How AMD is Making CPUs More Affordable - Chiplets Explained

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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    How could chiplets make CPUs both faster AND cheaper?
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  • xorkatoss
    xorkatoss 6 days ago +1

    if you kind of think about it...we started from 45nm (intel core 1st gen) and now we are at 10nm... amd is at 7nm already, what happens when we reach 1nm? is that the end of the line for cpu advancement? are can we even go below 1nm and manage 0.7nm, 0.5nm etc? I can't wait for 2030 to come! Used Budget PCs will consist of Intel Core i9, RTX2080, 32GB DDR4 RAM and 5-6TB HDD + 1TB SSD!

    I'm gonna start saving 10 euro /month for 10 years :D

  • José Sidnei
    José Sidnei 6 days ago

    Can't wait for AMD to disband Intel's monopoly and their expensive CPUs with little or no improvements from the previous generations, and also NVIDIA's multiple anti-consumer practices, including (but not limited to) their misleading model numbers/names (see the thing about the GT 1030 DDR4/GDDR5 and the GTX 1060 6GB/3GB), drivers that reduce gaming performance on older cards with each update, and also sabotaging AMD cards performance using the disguise of "GameWorks". It's time for quackery to go away and make room for actual competition.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 7 days ago

    how about a no compromise APU? HBM2 onboard, proper full sized gpu chip, full 12 core cpu and interconnected via infinity fabric. then just give it a liquid metal attached heat-spreader and a beefy cooler

  • terastarship2
    terastarship2 12 days ago

    Simple, 聪明就好。

  • Naz
    Naz 21 day ago

    Transistors are reaching their smallest point. Making the cpu bigger is kinda logical

  • Rohinraj
    Rohinraj 26 days ago

    0:38 the problem really is because of Quantum property of an electron and how the tunneling probability increases as the size of the transistor decrease. Meaning we cant turn off the transistor after a certain limit(1-2nm)(we are currently at 5nm/7nm but even in this case the leakage currents are massive and the photolithography techniques used to fabricate transistors are getting more challenging). Thus logic gates cant be implemented and hence you cant make a CPU out of it.

  • Guacamole Pizza
    Guacamole Pizza Month ago

    got a ryzen gen 3 ad on thid

  • Romner_set
    Romner_set Month ago

    Y'all are still using AMD or Intel CPUs? I am using nVidia CPUs. Get on my level.

    • Faldegast
      Faldegast Month ago

      I'm using Raspberry Pi 4.

  • Sean Miceli
    Sean Miceli Month ago

    So is it really 7nm?

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago

    Find me a solution for the quantum tunneling that becomes an issue below 5nm

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid Month ago

    Will they be sold in vending machines alongside the Chiclets gum?

  • Nick Lindhorst
    Nick Lindhorst Month ago +2

    20% of this video was an add

  • Francis Marino
    Francis Marino Month ago

    Who thought Chiclets were the future of computing, and that we were just chewing them down instead of using them!

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever Month ago

    Quite a neat approach though, I wonder will GPUs see the same.

  • smartroadbiker
    smartroadbiker Month ago

    Moore's "Law" was more Moore's "Observation"

  • Shawn
    Shawn Month ago

    Moore law is nothing but marketing bs pushed by Intel to maximize pofit

  • Allin Axford
    Allin Axford Month ago

    Intel did what is called chiplet with the transition from Pentium Pro to Pentium II. It was not as elegant, and was on a card that mounted on a slot, but the idea was the same.

  • iglú de pingüino
    iglú de pingüino Month ago

    I missed something

  • Mr. Peanut
    Mr. Peanut Month ago

    Not to be rude but it triggers me when you say silicin instead of silicon

  • de secret Doge
    de secret Doge Month ago


  • musko musko
    musko musko Month ago +3

    RIP Intel, for at least 2 years. You deserve it.

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols Month ago

    These are beginning to feel more and more like paid AMD commercials!

  • Dawn Ehrman
    Dawn Ehrman Month ago

    Ahh man that really breaks it down well...easy to understand. Thank you Linus!

  • Axel Toh
    Axel Toh Month ago

    Who totally did not understand anything he said?

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 Month ago

    So the Moore's law is still essentially true, but we hit a bottleneck he did not foresee and need to work around it to get back on track so to say, just a temporary choke up

  • Jarod Skaff
    Jarod Skaff Month ago

    How do we upgrade from here on out? And if we do, how do we cool it? Remember the 5GH turbo laptop, it has: heat pipes, lots of fans in the bottom, and 5 side vents. I think technology is being bottle-necked now unless we could do something with nanotechnology.

  • facial supremacy
    facial supremacy Month ago

    I assumed they just sold their chips for less because they were smaller ass hole than Intel.

  • Castile Unknown
    Castile Unknown Month ago

    Building myself a gaming pc next week after all my parts get in. Got laughed by my friends for not getting an i5. Instead I ordered a Ryzen 5 which has more GHz than a standard Icore 5 and can be overclocked to a higher number as well. It was also cheaper than intel. And to top it off Amd sent me two free pc games to get me started. Don’t see intel doing that.

