Steve Reviews: The Iron Giant


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  • Crpt Shdw
    Crpt Shdw 22 hours ago +1

    Mix of all (avengers?) Heroes

  • Wolf10media
    Wolf10media Day ago

    Coffee -ZILLA

  • Grass
    Grass 2 days ago

    I love this beautiful movie...I saw it for the first time, maybe 15 years ago now? Not that I appreciated it enough back then.

    About the last scene - I secretly love the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives me, and I think my multiple viewings would be much more difficult without it; but overall, I certainly have to agree with Steve. I was definitely uncomfortable with the way the "happy ending" seemed phoned in. Also, they end the movie right before the conflict that would result when the Giant inevitably returned to Rockwell. He'd probably be captured and experimented on by the government, right? Would his people come to retrieve him and finish the job? I'd argue the Giant's permanent death might actually be the best case scenario for everybody involved. At least it was his choice, and he accepted his fate with dignity.

    I also think the dream sequence isn't necessary. I saw the original cut first and I always liked how jarring the "battle mode" scene was out of nowhere. That's more a question of my opinion than fact, though. There are reasons to include it as well - I won't go into them here, but I will acknowledge them. It's only the ending that unfortunately weakens an otherwise expertly-presented narrative.

  • Yo Dude
    Yo Dude 2 days ago

    Logic am I right?

  • Dnd-ish Official
    Dnd-ish Official 3 days ago

    Someone at school said Iron Giant sucked.
    I've never slapped someone so hard in my life

  • Marcella D
    Marcella D 4 days ago

    I am so glad that The Iron Giant is not a musical, and I do agree that the last 15 seconds in the end should have been a post credit scene.

  • Conway Ransom
    Conway Ransom 4 days ago

    Secret of NIMH next please

  • Ethan Conroy
    Ethan Conroy 5 days ago

    2:04 What a fucking savage he literally just got everyone watching this video.

  • Carlitos Molina
    Carlitos Molina 6 days ago

    I like the ending which good that he lived

  • Lil Cooch
    Lil Cooch 6 days ago

    That ending scene of the movie was the most memorable part of the movie

  • It’s raining Tacos

    M still laughing about the giant saying Superman like that

  • Crashmaster Mike
    Crashmaster Mike 6 days ago

    no, steve. I think the Iron giant is a superweapon eons ahead of nukes.

  • M O K K U N ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    *did he call rataatoie "okay* ..

  • Yeti X
    Yeti X 7 days ago

    Wasn't a big fan.. probably cause I still had fond memories of the book.. and this is.. erm.. loosely inspired? well.. it was loosely inspired by the musical based on the book.. ..and since its meant to be based on a book, I can't shake the knowledge of the book to really judge It as it's own product.. which it probably could and SHOULD have been..

  • Max Paun
    Max Paun 7 days ago

    this movie is my absolute favorite animated movie and its sad cause they took it away from Netflix

  • A_FinlandGirl2
    A_FinlandGirl2 7 days ago

    I'd suggest watching some war movies, (techically you have already watched some) like Hacksaw Ridge or The Unknown Soldier (The Unknown Soldier a finnish movie so it's also known as Tuntematon Sotilas) they are live action so i dont know if thats the stuff youd like to watch. Hacksaw Ridge is also very brutal and gory at some points so yeeah..

  • random imperial guard

    Steals 100 + invisibiluty potion

  • Muffin of CHAOS
    Muffin of CHAOS 7 days ago

    I'd say the Giant coming back isn't bad... I mean... Plenty of characters circumvent death when their character's point is to die. Big Hero 6 is an example. Heero has to let go of Baymax physically, meaning he has to let go of his brother emotionally. Then Baymax comes back. Then the argument stands, nope, Heero didn't learn to let go at all. He just held on still.
    The Iron Giant ends with the Giant alone. He's not with Hogarth. He's across the planet, picking himself back up. Hogarth even sends the screw on its way instead of having the Giant come back for it.
    We don't see Hogarth ever meet the Giant again. At all.

  • Giovanni Gonzalez
    Giovanni Gonzalez 7 days ago

    The giant gets shot by multiple tanks and guns. Nothing. The giant gets hit by a train. Gets absolutely wrecked.

  • Omar 256
    Omar 256 8 days ago


  • Namrata Jha
    Namrata Jha 8 days ago

    But wait its not

  • Lord Papi Darkwing
    Lord Papi Darkwing 8 days ago

    A lot of disney movies have are based on much darker n grimmer stories. I know this isn't Disney, but much like them some things in the story are changed. Though unlike disney films, it doesn't make everything into a "do what you want world, void of death and consequence". It did however still follow the trend of happy/positive ending mainly because a childs mind can only process so much about life and death, and doesn't feel the need to depress the audience. I don't think the ending was about having it both ways, and i can give it a pass on the fact that the iron giant wasn't a human, so the rules are different anyway.

