i tested 1000$ of FUTURISTIC FOOD GADGETS !!!

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • i bought kitchen gadgets & robots that literally sound straight from the future. spoon that NEVER spills, self heating mug, instant pasta maker, seasoning gun and more! please don't forget to subscribe for more videos, thank you so much
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  • Genci LL
    Genci LL 13 hours ago

    how are the comments so new but the vid was posted months ago


    • Fuck This
      Fuck This 4 hours ago

      That's no how it works tho but okay

  • georgia searson
    georgia searson Day ago

    I love your vids

  • Key Llua
    Key Llua Day ago

    Giving a random play button 23:42

  • Anushree Singtamkar

    Why is every comment soo recent even though the video was posted months ago!!??

    HEIDI Day ago +1

    Your content is sooo original

  • RJ Darrington
    RJ Darrington Day ago +1

    The lettuce crunching is sooo satisfying

  • Sheyli :3
    Sheyli :3 Day ago


  • Aubreana Dozier
    Aubreana Dozier 2 days ago +1

    In America I have a salt gun

  • Marisol Moreno
    Marisol Moreno 2 days ago +1

    Where he lives almost everything comes from America but here in America almost everything comes from china. Very confusing🤔

  • Prasanna Kumar
    Prasanna Kumar 2 days ago +2

    *Salt can kill SNAILS though*

  • Chali San
    Chali San 2 days ago +2

    That salt gun when the person behind the camera shoot Raphael and he said "OWWWW" in earrape the water I was drinking went everywhere and it went up to my nose as well 😂😂😂

  • Tara Runkle
    Tara Runkle 2 days ago

    “Don’t kill flys” “carting my own fish and eating it”😂😂

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol 3 days ago +1

    Sam and Dean are quaking

  • Elijah Carr
    Elijah Carr 4 days ago +12

    2:07 those limited edition Nerf guns be like people over a thousand years ago pass me the salt please people in 2027 give me the salt gun please

  • Lena M.
    Lena M. 6 days ago +10

    When he said ,,so this is the first product" I thought it was the knife that was laying there for opening boxes😅😂😂

  • brianna athena
    brianna athena 6 days ago +2

    If it's 30 degrees fahrenheit that is really cold

  • omarian Marshall
    omarian Marshall 6 days ago

    Skip to 13:34 he cursed

    • Jamess - PS3D
      Jamess - PS3D Day ago

      Have you never heard him swear?

    • Scrapsfinder 101
      Scrapsfinder 101 2 days ago

      I don't know what your parents told you but damn isn't a swear word

    • op.mellow 07
      op.mellow 07 6 days ago

      omarian Marshall has damn isn’t a sweat word

  • omarian Marshall
    omarian Marshall 6 days ago +1


  • Marium A.
    Marium A. 6 days ago +1

    My grandfather would benefit from the spoon because he is really sick 😢

    • Marium A.
      Marium A. 4 days ago

      @Ariana Fan1011 Thanks for this ☺️

    • Ariana Fan1011
      Ariana Fan1011 4 days ago

      Marium A. Tell him get well soon

  • Cody Emmons12
    Cody Emmons12 6 days ago +2

    A vacuum sealer so futuristic 😂😂😂

  • S͎n͎o͎w͎ F͎a͎l͎l͎

    For the salt one they tell you to be careful because salt will hurt if you get it in your eye not because the gun is that powerful

  • Noelia Jimenez
    Noelia Jimenez 6 days ago +3

    I think the app was on Celsius not on Fahrenheit
    I’m basing this on google, it says 17° fahrenheit is -8° celsius so it would be frozen

  • CatWolf Havlock
    CatWolf Havlock 7 days ago +3

    That fork and spoon is good for grand parents because their hands shake alot and sometimes spill the food

  • rvm 209
    rvm 209 7 days ago +1


  • Mia Marmolejo
    Mia Marmolejo 7 days ago +5

    Your so cool and absolutely hilarious! You have me cracking up in my bed at 11:30 at night ! 😂😂You are my favorite youtube and you deserve so much more love!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • anime girl
    anime girl 7 days ago +5

    18:20look at his phone is it beeping red?

