Steve Reviews: The Iron Giant

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • This week on Steve Reviews I look at the beloved classic, The Iron Giant. This is actually a film I had never got round to seeing beforehand, but I had seen it getting requested many times, so decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about....
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  • Aidan Macgregor
    Aidan Macgregor Hour ago

    Classic film

  • Pernell Adams
    Pernell Adams 7 hours ago

    When I saw the ending I thought it was hinting at a sequel

  • Esmond Yong
    Esmond Yong 8 hours ago

    One thing you know that vin diesel is the iron giant

  • Atsuko Richards
    Atsuko Richards 23 hours ago


  • Tamlin Chloe Morris

    Before I watched it again last year. I remembered this scene 6:56 so vividly.

  • maggie nissen
    maggie nissen Day ago +1

    The Iron Giant is my all time favorite movie. I’ve been watching it since I was probably 5 years old and I will never get tired of it, it’s just so good and happy 😭🤖
    Edit: 10:38 this HAS to be a deleted scene, I’ve never ever ever seen this part of the movie before where the giant dreams...I am shocked wtf this is brand new to me and I’ve been watching the movie for 14 years 🤯

  • DogDanzo
    DogDanzo Day ago

    This movie is pure art. One of my first movies i have ever seen

  • OddBall
    OddBall Day ago



  • Jaylin Broan
    Jaylin Broan Day ago

    I don;t know if you've already done it but might you consider reviewing I Robot? I feel like it's very unpopular despite it's quality because of the super vague trailers and competitions

  • Jaylin Broan
    Jaylin Broan Day ago

    Hey now, I don't like all the passive-aggressive dirt yur throwing on this movie, it's perfect on every possible level of existence

  • Jaylin Broan
    Jaylin Broan Day ago

    Brad Bird: I see it, my vision
    Intern: What do you see?
    Brad: Great and beloved animated movies, that aren't musicals
    Intern: You're mad!

  • Lechuga Lechuga
    Lechuga Lechuga Day ago

    my brain had completely erased that part of the giant coming back to life
    i swear, after all these years, i had thought it just ended with the small screw flashing or whatever and that's it
    i'm kinda disappointed now lmfao

  • Bon Wattersen
    Bon Wattersen Day ago +2

    Fun fact: There is a deleted scene called "The Iron Giant's Dream".
    It's really interesting

    Edit: Okay it's not a deleted scene, it's a new scene. Added about 17 year later!

  • Arielle Hesse
    Arielle Hesse Day ago

    Can someone please tell me if agent Ken got fired or at least in jail since he almost killed so many people's lives. Cuz that would be awesome to see that douchebag rot in the movie.

  • candy cannibal cafe

    how dare you make me cry😭 love this movie by the way

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 2 days ago

    This movie was awful. I hated this movie specifically because Cartoon Network Aired it over and over AGAIN for 24 hrs 3 days straight. No other shows came on. It was a nightmare.

  • carlotta4th
    carlotta4th 2 days ago

    The mom didn't believe him because she comes home to a kid who clearly stayed up late watching scary movies (lying to her earlier saying he wouldn't) and then he's wandering the woods ranting about a robot. Clearly something he just saw in the movie and let his imagination get away with, HE saw the destruction and trail through the trees, SHE didn't.

  • Rikusgirl001
    Rikusgirl001 3 days ago

    I liked the happy ending as a child, and so I can't not love it now for nostalgia's sake.

  • Haku chan
    Haku chan 4 days ago

    This movie has literally my age, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid, (if not MY favorite), saw it many times, loved it. during that time i was interested in the topic of robots with soul/humanity in them, and it fitted perfectly.

  • Raptor reptile 95
    Raptor reptile 95 4 days ago

    This was my favorite movie when I was a little kid

  • Bill lupin
    Bill lupin 5 days ago

    I remember the trailers for this movie being horrible. I think that's why so few people saw it in theaters. The trailers made it look like a generic ET knockoff, with really hokey jokes.