  • 10,000subs without a Video

    I wanted a sequel where he comes back to destroy the world

  • charlene bridgeman
    charlene bridgeman 10 days ago

    Iron giant = very inspiring

  • Lone WOlf
    Lone WOlf 10 days ago

    I love this movie, I think that it's the plague dog syndrome

  • Jevil
    Jevil 10 days ago

    yeah i watched this when i was like 5-10 some where in there and i forgot about it
    i was so mad at my self, because i could remember the movie but not the name and untill the clouds parted and shined there light on a particular movie bin in walmart i thought i would never see it again

  • DeathbyPixels
    DeathbyPixels 10 days ago

    “Underrated?” Maybe it’s just me, but I remember hearing about how great this movie is all over the internet for a hot minute. Still today, I’ll see the occasional comment.

    I still need to watch it myself...

  • KirbyFan68
    KirbyFan68 10 days ago

    I just got the POTG as bastion on OVERWATCH WHILE Watching this vid lololol

  • Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly

    Around the 14:38 mark in the video it shows a part in the movie that sparked one of my favorite memes part one of my favorite memes.
    "Where's the Giant mansley!!!" (Mansley turns round realizing he fucked up)

  • damen whelan
    damen whelan 11 days ago

    The squirrel is foreshadowing.

  • Alissa Lou
    Alissa Lou 11 days ago

    I LOVED this film when I was little! It was one of my favorite childhood films, and my dad and my brother loved it.

  • phantom gaming
    phantom gaming 11 days ago

    still the fallout of the nuke would have made a few mutant deers and those kind of things

  • MadGameBoy
    MadGameBoy 11 days ago

    UNDERATED GEM?! not only was iron giant a major character featured recently in ready player one, but the original film was rated 8/10 on imdb, 96% fresh on rotten tomatoes and 85% on metacritic. just because the movie did shit in the box office on release, doesn't make it underated, or a hidden gem. I mean, for fuck sakes...

  • Hayden Henry
    Hayden Henry 11 days ago

    Today I learned that even though this is my favorite movie of all time, I now just learned that the giant is 3d animated

  • CarlytheWolf23
    CarlytheWolf23 11 days ago

    Is it me or is the agent's nose a literal arrow as to where and what he's looking at.

  • Thescott16
    Thescott16 12 days ago

    I liked the ending because, despite what people say about it "undoing" or "cheapening" the sacrifice (this very idea stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what a sacrifice really is), it actually adds a very important contextual lesson to it:
    A sacrifice isn't about what _you_ lose, it's about what you're giving to _someone else:_ Hope. A sacrifice is _both_ the act of and the willingness to put someone or something before yourself and your needs, regardless of what happens to you by doing so.
    If you saw a person about the get hit by a car and jump out to push them out of the way, knowing full well that you won't be able to get to safety as well, but the driver manages stop the car just before hitting you... Does that suddenly make you less brave? Does the end result of you _not_ getting hit by the car belittle what you were willing to do for another person? No, it doesn't.
    Let's say there's a couple trapped in a house fire, and one person used their body to shield the other from the flames, granting them some small comfort in the inferno... But they both die as the house collapses on them. Does the fact that they both died make the first persons's act completely meaningless? No, it doesn't.
    If a person who is unemployed and struggling financially sees a homeless person and decides to buy them a meal, then the next day finds out they've been hired for a full-time job. Since they only sacrificed part of their finances, and now that they have a job their finances won't be a problem... Does the selfless act of kindness and hope they performed the day before now mean nothing? No, it still means something.

  • Shroom Berry
    Shroom Berry 12 days ago

    Why am I crying in the club right now

  • Jon KOn Ketcham
    Jon KOn Ketcham 12 days ago

    This film was a risk, a gamble. It's a treasure now, but animation in America has been trying to shake the stigma of "kid's stuff" for decades. This film, had it been a success, would've been a flagship to a new franchise. Those last few seconds left the door open to sequels.
    They could've done a number of things with the Giant trying to reunite with the boy, having the rest of the robots show up in some form of invasion, and maybe the Giant repelling the other robots only to realize it can't be with Hogarth because the Giant is radioactive from the bomb. There is action, tragedy, character, and the opportunity for merchandise.
    But, the film was considered a failure and they pulled the plug.

  • Stacy Stephens
    Stacy Stephens 12 days ago

    the best thing about this is the fact the giant is played by Vin diesel 😃

  • Stacy Stephens
    Stacy Stephens 12 days ago

    I love this movie.

  • Thereal Cyclon
    Thereal Cyclon 12 days ago

    I hope they make they make a live action version this movie is my favorite movie and to see it in live action would be amazing

  • CyberFangs
    CyberFangs 13 days ago

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time along with Requiem For a Dream, but there's something very dark that i have with this movie.
    The Giant. I like him very much, but...
    He gave me the worst nightmares that i've had in my life, he gave me phobia to giant things like buildings, airplanes, etc.
    I still love him though, and i love the movie too.