  • Valerica Rosca
    Valerica Rosca 8 days ago +4

    Not wanting to kill flies made me subscribe to your channel

  • Connar Bell
    Connar Bell 8 days ago +5


  • GoodMagicite :/
    GoodMagicite :/ 8 days ago +4

    27:17 That is literally a whole package of country ham.

  • Amy Xu
    Amy Xu 8 days ago +6

    Umm I’m pretty sure you were holding the cake slicer the wrong way cause the flat side is supposed to be at the bottom.

    MEAR MCBL 8 days ago


  • Nompumelelo Precious
    Nompumelelo Precious 8 days ago +4

    The salad one😢 and the cup😿

  • Sashenka Sadonova
    Sashenka Sadonova 8 days ago


  • XxGrind3rxX 12
    XxGrind3rxX 12 8 days ago +5

    Why does that taste like Big Mac sauce?

  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith 8 days ago +8

    "Here are the instructions... we never read them before and we're not gonna start!"
    *carefully reads the instructions to cut a peice of cake*

  • Hi my name is DD13
    Hi my name is DD13 8 days ago +1

    Is it bad that we have 2 of those first idems

  • Sidan Samo
    Sidan Samo 9 days ago +2

    Make a video with the same things in fake and test it

  • TheAngel ;p
    TheAngel ;p 9 days ago +4

    the spoon that never spills every person with Tourette's dream

    • Ashley Voltz
      Ashley Voltz 2 days ago

      As well as Parkinsons disease and other psychomotor disorders.

    • moto moto
      moto moto 7 days ago

      wish i had the spoon i have tourette's 😭

  • A Johnny Depp Girl
    A Johnny Depp Girl 9 days ago +3

    Havent vacuum sealers been around since 2016??

    • MoniQ 101
      MoniQ 101 7 days ago

      Since the 1940's acually😂

  • Jacqueline Garcia
    Jacqueline Garcia 9 days ago +4

    m7 dad has had a vacuum sealer for about 3 years. not that new and probably everybody has one and it only costed about $45

  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay 9 days ago +5

    Shoot the salt in my mouth mmmm yummy

  • Rodney Qiu
    Rodney Qiu 10 days ago +4

    It’s not for food the big salt is for bug

  • podpod6000
    podpod6000 10 days ago +1

    Great vid. But that cake sever thing is so pointless and waste of money just use a knife or a slice lol

  • viola vegliante
    viola vegliante 10 days ago

    23:56 no comment

  • Alyssa Ford
    Alyssa Ford 10 days ago +6

    I love my flour like my personality 👌👌👌👌

  • Chaspian Stoltz Johannesson

    15:16 you can buy that mug in a apple store in Sweden (fun fact there is only 3 real apple stores in the whole Scandinavia and all 3 are in Sweden, Stockholm, Malmö and Helsingborg) I live in Landskrona witch is close to Malmö and Helsingborg.

    • Snôw Wõlfię
      Snôw Wõlfię 10 days ago

      Chaspian Stoltz Johannesson Lol, i Am in Stockholm, We Are Gonna travel To Malmö Tomorrow 😂

  • Sep Ley
    Sep Ley 10 days ago +3

    Eats rice with a fork

  • hey hey
    hey hey 10 days ago +1

    You can use the vaccumm thing.for your luggage so that it will take smaller space

  • Foreign_alien
    Foreign_alien 10 days ago +2

    What we do in our spare time! Watching Raphael get shot with a salt gun

  • Maddy Bradshaw
    Maddy Bradshaw 10 days ago +1

    0:47 I was dying. Me when I turn the lights inside the car on at night.