  • TrevTbone
    TrevTbone 5 days ago

    Just because the giants sacrifice is a sad heroic act of love & bravery doesn't mean the film has to end on a quieter note. Sure, it might have been forced in by Warner Bros, but I like it. The phrase "souls don't die" is key here. We don't know everything about the giants background or if he is a living being or created with advanced technology developed into its system. Personally, I love an ending that leaves you with more questions than answers.

  • steamerthesteamtrain
    steamerthesteamtrain 5 days ago +2

    Hard to believe you know the term Fireman in rail terminology, most people I know confuse Engineer (Driver) for Conductor.

  • Ice King
    Ice King 5 days ago

    The Bender giant

  • Ruho
    Ruho 5 days ago

    "I fix"

  • Mr. Wonderful
    Mr. Wonderful 5 days ago

    The robot isn’t really made out of iron. Clearly the Iron Giant is made out of a foreign metal so dense that it can survive tank blasts. He also survived what would have fried any tech with the power of a generator. Of course the Iron Giant could survive an atom bomb. It’s not Iron. No one could possibly tell what he’s made of.

    • Haku chan
      Haku chan 4 days ago

      Well, just like the iron man suit isn't made of iron neither, at least in the cinematic universe, stark describes the composition of the armor being made of a gold-titanium alloy despite the people comments calling him iron man, it suggest a more symbolical purpose than a practical one, (iron wouldn't be aerodynamically viable, for example), i think this is the same case regarding the iron giant, It isn't so much about whether it is iron or not, but what it represents. When you have to reffer to something that is made out of metal and is very resilient to damage the most common material in wich you could think, is iron, because is available practically for everyone and is more accesible than other rarer metals like titanium, so, it`s obvius that most of the people could identify those properties to that specifc type of metal than any other else first.
      So , in summary, i agree with you that being alien and all it probably isn't made of iron, people just like to call it iron because it's kind of easier/convenient to reffer.

  • Dreisten Franklin
    Dreisten Franklin 9 days ago

    Huh... well I didn't know there was a seen of the iron giant have a dream with a flashback in the junkyard until now. And I saw the movie right when it came out as a little kid.

  • MyJstorey
    MyJstorey 9 days ago

    I saw this as a kid so I liked the ending. But I was always pissed off that they didn't release a sequel.

  • Tv On
    Tv On 11 days ago

    Well what do you think, he’s a robot meant to survive thousands of lasers , BOMBS, and other attacks

  • all pixels matter
    all pixels matter 12 days ago

    15:16 he closes his eyes and misses the nuke

  • Jdoge_9000 YT
    Jdoge_9000 YT 13 days ago

    Steve all the dirt you have is the superman scene lol

  • Mmmcheez
    Mmmcheez 15 days ago

    The dream sequence was added in the anniversary rerelease and I think it takes away from the film. It shows you what he's potentially capable of before the actual freak out scene. In the original, his freak out is so surprising because that's the only view we get of it.

  • Luna the Dire Wolf
    Luna the Dire Wolf 16 days ago

    I haven’t seen this movie in years. I’m actually crying because of the ending. Why did I watch this?!?!

  • RocketBoxet
    RocketBoxet 17 days ago

    Oh my god, I started crying when Dean came on. I didn't think much of it at the time but when you pause it or watch a little part of it he looks halarious

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 17 days ago


  • VX9982DCFG 0
    VX9982DCFG 0 17 days ago

    I cry everytime

  • Chilly Dilly
    Chilly Dilly 18 days ago

    15:57 Pet Semetary Anyone?

  • Icelandic Sand
    Icelandic Sand 18 days ago +1

    Look at the release date for the movie. August 6th, Hiroshima.

