• Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • Ronaldo packed in FIFA 20! Hashtag Harry, Shawrey and Tom spend over £6000 to build their Ultimate Team ready for the competitive season.
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    esports FIFA Team:
    Hashtag Harry: hashtagharry__
    Hashtag Tom: hashtagTom_
    Hashtag Shawrey: HashtagShawrey
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Comments • 52

  • Morientes Muscat
    Morientes Muscat Month ago +59

    When someone of you in the hq streams its geniunely the best.The banter is unreal😂❤

  • Luke Kinnear
    Luke Kinnear 29 days ago

    From my division 6 rank 2 I packed Neymar and baby Socrates

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama Month ago

    How do you download it

  • mldaver
    mldaver Month ago

    I have pack Ronaldo two times and i have spend noting

  • Nitr O
    Nitr O Month ago

    Wa app is tha

  • iguxs
    iguxs Month ago +1

    No i live in ilford u should've visited me😁😁😁

    My primary school do sports day there im in secondary now

  • scaze.cluezzy
    scaze.cluezzy Month ago

    I packed messi

  • Harsh Ruparelia
    Harsh Ruparelia Month ago +1

    If you think about it the fly packed ronaldo

  • Decor YT
    Decor YT Month ago

    Someone game share Fifa with me please I can’t afford it 🙏🏼

  • M4t Boi
    M4t Boi Month ago

    Round 33 on kino on a fifa vid haha

  • XxGacha EllsxX
    XxGacha EllsxX Month ago +2

    Hashtag are sick

  • james Callacher
    james Callacher Month ago +3

    I got ronaldo in a 2 player pack
    Untradeable like but it’s ronaldo

  • Xstrk Godz
    Xstrk Godz Month ago

    Harry with the Gunn joke 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sergio Arreguin
    Sergio Arreguin Month ago +1

    It took them thousands of pounds and it only took me 5 dollars to pick Ronaldo 😊

  • Marcio Kovacevic
    Marcio Kovacevic Month ago +3

    Sh awrey accents are top class

  • Christopher yarwood

    You just copied nick 28t 40 hour charity stream....

  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC Month ago +9

    Loved this lads! Great job to everyone involved and great to see CR7 making an appearance in the Hashtag HQ again!

  • Marcio Kovacevic
    Marcio Kovacevic Month ago

    Where is Ryan and honey badger

  • Tony Stratton
    Tony Stratton Month ago +2

    Wicked video lads

  • Sammy
    Sammy Month ago +3

    Great Fly on the wall filming there. Nice job.

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis Month ago +14

    Shawrey’s accents are class😂

  • Yani
    Yani Month ago +2

    These weekends at the HQ have been very decent tbf

  • Hashtag Shawrey
    Hashtag Shawrey Month ago +14

    Still haven’t packed anything

    • NK 2032
      NK 2032 Month ago

      What app is that

    • Ahmed Hajii
      Ahmed Hajii Month ago

      😂😂😂 You have a few days to make a strong squad qualifiers coming up end month

  • SamTheWhizzKid
    SamTheWhizzKid Month ago +1

    Sign Tekkz 😉

  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 Month ago

    Tom did it for shawrey

  • SD5104
    SD5104 Month ago +121

    8:17 is what you’re here for!

  • Hashtag United
    Hashtag United Month ago +96


    • lewisr7020
      lewisr7020 Month ago

      Badger said he got scared away by him.(he replied to me on twitch,on Harry’s stream) 😂 does that mean he left as well as Ryan? It’s a shame to see Ryan go but I hope he does well and hashtag Tom Ryan and shawrey do really well this year!

  • Leprechaun Yeah
    Leprechaun Yeah Month ago +11

    More vid when FutChamps start pls :(

  • Jason Ducker
    Jason Ducker Month ago +1

    I also packed Ronaldo in a 2 player pack no joke can send prove aswell 😍😍

  • itsSwift999
    itsSwift999 Month ago +1

    Hey love u guys

  • Hawks Gaming
    Hawks Gaming Month ago +32

    Harry: ‘Americans will like him’

  • victerious world
    victerious world Month ago +15

    Yep I am officially first and don't know what to say
    So just pretend I said something funny and drop a like

  • Dylan Caplan
    Dylan Caplan Month ago +6

    oh joey the shibaaaaaa

  • Ahmed Hajii
    Ahmed Hajii Month ago +3

    my fav have good day lads