Robin Williams on The Graham Norton Show - BBC Two


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  • Gudder Games
    Gudder Games 2 days ago

    A few times, you see Robin just glance down, pausing his momentum. You see his sadness in those 1-2 second moments of time. Had he not done what he did, I wonder if it would be as noticeable. Damn, I miss this man. He played a special role in my childhood.

  • yesitsmeguru
    yesitsmeguru 2 days ago


  • James Neaylon
    James Neaylon 3 days ago

    I miss this man

  • original23able
    original23able 9 days ago

    Id hate to have been him. He did make a rod for his back! He had to be 'on' all the time. That must have been exhausting and scary

  • Missy Chase
    Missy Chase 9 days ago


  • Mike Bassham
    Mike Bassham 10 days ago

    I’m still gutted about the loss of Robin Williams,,R.I.P

  • André Niquet
    André Niquet 10 days ago

    I♥ s♥t♥i♥l♥l♥ l♥o♥v♥e♥ R♥o♥b♥i♥n♥ W♥i♥l♥l♥i♥a♥m♥s♥

  • Shoot me
    Shoot me 13 days ago +1

    I've been reading all those comments and people are implying that he was depressed and this happiness he exudes is a facade.
    Well, look it up online. His own wife admitted that it was not depression that killed him. He was just diagnosed with a form of dementia and Parkinsons and a year before his death his health was suffering greatly. He would have 3 years to live and they would be bad years.
    So ultimately his illness was the reason why he took his own life.

  • KwelvO Jenkins
    KwelvO Jenkins 13 days ago

    Miss this guy

  • Eddie Etheridge
    Eddie Etheridge 16 days ago

    2:28 WOW!!!

  • Mamba Tumba
    Mamba Tumba 18 days ago

    Laughing so hard I'm crying. Oh I miss him.

  • mot0:game136
    mot0:game136 18 days ago +1

    My god what a beautiful person. :’|

  • JoshuaM
    JoshuaM 20 days ago

    I cannot fucking STAND how Graham Norton treats the public

    FRANCINE SIDDAWAY 20 days ago

    OMG I Love You Robin ❤ We Miss You 😭 This Man will never be forgotten 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Steve O
    Steve O 23 days ago

    The world was better off with Robin in it. I hope he found the peace he deserved.

  • Fulltronpet
    Fulltronpet 23 days ago


  • steve stiffler
    steve stiffler 27 days ago


  • ParisA Yousefi
    ParisA Yousefi 28 days ago


  • Amber Norris
    Amber Norris Month ago +1

    2019! Still miss Robin Williams 😢😭💔

  • 350Fox
    350Fox Month ago +1

    RIP Robin... for those in OIF/OEF your presence and humor not only made us laugh...but gave us needed solace... words can't express what your visit(s) meant. You were and will always be remembered as a gentle loving selfless profound soul... whose generosity and kindness to fellow human-beings and animals knew no bounds and which shines as an example for others to emulate.

  • adam beal
    adam beal Month ago +1

    Wow such talent gone to soon miss you robin williams

  • Craig Morgan
    Craig Morgan Month ago +1

    I am so pleased he was in our world.

  • France Richard
    France Richard Month ago

    My God I miss him!!!!!!!

  • Becky Mason
    Becky Mason Month ago

    love you robin. still too sad. xx

  • Mario Camilleri
    Mario Camilleri Month ago +1

    That look in the very last seconds of the video... 😢 RIP dear Robin

  • Katie 32
    Katie 32 Month ago +1

    Robin Williams Will always be a Legand and he will deffentally deffentally never be forgotten ❤️❤️

  • skunkie110
    skunkie110 Month ago

    That impression was SPOT ON.

  • Connor Walker
    Connor Walker Month ago +1

    Damn I miss this Legend :(

  • Niamh Mai
    Niamh Mai Month ago


  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns Month ago +1

    You make me harder than Chinese algebra, the hell lmbo

  • Sean M
    Sean M 2 months ago

    RIP Robin. Thanks for everything!

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius 2 months ago +1

    Remembering him, not as a victim but the beautiful soul he truly was till the end.

  • Real Cosmic Builds
    Real Cosmic Builds 2 months ago

    i will never forget the friendships he made with almost all actors working in hollywood,
    idols/fans esp when jack nicholason always called him, robbo. and now i truly miss him.