  • Tyrant King
    Tyrant King 18 days ago

    Vin diesel voiced the iron giant

  • Tyrant King
    Tyrant King 18 days ago

    10:42 that was a deleted scene

  • Mudkip Overlord
    Mudkip Overlord 19 days ago

    That iron giant had sneak 100

    JINGLE. MY.BELLS 19 days ago

    I don’t even remember the iron giant having a dream

  • Beef Pepperoni
    Beef Pepperoni 20 days ago

    “He said the monster killed the kid!”
    -Kent Mansley

  • OA Bond
    OA Bond 20 days ago

    When ever me and my brother said, "I'm going to the bathroom" our parents would say "see you later Hogarth"

  • cheki breki
    cheki breki 20 days ago


  • melina atole
    melina atole 21 day ago

    That's why you should always look at the other side of the story

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man 21 day ago

    Think i have watched this 200 times

  • PinkFox 93
    PinkFox 93 21 day ago

    Here. I'll hand you the tissues.

  • Isaac Rigney
    Isaac Rigney 23 days ago

    So all is good and happy, But wait, it’s not

  • Anne Tordai
    Anne Tordai 23 days ago

    Omg, I LOVE this movie.

  • It's a Me Vault Boi
    It's a Me Vault Boi 23 days ago

    This is my favorite movie of all time and it has my favorite animation too. (besides Shrek, i love it too) ❤

  • Amado Alpizar Febles
    Amado Alpizar Febles 24 days ago

    I cried so freaking much when I re-watched this movie as an adult. I don't know why, but the ending got me right in the feels.

    Edit: a grown man crying, by the way.

  • Sasha Beltman
    Sasha Beltman 24 days ago

    The ending was used as a way to make a sequel if the movie became successful.

  • Bryan Perez
    Bryan Perez 24 days ago

    who else cried watching this movie

  • Epicals Place
    Epicals Place 25 days ago

    W H A T A C O I N C I D E N C E

  • bossboyo5 n
    bossboyo5 n 25 days ago

    When is the iron giant 2 coming out?

  • bossboyo5 n
    bossboyo5 n 25 days ago

    Man give him some more subsricbers

  • s s
    s s 25 days ago

    Small villages in 50's are full of coincidences.

  • ostrich jacket
    ostrich jacket 25 days ago

    I think he should have stayed dead.

  • Atticus Cutlip
    Atticus Cutlip 26 days ago

    Iron giant no supergiant

  • Nuka -Brawl Stars
    Nuka -Brawl Stars 26 days ago

    I really hope of making a sequel but like the original.

  • Shadelz
    Shadelz 26 days ago

    Have you seen Treasure Planet? I think you would like that one as well.

  • Galaksituuletin_
    Galaksituuletin_ 26 days ago

    So Bastion is the Iron Giant and Hogarth is Ganymede and The Last Bastion is a copy of the whole movie. I mean think how many things they have in common!

  • Emperor penguin with a hammer

    Yes here in murica we hid under our desks

    10× stronger than doors and cushions

  • SandyManSamurai
    SandyManSamurai 26 days ago

    I saw it at school

  • Kviking 58
    Kviking 58 26 days ago +2

    7:51 literally every other guy in my class when the lead cheerleader walks in

  • Superkennylogan
    Superkennylogan 27 days ago +1

    Metal giant 2 letsmack this happon

  • mondonkon 1987
    mondonkon 1987 27 days ago

    At 10:39 do he have the directors cut because I've watched my copy of iron giant 100 times and not once have I seen that scene

  • Adrian Rangel
    Adrian Rangel 27 days ago +2

    10:38 THE F*CK? Ive never seen this part of the movie. It never should up and it seems like some valuable information to his past,god F*CKING DAMMIT WHY DIDNT MY VERSION OF THE MOVIE LEAVE IT IN?????

