Robin Williams reacts to fans impressions | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

  • Published on Nov 18, 2008
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    Graham is joined by Oscar-winning Hollywood legend and comedian Robin Williams.
    Graham Norton presents a show on the people, trends and stories that interest him most and covers some of the best new films and music albums coming out soon!
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  • Walker’s pc games

    Robin Williams RIP

  • Andi Kaye
    Andi Kaye Hour ago

    Rip the god of comedy you were and still are the best there ever was! Hope your making them laugh up there!

  • Dhanuja Boyagoda
    Dhanuja Boyagoda 7 hours ago +1


  • Alaa prime
    Alaa prime 8 hours ago


  • Zulu
    Zulu 16 hours ago

    that look he has after saying "Its scary" at 4:25.. hits me in the feels. wish you were still here Robin

  • Mick Hack
    Mick Hack 18 hours ago

    man is this show that old already?

  • Leandar
    Leandar 21 hour ago

    I miss that man!

  • Cleggar
    Cleggar 21 hour ago

    I miss this soul, so very much.
    Robin, I hope your making them all laugh up there, cant wait to see you again 🙏

  • Al Kent
    Al Kent 21 hour ago

    He was banned from Club Med because he annoyed everybody.

  • phoenixman8569
    phoenixman8569 Day ago

    he had his body shaved for the "hook" movie he did a short shirtless scene in it....

  • Odette Widdicombe

    Rip funny man he did not know he was good

  • pablo Hill
    pablo Hill 2 days ago

    God I love this man and you better be treating him nice, RIP

  • Von Musklaus
    Von Musklaus 2 days ago +1

    I tortured myself for 4:31 , never did like his zany over the top antics.

  • AJ AJ
    AJ AJ 3 days ago +2

    It’s a damn shame he’s not with us anymore.

  • mikechef1806
    mikechef1806 3 days ago

    We lost an absolute genius when Robin went...

  • Glowstick48
    Glowstick48 3 days ago

    Wtf TheXvid stop recommending me old robin williams stuff your gonna make me cry

  • Edward bradman
    Edward bradman 3 days ago

    Deeply disturbed individual or serial masturbator

  • Big john Vinegar
    Big john Vinegar 4 days ago

    Sadly missed comedy genius.

  • Stoned Batman
    Stoned Batman 4 days ago +1

    Funniest man to ever walk the earth!!
    God bless you Robin, RIP 💙😢😢

  • Pan Bui
    Pan Bui 4 days ago

    What an absolute legend this man is!

  • John Birch
    John Birch 5 days ago

    So sad to think he's no longer around. One of the funniest guys ever. So talented.

  • yu ouyang
    yu ouyang 5 days ago

    Five years

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 5 days ago

    ok, how do you spell "crusuit"? 3:44

  • Yan Dzivinskiy
    Yan Dzivinskiy 5 days ago

    Oh man that guy was good
    "Good morning vietnam"

  • Kyle Wolnik
    Kyle Wolnik 5 days ago

    I started also doing a Mrs. Doubtfire impression and randomly start talking in her voice!

  • Fired Up Pranks
    Fired Up Pranks 5 days ago

    When this man took his life, not only did we lose Robin Williams, we lost Hollywood. Thank God we still have Tom Hanks.

  • Izz Bizz
    Izz Bizz 7 days ago +8

    How can such a wonderfully funny man be so sad wish there was someone who could've helped him... rest in peace Robin

  • 509g1
    509g1 8 days ago

    1:25 2 upside down bells 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 509g1
    509g1 8 days ago

    Rip legend 😟

  • André Gades
    André Gades 8 days ago

    I looked it up Robbie Williams, he is still alive.

    KRAFTWERK2K6 8 days ago

    5 years ago the whole world stopped arguing for a moment and came together mourning the loss of Robin Williams… :'(

  • The Leddo
    The Leddo 8 days ago

    I’ve lent against funnier trees !

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka 9 days ago

    Completely different mindset to movie making back then: "no, it is too difficult and illogical to make a sequel to a movie where the plot twist is revealed".
    Now: "whatever it takes, make a sequel until the money stops coming in! I don't care if the plot makes any sense!"

  • Filip Zawistowski
    Filip Zawistowski 9 days ago

    I love how he got the electrician's name wrong 🤣

  • Bob Shundi
    Bob Shundi 9 days ago

    5 years ago we lost this brilliant man

  • Dr. David Who
    Dr. David Who 10 days ago

    Miss you Mork...

  • FOuR20 4LiFE
    FOuR20 4LiFE 10 days ago

    3:20 man i wish they had a security camera, recording Mrs. Doubtfire waving a huge dildo around ! !

  • Jessica May Jackson
    Jessica May Jackson 10 days ago

    I miss him, as do many of us. I always saw him as a hero. I'm kinda the same way, I want to make people smile, because I know how it feels to be without hope, without happiness and to be empty inside. So if anyone is reading this, please talk to your friends and family, never wait to tell them how you feel. My family...well, the less said about them, the better, but I understand Robin more and more every day

  • Jason King
    Jason King 11 days ago

    I miss him 😓

  • Everado Romero
    Everado Romero 11 days ago

    I miss you!!!