  • TeQuella Winstead
    TeQuella Winstead 2 months ago +1

    It's so eerie to now watch this and know the outcome of his life. It was almost as if he was trying to put on for the show but his true feelings were pouring out. Especially at the end

  • Gray _
    Gray _ 2 months ago

    Some guests would look awkward during these kinds of segments coz they're not sure if they'll go with it. For Robin though, he was 100% committed to it from the start. He lived and found joy in finding ways toy entertain people.

  • Mitch mitch
    Mitch mitch 3 months ago

    to have Robin joke on you honor 😂

  • Derek Post
    Derek Post 3 months ago

    It's a shame he's gone, he was truly one of a kind. I guess the thought of dealing with a degenerative illness such as Parkinson's was just too much to bear.

  • Matt Phelan
    Matt Phelan 3 months ago

    Miss him so much 😢

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 months ago

    Sigh. It really really still hurts watching this.

  • K R
    K R 3 months ago +1

    Miss you man!

  • perds
    perds 3 months ago

    Eternal legend. Am sure he's got heaven in splits. God bless his soul. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie 3 months ago

    That was incredible

  • Coda Bear
    Coda Bear 3 months ago

    I miss him so much

  • Willverinerage
    Willverinerage 3 months ago

    "You made me harder than Chinese algebra".....OMFG

  • Filip Zawistowski
    Filip Zawistowski 3 months ago

    Lol, Gary being called Danny by Robin :D

  • Bradley Moore
    Bradley Moore 3 months ago


  • Squidward tortellini
    Squidward tortellini 3 months ago

    Ok i just wanna clear something up. Robin was told by doctors he had a type of dementia that would drive him insane AND he would lose his voices. He got so depresed from that and he didnt want to let the world see him like that. The best way i can describe it is with a personal experience. My grandma has a problem with her memory and cant even remember my age or when my birthday is.i am and its very sad so if you know how that feels well thats what robin was trying to avoid. R.I.P Robin Williams

  • Nat G
    Nat G 3 months ago

    Like shit on Velcro... pmsl

  • Almighty Jim
    Almighty Jim 3 months ago

    legendary man

  • George Jempty
    George Jempty 3 months ago

    That guy in the audience did do quite a good Mrs Doubtfire

  • Derangedxzombie
    Derangedxzombie 4 months ago


  • Yusak Darongke
    Yusak Darongke 4 months ago

    miss u legend!

  • lester burnham
    lester burnham 4 months ago


  • Emily Soward
    Emily Soward 4 months ago

    Rip will miss you

  • nady- BAZ14
    nady- BAZ14 4 months ago

    Can't believe he is gone

  • Mohamed ELTahir
    Mohamed ELTahir 4 months ago

    A true comedian

  • Viqar Kagzi
    Viqar Kagzi 4 months ago

    Robin Williams what a great person.
    He is incredible, funny generous, wow what a terrific person. The effect he has had with people.The type of person he is. I loved him when he was in the actors studio with James Lipton he was hilariously funny and forthcoming. He left an indelible mark. He will be sadly missed.
    I have seen his movies, I love the fact how versatile he is.

    • Viqar Kagzi
      Viqar Kagzi 4 months ago

      Heart of gold and a terrific family person. Where ever you are. We all here. Will miss you dearly.

    • Viqar Kagzi
      Viqar Kagzi 4 months ago

      Tears of laughter, joy

    • Viqar Kagzi
      Viqar Kagzi 4 months ago

      He will never be forgotten.

  • kevin scott
    kevin scott 5 months ago

    Like the guy BUT trying to be funny and not getting there.
    Maybe he’s a comics comic
    Never really worked for me
    So sorry he wasn’t cleaver or bright enough to live on
    Silly sad life if you don’t know how to live the idea that you “may” be funny

  • moka lee
    moka lee 5 months ago +1

    Forever one of the greats

  • Eric Sell
    Eric Sell 5 months ago

    "You made me harder than Chinese algebra"...WOW.

  • Joe Hem
    Joe Hem 5 months ago

    I Miss this man

  • Emily Allsopp
    Emily Allsopp 5 months ago

    Gone but never forgotten. This man was just incredible and brought so much happiness to so many lives.

  • Declan McArdle
    Declan McArdle 5 months ago

    We all miss Robin :-(

  • Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    HOW I MISS HIM HE WAS SO FUNNY I loved his movies he was fab

  • TheRoadWarrior
    TheRoadWarrior 5 months ago +1

    The hardest part for me is that Robin Williams was my best friend and he didn't even know. I hope that there's an afterlife so I can tell him one day.