  • chaz cooley
    chaz cooley 27 days ago

    I love this movie

  • MsClonetrooper
    MsClonetrooper 27 days ago +1

    The ending of the movie actually links to the talk the Giant has with Hogarth about Death. Yes the scene shows that death isn’t always a bad thing. But it also explains that the Giant has a soul and that souls don’t die. The Giant surviving at the end is a representation of that message.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 27 days ago

    Can you do an "Everything Wrong With" on the Iron Giant? I'd fo it myself but I feel like your qualities will shadow my efforts

  • TigersFan
    TigersFan 27 days ago

    Can I make a joke?
    So basically he is a respawn beacon from Apex? Hahahah..... ha. Ha. No?
    His head is a beacon so he respawn from it?

  • Nollan Brock
    Nollan Brock 27 days ago

    Eyy comrade don't ask ok the iron giant is a beautiful Piece of Russian machinery that is able to go invisible and step super quietly also I watched this as a kid and holy shi t I cried for days

  • Euree Evangelista
    Euree Evangelista 28 days ago

    the giant in the opening scene reminds me of pacific rim or vise versa. the good pacific rim not the crapy squeal.

  • Xy 999
    Xy 999 28 days ago


  • CrazyPicsProductions
    CrazyPicsProductions 28 days ago +1

    I like the ending. It makes sense though. If they didn't do that. I'd be pointing out the antenna thing and say he was alive.

  • Juan Pineda
    Juan Pineda 28 days ago

    The iron giant is just beautiful

  • XDeelan Ratsegg
    XDeelan Ratsegg 28 days ago

    My dad said that me and my sister always wanted to watch this movie multiple times when we were little, but he didn't want us to because we always cried at the end.

  • Alex Cuber28
    Alex Cuber28 28 days ago +1

    I don't like the happy ending. I think the statue end is way better.

  • owen simpson
    owen simpson 28 days ago

    7:46 mmmm boi

  • BluLikeFriendlyHit
    BluLikeFriendlyHit 28 days ago

    Wait, those flashbacks of 10:40 weren't in the movie

  • C17 ByKenshi
    C17 ByKenshi 28 days ago

    0:10 not gonna lie, thought that was Pornhub for a sec

  • Arsh Liquir
    Arsh Liquir 28 days ago

    super man always coes back

  • the strike commander
    the strike commander 29 days ago

    Im not crying
    Youre crying

  • Dr John Xavier
    Dr John Xavier 29 days ago


  • Vaughn Sweeting
    Vaughn Sweeting 29 days ago

    everyone else: man this movie didnt have a sad ending.
    me: bitch how dum can you be?

  • Khadina Davis
    Khadina Davis 29 days ago

    The agent reminds me of Hans

  • TheGaming nugget 1st
    TheGaming nugget 1st 29 days ago

    A question how strong is a FUCKING NUKE

  • The Film Freaks
    The Film Freaks 29 days ago

    why didnt you even mention the book

  • The incredible Horseman

    its good the giants not dead but they should've kept him dead

  • brandyn cannon
    brandyn cannon Month ago

    It’s true its unrated but I love to this day

  • A Average backstabber

    My friends uncle is the writer of this movie!

  • Fattymcfatfat
    Fattymcfatfat Month ago

    “welcome too down towns coolvile, population us”

  • Joseph Hoyle
    Joseph Hoyle Month ago

    I HATE THIS MOVIE! more than any other movie ever made (that includes the last jedi) and Cartoon network is 100% to blame for it if i had a time machine i would go back and kill the person that thought it was a good idea to chain run this movie for 48 hours back to back ever 3 months when i was a kid.

  • Zeke Gaming
    Zeke Gaming Month ago

    no one can tell me this was a bad movie. and if you think It is bad go to a mental health clinic because something is clearly wrong with you.

  • John Radetzki
    John Radetzki Month ago

    I always took the ending as being heaven for the robot, hence the "see you later," comment as the kid let's the piece go free.

  • Invader Zim
    Invader Zim Month ago

    13:46 "You TWAT" x"D

  • Moterman5 Gaming
    Moterman5 Gaming Month ago

    4:31 Ahh Origins a great cod zombie map

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann Month ago

    I love this movie!