What Happens If Induction Heater Meets iPhone XS Max?

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • I always wanted to see how an induction heater works, so here's an induction heating coil experiment vs the iPhone XS Max!
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  • TechRax
    TechRax  Year ago +1560

    Been a while, what's new?

    LORD OLIVER 8 hours ago

    Poor iphone

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    Hilarious TechRax!!! love your videos!!!

  • Lora Ames
    Lora Ames 3 days ago

    Boom goes the battery

  • Tömlős Sajt
    Tömlős Sajt 3 days ago

    Szenkó indukciós főzőlap

  • Ritik Gosain
    Ritik Gosain 3 days ago

    Views to aye nahi tujhe to nuksan ho gaya

  • Saadaan Sameer patel

    So is iphone x durable than any othr

  • [RT] Titan
    [RT] Titan 6 days ago

    Make video with android m8

  • [RT] Titan
    [RT] Titan 6 days ago

    Where do you get all of those iPhones

  • David C
    David C 6 days ago

    2:30 the captions say Chris penis... I’M DEADD

  • the frost spirit
    the frost spirit 6 days ago

    Are you a millionair?

  • Chad Lane
    Chad Lane 6 days ago +1

    And releasing those toxic gases in the enclosed area is not good from the battery and screen

  • Surf Cali88
    Surf Cali88 9 days ago

    You need to get a job and a real life fucker

  • high1voltage1rules
    high1voltage1rules 10 days ago +1

    Great the destruction of a brand new phone! next time get your cash and set fire to it! Awesome

  • Luca Brambilla
    Luca Brambilla 17 days ago

    A normal note 7

  • Joey Does games
    Joey Does games 17 days ago

    At 2:29 Turn on captions 😂

  • Ashok kumar
    Ashok kumar 21 day ago

    Please don't do like this , otherwise give me 😁😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣😭🤗😗😙😚😘☺️☺️

  • Aaa Technology master
    Aaa Technology master 22 days ago

    What is an induction heater actually. I’ve heard of them. But what are they used for.

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy 23 days ago

    This is how you make any iPhone jet black

  • David Rainer
    David Rainer 28 days ago


  • llAnime Tracks
    llAnime Tracks 29 days ago

    Best way to replace shattered back glass.

  • Dou Mami
    Dou Mami 29 days ago

    so what did you expect ???? stupid people !

  • Hưng Phan
    Hưng Phan 29 days ago

    Đốt Iphone vậy phí quá phải chăng cho mình xài thì tốt biết mấy🙂

  • Siwandar Saydam
    Siwandar Saydam Month ago

    Nice video bro

  • jodde73
    jodde73 Month ago

    -5 yrs cancer smoke

  • Vortex YT
    Vortex YT Month ago

    The ribbon cable teared.

  • Chris Simmons
    Chris Simmons Month ago


  • Baleur
    Baleur Month ago +1

    This guy's gonna get cancer and die before he reaches 35 years old. Guaranteed.

  • Abi the Candy Crush fan

    My mom will be mad at it. My mom has the same phone at it.

  • Ride with Joy
    Ride with Joy Month ago

    Video starts at @1:34

  • [Pae channel gamer]

    1:44 Snoop Dogg confirm

  • ChiLLaTzE35
    ChiLLaTzE35 Month ago

    Galaxy Note 7 to iPhone XS: Am i a joke to you?

  • Aum Rabara
    Aum Rabara Month ago

    I Smelled This

  • H.S.D
    H.S.D Month ago

    Can you please gift me a iphone10
    Its just like buying a toy
    Only for you

  • Rishu Jaiswal
    Rishu Jaiswal Month ago

    U guys r so rich

  • João Vitor Oliveira

    Dá próxima de o iPhone pra mim antes de acabar com ele 😭🤣🤣

  • Fida Ullah
    Fida Ullah Month ago

    I am lover of iPhones but I dont have money to buy it 😭

    JOAQUIN PRIETO Month ago

    I’m a hater but a fan too

  • anastyb
    anastyb Month ago

    I really need an induction heater!
    I have an iPhone I really do hate.

  • Startingbark 035
    Startingbark 035 Month ago

    Pls do galaxy note 10 plus

  • Daniel Vazquez
    Daniel Vazquez Month ago

    This is stupid, what was supposed to happen? The battery will explode, components are gonna burn and you are going to contaminate

  • the amazing noobey coconut

    iphone xs max + induction heater = galaxy note 7

  • Omnyeya Abdelaziz
    Omnyeya Abdelaziz Month ago +1

    the iPhone had been f...cked

  • Akash T.T
    Akash T.T Month ago

    Please give to me

  • TZN V
    TZN V 2 months ago +1

    If you have captions on it’s really funny

  • Yogesh Verma
    Yogesh Verma 2 months ago

    Wasting the money

  • Germán Viñao
    Germán Viñao 2 months ago

    Another way of contamination....

  • superfreddycool_ Playz
    superfreddycool_ Playz 2 months ago +1

    2:27 Turn on auto generated captions.
    *_C H R I S P E N I S_*

  • King LF5
    King LF5 2 months ago

    Is anybody talking today?

  • al ex
    al ex 2 months ago

    One thing i am sure is. That this iphone can make a better burnout that a prius

  • Akash oomman
    Akash oomman 2 months ago

    What’s the reason to act all surprised?
    Did you thought that the iPhone was going to get transformed into another phone
    You know it’s going to get wrecked then why the surprise factor

  • The beanie boo toy show
    The beanie boo toy show 2 months ago +1

    What in the world I phone xs max

  • Fun with Zoha
    Fun with Zoha 2 months ago +1

    What in the world iPhone XS Max

  • Ognjen Radojevic
    Ognjen Radojevic 2 months ago

    This is dangerous! You had luck that battery didn't exploded right in your eyes!

  • Roden Jay J. Demin
    Roden Jay J. Demin 2 months ago

    Can i have an iphone ?

  • Amber Schoch
    Amber Schoch 2 months ago


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