Will It Ice Cream Sandwich? Taste Test


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  • _Ditto
    _Ditto 2 hours ago

    link is such a baby about like every food they try

  • Computer Bags
    Computer Bags 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks tasty

  • Luca Muntean
    Luca Muntean 9 hours ago

    2:45 omg watch this now

  • EZK_L.DuckyMomo
    EZK_L.DuckyMomo Day ago +1

    Who else is cuddling with there dog and watching

  • Aidan Kydd
    Aidan Kydd Day ago +1

    funny watching this knowing rhett actually is lactose intolerant ahaha

  • Francis Bautista

    id rather eat the bacon just the bacon

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H Day ago

    *im cringeing bc I have sensitive teeth*

  • Lash3r G
    Lash3r G 2 days ago +1

    The golden age of youtube

    • Roué Ted
      Roué Ted Day ago

      It's really cool to see how much they have changed without losing humor.

  • JayOhEssEePeeAitch
    JayOhEssEePeeAitch 2 days ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Hannah Waddles
    Hannah Waddles 2 days ago

    This is my favorite episode ❤

  • Chewy 275
    Chewy 275 2 days ago

    2019 anybody?

  • A H
    A H 2 days ago

    I miss this when it was simple and there wasn’t so many people working for them

  • lance unso
    lance unso 3 days ago

    January 20 2019???

  • Joe hildreth
    Joe hildreth 3 days ago

    I miss links old hair and when they were more clean.

  • Alexander Bellows
    Alexander Bellows 3 days ago

    The original asmr.

  • Robin Blackerby
    Robin Blackerby 4 days ago

    Boi if they were lactose intolerant then they would eat a ice cream sandwich anyways

  • Mo1
    Mo1 4 days ago

    I love eggs, but that looks disgusting

  • CilicianElite
    CilicianElite 4 days ago

    Ok can’t control his gag reflexes

  • Slow Turtle TORQ
    Slow Turtle TORQ 5 days ago

    Did anyone notice links target trash bag

  • Liza David
    Liza David 5 days ago

    I miss this version of GMM

  • Julius Taylor
    Julius Taylor 5 days ago

    Is that a wig on that guy??

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick 5 days ago

    Ha this is from before Rhett had lack toast in toddlers ants

  • Dovyeon
    Dovyeon 5 days ago

    I can't get over Link's old hair style

  • Jinnyboi’s Let’s plays

    Isn’t ice cream made out of milk

  • MadsterMonkey Q
    MadsterMonkey Q 6 days ago

    I still watch these videos😂

  • mehmehchu
    mehmehchu 6 days ago

    lmao this is smosh 2

  • Lake Thomas
    Lake Thomas 7 days ago

    It's like I just bit an island😂

  • Ninja Wolf003
    Ninja Wolf003 7 days ago

    Rhett says he is not lactose intolerant

    Now he is!

    Rhett: I love dairy products man

  • Sammie Cruz
    Sammie Cruz 7 days ago


  • Medibird
    Medibird 8 days ago

    Rhett seems like that guy that would go to a buffet and take everything.

  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams 8 days ago


  • Maiah Vande Hey
    Maiah Vande Hey 8 days ago

    The reason there isn't a lot of dairy in Asian culture is because a very large amount of Asians are lactose-intolerant because they never used dairy as a staple to their diet, so they didn't evolve to tolerate dairy from other animals.

  • Zack
    Zack 9 days ago +1

    I love Rhett's shirt the pug is so cute and I guess links shirt too I'm just saying Rhett's is unique..........ok both are good............Edit again but Rhett just said "i likey" after he ate the bacon sandwich so cringey lol

  • ViperSniper - ГадюкаСнайпер

    a little feedback on the editing and production on this episode:
    i think that the "will it ice cream sandwich" works much better right before you bite, rather than before you talk about everything. it kind of gets you more hyped for the eating. in earlier episodes when you put it before all the talking, you got hyped but then the hype kind of died during all the talking. the talking is good and funny, but its not really something to wind up hype with.
    hopefully you guys can take notes on this lol. good job!