  • Game Bros
    Game Bros Month ago

    fking adds linus.... you have set your standards so low latley

  • Father
    Father Month ago +1

    God bless Amd , without them Intel and Nvidia would have increased their prices by alot

  • Rockman
    Rockman Month ago

    Theyre always has been affordable.

  • Vinikis
    Vinikis Month ago

    How many channels does this guy have lmao

  • Dunestorm
    Dunestorm Month ago +18

    Remember when Intel was making fun of AMD for "glueing" CPUs together? Who's laughing now...

    • Bukan Matin
      Bukan Matin 23 days ago

      LOL, AMD is actually rising up RN 🤣👌

  • Kris Wingert
    Kris Wingert Month ago

    We used to call the little floating pieces of ice in our tequila shots chiplets. I feel ripped off.

  • Dimitrios Koutsoumpos

    What about Intel Foveros?

  • Aidan Gillett
    Aidan Gillett Month ago

    I've always wondered why we have never really had modular CPU design. I.e. multiple sockets and you can put in different CPU's then designate purposes for them. Somewhat akin to how we can mix n match different storage drives and say "ok C: is my SATA SSD for windows, D: is my NVMe for games. E: is HDD for storing video files" etc. Similarly we could have multiple physical CPU's assigned to different tasks. They don't even necessarily need to be linked in any way. I.e. using an older CPU that goes into a PCI-E slot and then you run a lengthy RAR compression task on it and it has zero performance impact on your main CPU, it's just busy doing its own thing so it wouldn't slow down anything else you are doing
    But I guess its mostly a niche case, probably horrendously complicated to implement and there's no money in it for anyone
    What AMD is doing doesn't matter to the consumer, it may be a modular CPU under the hood but its not like you'll ever be able to swap components of it, it's still just 1 entity

  • Mr Dr Prof Patrick
    Mr Dr Prof Patrick Month ago

    The real answer: They dont. AMD prices their products normally. Intel's are just stupidly overpriced

  • Против Глобал

    AMD is good.

  • sWooshArts
    sWooshArts Month ago

    2:03 What everyone hears:Yields
    What i hear:


  • SpaceCakeism
    SpaceCakeism Month ago

    #1: Moore's law, was never about transistors alone, it was also about the frequency they run at.
    #2: Moore's law, has been dead, for like 15 years already; which means, it's no longer "recent years..."

  • Greatest Guru
    Greatest Guru Month ago

    Who thought he was gonna advertise at 0:47?

  • ZZxd
    ZZxd Month ago

    The main benefit is bining.
    As everything uses the same chiplet. There are more pieces to salvage better high clocking chilets. Allowing the creation of higher end models with lower power consumption.

  • Adam Kee
    Adam Kee Month ago

    Same concept of "yield" applies to CMOS sensors too. Cheaper DSLRs often have smaller sensor size...

  • asmcriminaL
    asmcriminaL Month ago

    I always hated Moore's Law. It's so stupid. Over time, of course, the transistors on a chip won't double. Yet, here we have "Moore's LAW" it is NOT a law. never was and never will be a LAW.

  • The Man
    The Man Month ago

    Who would of thought that chewing gum would revolutionize the PC world..... oh wait you said chiplets not chiclets. Silly me

  • Abdega
    Abdega Month ago

    That’s the way to do it, if you’ve crammed the transistors on the chip as close as possible on the dies, get the dies closer on the packaging

  • Rob Estey
    Rob Estey Month ago

    A chip in a vise. Oh my. Good vid - tx

  • MEanME
    MEanME Month ago

    Little Linus talking about chiplets, lol.
    Bet that's what Manlet's call their children.

  • XgamerdaveX
    XgamerdaveX Month ago

    And the other benefit is that ‘chiplet’ sounds adorable.

  • Eugene Miyelis
    Eugene Miyelis Month ago

    Didn't watch. Basically, they employ the poorest suicidal Chinese workers. Drop the quality of support to zero. Kiss any Chinese ass to survive. Any AMD owner should be proud!

  • Ashwin Saharawat
    Ashwin Saharawat Month ago

    3:55 *signal moving at speed of* -light- *electric current*

  • Mad Mario
    Mad Mario Month ago

    There is a deep static noise on the recording and it's highly irritating, it's been going on in this channel's videos for quite some time!

  • EnderGamer
    EnderGamer Month ago +1

    * Intel Furiously Taking Notes In The Background *

  • Ryan Berry
    Ryan Berry Month ago

    So basically instead of investing in improving the size and quality of transistors, they have opted for a cheaper approach that will ultimately end up being a dead end to how far they can take it before they will need to revisit step one...

