MrBeast's $1,000,000 Dilemma

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
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Comments • 6 825

  • J Kyurem
    J Kyurem 22 hours ago

    I’ll click to troll

  • Hudson Huynh
    Hudson Huynh 2 days ago

    This is acutally simular to an actuall
    test quiz. XD

  • Caines
    Caines 4 days ago

    I rolled a D20, it came out a 1, so I will like this video.
    But I also cheated.

  • 6ix8eight5ive ?
    6ix8eight5ive ? 6 days ago

    always click to win because who cares

  • ethang241
    ethang241 7 days ago

    What if someone dislikes

  • Thomas Marinaro
    Thomas Marinaro 9 days ago

    SI was not worth it

  • DdYx
    DdYx 10 days ago


    Oh no okay on to the video

  • Sir Duck II
    Sir Duck II 12 days ago +1

    Well obviously click to troll
    Either I win, or nobody does

  • Kacper Malinowski
    Kacper Malinowski 13 days ago

    I would click to troll

  • bacon_blob
    bacon_blob 14 days ago

    wow so much rationality. i have been owned by logic and ration

  • Zone Q11
    Zone Q11 14 days ago

    Why become superrational when you can become irrational?

  • Maxx BMD
    Maxx BMD 15 days ago

    ah yes, Spicy Prisoner's Dillema

  • Connor Huchteman
    Connor Huchteman 17 days ago

    This hurts my brain

  • Levelmake
    Levelmake 17 days ago

    Well he has 23 million subs so I think I’d be difficult to be the first like...

  • Itz Domino
    Itz Domino 19 days ago

    I'm Just A Random Domino but this,this is completely bizzare and random

  • Syah Official
    Syah Official 19 days ago +1

    How about the 20 people in telegrams is one people with 20 accounts.then,one or more than one replies.Will the replier win.Or antoher situation,20 people need to reply in telegrams group to win 1 billion.But 20 people doesn't have in the group.Or another situation, one person will win if the person that that in the groups is itself Or 20 people will give winning to one people if ther eis more than one replied?

  • pathmada
    pathmada 19 days ago +3

    Well there will be several thousand like bots who like the video so noone could ever win

  • Moonlight io
    Moonlight io 19 days ago +1

    "so, you know, they know, you know they know, and you know they know you know."
    sir, did you learn to speak in a school for the deaf?
    (not meant to be offensive in any way)

  • RAP Studios
    RAP Studios 20 days ago +2

    To like or not to like
    Now THAT is the question.

  • Dangerous J
    Dangerous J 21 day ago

    You have no way of knowing who likes your video so

  • BrokenSkull YT
    BrokenSkull YT 21 day ago

    mr.beast 6000 ooooh

  • Felix Simon
    Felix Simon 22 days ago

    isn't super-rationality the same as in rock,paper,scissors? Like, when I choose rock, the other could know and pick paper. That's why I should choose scissors. But then, the other player could know that, too and pick rock and so on

  • Lucas Lobertini
    Lucas Lobertini 22 days ago

    Home best is the best

  • Craig Lee
    Craig Lee 23 days ago

    Flaw. The rules of the game are that there is no collaboration but they must agree to role and then stick to the number. So that is collaboration...

    • Bara Robber Baron
      Bara Robber Baron 23 days ago

      It fits within superrationality that everyone, individually, comes to the same conclusion. But I guess either the instructions would need to include a number so everyone has the same number that decides if they respond or not, or indeed they'd need to collude/collab to agree on which number allows you to reply or nah.

  • FA Kazama
    FA Kazama 24 days ago

    Ar u "hey arnold" voice?

  • Martin Ninov
    Martin Ninov 24 days ago +2

    By definition, if the only possible beneficial course of action is clicking the like, you click the like. Super-rationality is neat, but pointless.

  • Don Cheadle
    Don Cheadle 24 days ago

    First yeehaw i hope i win the competition

  • Strydar
    Strydar 25 days ago

    I love this logic. If there's one thing I can do in life, it's rolling a 1 on a d20. Will Wheaton has nothing on me

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77 25 days ago

    100 million people instantly click the like button for no reason or specifically to ruin the competition

  • JohnnyPartyVlogs
    JohnnyPartyVlogs Month ago

    I like the video, because I want to win...

  • iqbaltrojan
    iqbaltrojan Month ago +1

    you guys were screwed all along i have 2 accounts

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Month ago +1

    Why are humans like this? Trolls are mean. And its impossible to stop trolls.

  • X Delic
    X Delic Month ago

    At first I thought you were simply stealing the fire that the original Vsauce made but not I understand that you're genuinely passionate about his work and wish to continue it

  • T.
    T. Month ago

    Well bots and stuff will make everyone lose, so there's no point in the contest.

  • Brady G
    Brady G Month ago

    3:58me trying to extend my essay to the word count

  • Borntolol
    Borntolol Month ago

    the chance someone wins is 1/e

  • Bunny Rylee
    Bunny Rylee Month ago

    I am gonna like, because Id rather everyone lose than someone beat me.

  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • mr dumb mr dumb
    mr dumb mr dumb Month ago


  • IzAnSmallCat
    IzAnSmallCat Month ago

    Like the video. You can t win if you aren't in

  • Mackenzie Jenkins
    Mackenzie Jenkins Month ago


  • Zaineb Siddiqui
    Zaineb Siddiqui Month ago

    Whenever he said Hofstadter, my brain said "Leonard"!

  • Haiying Wang
    Haiying Wang Month ago


  • Undertaker
    Undertaker Month ago

    Literally always hit like/respond to the telegram, because the alternative is you win nothing, because otherwise, you have a slight chance of winning

  • AtheistMiddleEast
    AtheistMiddleEast Month ago +1

    I dont get the probabilities at the end? why is it 37% chance for someone to win in general, there are 3 options, some one roles a 1 and he or she is the only one thus they win, 2 or more people role and get a 1 and they both send replies and no one wins, and last but not least, no one roles a 1 and no one sends any replies thus no one wins! so 100%/3= 33.33 not 37%
    Please help me understand if you know why its 37%

  • Trenty Boi
    Trenty Boi Month ago

    The amount of confusion i have when watching This video

  • GD Sans
    GD Sans Month ago

    1. Million. Dollars.

  • YouTube: DrAxxwell
    YouTube: DrAxxwell Month ago

    *Mr. Beast liked his own video*

  • Chicken Burrito
    Chicken Burrito Month ago

    thats literally not possible to win

  • Anthony Liguigli
    Anthony Liguigli Month ago

    So the Million Challenge Paradox?

  • Raf1.0 ITA
    Raf1.0 ITA Month ago

    8:43 i'll click to troll

  • Elliott Arpin
    Elliott Arpin Month ago

    This is stressing me out

  • zainecooking123450
    zainecooking123450 2 months ago

    I'd like it

  • qin cai
    qin cai 2 months ago

    "I think."

  • Puppet Master Sasori
    Puppet Master Sasori 2 months ago

    I’d just do it