  • Destiny Vogt
    Destiny Vogt 9 days ago

    The irony of rhett saying he isn’t lactose intolerant.... 😂

  • Brent Beckstead
    Brent Beckstead 10 days ago

    That pug shirt creeps me out

  • Frances Clare Desierto
    Frances Clare Desierto 10 days ago +1

    Rip links old hairstyle

  • Isaac Eckman
    Isaac Eckman 11 days ago

    gmm just found the marine corps new favorite ice cream sandwich!

  • Ameli Carver
    Ameli Carver 11 days ago

    3:14 Rhett remembering he’s lactose intolerant like

  • Nigel Forest
    Nigel Forest 12 days ago

    Will it yogurt!?

  • BOBA Milk tea
    BOBA Milk tea 12 days ago

    Lol this could literally be a asmr video if they had just been closer to the mic 🎙 😂🤣

  • Alidia Cupcake
    Alidia Cupcake 12 days ago

    Give me the Recipe to all of those pleeeeaaaasssseee

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 13 days ago

    My friend found glue in the class and it said non toxic so he ate it

  • Aisha
    Aisha 14 days ago

    Oh my god I can’t imagine sinking my teeth in a block of frozen peanut butter

  • Roi Tran
    Roi Tran 14 days ago

    I got hungry off of the first one

  • The Red Caller
    The Red Caller 14 days ago

    Link: *wipes hand with a napkin*
    Rhett: *shoves fingers down throat*

  • Jareth Harrell
    Jareth Harrell 14 days ago

    Protein style? I mean.. I get the reference, in-n-out burger has a protein burger which is a breadless burger wrapped in lettuce. The lettuce wrapped ice cream sandwich though is lacking in protein.
    The cheese one should be called, Dairy style lol.

  • MyAnimatedLife ,
    MyAnimatedLife , 14 days ago

    6:55 when did we eat flavored paper

  • SebTheBeb
    SebTheBeb 16 days ago

    Rhett’s head 2:20

  • John deneau
    John deneau 16 days ago

    This caused rhetts lactose intolerance.

  • Mariah Bethea
    Mariah Bethea 16 days ago

    ...Let's find out... Nah I'd rather talk about it

  • Arkadijus Vinokur
    Arkadijus Vinokur 17 days ago


  • Superkitty Vlogs
    Superkitty Vlogs 17 days ago

    Easily my favorite vid on your channel

    JIMENA REYES BARTRES 18 days ago

    They were so young lol

  • Pre Kid
    Pre Kid 19 days ago

    Do you like chicken?
    Yes i do
    Do you like sandwich?
    Yes i do
    Do you like chicken sandwich?
    No wait yes yummy

  • Trista Kittle
    Trista Kittle 19 days ago

    I love Rhett’s pug shirt!

  • hanp22
    hanp22 19 days ago

    Love rets shirt 😹

  • Antonio DeFrancesco/Spongememes

    Omg the biting and chewing on the crayon

  • Madison WolfySomething
    Madison WolfySomething 20 days ago +2

    All the lactose intolerant people are dying

  • Mrcookie 1
    Mrcookie 1 20 days ago

    Hey Rhett and link you guys are tooo cheesy

  • Eva Sips
    Eva Sips 21 day ago

    My gavorite gmm series will it ....? Who agrees

  • BellasWorld100
    BellasWorld100 21 day ago

    Who’s here in 2019

  • Mia Shengaris
    Mia Shengaris 21 day ago

    LETS FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane
    Jane 21 day ago +1


  • Tiny Rebel
    Tiny Rebel 21 day ago

    Oh my gosh I’m re-watching these videos I remember being in middle school and watching these every morning before school 😄 now I’m a college student and I still love this channel !!

