Repeating History w Lauren Sivan & Bill Schulz ep01: Colin Quinn

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • A specialty series hosted by Lauren Sivan & Bill Schulz with guest Colin Quinn
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Comments • 41

  • Drez Laird
    Drez Laird 3 months ago

    Even with Colin this video has 1/10th the views more resent Kevin Brennan videos have had. Looks like Mr.Warmth 2019 deserves a raise from Keith and Ant!

  • michael mattice
    michael mattice 4 months ago

    "A world where the Beatles don't exist"?...YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

  • michael mattice
    michael mattice 4 months ago

    Nice to see a couple of the Red Eye gang doin' their thang...Don't worry, I have permission to rhyme "gang" with "thang". I have a note….

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones 5 months ago +2

    Old school red eye

  • Fletch
    Fletch 6 months ago

    I still don't get Lauren being a thing. Cause she's moderately attractive and doesn't cry when someone makes jokes?

    • Linda Ruiz
      Linda Ruiz 4 months ago

      I mean I'd marry you Lauren if I were able to add value to your life.

    • Linda Ruiz
      Linda Ruiz 4 months ago

      You are wrong I see her being super duper sexy! I'm using my friends account. I'm also single and would marry you if I were only able to bring value to her life.

  • Rullion
    Rullion 6 months ago

    I fear for their safety.... a conflagration looks inevitable.

  • Jeff Garbarek
    Jeff Garbarek 6 months ago +3

    Doesnt Bill remind you or Roger the Alien from American Dad?

    • michael mattice
      michael mattice 4 months ago

      Remind?...Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room?...At the same time?!

    • Christopher H. Meuse
      Christopher H. Meuse 5 months ago

      They only let him in the living room when no one is around.

  • jaredsandvold
    jaredsandvold 6 months ago +3

    Colin would you be my stepdad? Please?

  • jbvap
    jbvap 6 months ago +8

    Goddamn Lauren is sexy, and shes into history. That might be the smallest demographic ever. Its embarrassing how little women typically know about history, and the few that do certainly dont look like her.

  • psyopus syzygy
    psyopus syzygy 6 months ago +1

    lauren is an aryan empress

    • negro bsr
      negro bsr 5 months ago

      aryan empress hahahhahahaha

    • dukegrit
      dukegrit 6 months ago

      But she's jewish, can she still be aryan?

  • MarvinRunyon
    MarvinRunyon 6 months ago +1

    Bill is just a nasal gay Bobo on coke, nonstop babbling.

  • Sam C
    Sam C 6 months ago +4

    This was pretty decent

  • Russell McGaffin
    Russell McGaffin 6 months ago +2

    When is Bill and his goatie going to be in the next musketeers movie?

  • Wojciech Wilk
    Wojciech Wilk 6 months ago +3

    Hollywood is really trying hard to put the "white man" in a bad light. serial killers are predominantly (in American history) white men.
    obviously Hollywood will never make a movie how africans sold africans for trinkets back in the day. or how they enslaved each other. how islam destroyed Africa. lol

  • Rebel Coolidge
    Rebel Coolidge 6 months ago +3

    The Lauren chick's pretty hot. The Bill guy exudes a strong Ralph Malph vibe.

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 6 months ago +4

    Longshanks, also one of the hundreds of great leaders who expelled the slimy subversive hook nosed “bankers” and rootless cosmopolitans for doing what they always do (& still are doing). So he’s a okay in my book.
    Unfortunately, hundreds of expulsions from every populated continent on the planet, spanning thousands of years, languages, religions, cultures, etc have taught us that expulsion is only a temporary solution to the world’s most insidious parasites.

    • YSV Rao
      YSV Rao 2 months ago

      oooh dude you are so brave and subversive as an anonymous weirdo who doesnt even mention Jews. Regarding "religions" Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and non Abrahamic bastard religions(such as the false Messiah Yeshua and deranged warlord Mo) had no issues with the hook nosed whatsoever. Babylonians , Assyrians and Egyptians ,Greeks and Romans didnt care for them-sure because Jews resisted their imperialism. how dare they!

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 6 months ago +5

    There was nothing wrong with all our founding documents, which were created by white men of good character, for white men of good character. The issues started when we went against the Founding Father’s intent and started including everyone else.

    • YSV Rao
      YSV Rao 2 months ago

      IT was founding fathers intent to include blacks. Btw speaking of founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin wanted a ban on Germans and catholics because he viewed them as inferior but preferred Jews instead. Less said what they thought about Irish Catholics the better.Please instruct your god Pat Buchanan(Irish Catholic) to fellate Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • pongkong
    pongkong 6 months ago +17

    Colin quinn comes on at 17:00

  • R G
    R G 6 months ago +1

    "Ice Cream Hole". As I slide a cone down my tongue at that exact moment you say mentioned words. Nice

  • Linda Miller
    Linda Miller 6 months ago +3

    This was great. Like water cooler talk brought to a whole new level!

  • stpstudios
    stpstudios 6 months ago +3

    Bill looks like the lead singer from the B-52's!

  • President Trump
    President Trump 6 months ago +25

    Lauren Sivan is fkn hot.

    • President Trump
      President Trump 5 months ago

      @Jp2118805 none of those things matter. 😂😂😂

  • Oatmeal Joey Arnold
    Oatmeal Joey Arnold 6 months ago

    Feeney from Boy Meets World as Thomas Jefferson?

    • Man
      Man 6 months ago +1

      Or John Adams

  • Rott Dogg
    Rott Dogg 6 months ago +14

    Bill tends to kill the funny when he interrupts people who are actually funny.

  • Timothy White
    Timothy White 6 months ago +8

    History most definitely IS repeating itself. The degeneracy of Weimar Germany, The Kalergi Plan and The messages pushed by The Frankfurt School are being repeated. And we all know what came after that! HDNW!

  • Jeffrey Lane
    Jeffrey Lane 6 months ago +7

    Almost a red-eye moment

  • Sanford Son
    Sanford Son 6 months ago +28

    Colin made me click

    • Tim Godin
      Tim Godin 6 months ago

      Well it obviously wasnt Luren, Bill, or Compound Media. The only person who is worth anyones attention is Colin Quinn.

    • AC 2617311
      AC 2617311 6 months ago +1