  • Tom Blue
    Tom Blue 5 months ago

    have never teared up for any celeb's death ....Robin is an exception.

  • Bee Blaak
    Bee Blaak 6 months ago

    I do miss him so much, I’m sure just like many of you do. 😢

  • NeoN Atary
    NeoN Atary 6 months ago


  • Ibra Ali
    Ibra Ali 6 months ago

    Hollywood is empty right now.
    Every great actors are getting old some of them died.
    Every trash is famous

  • Coffee Sack Chicken
    Coffee Sack Chicken 6 months ago

    Robin Williams was and always will be one of the best comedians of all time

  • longshaftsas 1987
    longshaftsas 1987 6 months ago

    Robin Williams legand

  • Possibly A Dreamer
    Possibly A Dreamer 6 months ago

    Everyone seems to think that he was constantly sad, hiding behind his humour. Honestly I don't think this was the case. For I am of the opinion that he was happy when he was making others smile and when he wasn't or felt like it was all worthless then he'd be down. I find it sad how people read so much into his every move now. He worked hard to make people laugh and the least we can do to honour his memory is to carry on laughing as we did when he was with us.

  • mr arican
    mr arican 6 months ago


  • Tim Early
    Tim Early 6 months ago

    Danny nailed it! 😃

  • Dracopticon
    Dracopticon 6 months ago

    Those two together was true magic!

  • Lam
    Lam 6 months ago

    a gay black basketball player u know hahahhaha im deeeaaaaaad

  • TheAwakenedINFJ
    TheAwakenedINFJ 6 months ago

    Legendary ENFP. Beautiful being.

  • Steve Hunt
    Steve Hunt 6 months ago

    One of the best actors of ALL TIME

  • The Geekazoid
    The Geekazoid 6 months ago

    WOW he was funny MAN i miss him RIP VERY MISSED

  • daniel abuaf
    daniel abuaf 6 months ago

    God!! Who cannot miss such a tremendous actor, such an amazing person? He could really make you laugh and cry at the same time. Seriously sadden about the fact that he's not with us anymore.

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork2001 6 months ago

    I miss you

  • OneChanceBiker
    OneChanceBiker 6 months ago

    personally, one of the sadest losses in history...

  • Andy Tozer
    Andy Tozer 6 months ago

    rip robin

  • p shankland
    p shankland 6 months ago

    Really good tribute show in his memory on at Edinburgh Festival this year. All proceeds going to the Mind mental health charity.

  • HellsDumpling
    HellsDumpling 6 months ago

    ending with a cotton picker joke without being racist or offending. what a legend.

  • Rachie doodle
    Rachie doodle 7 months ago

    His laugh my god that’s the best laugh

  • DarkEmperess86
    DarkEmperess86 7 months ago

    Oh Robin, you are terribly missed :'(

  • Zhida Pang
    Zhida Pang 7 months ago

    I miss you .. thank you for bringing us all the happiness and your artistry..... rip robin William...

  • BeachBumEv
    BeachBumEv 7 months ago


  • Julie Oakman
    Julie Oakman 7 months ago

    Robin we miss you so much! I hope you are resting in perfect peace. You are adored!!! ❤️ We love and miss you!

  • marckoantonio1982
    marckoantonio1982 7 months ago

    Mister Robbin Williams, outstanding and most beloved artist in my opinion

  • umang mehta
    umang mehta 7 months ago

    Wow he seems like he’s on coke always

  • erere
    erere 7 months ago

    A great entertainer... I dearly miss him... RIP...

  • Tate Winter
    Tate Winter 7 months ago

    are they complimenting their appearance or insulting their drawing

  • Ali Al-Isa
    Ali Al-Isa 7 months ago

    Is science still stupid can't bring good people back from death?

  • Marcelino Kairupan
    Marcelino Kairupan 7 months ago

    so many touching comments here from people who miss him. I hope he is finally at peace now.

  • Sabri Malak
    Sabri Malak 7 months ago

    I Miss him so badly that still hurts. It was the saddest moment ever after my dad passed away.
    He was such a fantastic human being.

  • Franz A
    Franz A 7 months ago

    Still watching in 2018. O captain my captain! Missing you dearly...

  • Heart Cool
    Heart Cool 7 months ago

    Robin is the face of depression.

  • Dom Musial
    Dom Musial 7 months ago

    Rest In Peace Great Man