  • Ben R.
    Ben R. Month ago

    Linus, I know I'm just a small speck in the bucket. I'm going to say this with as much truth as I can. You seem to be the fakest actor on TheXvid I have ever seen doing reviews. You just need to be real again like you were back in the day man. I'm serious. Like Bitchwit, those trix are for kids man. Be real if you can or don't be anything else at all. If I wanted to watch some cheap acting I would watch One Life to Wack Off. I don't know if you see how far you have gone or to what extent to stay relevant but I believe like many others you have gone too far with the acting. Stop the thumbnail clickbait, stop the crappy acting and be a reviewer. I'm not saying you are the next Zuckerberg who marries a Chinese woman for the ass kissing towards the Chinese and try to name your kid "BIG WONG" or something of the sort to kiss China's controlling ass with it's growing economy but damn man you are definitely on the acting role towards a spiraling TheXvid channel in the grave.

  • Andrew Copple
    Andrew Copple Month ago

    Would you guys ever do an ALD or PEALD video? Or maybe a video on the challenges on graphene technology, or other non-silicon tech?

  • decimat777
    decimat777 Month ago

    I remember giving intel hell about this for the core 2 quad. Granted in that day core 2 wasn’t designed for modularity like this so in the end I would agree this is the better way to go instead of wasting good silicon for low end parts by deactivating things unnecessarily.

  • luismepu
    luismepu Month ago

    arent the cpus more expensive than ever though?

  • matthew banta
    matthew banta Month ago

    So are we going to bring back those giant slot motherboards like Intel had with their slot 1 and the Pentium II (or AMD had with their Slot A and Athlon)? Ok there it was a one CPU with many cache chips soldered onto the CPU package. But still, one giant "CPU" with multiple different sized chips. What was old is now new again.

  • KILOUNO1963
    KILOUNO1963 Month ago

    have you ever wondered why these so-called computer experts have never mentioned minix and the nsa. only after someone else breaks the news do they come out as champions of justice. but in truth they are only opportunistic egoistic self centered fools

  • KILOUNO1963
    KILOUNO1963 Month ago

    linus is on youtube to make money and to him it means nothing what they do as long he gets the beacon

  • KILOUNO1963
    KILOUNO1963 Month ago don't buy intel

  • KILOUNO1963
    KILOUNO1963 Month ago

  • Alex Howe
    Alex Howe Month ago

    Can someone tell me why silicone wafers are round? Surely squares would make sense but obviously there is a reason why they don't.

  • Chaitanya Singh
    Chaitanya Singh Month ago +1

    This... was quite educational, I didn't knew that

  • Dennis Tienesen
    Dennis Tienesen Month ago

    Too bad AMD didn't develop the 7nm architecture themselves. It's going to be a very expensive job. Affordable AMD products will belong to the past quite soon.

  • Sergeant Seven
    Sergeant Seven Month ago

    Isn't this basically like taking the old school multi socket multi cpu systems and moving them to one big socket?

  • Loser
    Loser Month ago +1

    Why not make the board you place the chiplets on bigger? lol

    • Loser
      Loser Month ago

      @Ashwin Mouton Thanks for the explaination

    • Ashwin Mouton
      Ashwin Mouton Month ago

      Latency, is the delay caused by the fact that signals don't travel instantaneously. When you increase the board size, the average distances signals have to travel, increases. That delay, is more latency.
      Latency, is already Ryzen's weak point.
      It's why instead of spreading out in 2D, Intel went with the 3D stacked chipless. You get shorter average distances travelled by signals. But going 3D has its own set of problems...more challenging problems...the main one being heat dissipation.

  • nevermindthebollocks

    I had an amd athlon back in the day, looks like it's time to go amd again.

  • AtomicSymphonic
    AtomicSymphonic Month ago

    So, after decades of miniaturization, CPUs and GPUs are going to be getting bigger again due to the usage of chiplets? That's phenomenal... Though, the same thing happened to cellphones. Instead of thick phones, we now have wide and thin phones. lol

  • AtomicSymphonic
    AtomicSymphonic Month ago

    So, after decades of miniaturization, CPUs and GPUs are going to be getting bigger again due to the usage of chiplets? That's phenomenal... Though, the same thing happened to cellphones. Instead of thick phones, we now have wide and thin phones. lol

  • AtomicSymphonic
    AtomicSymphonic Month ago

    So, after decades of miniaturization, CPUs and GPUs are going to be getting bigger again due to the usage of chiplets? That's phenomenal... Though, the same thing happened to cellphones. Instead of thick phones, we now have wide and thin phones. lol

  • AtomicSymphonic
    AtomicSymphonic Month ago

    So, after decades of miniaturization, CPUs and GPUs are going to be getting bigger again due to the usage of chiplets? That's phenomenal... Though, the same thing happened to cellphones. Instead of thick phones, we now have wide and thin phones. lol

  • Tyler Russell
    Tyler Russell Month ago

    There must be some kind of side effect or problem or imperfect part. Chiplets can't be exactly pure gold. Like SSDs for example, its the greatest storage drive since tape drives but it has flaws of its own. I believe when theres something new, theres a flaw somewhere. A good idea in concept but everything matters when it comes into execution, how do I, along with anyone, believe that this won't fail them after second one of activation.

  • Hostis HumaniGeneris

    I wish radeon would follow same way. but nope