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  • Hey guys thank you so much for watching this video of my vlogging a day in my life while I travel to Copenhagen! If you want to see more, make sure to subscribe! Xx - Kelsey
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  • Mary Davenport
    Mary Davenport 3 days ago

    what camera omg?? I can go back into the other vids and see!!

  • Gonca gül T.
    Gonca gül T. 14 days ago

    I m a turk and i like very you ❤

  • Matilde Storgaard
    Matilde Storgaard 17 days ago

    Hey Kelsey💞 what is the name of the blush you are using? I would really like to try the it out, Cause it looks so lovely on you.

  • marcelina _
    marcelina _ 19 days ago

    great vibe, I'm so glad I found your channel !!!

  • Maddy Walker
    Maddy Walker 28 days ago

    What kind of curling wand does she use??

  • Antonija Mlaadicc
    Antonija Mlaadicc 29 days ago

    Hii, where is your white t-shirt from ? It looks really well made 😁

  • Anais Masia
    Anais Masia Month ago

    Can you do a bag Collection?

  • Marielle Colalillo
    Marielle Colalillo Month ago

    i cant eat in the morning either like when i wake up and i go to eat i get sick

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    Kelsey babe I'm thinking of going to greece next year

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    I cant wait to travel again this year I'm going on a few day trips so I'm so excited

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    Good morning kelsey babe you are so beautiful

  • Natalie Opstad
    Natalie Opstad Month ago

    you were extra cute this video💕💕

  • Valeria Giudi
    Valeria Giudi Month ago

    Love this kind of vlog 😻

  • Morgan Daley
    Morgan Daley Month ago

    Where did you get that white long sleeve? 🥰

  • faye barbette
    faye barbette Month ago

    what tinted moisturizer do you use? ☺️

  • Francesca Carrubba
    Francesca Carrubba Month ago

    Hi..what is the blush that you used in this video??

  • veela streep
    veela streep Month ago

    i haven’t seen Little Women too but i really want to ( bc meryl streep is in it haha ) !! also i love ur channel 🥺✨

  • Da Good Vybe
    Da Good Vybe Month ago +1

    "it comes in so much handy" 😂👏✨

  • Da Good Vybe
    Da Good Vybe Month ago

    So cute‼️

  • Dolly
    Dolly Month ago +1

    Kelsey I love this video💖 can u make one on how u spend time with God even when your life is so busy? Hope you continue to grow and succeed and also wish you the best for your familyy🤪💝

  • El. Khiyotha
    El. Khiyotha Month ago

    very nice your video
    I also make a traveling video, don't forget to stop by my channel

  • Mina Kolacek
    Mina Kolacek Month ago

    how tall is she ?

  • Alberte Flex
    Alberte Flex Month ago

    Like if you’re from Denmark🇩🇰🇩🇰

  • hoda
    hoda Month ago

    lovee your videos

  • lauren bell
    lauren bell Month ago

    Obsessed with that white long sleeve! Where is it from? 🤍

  • Giovana
    Giovana Month ago

    Kbh gang 💖🇩🇰

  • 遆睿婕
    遆睿婕 Month ago +1

    I'm just curious about why economy class??

  • Elena A
    Elena A Month ago

    Kinda kate winslet vibes idk why

  • asiri930
    asiri930 Month ago

    what size is yours keepall

  • Avery Jade Larson
    Avery Jade Larson Month ago

    Can you do an updated skincare routine please like how is your skin possible ???

  • Praise Lacsamana
    Praise Lacsamana Month ago

    i rlly want a sister like kelsey 🥰

  • Oh yeah
    Oh yeah Month ago

    I loooove your hair straight wow

  • Caroline Livino
    Caroline Livino Month ago +2

    you have such a beautiful personality 🤗✨

  • Taranjeet Kaur
    Taranjeet Kaur Month ago

    Babe this isn't the right time for travelling because of coronavirus. Make sure you take care of yourself.♥️

  • bubblytea
    bubblytea Month ago

    I'm so happy I've been asking for this kind of video for months! :)

  • Shivani Gogar
    Shivani Gogar Month ago


  • Nafisa K
    Nafisa K Month ago

    What is this hair color exactly? I haven't been able to find it since a while

  • unclealand
    unclealand Month ago


  • Isyss Blanco
    Isyss Blanco Month ago +1

    Kelsey’s so gorgeous!! I love her house and fashion aesthetic :)

  • Julia Hildebrand
    Julia Hildebrand Month ago +1

    This makes me so excited!!! My grandma (Mormor) was born and raised in Copenhagen!!! She lived in an apartment above her fathers flower shop 🥰🥰🥰

  • Nehansha Mhatre
    Nehansha Mhatre Month ago

    Even i can't eat in the morning...😂😂

  • Hadassá Hernández

    I actually enjoyed more of what I think, it was a nice video

  • song wu
    song wu Month ago

    I heard like 100 like in this video

  • Briana Chee
    Briana Chee Month ago

    Same! I can’t eat after I wake up in the morning. I have to be awake for awhile then my stomach starts to growl so that’s when I know it’s time to eat 🤣🤣🤣

  • Becca Snyder
    Becca Snyder Month ago

    Hiii I love you soo much!! I met you a bit ago at Beautycon!! You are literally who I aspire to be! I love your style, your life style, just everything. 💕💕
    Also I’m a small TheXvidr if anyone cares 💕✌️

  • ElanaXx
    ElanaXx Month ago

    Gosh I can’t wait till the summer after my GCSE’S

  • Madeline Holm
    Madeline Holm Month ago

    Hopefully I'll get to meet you while you're here!

