      @Geoffrey Richards nah you're completely wrong. It sounds like you're actually the writer for one of those franchises and you're trying to defend your position despite it being a lost cause.
      First of all, if you compare those writers to amateur fans that's not a point in their favour. Second, again you're free to write your own version, but you should also make sure that you're not disregarding other stories that had merits, that you're not just doing what they already did only worse, especially when, like in the case of Mary Poppins, you are the adapted media and they are the original media. Third, your point of view would be justified if we were talking about stories with a particular vision, but all the crappy examples I brought are tired and by-the-numbers, they're obvious cash grabs without any soul or heart, so they're unexcusable.

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago

      @KrossoverGod No, they're doing the same thing all those fan-writers are doing - they're doing their own interpretations of what they see happening after the original trilogy ended. Heck, I bet before you read any of the EU material that you had your own ideas of what happened afterward. Everyone has. Who doesn't want to write those ideas down?
      I mean, if I wanted to write a story about a certain character but couldn't because some other fanfic writer already did it, does that mean I'm arrogant for wanting to tell my own take of the story instead of adhering their version? It seems pretty unjust.

    • KrossoverGod
      KrossoverGod 6 months ago +1

      @Geoffrey Richards it's arrogance because it's ignoring previous works assuming your own creations are going to be better by default. The example you mentioned about people rewriting stories from the prequels is quite the opposite, because it's paying homage to the original works by aknowledging the good things in them but adding something new and trying to improve them.
      That's what they did at Marvel too: after the success of one movir they didn't make up new adventures for the heroes, they looked at the stories from the comics picking up the best and most memorable ones, and adapted them trying to improve them when possible.

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago

      @KrossoverGod Heck, what about the times when Lucas himself retconned established elements from the EU when he was writing the prequels? He wasn't bound by the lore other authors added.

  • h193013
    h193013 6 months ago

    Doug how many times are you going to talk about this movie?

  • Austin Bowling
    Austin Bowling 6 months ago +3


    • Origami Swami
      Origami Swami 6 months ago

      I remember that movie, it was weeeeeeeird.

  • Master Storm
    Master Storm 6 months ago

    Review Balto 3

  • motor4X4kombat
    motor4X4kombat 6 months ago +5

    doug making a mary poppins video: i want to review this sequels because it piss me off the potential that it could have because i love the original so much and most people don't realize that because theres people that don't want to think that even kids film can have mature and timeless themes that even adults can enjoy.

    viewers: oh doug you are exaggerate things and enjoy what you have

    any average youtber making a video about game of thrones: everyone is hating on the last season so we will make a shit ton of clickbait rant videos shitting on it to earn a lot of viewers to make our channels grow like corporate sluts, even if we don't give a shit about game of thrones and we are doing this to get attetion from the trent.


    Moral of the story: if you are so busy beeing "unique" than beeing yourself, you ended up beeing like everyone else doing the same thing

  • The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    Why does Walter insist on the lounge lizard stache?

  • PrimeMac Studio
    PrimeMac Studio 6 months ago +1

    The best movies when it comes to a sequel was proven the smart move with Iron Man. The proven position is that the same actor can push the movie to a higher value. Not in money although that does come with it. For me using the same actor you see how they explore there character and what they bring with there own personality. Iron Man proved this was a very key value in movies. Batman using Christian Bale each movie sales increased. Yet the second they change the actor the sales starts low. Marvel crushing the box office proven star power of using the same actors has a lot of value. Billions to be exact. Talking the number one movie in history. The same actors growing and learning and seeing how they go about there changes through out there events shows added character. The moment you switch the actor in mid stride drops the value and things start all over. Same with NASA. The moment a new government is in place the direction changes and they can't seem to figure out what there doing. One year there going to the moon next there going to mars then the next they don't know what there doing. With Mary Poppins there does not seen to be a way to bring this classic to what is today with out messing it up. To really fix it they would have to change the entire direction. Why not have something happen in another country? There was many areas they could have gone and done even the book idea you brought up yet they seem to have done flat in there abilities to work this out. Disney is doing in my view to much attempting to manage everything and truth is there limits are only human.

  • Aaron Wilder
    Aaron Wilder 6 months ago +5

    I am looking forward to Pixar's Onward, who else :)

  • Daniel Yerke
    Daniel Yerke 6 months ago +1

    If you don't like Back 2 The Future 2 you're probably Libyan terrorists.

  • Pugs Drugs & Sausage Rolls

    beating a dead horse there Doug my son

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago +3

      He's only giving his honest thoughts this time around.

    • motor4X4kombat
      motor4X4kombat 6 months ago +2

      not as bad as beating a dead horse (that make a shit ton of dumbass memes) like game of thrones

  • The Quarian -Chan
    The Quarian -Chan 6 months ago +3

    Disney: Break what wasn't broken

  • Alex Allen
    Alex Allen 6 months ago +4

    Nice podcast 🙂👍

  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter 6 months ago

    Damn who hurt you? I think this is too much. We get it you hate it. This is why I stopped watching “Doug review”

  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo 6 months ago +21

    *I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL!* R.I.P Yondu.