  • Kenzie Marie
    Kenzie Marie 22 days ago

    2019 anyone??

    ok just me

  • Kenzie Marie
    Kenzie Marie 22 days ago +2

    the peanut butter one is actually so good

  • Moist Duck Foot
    Moist Duck Foot 22 days ago


  • Tyler3925
    Tyler3925 23 days ago

    "I`m dripping alot can we just eat it?"Rhett 2014 😂😂😂😂 🍆🍆🍆🌊🌊🌊🍆🍆

  • TheHomeMediaCollector Productions

    Frozen Peanut Butter: GIMME DAT!
    Bacon: Looks awesome!
    Cheese: I’d eat if it were mozzarella (And Rhett, you are intolerant)
    Protein: Great for athletes, knowing which type of protein you want
    Egg: WTF? I’d never eat that!
    Seaweed: Um, rly? How is this even edible?
    Crayon: May I remind you about that guy who ate an entire pack of crayons?
    Bark: No... just no!

  • Woah it’s Xyler Brynn!
    Woah it’s Xyler Brynn! 23 days ago +2

    I’m lactose sensitive and the cheese one made my stomach hurt just watching😂😂😂

  • Quesha Matthews
    Quesha Matthews 25 days ago

    I like seaweed

  • illsalvo
    illsalvo 26 days ago

    who else watches this and moves their mouth they eat stuff lol?

  • mama0222
    mama0222 26 days ago

    8:18 - the crayon is very sting

  • mama0222
    mama0222 26 days ago

    And 8:06

  • mama0222
    mama0222 26 days ago

    8:08 and 8:07

  • Calley Taylor
    Calley Taylor 26 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Backroad Junkie
    Backroad Junkie 27 days ago

    That t-shirt keeps staring at me. It's the only thing I can see...

  • Shannon M.
    Shannon M. 27 days ago

    "Health Yourself." Put that on a t-shirt.

  • Supernovathehuman
    Supernovathehuman 27 days ago

    I remember when this came out. I remember everythingz

  • Breeze Dorling
    Breeze Dorling 27 days ago

    Love his pugg shirt I want one

  • crazygoat333
    crazygoat333 27 days ago

    Will it bowl

  • Oliver73
    Oliver73 27 days ago

    10:00 Rhett, what's that in your left hand??

  • Goofy Gumball
    Goofy Gumball 28 days ago

    Lmao seaweed is not that strong what kind did yall get😂

  • Weebz Dweebz
    Weebz Dweebz 28 days ago

    y’all got splinters in ya throat

  • Noah Gordon
    Noah Gordon 28 days ago

    I love ur pug shirt

  • Nicole P.SCORPIO
    Nicole P.SCORPIO 29 days ago

    I love the pug shirt

  • Puzzled BFG
    Puzzled BFG 29 days ago

    Good Mythical Morning....Who else watches Good Mythical Afternoon
    & Good Mythical Evening

  • CaptainTaterlicious
    CaptainTaterlicious 29 days ago

    That moment you dive so far back into TheXvid that Link has his old hair style

  • random things b
    random things b Month ago

    5 year later rett is lactose

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear Month ago

    Ice Bear says stop stealing my Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Ice Bear will hunt you down

    RELLISTROM Month ago +2

    03:22 There's a lot of Jerry in this one.

  • dat_Weird_Føx 004
    dat_Weird_Føx 004 Month ago

    -Because its Rhett & Link #GMM !
    ....all Americans would click on that..

  • Kelsie Stepick
    Kelsie Stepick Month ago

    More pure and better times. RIP 2014 Rhett and Link. You were so innocent.

  • datredcat 1ne
    datredcat 1ne Month ago

    for those of you who are lactose intolerant, i would not reccomend the *cheese* ice cream sandwich.
    said rhett, forgetting lactose intolerant people cant eat ice cream

  • Xavier McKenna
    Xavier McKenna Month ago


  • Gaijin Raijin
    Gaijin Raijin Month ago

    Hold up. Is lactose intolerance like alergeries where you can develop it later in life or did he just not realize it yet? Because I too currently love dairy without repercussions and now I'm worried.

  • Dillan Warner
    Dillan Warner Month ago

    8:12 id's the look of pure disappointment.

  • blacklite911
    blacklite911 Month ago

    You’d have to have sugar free ice cream to do low card ice cream sandwich

  • Cayden Wall
    Cayden Wall Month ago

    Rhett would be that one kid in school that would just naw on colored pencils and crayons