  • Ela S
    Ela S Month ago

    Why do you need to justify the fact that your face is shining ?

  • Eleanor Belo
    Eleanor Belo Month ago

    black hair please !

  • Elli Scarborough
    Elli Scarborough Month ago

    you are so inspirational! i have been watching your channel foreverrrr and you inspired me to start my own channel ! thank you :)

  • Alicay
    Alicay Month ago

    Omg! That blush from Chanel! Anyone know with shade is??😍😍😍

  • The Adventures of Vic

    Awww I live in Toronto and when you said that you were there I screamed

  • marti z
    marti z Month ago

    Hey Kelsey, how many millimeters is your haircurler??

  • Rashida Ahmad, LPT
    Rashida Ahmad, LPT Month ago

    So beautiful!!!!

  • jssica dbrcni
    jssica dbrcni Month ago

    Makeup and ponytail 👌🏻

  • Mimi Maruca
    Mimi Maruca Month ago

    Can you do a hair video. How you style it and take care of it and keep it healthy

  • Frida Chico
    Frida Chico Month ago

    More of these!!

  • Victoria Murphy
    Victoria Murphy Month ago

    I really admire how open you are with your faith! I think its really cool and sets such a wonderful example for your viewers and including a verse in the description I'm sure inspires people to go and check them out and hopefully read a bit more :)
    I am curious how you see modesty in this flex culture and digital age. Do you believe that having designer clothes/jewelry or even luxurious getaways truly reflect God opposing the proud favouring the humble (seen in proverbs and again in James)? If you honestly feel the the two can work harmoniously, sure. I can see you donating lots as you have a kind nature, but maybe being flashy is worse than selfish? I really don't want to sound confrontational--- just curious, please let me know your thoughts!

  • Ela Abejo
    Ela Abejo Month ago


  • Natasha Legar
    Natasha Legar Month ago

    I love your vlogs mama

  • Bella Gatto
    Bella Gatto Month ago

    Literally all I want is to be as perfect as you

  • Stefani Madzarevic
    Stefani Madzarevic Month ago

    I love these videos💗 I live in Toronto!

  • Natalie Mangayi
    Natalie Mangayi Month ago

    What lip gloss is that?

  • hellomynameisclara
    hellomynameisclara Month ago

    Where is the white eyelet top you wore to the airport from?!

  • Angelina
    Angelina Month ago

    Love travel vlogs soo much. You're stunning!

  • edit kolbäck
    edit kolbäck Month ago +1

    she’s literally SO CLOSE to sweden gosh i just wanna hug her 🥺

  • Minttu Siponen
    Minttu Siponen Month ago

    When are you traveling to finland? 😚

  • Edie'sVids
    Edie'sVids Month ago

    Her hair is always greesy

  • Vanessa Sartori
    Vanessa Sartori Month ago

    Hii! I'm just wondering why your mom always comes on trips with you? I saw that she came to Germany too if I'm not wrong, nothing against it just trying to get to know you better :) I'm a new subscriber ;)

  • Alma Sejer
    Alma Sejer Month ago

    yaaaai, i am from Denmark, and trust me you are going to love it:)

  • Lucy Unicorn
    Lucy Unicorn Month ago

    You have so many designer clothes

  • Jana H.
    Jana H. Month ago

    When you mentioned Little Women and Timothée Chalamet my heart skipped a beat 😂😂

  • Maggie Bell
    Maggie Bell Month ago

    i get the same thing regarding eating in the morning. the reason we are not hungry in the morning is because our body has gone into ketosis but when we eat, that ends and our stomach gets sort of activated to start digesting again. this can cause feelings of nausea or acid reflux in some people

  • Donna
    Donna Month ago

    So cool that you're in Denmark! Love from Finland

  • Donna
    Donna Month ago

    Loving the vlogs!

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    I have noticed you have a beautiful chandelier in your bedroom I love my bedroom too I have two chandeliers

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    Omg kelsey I love your hair I wish mine was a bit thicker

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    Hi kelsey babe you are beautiful

  • Kimmyr 473
    Kimmyr 473 Month ago +1

    Your life is literally my dream life

  • gwen ten
    gwen ten Month ago +5

    For someone like kelsey who is obsessed with skincare, and still not know that mario badesque rosewater spray is not good for ur skin, like honey u had ONE job.

    • gwen ten
      gwen ten Month ago

      @Karen Galvan watch sacheu's video on skincare stuff i would never use she'll tell there

    • Karen Galvan
      Karen Galvan Month ago

      gwen ten wait why isnt it good for your skin? 😳 i use it all the time