  • alphadawn2015 lennon
    alphadawn2015 lennon 11 days ago

    lol he told the mandingo joke a little differently on jonathan ross show. funny as hell though

  • deadlykam
    deadlykam 12 days ago

    I miss him a lot.

  • María Buttironi
    María Buttironi 12 days ago +1

    He was amazing! So sad he is no longer with us 😢

  • Cindy Rodriguez
    Cindy Rodriguez 12 days ago +1

    So sorry Robin for the pain. You brought smiles and laughter to so many and that will never be forgotten.❤

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 13 days ago


  • John Malihi
    John Malihi 13 days ago

    what a legend, sadly missed.

  • Cambro 64
    Cambro 64 13 days ago

    So miss this man.

  • MetalVII
    MetalVII 13 days ago +1

    Not all heroes wear capes. This man WAS my childhood.

  • Anthony Stafford
    Anthony Stafford 13 days ago

    Shit on velcro rip mr williams

  • Brian Adeva
    Brian Adeva 14 days ago

    RIP Robin Williams. The real life Peter Pan

  • stylinson -
    stylinson - 16 days ago +1

    he was so funny but so sad inside at the same time. im sad.

  • CosmicMagic
    CosmicMagic 16 days ago

    So Graham called him Gary and Robin called him Danny - Danny is the name of the character Robin played

  • Paul E.
    Paul E. 16 days ago

    Such a tragic loss, the world is a sadder place. Brilliant talent Mr. Williams RIP.

  • Cornelious Stradivarius

    Miss him : [

    • Majed Hammo
      Majed Hammo 17 days ago

      Cornelious Stradivarius i miss him and miss my sister too 💔never give up stay strong

  • Mr Gibs
    Mr Gibs 18 days ago

    Its so hard to watch now knowing that he suffered severe depression... It hurts even :(

  • chip block
    chip block 19 days ago

    No matter the subject Robin always could always slide right in mix it up and make you laugh so hard. I wish he was still with us. We need the laughter.

  • Madi05
    Madi05 19 days ago +1

    It still hurts so much.....R.I.P Robin.

  • Megan A
    Megan A 19 days ago

    He makes me laugh It’s great

  • John O'neil
    John O'neil 20 days ago

    What a wonderful force of nature he was!

  • curlylarrymoe
    curlylarrymoe 20 days ago +1

    I remember seeing Robin Williams for the first time on Happy Days, then watching Mork and Mindy when it came out. He will always be one of my favorite comedians and actors. I sure do miss him.

  • MrnMrs Rossi
    MrnMrs Rossi 20 days ago

    Mr Robin Williams and Mr Bill Paxton are amongst my all time favourite actors.

  • Bikerboythousand
    Bikerboythousand 21 day ago

    You can know millions of people, yet still feel alone.

  • Red-Haired Shanks
    Red-Haired Shanks 21 day ago

    Anybody has any intel on the naked barbies on Graham's desk

  • SSDirk1976
    SSDirk1976 21 day ago

    LOVED Robin Williams...made us all laugh for years on years and he had one of the best laughs ever BUT for him to kill himself and send himself to hell for all eternity was such a selfish cowardly act to do and rob his family and all of us of his greatness...

  • Gina Ke
    Gina Ke 23 days ago

    One sequel storyline for Mrs. Doubtfire had an older Robin Williams suspecting, uncovering and ultimately helping someone who is pulling a Mr./Mrs. Doubtfire of their own. I would have loved to see it. You know, Robin mocking stereotypically male behavior while teaching it to a mother passing as a manny. (Too Birdcage maybe.)

  • Ocean Redux
    Ocean Redux 24 days ago

    God bless this man. All the good people are getting taken as if to say : "you dont deserve these people"

    it's right, we dont.

  • james selders
    james selders 26 days ago

    The look he gives at the end of the clip is heartbreaking. It was his true self and in that moment, the pain surfaced through his expression.

  • William Hayward - Painter

    Danny! Danny boy, where are you? ;)

  • Neelix99
    Neelix99 29 days ago

    I do love that man.

  • Road trip Mutt Naboo

    Ahhh this made my day. So nice to be able to see Robin again.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago

    When he started talking about the back waxing, all I could think of was what the waxing scene in 40 Year Old Virgin would have been like if Robin was in Steve Carrell's place!

  • Anthony Laconte
    Anthony Laconte Month ago

    I miss that man

  • rozi2089
    rozi2089 Month ago

    Miss him so much lol

  • jamal ali
    jamal ali Month ago

    RIP to a hilarious comedian and actor.

  • sj11791
    sj11791 Month ago +1

    So many hilarious lines from Robin in this clip. Can't believe it's been nearly 5 years. RIP.