Things You Didn't Notice About Stray Kids "JYP vs. YG Dance Battle"

  • Published on Jan 26, 2018
  • Stan Stray Kids. Stan Talent.
    I'm trying something new on SYJOfficial and I hope you all get a good laugh from this!
    This may fall under the "Stray Kids On Crack" category more than Things You Didn't Notice, but it still counts as both in my book!
    Enjoy! :)
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Comments • 892

  • SYJOfficial
    SYJOfficial  Year ago +272

    UPDATE: Want more??? Here's the newest "Things You Didn't Notice" video I uploaded today!
    This one is for Stray Kids' District 9 DANCE PRACTICE!!!
    Hope you all love it! :D

    • Sope Hope
      Sope Hope 5 days ago

      Haneen Exo-L I’m late but if you still don’t know it’s hellavator

    • Gamer Id
      Gamer Id 2 months ago

      SYJOfficial omg why i know u, now!! Shit! I love yr edited!

    • Haneen Exo-L
      Haneen Exo-L 3 months ago

      3:13 what's the name of the song ?

    • TaeD TaeD
      TaeD TaeD 9 months ago

      69 likes lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sophie X.
    Sophie X. Day ago

    How did I not notice that random black thing rolling around 😂

  • Marielle Rogando
    Marielle Rogando 3 days ago

    this is better with minho.

  • christycharms1
    christycharms1 4 days ago


  • malsa ulwan
    malsa ulwan 4 days ago

    The way when bang chan slapped Felix and everything about this is soo funny this should be viral

  • Ashley Tremblay
    Ashley Tremblay 4 days ago +1

    Still confused about how Jisung’s beanie stayed on the whole time 😂

  • R p
    R p 5 days ago

    The moment *that something* fell out of Chen's pocket my eyes couldn't leave it alone anymore. Oh God...😂😂😂

  • Sope Hope
    Sope Hope 6 days ago

    Does anyone mind giving me the song at 0:18 please

  • The black Squad
    The black Squad 6 days ago

    Y'all forgot about Minho

  • Aline Head
    Aline Head 7 days ago

    I thought this was funny but it’s childish

  • Dian Herdianti
    Dian Herdianti 8 days ago

    I love the svt memes

  • Lin Yoong 린용
    Lin Yoong 린용 8 days ago

    0:46 IM LITERALLY DYING 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Kp0p it up
    Kp0p it up 8 days ago

    "Knock knock" LMAO

  • Kp0p it up
    Kp0p it up 8 days ago

    When kokobop came up, I died

  • iana razatlab
    iana razatlab 9 days ago

    Im sure that you want to bash them so this is for you🖕🖕🖕

    SAMUEL STAN 3 10 days ago

    Poor I.N he didn’t have anyone to sit on ☹️☹️

  • Claudette Arceo
    Claudette Arceo 10 days ago


  • Xiena Tuan
    Xiena Tuan 10 days ago

    they did censor the N-word 😂

  • SoftPancake
    SoftPancake 10 days ago


  • #1mb #2trap
    #1mb #2trap 10 days ago +1

    0:59 where can I find this clip of seventeen

  • ONCE ARMY BLINK aghase

    Ooohhh shiit I loooove straykidsss so muuucch!😊❤❤💖

  • A Trash Can
    A Trash Can 11 days ago

    Stop making me laugh I’m gonna choke on my Jolly Rancher

  • Heart Spades
    Heart Spades 11 days ago

    Dat felix 0:36 tho

  • Smh•hana
    Smh•hana 12 days ago

    i just stared at the thing chan dropped for the reset of the vid

  • angy_ggs
    angy_ggs 12 days ago


  • iiKøøkie Bunns
    iiKøøkie Bunns 12 days ago

    - Ways to make Felix tRiggErEd

    - Skip the dab in the Choreography's Dance

  • Crystal Silver
    Crystal Silver 13 days ago

    What is the song at 0:18 I’ve had this tune for so long please answer lmao!!

