President Donald Trump arrive at Windsor- BBC News

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Donald and Melania Trump have arrived at Windsor Castle for a meeting with the Queen.
    The Queen awaited them on a dais.
    The Trumps arrived exactly at 17:00 BST as planned.
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  • Salvia Ikukt
    Salvia Ikukt Month ago

    Wow melania has come up

  • 조금진
    조금진 2 months ago

    일본왕비딸 아이코는 정말 못생겼다 ㅡ 왕족치고 아빠를 닮아버렸다 여자가

  • A H
    A H 2 months ago

    92 years old, what a lady

  • mcheartw
    mcheartw 3 months ago

    Is there any functional purpose for those tall hats?

  • Vanessa Henderson
    Vanessa Henderson 3 months ago

    TRUMP 2020 +

  • jean philippe Barreau
    jean philippe Barreau 3 months ago

    Trump est pour le brexit je sur et certain! Il est pas obama.

  • jean philippe Barreau
    jean philippe Barreau 3 months ago

    Ephesian 6 10 a 6 20 peux etre la derniere trumpette le retour imminent de jesus christ pour moi trump est un tres bon president lisez la bible avant qu il soit trop tard afin d etre sauve au nom de jesus christ merci seigneur amen

  • John Love
    John Love 3 months ago +4

    Love USA National Anthem! Goosebumps never fails. Proud to be American. God bless the USA & the U.K.!

    • Judy McCoy
      Judy McCoy 11 days ago +1

      A shame it causes controversy when played in our own country.

  • G. Reynolds
    G. Reynolds 3 months ago

    The Queen is ALWAYS a class act no matter what she is doing.

  • D
    D 3 months ago

    Isn't this great. An ignorant psychopath racist representing the US. God does have a sense of dark humor, doesn't he?

  • Gregory Miller
    Gregory Miller 3 months ago +1

    Awesome to hear the Star Spangled Banner and the Air Force song.

  • Margaret louise
    Margaret louise 3 months ago

    Kinda funny that out national anthem was played, even though it celebrates a battle victory over the British!

  • Craig Osborn
    Craig Osborn 3 months ago +4

    Totally Awesome GREAT respect from The British Empire. Beautiful!! 😍😍

  • Ana Irene Martinez
    Ana Irene Martinez 3 months ago

    What she has in that purse she always carries around? The keys to the palace?

  • Ana Irene Martinez
    Ana Irene Martinez 3 months ago

    This is old? Shut.

  • Ana Irene Martinez
    Ana Irene Martinez 3 months ago

    Her Majesty and her royal hats😁😁

  • Bessie Staton
    Bessie Staton 3 months ago +2

    Donald Trump have met the Queen several times. He have dined with the world leaders He have accomplished a goal many have missed the mark. And failed it is not easy to become President of the USA .He know how to speak and convince people to trust and believe in Him. A President Standing Tall. A leader. A winner we must recognize

  • candace artemenko
    candace artemenko 3 months ago +1

    Pure class is right. Congratulations.

  • Lester Lester
    Lester Lester 3 months ago

    Melania did not do a curtsy dip of the knee to the queen upon the first meet, and Melania is a Croatian from Europe.

  • Pauline Holt
    Pauline Holt 3 months ago

    I wonder how he liked the windy weather blowing his hair how man cans of HAIR LACQUER HE HAD PACKED? I KNOW HE DOESN'T LIKE THE RAIN!!!

  • Kath Boniface
    Kath Boniface 3 months ago


  • Nelly Nelly
    Nelly Nelly 3 months ago

    President should of offered his arm, at the very least to the 90 year old queen. He should no real compassion for the queen very cold man.

  • Nelly Nelly
    Nelly Nelly 3 months ago +1

    But men are encouraged to “neck bow” and women are encouraged are to the “small curtsy” for visitors who wish to stick to the traditional methods

    • Ann Young
      Ann Young 3 months ago

      Nelly Nelly according to the Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter bowing/ curtsying are not required when meeting with the Queen.

  • Hong Pham
    Hong Pham 3 months ago +1

    We ❤️ and thanks Pr Trump and his family very much

  • ChilledCoke
    ChilledCoke 3 months ago

    Is the queen that short

  • Lily Collins
    Lily Collins 3 months ago +14

    Thats our President and first lady! And I mean I am proud . 😸🐾🐾🐾🐾💞

  • Marjorie Riley
    Marjorie Riley 3 months ago


  • Jean Lance
    Jean Lance 3 months ago

    She he, is tall,

  • blameitonthepixie
    blameitonthepixie 3 months ago

    I feel sorry for the queen having to put up with the narcissist narcissistic adult baby that Russia put in office.