  • Nazrin playz -roblox,vlogs

    I love ur vids

    Yey I got a like thanks

  • Ko Coffee
    Ko Coffee 10 days ago +1


  • Julissa Dali Gonzalez Leyva


  • B Gaming
    B Gaming 11 days ago +4


  • alma donjuan
    alma donjuan 11 days ago +7

    this just came to my attention that you have very skinny legs

  • Emma Playz
    Emma Playz 11 days ago +8

    5:12 me when my mom says your grounded

    👇this is how many people agree

  • Luca Underscore
    Luca Underscore 11 days ago


  • Luca Underscore
    Luca Underscore 11 days ago


  • Mutahaira Raza
    Mutahaira Raza 11 days ago +1

    Why do you act like a GIRL 👧 I’m just asking good videos keep it up!

    • Violetta Economide
      Violetta Economide 7 days ago


    • Mutahaira Raza
      Mutahaira Raza 8 days ago

      Okay I got it

    • Violetta Economide
      Violetta Economide 8 days ago +2

      It's isn't that you said something soo bad. But some people just disagree with you because what you said isn't the most nice thing to say

    • Imane Pink
      Imane Pink 8 days ago +1

      Mutahaira Raza cause some believe you went to far

    • Mutahaira Raza
      Mutahaira Raza 9 days ago

      Why r u guys making this a big issue??

  • kayden lindsay
    kayden lindsay 11 days ago +4

    I have one of those salt guns that are fun to use

    • Kid lovers
      Kid lovers 11 days ago

      kayden lindsay really why how much was that

  • dreamykook
    dreamykook 11 days ago +4

    a replay button for "OUCH"

  • rea.n_glitzylei
    rea.n_glitzylei 11 days ago +1

    like you bought everything for your house🤣

  • toxic
    toxic 11 days ago

    I don't know why I got so excited when you said Finland 🤣🤣

  • AHMAD AJZ013
    AHMAD AJZ013 11 days ago +4

    Gaino spoon ? Love you raph !
    My grandfather has Parkinson .
    Make a shirt and write on it “Boujie” as merch , ILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO BUY IT !!!

  • GodFather XO!
    GodFather XO! 11 days ago +3

    I'm new here but I just love how wholesome his videos are

  • loverboy snipz
    loverboy snipz 11 days ago +1

    Ur in jeans obviously it doesnt hurt

  • Sadie Ochoa
    Sadie Ochoa 11 days ago +5

    We have a salt gun 😂💀 it works

  • Sage Myro Onyx Bloom
    Sage Myro Onyx Bloom 11 days ago +5

    4:58 J U S T D O I T (u won't regret it)

  • Shelly evans
    Shelly evans 12 days ago +9

    Love that you tested the spoon! My papaw has Parkinsons, when he is eating and trying to stay still is when he has the most issues!

  • Vivaan Dua
    Vivaan Dua 12 days ago +7

    "I love miniature things"
    that's what she said

  • Vivaan Dua
    Vivaan Dua 12 days ago +3

    14:46 that's what she said

  • Flowers The third 333
    Flowers The third 333 12 days ago +4

    “The one thing I hate more than making salad”
    He says as he waves and a knife around

  • Flowers The third 333
    Flowers The third 333 12 days ago +2


  • GgPérezR GgR
    GgPérezR GgR 12 days ago +1

    I rlly don't know wut happened to me just now i thought i took a nap but it's only been 6 minutos and i'm drooling and i woke up on the ground, i looked it up but, no use, my bodys shaking so if anyone can tell me please do.