  • beagleyoonie
    beagleyoonie 14 days ago

    I'm laughing and it's not even 5 seconds in the video 😂😂😂

  • Kimie Yoon
    Kimie Yoon 15 days ago

    Hehehe I liked the Seungkwan and Vernon clips

  • Carat 17
    Carat 17 15 days ago

    I‘m a stay and Carat too👋🤗

  • Dime_
    Dime_ 15 days ago

    Oh my god! Bang Chan actually slapped Felix. I feel so bad for laughing😂

  • 채널JJYN
    채널JJYN 15 days ago

    0:02 I CAN'T BREATHE

  • Sam Bam
    Sam Bam 16 days ago

    At 2:10 you can see wojin getting ready to join em crackheads

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie 16 days ago

    I cried. Thank you.

    I never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂

  • 김리아나
    김리아나 18 days ago

    Beginning of the dance:
    Later on:

  • Jc manalo
    Jc manalo 18 days ago


  • Ingrid Maria Grigorie
    Ingrid Maria Grigorie 19 days ago

    My Poor heart just stopped beating

  • vxctxrx ._
    vxctxrx ._ 20 days ago

    OMG Jasmine xd

  • lillian bredlow
    lillian bredlow 20 days ago

    the part at 0:43 had my wheezing, I laughed so hard

  • Tran Dianna
    Tran Dianna 21 day ago

    Me pausing every time they lift their shirts....

  • Leena Abdelhaleem
    Leena Abdelhaleem 21 day ago


  • Radhika Khandelwal
    Radhika Khandelwal 21 day ago

    me: so, Chan is my ult-
    SKZ: 0:10

  • Faria D.
    Faria D. 22 days ago

    0:23 someone stab me for thinking tHiNgs......

  • roro roro
    roro roro 23 days ago

    1:02 song please?

  • Bogi Czipi
    Bogi Czipi 24 days ago

    I'm the only one who missed Minho?

  • Changmin ji
    Changmin ji 25 days ago

    I'm laughing soo much!!!😂😂

  • Its ya girl Mia 0_0
    Its ya girl Mia 0_0 25 days ago


  • K Randomness
    K Randomness 26 days ago


  • Paola Choque
    Paola Choque 26 days ago

    The video I didn’t know I needed and don’t deserve :’-)

  • Putri Shavira
    Putri Shavira 26 days ago

    1:28 hyunjin start kill me at this part. Poor me:(

  • Olivia Vivi
    Olivia Vivi 26 days ago +1

    1:56, this is so funny lmao😂😂😂

  •  26 days ago

    Kokobop 🤣😍

  • hyejinniev
    hyejinniev 28 days ago

    *nAnA* sit down

  • hyejinniev
    hyejinniev 28 days ago

    that slap was everything.
    *and this performance really slapped*

  • Hala Hosam
    Hala Hosam 28 days ago

    I am already in love with this fandom and group

  • Ericka Umana
    Ericka Umana Month ago +1

    *instant subscribe*
    this video had me deadddd XDDDDD
    i love this

  • whitedaisy
    whitedaisy Month ago

    I was laughing at first, suddenly I saw that know what I meant right? I was shocked!!! Is it true or it is just coincidence?? I really hope they are not sign that contract...if they are...this is a big dissappointment for 2.40

  • Interesting Hooman
    Interesting Hooman Month ago +1

    They dont even have Minho-
    i mean Meanhoe

  • Moon Potato
    Moon Potato Month ago +1

    That sliding in your dms I was choking

  • Kim DanWoo
    Kim DanWoo Month ago +1

    2:18 😂😂😂

  • Trashy Tiff
    Trashy Tiff Month ago

    0:09 Girls with Boys when the teacher is looking
    1:28 Girls with Boys when the teacher ain't looking
    Edit: it's our mood so i don't have to confused yalls

  • Gabrielle Hernandez

    U forgot to mention when they each had a partner to sit on Poor I.N had to use his own legs cause he doesnt have a partner lol.
    Both a rip and a big oof

  • AM PM
    AM PM Month ago

    I really love this edit

    DOMINIK MARTEL Month ago


  • AM PM
    AM PM Month ago

    You’re so good at editing

  • Helios uwu
    Helios uwu Month ago

    1:43 why did I laugh so hard at this black thing lmfaoo poor thing😂😂😂🗿🗿🗿

  • amagicpiedpiper
    amagicpiedpiper Month ago

    When I saw the 'clap' part after all of those Seventeen memes, I immediately thought to myself......"You had a chance to insert CLAP there..." 😂😂😅

  • Lia or JM
    Lia or JM Month ago

    Has anyone else notice where Lee know is?