    • Linda Stone
      Linda Stone 3 months ago

      blameitonthepixie It had been proven that Russia didn't put Trump in office. Get over it! BTW It was Hillary that sold them our Uranium not Trump. In my opinion that is treason.

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago

    So the Queen 👸 is remarkable after all.

  • John Allen
    John Allen 3 months ago

    Congratulations to the queen and Britain 🇬🇧 you know Americans are coming to visit after all this great hospitality. Only makes Britain more know to the world bravo 👏

  • luce espinosa
    luce espinosa 3 months ago

    Pero esa cartera..

  • Habtamu Mekonnen
    Habtamu Mekonnen 3 months ago +13

    The Queen 92 walking like 60 and sharp mind God bless you.

  • Emily Thatch
    Emily Thatch 3 months ago

    Her majesty looks angelic

  • henrietta henson
    henrietta henson 3 months ago +12

    And that's how it's done in the UK... Pure class.. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Prince Yadav
    Prince Yadav 3 months ago

    Here is the leader of the two countries who have raised their empire by plundering the countries of the whole world
    America has worked so hard, but now he is becoming a dictator and is robbing everyone.
    Some people should also think about this

  • Mlreille Campana
    Mlreille Campana 3 months ago

    👸♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👸😍 élégante 👸, intelligente, 👸et toujours aussi belle👸 😍. Longue vie à la 👸😍♥️

  • janey2562
    janey2562 3 months ago +2

    Melania is most elegant First Lady.

  • Sugarfoot 007
    Sugarfoot 007 3 months ago +1

    Where was the old goat husband of the queen?The band failed in a straight line formation. Honour guard members are not of uniform height.

  • Terry Cotterman
    Terry Cotterman 3 months ago

    Where is Harry and his Nasty Bride?

  • Qster
    Qster 3 months ago +3

    Melania is a class act. A beautiful woman.

    • norman duke
      norman duke 3 months ago

      Yeah, showing every bit of her ass. Once a hooker, always a hooker.

  • Nil Misirli
    Nil Misirli 3 months ago

    3 of them who hate each other :)

  • NM NM
    NM NM 3 months ago +1

    God Bless the Queen!!! God Bless our Awesome President Trump, and beautiful, elegant, our 1st Lady Melania Trump!!!

  • mary
    mary 3 months ago +1

    you are a very sad person trump we the Mexicans we wish you a happy life

    • Linda Stone
      Linda Stone 3 months ago

      sad? Are you out of your mind? He has accomplished so much and is the greatest President in a very long time. He has a gorgeous and smart wife and a wonderful family. Why on earth would he be sad?

  • Wayne Kelly
    Wayne Kelly 3 months ago

    This is sick - the guy is a criminal!!! The Brits are cowards for this display to one of the greatest filthy, outrageous, misogynistic, rascist, lying abominable figures of history!!

  • vertdell Solovely
    vertdell Solovely 3 months ago


  • Faith Highlander
    Faith Highlander 3 months ago

    And just think Princess Diana was never really excepted and she truly was royalty, at least to Us, Queen of Hearts. The people's Queen! I believe the woman Charles is married to now has a long time back been excepted. Long live the Queen and God Bless Our President & First Lady. 💙🙏

  • shoukat ali
    shoukat ali 3 months ago

    God bless queen God bless England long live England. ..and mad man of USA not welcome in UK 😂

  • Nick Paul
    Nick Paul 3 months ago

    Being a British I’m proud .
    But welcoming a Racist to the Britain is a sad things

  • Arash Azadeh
    Arash Azadeh 3 months ago +3


  • william f
    william f 3 months ago

    Im glad he was on time - The Queen would have been fuming if he had arrived late

  • tammy frost
    tammy frost 3 months ago

    So you think she has a weapon in that purse? lol

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong 3 months ago +11

    God Bless America 🇺🇸
    God Save the Queen 🇬🇧
    God Defeats Allah

    • Elaine Blackhurst
      Elaine Blackhurst 3 months ago +1

      Allah is God in Arabic there is only one Creator🍀👨‍✈️🇬🇧👩‍✈️🇺🇸✈️

  • island girl
    island girl 3 months ago +26

    The queen is an elegant and classy individual. She is sharp and intelligent. Britain must be so proud of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 3 months ago

    Trump could become the King of Britain.

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 3 months ago

    All governments are fraud s, and from Satan

  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar 3 months ago

    Queen wants Donald to become her new husband.

  • kathleen delaney
    kathleen delaney 3 months ago +6

    Melania looks fabulous and we really do it big in UK

  • Gerry Fuentes
    Gerry Fuentes 3 months ago

    Fuck you estupid Trump ajjajj i from México

  • S.T Browne
    S.T Browne 3 months ago

    I have MORE respect for a woman who wears an outfit that does NOT "hug" her backside - the "unmodest fashion of today."