  • oli • 11 years ago
    oli • 11 years ago 12 days ago +13

    _its like an iPhone, but better- because you can eat with it_
    ~ _Raphael Gomes- 2019_ ~

  • Jeon Sophia ARMY
    Jeon Sophia ARMY 12 days ago +7

    Play this vid speed at 1.25 *THANK ME LATER*

  • Gacha Turtlez
    Gacha Turtlez 12 days ago +4

    Me : **sees philips pasta maker**


    *ey my mum has one of those*

  • lauren c
    lauren c 12 days ago +7

    when he’s testing futuristic gadgets but still needs to grind his salt manually

  • LittleMiracle Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Omg the heating mug!! I swear I thought of it
    I wanted to creat something like this
    I'm shook that it already exists haha

    LAZY PEACH 12 days ago +2

    if you ain't shooting my plate with a salt gun then you living in 1919

  • blingblong1
    blingblong1 12 days ago

    70 dollars or 70 pence or 70 euros?

  • BrehanaH
    BrehanaH 12 days ago +2

    Your gonna shoot salt on a plate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amazing Osborne
    Amazing Osborne 12 days ago

    Okay, but seriously who cracks an egg like that? 😂

  • Aylin Ali
    Aylin Ali 12 days ago +4

    This dude can put 5 commercial adds more because he is testing and buying the Things for us like i"m Not mad🤣❤

  • lillian k
    lillian k 12 days ago +3

    We have the salt gun and have used it for food

  • Jess Edwards
    Jess Edwards 12 days ago +3

    That spoon/fork is amazing, soo many people could benefit by that!!!

  • muhammad zain-ulabideen
    muhammad zain-ulabideen 13 days ago +5

    He literally taped a pillow to his head

  • cool dudes
    cool dudes 13 days ago +4

    at 6:02 why is the corner soooooo white

  • vale 31
    vale 31 13 days ago +4

    OMG you're so stupid.

  • Rija Ghori
    Rija Ghori 13 days ago +3

    Ye larka bhot burger hey who agree?

  • Daniella Alouf
    Daniella Alouf 14 days ago +25

    Elderly or disabled people can truly benefit from a spoon like that! Thank you for giving this a spotlight :)

  • 한나UwU
    한나UwU 14 days ago +16

    Kid: *sees a gift that is shaped like a phone box*
    parent: yes
    Kid: *opens present*
    Kid: why the heck is there a spoon picture but what ever
    Kid: *opens box*
    Kid: ...
    Also kid: what the fuck

  • Billy elish fan girl
    Billy elish fan girl 14 days ago +5

    So inspiring

  • Jessica Pyrope
    Jessica Pyrope 14 days ago +7

    Me: Wondering what the next gadget will be
    Raphael: "So this next FUTURISTIC GADGET.... is called a VaCuUm SeAlEr.
    Me: ............what?

  • •-•Solar_Eclipse •-•

    I have shaky hands and spill everything that spoon would be so useful for me but I don’t have the money for it

  • Bianca Hernandez
    Bianca Hernandez 15 days ago +2

    bougie like pasta- Raphael 2019

  • underfell sans
    underfell sans 15 days ago +6

    Watch it in 1.5x

  • Lava Gamer
    Lava Gamer 15 days ago +5

    Hmm that spoon reminds me of the sponge bob talking spatula

  • daria nowowstawska
    daria nowowstawska 15 days ago +9

    came for the clickbait, stayed for the accent 🤣😜

    • Lava Gamer
      Lava Gamer 15 days ago

      daria nowowstawska my mistake sorry

    • daria nowowstawska
      daria nowowstawska 15 days ago

      @Lava Gamer I didnt mean clickbait in a bad way just in a way that it looked really cool x No hate here

    • Lava Gamer
      Lava Gamer 15 days ago

      There’s isn’t even any clickbait? Assuming?

    • Yunita Supriatna
      Yunita Supriatna 15 days ago


  • Sana Bagban
    Sana Bagban 15 days ago +4

    Watch his video's in 2x!

    • YumichiiJR •
      YumichiiJR • 14 days ago

      I think 1.25x is better 2x is too fast

    • Sana Bagban
      Sana Bagban 15 days ago +1

      Because he speaks very slow!just try it once and then you will realise!

    • Golden Studio
      Golden Studio 15 days ago +1