  • Rebeca Hisa
    Rebeca Hisa 13 days ago

    Can you do Powerpuff girls?

  • Ιωάννης Νέμτσας

    3:56 Dat face...

  • Adonan the Stoic
    Adonan the Stoic 14 days ago

    This is still one of my favorite movies of my life so far, Treasure Planet being another.

  • levi peabody
    levi peabody 14 days ago +3

    You should review Treasure Planet.

  • Flintbone
    Flintbone 14 days ago

    3:31 At least 15% Of us know of Annie via Hentai or dirty pictures

  • Adam Poll
    Adam Poll 14 days ago

    One of the most perfect movies ever made. Not a single wasted scene or bit of dialogue. Watch it every night for a week (as I did when my young son fell in love with it and insisted) and you will see what I mean. And yes, I also enjoyed it every time. :)

  • Contevent
    Contevent 14 days ago

    Yeah, the ending kind of defeat the idea that death isn't bad, I agree.
    But I still prefer people alive.

  • Rocky’s Time
    Rocky’s Time 14 days ago

    I’m so happy you reviewed this movie 😄😄😄

  • Bajol
    Bajol 15 days ago

    Ratatouille is fucking great tho

  • HUNK
    HUNK 15 days ago

    A movie that got me good lately was a Netflix movie called Next Gen, where a girl finds a super bot meant to fight a rogue AI. It offered some commentary of humanity's overreliance to technology.

    JACOB BOMB 15 days ago

    Lol the commentarys you made on Dean😂

  • Spock Kirk
    Spock Kirk 15 days ago

    This ending was so tacked on

  • Fluxxymune
    Fluxxymune 15 days ago

    *Y o u t w a t*

  • Kostas Gnaf
    Kostas Gnaf 16 days ago

    I just saw it and cried like a little girl....

  • That Guy With the Glasses

    Steve Reviews, it bombed because WB's last animated movie before Iron Giant failed, so WB didn't have faith in this when it was pitched. They didn't advertise it enough and that's why it bombed.

    • Henry Brown
      Henry Brown 12 days ago

      cat don't dance and osimson jone never warner bros and fox animation been sad disappointed film 2d is dead.

    THE YOUTUBE CRITIQUE 16 days ago +1


  • Heatwave619
    Heatwave619 16 days ago

    So you never saw it at the time because you knew it was going to be a good sad movie? I can respect that...

  • Aiman Sees
    Aiman Sees 16 days ago

    Its. Umm. A kids show. So they must at least put a happy ending. Make sense?

  • Jassimca2 Xd
    Jassimca2 Xd 16 days ago

    the giant from black ops?

    YEONWOO MA 16 days ago

    I wish you could have mentioned the super hilarious 'Saying Grace' scene

  • Skullsncrosbones LDt
    Skullsncrosbones LDt 16 days ago

    Fucking hell, when the middle hit the Iron Giant I started crying from sheer memory of when I first watched it

  • XBloodyBaneX
    XBloodyBaneX 16 days ago

    I told myself I wouldn't cry when I saw the death scene.

  • Spicy Pacifist
    Spicy Pacifist 16 days ago

    Me and my sister saw the movie when it got rereleased into theaters with new scenes they didn't get to finish when the movie first came out. I loved it when I first saw it, and I loved it just as much seeing it in theaters

  • where am i ?
    where am i ? 16 days ago

    the ending always kills me :(

  • 한국어TCG
    한국어TCG 17 days ago +4

    The only thing bothering me about this video is how much he keeps going back to the giant's "death." Did he not see the ending? He assembles himself back together. Geez

  • ShaneTheBrownWolf
    ShaneTheBrownWolf 17 days ago

    It’s kind of like The Nightmare Before Christmas: Didn’t have a great start, but grew into a classic

  • ShadowsClaw24
    ShadowsClaw24 17 days ago


  • Aj Teran
    Aj Teran 17 days ago

    Review Bambi

  • Mike a Nike
    Mike a Nike 17 days ago

    I've watched the iron giant about 300 times, but the one I have does not give you the scenes where the giant has flashbacks.... That blew my mind

  • cartoon movie boy Bermudez

    I like the iron giant since its been made his appearance in,ready player one and there's Jim Henson company movies the dark crystal labiryth the neverending story and mirror mask and also star wars the clones wars series and star wars rebels series as well that I like you to review it all please like you video reviews such watership down animal farm the plauge dogs felidae and the animals of fathingwood and boy it's brutal the movie with fight scenes and killings yikes thumbs up 🤣😃😄😅😆🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Authur the god of godamit

    That kid look like Tom Holland

  • The green Slime Gaming
    The green Slime Gaming 17 days ago +1

    Wait you like overwatch shit i love tf2

  • Pathetic Boi
    Pathetic Boi 18 days ago

    *Welcome to downtown cool town*

  • Apple Virus
    Apple Virus 18 days ago

    Or maybe the giant couldve shot down the missle .___.