  • Real Bouj
    Real Bouj Month ago +1

    Where’s Minho/Lee know

  • Icung Ensiti
    Icung Ensiti Month ago

    3:02 look bangchan face :v

  • Jisung Han
    Jisung Han Month ago

    They are So Cutee!!!

  • Amanda Wahyu
    Amanda Wahyu Month ago


  • ohhh oh kkaebsong
    ohhh oh kkaebsong Month ago

    *i lost my shit at that knock knock skdksks*

  • 씨줄리아
    씨줄리아 Month ago

    I so want this "sit down, be humble" thing to be an advice to Yang Hyunsuk

  • Chara Borce
    Chara Borce Month ago

    i blame vernon too

  • 예쁜_Khin Tzuyu
    예쁜_Khin Tzuyu Month ago

    So great🤘 cant stop laughin at *knock knock*😂😂

  • XFoxGamer Plays
    XFoxGamer Plays Month ago

    Since when did I watch this and still am?

  • Robin Davis
    Robin Davis Month ago

    1:26 is an accurate description of me when I saw the dance battle

  • XFoxGamer Plays
    XFoxGamer Plays Month ago

    It’s been 4 days and I’m still watching it

  • XFoxGamer Plays
    XFoxGamer Plays Month ago

    3racha is sooo bootyful

  • Joonie’s love
    Joonie’s love Month ago

    so i never noticed this but MINHO IS NOT THERE AND IM CRYING

  • XFoxGamer Plays
    XFoxGamer Plays Month ago

    I’ve been watching for an hour 😂😂

  • XFoxGamer Plays
    XFoxGamer Plays Month ago

    I can’t 🤣

  • Kasih Adlin
    Kasih Adlin Month ago

    At 1:00 thats not Vernon but mingyu 😂

  • ARMY_BTS_VKook
    ARMY_BTS_VKook Month ago

    Where was Lee know?

  • Thảo Phạm
    Thảo Phạm Month ago

    Thánh soi là đây chứ đâu 😂

  • Moon Potato
    Moon Potato Month ago

    Save me from the duality of this group it's scary

  • NALT
    NALT Month ago

    I Love a SKZ's video with SVT references❤️

  • stAy wAlkEr
    stAy wAlkEr Month ago


  • stAy wAlkEr
    stAy wAlkEr Month ago

    de fac jisung was really doing all dis stuff😂

  • WolfFox Gemini
    WolfFox Gemini Month ago

    I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now... in the middle of class and everyone is sILENT

  • I Love Weki Meki
    I Love Weki Meki Month ago +1

    0:23 wah.. Im Shooooookkkk

  • babybun 1997
    babybun 1997 Month ago

    Where can I watch the original video?

  • tHeRe YoU gO mAtE!
    tHeRe YoU gO mAtE! Month ago

    whats the title for 0:35

  • Yumi Etsuko
    Yumi Etsuko 2 months ago

    Who noticed the person in the door...he lookin like a ghost tho

  • Kpop Junk
    Kpop Junk 2 months ago

    I was watching jisung the whole time and at the jump part jisung pushed chan

  • Rhee_ 8712
    Rhee_ 8712 2 months ago

    sOooOoo GeNiuUUs

  • Perla Medrano
    Perla Medrano 2 months ago

    I am the only one who notice a face in the door in the left corner?

  • Dhita Amalia04
    Dhita Amalia04 2 months ago

    knock knock LOL