  • Nam Kha
    Nam Kha 6 months ago

    Basically discount Demo Reel

  • 3a Artistries
    3a Artistries 6 months ago +39

    You should rename Fanscription "THERE! ...I FIXED THE MOVIE!"

  • Jay Tender
    Jay Tender 6 months ago +4

    Oh come on guys what happened to The First Viewings???

    • ExplorerDS6789
      ExplorerDS6789 6 months ago

      Well, we can't have everything, can we?

    • Jay Tender
      Jay Tender 6 months ago

      ExplorerDS6789 He did a review not a First Viewing!

    • ExplorerDS6789
      ExplorerDS6789 6 months ago

      He did a first viewing on MPR back in December.

  • Ekmal Sukarno
    Ekmal Sukarno 6 months ago +3

    Nostalgia Critic, you better not delay reviewing Road Chip. All of your viewers and subscribers have their eyes on you.

    • Ekmal Sukarno
      Ekmal Sukarno 6 months ago

      DeathKnightofAnime Truth be told, I just want Nostalgia Critic to review Road Chip because I want to hear what he has to say about Kimberly Williams, one of the main cast members of the film.

    • DeathKnightofAnime
      DeathKnightofAnime 6 months ago

      @Ekmal SukarnoI guess but after the first three I just worry road chip might send him truly over the edge

    • Ekmal Sukarno
      Ekmal Sukarno 6 months ago +1

      DeathKnightofAnime We all hate the movie, therefore we want Nostalgia Critic to review that film, so that we can share with him our feelings of anger and frustration.

    • DeathKnightofAnime
      DeathKnightofAnime 6 months ago

      what's wrong with you people? Do you hate Doug? Do you wanna torture him that much? you trying to kill him through s#!tty movies

  • Johnzo
    Johnzo 6 months ago


  • Mattertainer's Room
    Mattertainer's Room 6 months ago +2

    Geez we get it. You hate the movie. This is like the third video on it.
    As someone who watched the movie after your review, it’s clear there’s a LOT of bias cuz the movie is actually a lot of fun. Obviously not as good as the original, but if it did things too similarly then we’d get complaints that it was a repeat

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago +2

      @ZNKChannel I seriously doubt he's calling anyone out. He seems to be merely expressing his own thoughts on the film and his [understandable] concern for the direction which Disney seems to be veering.

    • Geoffrey Richards
      Geoffrey Richards 6 months ago +2

      I think that might be a bit unfair. His first video is his comedic critique of the film and the 2nd video was him attempting to reimagine the film. The third video (this one) is simply him having a fair conversation with another collaborator and giving his honest thoughts on the film without any overexaggerated reactions or whatever you see in his reviews.

    • Mattertainer's Room
      Mattertainer's Room 6 months ago

      ​@skylx08 as if Alien 3 and 4 didn't already do that? xD

    • skylx08
      skylx08 6 months ago +1

      Disney deserves all the stank that can be heaped onto them. I mean that decrepit mouse now has its claws on the ALIEN franchise. They're going to run it into the ground.

    • ZNKChannel
      ZNKChannel 6 months ago

      You really expect this modern Doug to NOT beat us over the beat with bashing something he doesn't like and call us out for daring to have our own opinions that don't match his?..................... that's just stupid! Pfft!
      But seriously, though, that's one of the many reasons I gave up on him (which was BEFORE ChangeTheChannel).

  • Daniel Randolph
    Daniel Randolph 6 months ago

    The prequels weren't for 12-year-olds, they were for children, and even then no, because of the political shit. Say what you want about the sequels, but they kept more of a general audience vibe, instead of pandering to kids with Jar Jar but then tonally whip-lashing with politics for no reason. The humor may not be great in the new films, but at least it isn't fart jokes and poop jokes.

  • Daniel Godfrey
    Daniel Godfrey 6 months ago +1

    She passed in 1996

  • Evo trooper
    Evo trooper 6 months ago

    Could you do a video on deep blue sea at all?

  • sevenofnine00
    sevenofnine00 6 months ago +47

    40 minutes of Doug and Walter?
    Time to grab some popcorn

  • Ivona Strukar
    Ivona Strukar 6 months ago +2

    ONLY 399$$$$$

  • Some schlock doesn't like my schlong

    You guys make me wishes your fanscription to be made even more now,sadly that's never gonna happen

  • Will Lyon
    Will Lyon 6 months ago +4

    Are planning to do fan scrips of either The Jungle Book or Maleficent ?

  • Goremaid
    Goremaid 6 months ago +1

    I think I watched Mary Poppins at the wrong time (that kinda preteen edgy "I hate pink and ~kids movies~" phase, though I appreciate it now) but I do still love Doug gushing about it.