  • keoni gamer
    keoni gamer 18 days ago

    The end was the greatest got em moment in animated history

  • Bianca Lima
    Bianca Lima 18 days ago

    Please Steve, talk about Over The Garden Wall

  • GetTheFreakingOreo11
    GetTheFreakingOreo11 18 days ago

    I do think that the message about death not always being bad is still a key message in the movie, and, although the ending might feel tacked on in order to appeal to younger audiences, the extended cut (which I hadn't seen until today) can justify the giant's survival pretty well. We see an explosion of a planet, as well as entire cities being vaporized. For the giant to survive events like this, and to bring down vast civilizations with ease, of course he'd be able to withstand a relatively small nuclear bomb. So, yes, he survives, as his nature would justify. But we never really see a resolution to the recovery of his memories, of his nature, as a weapon of destruction.
    I think the giant comes to terms with his newfound memories, adjusts to existence on a planet with abundant life and diversity, and creates a new identity, a new heroic persona, for himself. Even as more clues to his previous existence pop up in his memories and mechanics, and even as he realizes his immense power and potentially immortal lifespan, and even as he tosses and turns in the nightmares of death that haunt him, he remains steadfast in his will to be a kind, helpful, smiling giant and goes on to protect the lives of the people he may have initially been sent to destroy. Despite being the strongest being on the planet, I like to think he continues to choose to be more like the good humans he meets, despite being from a completely different world. He chose, and, after the end of the movie, continues to choose to be a Superman on Earth.
    That's just what I think anyway. I think the message about death is important, but what really impacted me more was what the movie said about identity and free will. I ate that ending up as a kid, beaming back at the giant as the score climaxed, and it still makes me happy.

  • Matt M.
    Matt M. 18 days ago

    Agent Kent. Needs to be a meme

  • KyleKirenn YT
    KyleKirenn YT 18 days ago

    Wasnt that pic of Hoggart and the Giant an accidental picture when Hoggart rubbed the lens?

  • Franz Pantaleon
    Franz Pantaleon 18 days ago

    I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE DEER SCENE!! I was already expecting to cry from a review of The Iron Giant, but the deer scene tipped me over the edge.

  • lol linguini
    lol linguini 18 days ago

    Dude I cried watching this

  • Mayhew Storm
    Mayhew Storm 18 days ago


  • indo kid 096
    indo kid 096 18 days ago

    I never seen it to well I did but like 5 seconds of the it 😳

  • I Baillie
    I Baillie 18 days ago

    Since the giant stopped a nuke hes probably radioactive and if he goes back to town he will proably get everyone sick and everyone will die.

  • saber tooth critics
    saber tooth critics 19 days ago

    i never saw the dream scene in the vhs version.

  • gumdrop the furry
    gumdrop the furry 19 days ago

    I love this

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 19 days ago

    Best animated film of all time.

  • kingofnfsfan
    kingofnfsfan 19 days ago

    15:14 Cykaman

  • 5 is the man
    5 is the man 19 days ago +1

    You do The Iron Giant, but you won't do fucking Tim Burton's 9? Fucking dickface!

  • Robson Locke
    Robson Locke 19 days ago

    Do you think you could review the black cauldron?

  • Robson Locke
    Robson Locke 19 days ago

    Do you think you could review the black cauldron?

  • Calvin Poe
    Calvin Poe 19 days ago

    The ending was foreshadowed in the train scene. We see the Giant is able to put himself together. It didn't just come out of nowhere.

  • Dunne N' dusted
    Dunne N' dusted 19 days ago

    To be fair, the film was based on an English children's book where the Giant engages a game of wits with an alien and he stayed alive to encourage the alien to sing beautiful musical for the earth.

  • JeSuisNerd
    JeSuisNerd 19 days ago

    Please review The Rescuers and/or The Rescuers Down Under! These movies creeped me out as a kid.

  • the ender menace
    the ender menace 19 days ago

    I never saw that dream sequence in the original ;0;

  • Slurpwis
    Slurpwis 20 days ago +8

    The train scene foreshadowed the giant coming back to life.

  • Storm Commando
    Storm Commando 20 days ago +1

    Not going to lie. When the Giant is leaving the Atmosphere to face the missile and the missile turns back towards Earth. That sequence always gives me chills every time I watch it. I do not know if it's the music, the gravity of the situation, the Giant's sacrifice, or hell all of the above but it gets me every time.

  • Man In Shorts
    Man In Shorts 20 days ago

    What About Resident Evil: Degeneration